*flare up energy*

Alright. Now it is time to rock!

For all Orakian Kind!

Now, we weill destroy you all.

Not on our shift.

You forget. I am protected by the Non-Entity. Orakians cannot harm me.

We are close to the Non-Entity.

Maybe this whole time, only those truely protected by the entity had to be in this building.

So we could have defeated the Grand Wizard ourselves.

Not a chance. *breathes fire at the Orakians*

*holds up the Gold Armlet. A light shoots out and stops the fire*

That's a cute trick, Orakian.

*holds the Gold Armlet up to Tsadouleon* I've got another one as well. *the Gold Armlet shoots a light at Tsadouleon*

Argh! The light.

The barrier. The Non-Entity has left Tsadouleon.

No matter. I will destroy you all. Fireblast Dragon Cannon!

Oh shoot.

*fires an enormous ray of fire and lightning at the Orakians*

*takes out the Orakian Sword* I hope the lights are guiding me well.

Orakio! What are you doing?!

*holds the Orakian Sword in the hand of the Gold Armlet*

You're crazy Orakio!

*the spell enters the Gold Armlet and enters the sword* Thank you, Lights. *runs up to Tsadouleon and slashes it. The magic in the sword enters the body of Tsadouleon.*

Nooooooooooooo! *explodes*

Orakio? What the hell was that?

The lights told me to do this. Who am I to ignore them?

You ignore us. Why not them?

... I plead the fifth.

Doesn't matter. Let's destroy the Non-Entity.

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(Mega Man X3 - Sigma Battle 2)