*in the Non-Entity's Zone*

Non-Entity! Show yourself.

Where is it?

Did we destroy it already when we used the Light?

No. That would just suck for a movie ending.

Hey! Look over there! *points towards a statue*

That must be the Platinum Monkey.

Wait a second. It may be a trap.

It is. I know that the Non-Entity is in that statue.

How do you know that?

The Platinum Monkey holds powers. He is recharging his powers.

Then we must destroy the Platinum Monkey. *holds the Gold Armlet to the Statue and fires a light beam at it*

*the Platinum Monkey breaks*

Hahahahaha! I am the Non-Entity. You have awoken me just in time, for I am now fully charged.

Oh no! We were too late.

I merged my creations together to buy me time. It was just enough. Now, your Orakian Light cannot stop me.

Orakio! What are we going to do now?

There has got to be a way.

Without the Light, we don't have any chance.

We have to use the Light to weaken him. Remember what the book said.

What did it say? I was gone, remember?

Our father used the Orakian Light to open the 3rd eye of the Non-Entity. He couldn't defeat it though because the Light was unstable and he couldn't control it and fight it at the same time.

So what do you expect us to do?

I'm going to use all of my energy and focus the light into its eye. You then attack the Non-Entity while the eye is open.

Just try and hit me. It won't work. I am... IMMORTAL!!!

Not right now you're not.

We'll just see about that. *closes his eyes and the ground begins to shake. The ground breaks and forms a circle shaped arena* Just try me now.

There's no escape now.

Right. Now, lets attack it! Orakian Lights, give me your full power! *fires a beam of light out of the Gold Armlet and onto the Non-Entity*

*eye opens* Argh! My eye!

Attack it now!

Dark Megid! *fires a huge dark flame at the Non-Entity*

Megid! *fires a huge flame at the Non-Entity*

Gah! You think you have me beat? Take this! *fires a huge beam out of his 3rd eye at Orakio*

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *the Gold Armlet falls off his hand, out of the arena and into the pit.*

*eye closes* Now, you are no match for me.


We are in trouble now.

We need that Gold Armlet.



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(The Lion King - Return to Pride Rock)