Orakio. Get up! *casts NaRes on Orakio*

*slowly gets up* Ugh. *looks at his arm* Where is the Gold Armlet?

It is gone, just like you all will soon be.

We're in deep trouble.

Yeah. I would say so.

*closes his eyes. Huge meteors fall from the sky and attack the Orakians*

Watch out! *tries to avoid the meteors*

There must be another way! *tries to avoid the meteors*

If only I had the Armlet *tries to avoid the meterors*

*the meteors stop*

Not bad. Good evading skills. But it won't help you. I will never die. You will eventually.

He's right. There is no way to defeat him. But we will not die so easily.

We will find another way to defeat you!

Just try it!

*just then, a beam of light appears from out of nowhere and attacks the Non-Entity*

Noooooooooooooooooo! What is this?

*slowly appears on a flying platform* Thanks for the gift, Orakio.

Ali? I thought you were dead.

Goku and Trunks saved me just before I hit the bottom. I went to my castle and got my flying platform.

Well that explains all. Focus the light while we attack.

Roger. *holds the Gold Armlet and aims the beam of light at the Non-Entity.

Alright guys. Hit him with our Megid Attacks!

Oh no.

MEGID! *fires Megid at the Non-Entity*

DARK MEGID! *fires Dark Megid at the Non-Entity*

*is hit by many flames.* Nooooooooooo! I am suppost to be immortal! How was I defeated by weak Orakians? *dies*

huff... we... finally got him.

puff... he... is no more.

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(Vectorman 2 - Final Boss)