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  • Drak
  • Megaman984
  • ::Drak:: So, you want to see our past work? Well, there's no use in making sprites for people if we can't show them off, so that's why this page is in existence, I guess. Hell, if you want to, you can use these sprites to decide if you want 984 or me to make your sprite. Also, these sprites are not to be used in any sort of project unless both the artist (Drak or 984) and the person the sprite was made for agree to its useage.

    Drak's Sprites

    Dark Sand SG the Musician Tatsuo

    Megaman984's Sprites

    l33t_4ss4ss1n Ackbar Eden99
    Faetan Fiero Firestorm Hamelin
    Kat-Chi Sareas Killarney Mamimi Samejima
    Naruto Tannin Tenchimaru Draconis
    Varan the Red