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This game is yet *another* in the long evil legacy of Dragonball Z RPG games. This one picks up where Assault of the Saiyans left off. Goku's had his ass beat by Vegeta and he's recovering in a hospital. Meanwhile everyone else decides they're gonna take a trip to Namek to collect their Dragonballs to revive the people Vegeta and Nappa killed, which is quite funny since you control all the people they killed, with the exception of Piccolo, right from the start.

Aside from that, this is a pretty neat little RPG. The card systems back, there's Super Saiyans, spaceships, green men, and a fat ass with terrible jokes (no, not Drew Carey...). What more could you want?!

The hacking for this game is fairly simple, especially compared to DBZ3 and DBZ Gaiden. I've already written the code necessary to implement huffman compression, so space should not be an issue with this translation. The only thing missing is English text!

Since I couldn't find any of the previous work done on this game, I've redumped the scripts and they're ready for some kind hearted soul to come along and translate. There's just over 33KB of text, although the actual dumps are quite a bit larger than that do to unrelated information Cartographer dumps for reinsertion purposes later. If you're interested in taking a whack at this, drop me an email at redcomet AT rpgclassics DOT com. Below you can find a brief sample of the script. Fair warning: unlike the other DBZ games, the text in DBZ2 is not stored in the order it appears in game. You've been warned.

Script Sample
Dragonball Z II: Lord Freeza's Fury Sample Script

Main Hacker/Programmer:RedComet
Menu Graphics:Crotanks
Title Screen:Elf