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DISCLAIMER YOU MUST READ (as of May 17 2005 - I'm slooow, yeah): The Fanart Section is currently experiencing problems (since January 2005, in case you haven't noticed...). Some links are down, some submissions have disappeared, but fear not; everything should be fixed soon. Where "soon" can range from a week to 3 months or more. :P In the mean time, don't stop to send me your submissions, please. Thanks for your patience. –Walhalla

Final Fantasy I

>>Interested to learn more? Take a look at the Final Fantasy I Shrine.

Fighter and Black Mage Artist: HellifIkno
Description: Fighter and Black Mage ready to hit.
Red Mage and Thief Artist: HellifIkno
Description: Red Mage and Thief ready to hit/steal.
Hat Trick Artist: Saladin XP
Description: "Hat Trick" - The scary truth about Black Mage.
FF crew Artist: SilverKnight
Description: A fantastic poster-like picture of the FF crew.

Final Fantasy II

>>Interested to learn more? Take a look at the Final Fantasy II Shrine.

Coeurl Artist: Ket Shi
Description: The dark and slinky cat monster, the Coeurl.

Final Fantasy IV

>>Interested to learn more? Take a look at the Final Fantasy IV Shrine.

Bahamut Artist: Ket Shi
Description: Bahamut in all his royal cuteness.
Cecil Artist: Kitt
Description: Cecil on a Black chocobo.
Edge Artist: Kitt
Description: Edward "Edge" Geraldine, the Tiger of Eblana.
Kain Artist: Kitt
Description: Head shot of Kain the Dragoon.
Rydia Artist: Kitt
Description: Rydia of Mist.
Tidarinthian/Ogopogo Artist: Kitt
Description: Very nice drawing of Tidarinthian/Ogopogo and the Masamune.
A black Chocobo Artist: Valkyrie
Description: A black Chocobo sleeping.
Ashura Artist: Walhalla
Description: Ashura in her un-cool human form.
A Dwarven tank Artist: Walhalla
Description: One of those orange dwarven tanks, called the Giott GI-171.
Your art here.

Final Fantasy V

>>Interested to learn more? Take a look at the Final Fantasy V Shrine.

The cast Artist: Ucchan
Description: "Warriors of the Dawn" - FF5 cast.
Catastrophe Artist: Walhalla
Description: The sub-boss Catastrophe, looking bored.

Final Fantasy VI

>>Interested to learn more? Take a look at the Final Fantasy VI Shrine.

Chibi Behemoth Artist: Ket Shi
Description: A Chibi Behemoth, from the general Final Fantasy series, but fitting well under the 6th installment section.
Czar Dragon Artist: Ket Shi
Description: The Czar Dragon, a dummied boss.
Terra Artist: Kitt
Description: A nicely colored picture of Terra.
Your art here.

Final Fantasy VII

>>Interested to learn more? Take a look at the Final Fantasy VII Shrine.

Tifa Artist: AlienaRose
Description: A lovely black and white picture of Tifa.
Cloud on a Chocobo Artist: Blood Shard
Description: Ride 'Em Cowboy! - Cloud on a Chocobo. Too bad the lines aren't darker.
Hojovania Artist: Cactuberry
Description: Hojovania: Shinra Nocturne. Get it? Castlevania, Hojovania... Haha. :P
Cait Sith Artist: Capt. Misako
Description: Cait Sith on his Moogle.
The cast... mooglified Artist: Capt. Misako
Description: The FF7 cast...mooglified. Guess who is who.
The entire cast Artist: Capt. Misako
Description: The FF7 cast reunited in one happy picture.
Cloud & Vincent Artist: Capt. Misako
Description: Cloud & Vincent at the Glacier.
The cast... as furries Artist: Capt. Misako
Description: The FF7 furries. Guess who is who again. Easier than the moogles one. :P
Sephiroth Artist: Capt. Misako
Description: Sephiroth looks satisfied just by standing there.
Red XIII Artist: Dragonlady
Description: Red XIII in his classic pose.
Cloud Artist: Kaleb Callahan
Description: Cloud in his famous pose.
Another Cloud Artist: Kaleb Callahan
Description: Cloud on his snowboard.
Guess :P Artist: Kenshin
Description: Cloud with his big-ass sword.
Cute Cait Sith Artist: Ket Shi
Description: Cait Sith, surprisingly, without his Moogle.
Cloud! Artist: Piers V
Description: An angry-looking Cloud. Faetan's comments: Gorgeous black and white contrast here, with elaborate texturing. Good work, ducks.
Red XIII again Artist: Rensaur
Description: Red XIII, awesome as always.
Yeah, Red XIII Artist: Silphiel
Description: Very clean black and white drawing of Red XIII.
Sephy Artist: Silphiel
Description: Sephiroth ready to stab, with a smile.
Tifa Artist: Silphiel
Description: Tifa in a fighting pose.
Cait Sith Artist: Silphiel
Description: Cait Sith sitting on his Moogle friend.
Cloud Artist: Silphiel
Description: Cloud with a smaller sword than usual.
Chibi Tifa Artist: Sim
Description: Cute chibi Tifa Lockheart.
Sephiroth Artist: Videl
Description: The classic Sephiroth.
Your art here.

Final Fantasy VIII

>>Interested? See more here.

Quistis Artist: Dragonlady
Description: Exquisite head shot of Quistis.
Carbuncle Artist: Gila-Monster
Description: Carbuncle in plushy-style, flying.
A Moomba Artist: Kaleb Callahan
Description: A Moomba, probably drawn in class on lined paper...
Mesmerize Artist: Ket Shi
Description: A Mesmerize monster.
Squall Artist: SeeD Johnny
Description: Head shot of Squall.
Squall and his body Artist: SeeD Johnny
Description: Full body shot of Squall.
Another Moomba Artist: Silphiel
Description: Neat Moomba picture.
Squall & Rinoa Artist: SilverKnight
Description: Squall and Rinoa. How romantic.

Final Fantasy IX

>>Interested? See more here.

Eiko Artist: Andy
Description: Great portrait of Eiko.
Eiko Artist: Animhime
Description: Eiko looking sad.
Zidane & Garnet Artist: Animhime
Description: Zidane & Garnet. Wonderful.
Dagger Artist: Animhime
Description: Dagger with her shiny pendant.
Zidane 1 Artist: Animhime
Description: Zidane fighting savagely.
Zidane 2 Artist: Animhime
Description: Zidane in a fighting stance.
Burmecian Guard Artist: Kaleb Callahan
Description: Pencil sketch of a Burmecian Guard.
A Mu Artist: Ket Shi
Description: A Friendly Mu.
Zaghnol Artist: Ket Shi
Description: (Artist's comments) It's an ugly-as-sin Zaghnol from Final Fantasy 9 for variety. Don't ask me why I drew it; it was a request!
The cast Artist: Ms. Saturn
Description: The FFIX cast.
Garnet wallpaper Artist: Pedro
Description: Wallpaper of Princess Garnet.
Zidane & Garnet Artist: Veronika
Description: Zidane tenderly holding Garnet.

Final Fantasy X

>>Interested? See more here.

Yuna Artist: Josh Pang
Description: Pencil sketch of Yuna.
Auron Artist: Mabatsekker
Description: Auron looking bad-ass.
Lulu Artist: Trillian
Description: Lulu holding a moogle doll. Absolutely splendid.
Your art here.

Final Fantasy X-2

>>Interested? See more here.

Rikku Artist: Warren
Description: (Faetan's comments) VERY beautifully-rendered pic of the femme thief in blue pencil and 2B pencil.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

>>Interested? See more here.

Mog Knight Artist: Ket Shi
Description: A Mog Knight.

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