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Portraits of the RPGC Community members can be found here. That's the self-ego boosting page all right.

CharlemagneArtist: Charlemagne
Description: "IT BURNS!!!" Only Charlemagne could do a self-portrait like that. :P
*NUDITY WARNING* :PArtist: Faetan
Description: Tenchimaru Draconis is running around NEKKID. Nice ass. :P
EpicgamerArtist: Faetan
Description: Epicgamer (in the, uh, wind).
Evil FaeArtist: Faetan
Description: Evil Faetan.
FaetanArtist: Faetan
Description: A self-portrait, drawn in pencil.
KagonArtist: Faetan
Description: Kagon looking determined.
Macc MaverickArtist: Faetan
Description: Macc Maverick in normal clothes.
MazArtist: Faetan
Description: Very cute Mazrim Taim.
MegamanX2KArtist: Faetan
Description: MegamanX2K. Nice hair.
Merlin and FaetanArtist: Faetan
Description: Merlin and Faetan with dumb looks.
Merlin and PianoArtist: Faetan
Description: Merlin and a piano falling. Classic.
SinistralArtist: Faetan
Description: Sinistral says "Bring it."
Sinistral^^Artist: Faetan
Description: Cutey fluffy bunny Sinistral. ^^
Spoony BardArtist: Faetan
Description: Spoony Bard (looks like he's going to attack).
TDArtist: Faetan
Description: Tenchimaru Draconis, disturbingly looking calm.
ZeroArtist: Faetan
Description: Zero walking on a bunch of lamerz.
Lunaris and FaetanArtist: Mabatsekker
Description: Chibi-Lunaris and Faetan.
LunarisArtist: Tannin
Description: Lunaris with a hoard of weapons.
TanninArtist: Tannin
Description: Tannin in a sensual pose.
Tannin and ZeroArtist: Tannin
Description: Tannin and Zero, lamenting.
TD and LunarisArtist: Tannin
Description: Tenchimaru & Lunaris as chibis.
OL WallpaperArtist: Trillian
Description: Online Life Cast wallpaper.
Spoony BardArtist: Trillian
Description: Spoony kick!
Trillian's Fighter SpriteArtist: Trillian
Description: Trillian's Fighter Sprite.
Yar KramerArtist: Trillian
Description: Yar Kramer in color.
Yar Kramer B&WArtist: Trillian
Description: Yar Kramer again (monocrome).
ZeroArtist: Uriel Vasquez
Description: Zero with his lightsaber.
Dragon GodArtist: Walhalla
Description: Dragon God's Sprite.
D GallowayArtist: Weiila
Description: Galloway fights Mox.
Dark MaccArtist: Weiila
Description: Dark Macc (Maverick).
FaetanArtist: Zel
Description: Faetan colored by Zel using Photoshop.

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