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FMA - Happier DaysGame/Section: Anime
Description: From Fullmetal Alchemist - This is a picture of Ed, Al and their mom.
Shamanic Princess - Demon TiaraGame/Section: Anime
Description: From Shamanic Princess - This is Tiara in a weird demonic pose.
Trigun - Vash and KnivesGame/Section: Anime
Description: From Trigun - Vash and Knives when they were little kids.
IrvineGame/Section: Final Fantasy VIII
Description: Headshot of Irvine.
Rinoa (more)Game/Section: Final Fantasy VIII
Description: Headshot of Rinoa.
Rinoa WinkingGame/Section: Final Fantasy VIII
Description: Rinoa is winking like the cute little girl that she is.
Lady YunaGame/Section: Final Fantasy X
Description: A cute pencil sketch of Yuna.
LuluGame/Section: Final Fantasy X
Description: Nice and clean pen sketch of Lulu.
Sora CollageGame/Section: Kingdom Hearts
Description: This is Sora in Halloween Town, in Ariel's form and a normal version of him.
Sora Manga VersionGame/Section: Kingdom Hearts
Description: This is a manga version of Sora.
Zelda in Modern Day Clothing!Game/Section: Legend of Zelda
Description: A pencil sketch of Zelda in modern day clothing.
RPG CollageGame/Section: Miscellaneous
Description: Collage of various RPG characters. The names are written on the picture, so I won't list them here. :P
Albel NoxGame/Section: Star Ocean
Description: Albel Nox from Star Ocean Till the End of Time. Yeah, he has a psycho look on his face.

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