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Dark Paladin

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EukaryoteGame/Section: Final Fantasy IV
Description: The Eukaryote, a quite common enemy lurking on the Moon, looking like it's going to attack, for real!
Ice BeastGame/Section: Final Fantasy IV
Description: The Ice Beast, really looking like it's going to attack!
SandwormGame/Section: Final Fantasy IV
Description: The Sandworm's tail seems to be broken, but it looks awesome nonetheless.
WaterbugGame/Section: Final Fantasy IV
Description: That Waterbug looks crazy.
ViviGame/Section: Final Fantasy IX
Description: Vivi is just standing there with a dumb look. :P
A Ship From the GraveyardGame/Section: Final Fantasy V
Description: A Ghost Ship from the Graveyard on a wave.
BahamutGame/Section: Final Fantasy V
Description: This is Bahamut on (a rather small) North Mountain.
Desert PyramidGame/Section: Final Fantasy V
Description: The Desert Pyramid actually looked a lot larger in the game. :P
Weapon ComboGame/Section: Final Fantasy VI
Description: The Dice-Fixed Dice-Genji Gove-Offering combo everyone is so fond of.
WhelkGame/Section: Final Fantasy VI
Description: Whelk is actually such a charming monster. :D
LinkGame/Section: Legend of Zelda
Description: This is what Link truly looks like. :P

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