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MagusGame/Section: Chrono Trigger/Cross
Description: A powerful warlock should have a powerful stance. Magus, from Chrono Trigger.
Mourning CyrusGame/Section: Chrono Trigger/Cross
Description: A glimpse into what had happened to Glenn after lost his closest friend and had his life spared by a maniac.
Pen & Ink MagusGame/Section: Chrono Trigger/Cross
Description: Pen & ink version of Magus, from Chrono Trigger.
Pencil MagusGame/Section: Chrono Trigger/Cross
Description: A menacing headshot of Magus, drawn in pencil.
SephGame/Section: Final Fantasy VII
Description: Another Sephiroth. In black and white.
BowserGame/Section: Mario RPGs
Description: This is a stamp of Bowser based on Bowser's look for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
RM3 LizardmanGame/Section: Miscellaneous
Description: This is the Lizardman hero from RPGMaker 3.
AxeGame/Section: Shining Force
Description: This drawing is based on the box art of Shining Force II (the American version, at least).
ZyloGame/Section: Shining Force
Description: This submission is based on the character art from Shining Force: Legacy of Great Intention.

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