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BOF3 comicGame/Section: Breath of Fire
Description: A BoF 3 comic inspired by the scene where Garr is reunited with the adult Ryu. Be warned about its weirdness. :P
Ryu & Nina BenderGame/Section: Breath of Fire
Description: Ruy = Nina and Nina = Ryu... Check it out. From BoF 3.
Healin'Game/Section: Final Fantasy I
Description: A white mage casting heal (or cure, whatever you want to call it).
I Don't Like FireGame/Section: Final Fantasy IV
Description: A lively sketch of the "I don't like fire" scene with Rydia.
Lend a HandGame/Section: Final Fantasy IX
Description: A sketch of Eiko and Vivi, based on the original character designs by Amano.
Push n' Pull TifaGame/Section: Final Fantasy VII
Description: Excellent drawing of Tifa in action.
RufusGame/Section: Final Fantasy VII
Description: This is a sketch of the delicious young president, using no more than four colouring pencils.
Second Push n' Pull pic:  Sephiroth (FFVII: AC-inspired)Game/Section: Final Fantasy VII
Description: An awesome-looking Sephiroth, inspired on the FFVII: AC version.
Smile!Game/Section: Final Fantasy VII
Description: An awesome sketch of Aeris based on Foo Swee Chin art style (an illustrator/manga-ka from Singapore).
CallingGame/Section: Final Fantasy VIII
Description: This is the summon Siren, as the artist wanted to practice her life drawing a lil' bit.
GreetingsGame/Section: Fire Emblem
Description: A pic of Eirika and Ephraim from FE: The Sacred Stones. So soft.
One Giant LeapGame/Section: Miscellaneous
Description: This is a drawing of the scene where the main character learns the Jump ability from the Hare. Drawn with alcohol markers, in a "A.A. Milne (original Winnie the Pooh writer)" type of way.
Shion the WonderguyGame/Section: Miscellaneous
Description: Shion from Wonderboy. Albeit 15 years older, a twidge more sexy and flamboyant...
DevotionGame/Section: Phantasy Star
Description: Zio and Juza, from Phantasy Star IV. Yes, they're hugging.
EnlightenmentGame/Section: Phantasy Star
Description: Shir, from Phantasy Star II, emerges from the light. Drawn with red animator's pencil (whatever it is :P).
Escape from MolcumGame/Section: Phantasy Star
Description: Gryz and his sister Pana make the long trek to Tonoe to start anew (from Phantasy Star IV).
HappiNeiSGame/Section: Phantasy Star
Description: VERY nice picture of Nei from Phantasy Star II, jumping.
HuntersGame/Section: Phantasy Star
Description: Alys and Chaz on a roll, from Phantasy Star IV.
Lutz & AlisGame/Section: Phantasy Star
Description: A pleasantly colored picture of Lutz (or Noah) and Alis, from Phantasy Star I, sitting and standing there.
Nei & Rolf DoodleGame/Section: Phantasy Star
Description: A "ten-minute doodle" of Nei and Rolf from Phantasy Star II. Worth the look. :D
Travelling to DezoGame/Section: Phantasy Star
Description: Alis, on arriving to such a cold planet, needs warmer clothes.
Worn Out AnnaGame/Section: Phantasy Star
Description: Anna, from Phantasy Star II, is wiping her brow. Done in Paintshop Pro 7 and it's amazing.
Victory!Game/Section: Star Ocean
Description: This is of Rena after battle, from Star Ocean 2, coloured in with alcohol markers.

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