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Rachel York

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HarleGame/Section: Chrono Trigger/Cross
Description: Harle from Chrono Cross.
Orhla Gorgeous BartenderGame/Section: Chrono Trigger/Cross
Description: She is one of the many characters who can join your party in Chrono Cross.
SergeGame/Section: Chrono Trigger/Cross
Description: Serge, the hero from Chrono Cross.
Esper TerraGame/Section: Final Fantasy VI
Description: A rather accurate drawing of Terra in Esper form. Just don't... click on the link when there are people around you.
Cactuar in the DesertGame/Section: Final Fantasy VIII
Description: Who doesn't like Cactuars? Painted with watercolors.
Squall Poster SizeGame/Section: Final Fantasy VIII
Description: Although it's not really poster size, digitally-speaking. It does look very nice, though.
Winged RinoaGame/Section: Final Fantasy VIII
Description: A winged Rinoa drawn with markers.
Watercolors LinkGame/Section: Legend of Zelda
Description: A serious-looking link, painted with watercolors.
Flik and OdessaGame/Section: Suikoden
Description: Flik and Odessa from Suikoden.
GeddoeGame/Section: Suikoden
Description: This is Geddoe from Suikoden 3. Love the coloring and the haircut.
GremioGame/Section: Suikoden
Description: A headshot of Gremio from Suikoden. In black&white.
Hugo Karayan PrinceGame/Section: Suikoden
Description: Oh, he's a cool character all right! From Suikoden 3.
Lady ChrisGame/Section: Suikoden
Description: Lady Chris, from Suikoden 3, was apparently one of the first female heroes who could be controlled, which inspired the artist.
RiouGame/Section: Suikoden
Description: Riou, Suikoden II hero, in a classic pose.
Suikoden HeroGame/Section: Suikoden
Description: Suikoden's hero McDohl in colored pencils
AgressGame/Section: Vandal Hearts
Description: Agress is one of the 3 female fighters in Vandal Hearts 2.
Vandal Hearts 2Game/Section: Vandal Hearts
Description: Painted in acrylics, those are the author's favorite characters from Vandal Hearts 2.

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