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DISCLAIMER YOU MUST READ (as of May 17 2005 - I'm slooow, yeah): The Fanart Section is currently experiencing problems (since January 2005, in case you haven't noticed...). Some links are down, some submissions have disappeared, but fear not; everything should be fixed soon. Where "soon" can range from a week to 3 months or more. :P In the mean time, don't stop to send me your submissions, please. Thanks for your patience. –Walhalla

Past Themes

Back in Faetan's days, there used to be monthly themes. However, most of them have been integrated into the normal video game art pages, February 2003 being the only one that didn't fit anywhere else. The theme was something like "Happy/Angsty Valentines and Goemon Torture". Of course, it was formulated immensely better at the time. :P Enjoy.

February 2003

Goemon Torture by Saladin XP

Faetan Kicks Goemon by Spoony Bard

Valentine by Cloth Hat

Tannin & Zero, Lamenting by Tannin

Angsty Catboy by Mabatsekker

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