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Behind the Screen 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Shining Force (Mazrim) A very good, if incomplete, fanfic, the basic plot being that of "Shining Force." I have never played that game, but the characters that Archone sets forth come across as believable, complex characters; something that is rare and good to see in fanfiction. In addition, Archone is also very knowledgable of the technical aspects of combat, which makes "Behind the Screen" an enjoyable, as well as very realistic fanfic.
(finished 18/3 -03)
Choices Shining Force (Weiila)This is a spinoff from "Behind the Screen", following not the heroes but two of the villains in their struggle through the game. Lady Mishaela is fooled by Darksol to sacrifice both her and the man she loves, Kaine, to the dark side - unaware that it's a sin she did not need to commit. Through her eyes we then get to follow the war in short, with losses and the evil that infects her. And what happens to her even after death.
A compelling and well-written tale, with a few unusual themes driven to their edge. Now choose to read it, but children might consider not to. It's an evil witch telling the story after all.
But Thou MUST! Dragon Warrior (Weiila)Humoristic piece by Archone, you all know what to expect, right? Prepare to laugh...
The Dragon Warrior Nester banishes the dragon and saves the princess, as the legends have told and ballads have told. However, it might turn out that saving Gwaelin might not have been his wisest pick of heroic deeds, after all, considering how possessive the girl is...
Crystal Conundrums I: The Windcall Crystalis (Mazrim)The Windcall - The first installment of Archone's new series centering around the goings on in the game Crystalis. Written with his usual attention to detail and description, this story is quite cool. And Archone does a good, believable, interesting job fleshing out the storyline of Crystalis, which as I recall isn't all that fleshed out in the actual game, which is also cool. Just like playing Crystalis, but better!
Crystal Conundrums II: Flamekiss Crystalis (Mazrim)The second installment of Archone's new series centering around the goings on in the game Crystalis. The epic tale continues on, losing none of its potency or otherwise coolness from the first. It makes me glad that I don't play so many RPGs, so I can enjoy their stories in the form of actual written works of art, which tend to be better than they are in the forms of games. If you know what I mean. :P
Crystal Conundrums III: Iceheart Crystalis (Weiila)Ah, this is just getting better and better.
Gebrel continues his journey through the world, searching for answers and swords. In this part he meets one more wise man, one wise woman, a few very... determined females and Mesiah, a woman who's been sleeping in a cryochamber just as the hero.
Crystal Conundrums IV: Thunderstrike Crystalis (Weiila) :) In my view Crystal Conundrums is one of the best series we have in the archive. The fourth part of Gebrel's journey, and he finally gets a little part of his past cleaned up. It ends with a cliffhanger though, but don't let that stop you from reading this work of action, adventure, drama, romance and humor.
Crystal Conundrums V: Crystalis Crystalis (Weiila) And finally the last chapter of this excellent series.
In indescribable rage at the recent events Gebrel charges at the Draygonian empire to free the imprisoned Wise men, Azteca and Mesiah.
Send Archone an e-mail if you're interested in seeing an epilogue as well :)
Asina's Thoughts Other (Weiila)The first meeting between Gebrel and the third Wise "Man", seen through the eyes of Asina. A heartwarming little fic about the queen who makes everybody love her... and some sides of her not really seen in the fic, such as the one easily managing to tease Tornel until his ears burn. I'll say...
Scent of an Esper FF6 (Weiila)Christmastime in the world of Final Fantasy VI, after the end of the game. The children of Mobliz have been moved to Figaro castle where they can live safer and warmer, as well as under better care from not only Terra. But the children's "mama" has a bit of holiday trouble that the kids are and probably should be kept unaware of for quite a while longer. As another hero under Archone's care noticed, it's tough when two people fall in love with ya at the same time...
Glorious Eyes Faxanadu (Weiila)This is a short but warm fic from Archone, about the nameless hero in the classic RPG Faxanadu. The warrior stumbles into a bar, bitter over having had to kill an old friend. He meets a special someone in the middle of the depression however...
With a bit of suggestive themes, kids should stay off, but others should get reading by all means!
Interlude with a Vampire Romancing Saga III (Weiila)A Romancing Saga 3 quickie by the one and only Archone.
About the vampire Leonid of Podol, brooding and talking about his miserable afterlife. There is of course Archone's brand of humour, but there is also a sad scent about the whole story about a lonely man.
My dearest enemy Zelda I and II (Weiila)Archone adds another sweet 8-bit tale to our fine archives, this one combining the outcoming of the first two Legend of Zelda games for the Nes.
It's a great humorous fic about Link's trials as a king; two Zeldas fighting over him, the boring life in the castle, and Ganon tormenting his sleep. Well, for the last one... almost. Nothing more painful than being beaten in pool, actually...
Dunno about everybody else, but just the first dialogue between our hero and Ganon had me laughing loudly. :)
Golden Love, Golden Sorrow Zelda I and II (Weiila)The (second) sequel to "My Dearest Enemy" (see the author's note to see why there's no first sequel in our archives. You don't have to have read the missing story to follow in this one though).
Link continues to have troubles with his Zeldas, while Ganon gets a revolt in his teeth... uh... hands. A great story as usual from Archone, with a lot of soft humor and emotion.
This part would really fit better in the "Reality" section, but I wanted to keep the series in the same place.
Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams Zelda I and II (Weiila)The third (okay, fourth in all honesty but we STILL don't have that nr 1.5) and last story about Link's torments as the king of Hyrule. This story is gently wrapped up in a feeling of dull despair, but it will also dwelve into the deeper meaning of "true love", and I guarantee that it'll leave you smiling for a long time after you've finished it. Without meaning in the current life, perhaps "forwards" isn't the way to go?
Of Light and Love Final Fantasy V (Weiila)Another mildly humorous piece by Archone, though it's also quite sweet (if a little twisted, perhaps. Hehehe... but it's too dang good to really bother) and tender. And deals with a plot normally only used for tragedies and dramas. A love triangle.
Faris is in love with Butz. Lenna is also in love with Butz. And when both of them confront him on the same evening, the travelling hero has to face that his heart belongs to each one. But perhaps, with a bit of sisterly love and girl talk, there can be a solution that makes all three happy...
Superb characterizations, especially the parts with Faris' pirate life situation are splendid.
Oedipal Oratory Final Fantasy VII (Mazrim) Not so much a fanfic as an interlude in the action of Final Fantasy VII, Oedipal Oratory effectively captures the relationship between Jenova and Sephiroth, and what each person feels in it. Sephiroth's love for Jenova, as well as Jenova's oddly mechanical way of thinking are at once insightful and chilling. A short read, but quite powerful, as with most of Archone's works. A very cool fanfic indeed.
The Three Companioneers Ultima VI (Mazrim) Yet another Archone fanfic, this one centered around a less-known (somewhat) PC RPG, Ultima VI. Three of the secondary characters, Dupre, Iolo, and Shamino, are the protagonists of this very epic short story. Reminiscent of broad swashbuckling tales like "The Three Musketeers," this story has a humorous premise, fights on rooftops, beautiful women, and a general nonchalance to the heroes that makes this fanfic very cool. And it's comparatively short, so you don't have to set aside an entire afternoon reading it like some fanfics in this archive. :)

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