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• Anticipated Downtime
03.11.2009 Update by Cidolfas

The RPGC server will be undergoing some maintenance / reshuffling on March 13th and 17th. We may experience a few hours of downtime on those dates. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

• More fanart (really!)
01.14.2009 Update by Walhalla

Yes, finally a new update. More to see on that page!

• Dragon Quest VIII
12.22.2008 Update by Hellhawk

After something like 3 years the DQ8 webpage is finished and available HERE.


• New fanart!
07.08.2008 Update by Walhalla

It looks like I lied in my last update when I said there would be another update "soon"... Oh well. The new one is (finally) here. Have a look!

EDIT as of July 27, 2008: Hi. One more update for whoever will read this. Goooo look!

EDIT as of October 13, 2008: Well, yes. There's another update. You know where to look.

• A lot of reading material.
06.04.2008 Update by Sephiroth Katana

The prolific Skankin' Garbage has written six new reader reviews for your enjoyment: discussions of Mistwalker's recent games Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for the Xbox 360; a critique of the DS remake of Final Fantasy III; retrospectives of Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire 2 for the SNES; and a favourable review of Baroque, reissued for the PS2. We shall soon be giving him a bigger venue in which to unfold his talents. To add to this bounty, I have reviewed Front Mission for the SNES and Final Fantasy X-2 for the PS2.

• A few things...
04.19.2008 Update by Sinistral

April 10th marked the 7th anniversary of the Rebellion and our victory over our former webmaster. Its funny to think about how much things have changed since that time. The nature of the internet itself is different because the user base is different, how you interact with people is different, how information is presented is different. People have standards now! This is something that really came to mind on April 1st and decided to post a Miva board much like the one we used to have with a typical mid to late 90s amateur layout.
The staff of RPGC itself has changed; we've almost all moved past the stage where we were bunch of geeks that used to want to make games for living. Some of us even met girls! 1 thing that hasn't seemed to change was the website itself though, which in itself is a consequence of change. We're getting older, some of us have jobs, some of us went to med school, others to law school. Nevertheless, we're still trying things behind the scenes and we're fairly excited. We love RPGC just as much as we did when we first joined and the site won't be going away for a very long time if we can help it.
Keep checking for announcements in the future, we might just get the ball rolling and integrate systems into place that will allow us to create new shrines on all these new classics that have been made by these great people in the industry in these past few years.
And on that note, I haven't seen any news websites break the news and since Squeenix has been very frustrating with its release schedule, I figured that since we are RPG CLASSICS, it was appropriate to point to how DRAGON QUEST IV will be coming to the US for the DS! That is, if the ESRB's website is reliable, which it should be.

• SK beat me to it. :(
02.02.2008 Update by Walhalla

Well, I got quite a few submissions in the past months, so expect another update soon with more variety. For now, take a look at the latest one!

• First update of the year.
01.29.2008 Update by Sephiroth Katana

We have quite a few new additions. Skankin' Garbage has reviewed Langrisser V: The End Of Legend and Growlanser: Heritage Of War. Recurring contributor Kisai continues his reviews of somewhat obscure games with Aethra's Chronicles and Last Armageddon. We also have a new contributor, DomRafa, who has written a somewhat critical review of Phantasy Star II. And finally, I have reviewed Final Fantasy X, a mere six years after it came out.

• Moved!
10.30.2007 Update by Nulani

Move completed. Let us rejoice!

• moving notice
10.26.2007 Update by Merlin

As has been in the works for a while, RPGC will be moving server hosts soon. Hopefully our visitors won't notice much of a change; although there may be a day or so of the site being down as the domain transfers. Staffers, please don't bother making any site updates for the next few days as your changes may not get copied to the new location. This also goes for people developing shrines, you may lose any updates to your Tartarus location if you upload within the next few days. Thank you.

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