Final Fantasy: Solid, Chunk 3
by d_Galloway

Cloud found himself inside some kind of forgery. Blistering heat filled the entire area, and melted metal was in a pool at the bottom of the room. There were some guards, but not as many as in previous areas; the heat must have driven them off.

Cloud snuck past a few guards, then made his way to a beam. He pressed himself against the wall and crossed it, making certain not to fall into the pool several feet below. After this, he made his way past some more guards and to an elevator. Once he got on, however, an army of gaurds jumped on. He kicked their sorry butts, then continued downward.

On the way, he recieved a codec call.

(begin codec conversasion)
Auron: Cloud, turn your moniter off.
Cloud: Okay, done.
Auron: Cloud, I have something to tell you about Relm.
Cloud: What?
Auron: Her story sounded kind of fishy, so I decided to check it out. You know, I was a member of the Galbadian Special Forces in the 60's.
Cloud: And...
Auron: Roover was a well-known racist. Didn't Relm say that her father was asian?
Auron: There wasn't a single asian member of the GSF in the 60's. Relm's story is nothing more than a sack of lies.
Cloud: Do you think that she's a spy?
Auron: I can't be sure yet. That's why I told you to turn off your moniter; I want to pursue the manner further.
Cloud: All right, then.
Auron: Good luck, Cloud.
(end codec conversasion)

When the elevator finally landed, Cloud had to get on yet another elevator. Strangely, however, a flock of ravens had decided to nest there...

Cloud now found himself inside a large freezer. The room was so cold, his rations froze up the moment he stepped inside. On the other side, seemingly oblivious to the cold, was Gunarm Raven.

(Boss: Gunarm Raven)

(Note: Although this battle takes forever, it's too damn boring to include. Just put a few mines here and there, and BAM! The end)

(End Boss Battle)

Gunarm flattened himself against the wall. He knew that his time had come. In his last moments, he told Cloud a horrifying secret: the MARKA chief he saw die was not the true MARKA chief; it was Distracting Octopus, a master of disguise. He copied his victims down to the blood, but couldn't fool the angel of death.

When Cloud asked about why they had gone through all that, Gunarm told him the rest of the puzzle was Cloud's to solve. As Cloud turned towards the exit, the ravens flocked onto Gunarm, as he shouted his last words.

"Cloud, you are not like others. You and the boss are from another world that I do not wish to know. The path you travel on has no end, and your way is paved with the bodies of your enemies. Cloud, you will forever walk the road of death..."

When Cloud turned around, all that was left of Gunarm was his large gattling gun.


(begin codec conversasion)
Auron: Cloud, turn off your moniter.
Steiner: Auron, what is this?
Cloud: Steiner!
Auron: Steiner, this is a very touchy subject. Where is Relm?
Steiner: She's taking a nap right now.
Auron: Cloud, I checked the MOG-CHOCO database. There is no person named Relm listed there. There was one, but that one dissapeared somewhere in Eblan several years ago, and was a lot older than our Relm.
Steiner: Are you telling me that Relm is actually a spy?
Auron: We cannot discredit the possibility.
Cloud: Steiner, keep an eye on Relm. Metal Gear should be nearby...
Steiner: Cloud, good luck.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud left the freezer and made his way through a million security cameras. He found himself staring at his massive target...

Metal Gear.

Cloud made his way around Metal Gear to a ladder. Just as he got there, Butz called.

(begin codec conversasion)
Butz: Cloud, I'm in Tot's security files!
Cloud: Any information on Metal Gear?
Butz: Nothing so far that you haven't been told. Do you have the card keys?
Cloud: I've only got one; I don't know where the other two are.
Butz: Don't worry. I'll hack into this some more.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud continued to make his way up, but as he was right next to the top of Metal Gear, Butz called again.

(begin codec conversasion)
Butz: Cloud, I've figured out something about Metal Gear.
Cloud: What now?
Butz: It turns out the entire facility was built for the creation of not only Metal Gear, but a highly-advanced Mako missle.
Cloud: What does that have to do with anything?
Butz: The missle itself could strike anyplace on Earth within seconds, but that's not the scariest thing-
Cloud: Oh, I can't wait to hear this.
Butz: -it's a stealth missle!
Cloud: You mean it won't be picked up on radar?
Butz: This weapon could mean the end of the world!
Cloud: Just concintrate on finding where the card keys are!
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud made his way to the control room for Metal Gear, only to find Kuja and Tiger already inside, discussing their plans for the missle and the robot. Cloud tried to pick up their conversasion, but got a call from Butz.

(begin codec conversasion)
Butz: Cloud, I've found out about the card keys!
Cloud: And...
Butz: You need to use each key into one of the terminals inside the control room.
Cloud: But I've only got one key!
Butz: That's the trick! You already have all three keys!
Cloud:...been drinking too much?
Butz: The key is made from a shape-shifting memory alloy. It changes along with the temperature. There are three keys: Room Temperature, Extreme Cold, and Extreme Heat. You need to raise the cards to a certain temperature, then insert them into the terminals.
(end codec conversasion)

Suddenly, Cloud felt a bullet graze his arm, causing him to drop the key. Kuja immediately pushed the alarm button, and the guards rushed in. Quickly escaping, Cloud made his way to the lower floor, where he saw a rat trying to eat the key. After killing it, he grabbed the card, but then recieved a call.

(begin codec conversasion)
Steiner: Cloud, we've placed Relm under arrest.
Cloud: What?
Steiner: We found her sending unauthorized messages to someone. We aren't sure if it's the enemy, but we can't take that chance.
Auron: Cloud, have you ever heard of something called MogDie?
Auron: It's a virus programmed to kill only certain people. It's injected into someone, then passes on to whoever it's programmed to kill when contact occurs. That person then dies, supposadly from a heart attack.
Cloud: The MARKA Chief...Tot...
Auron: Cloud, is there any time where Relm might had injected you with MogDie?
Cloud:...the nanomachines.
Steiner: Whatever's going on, we don't have much time. We have to stop the launch!
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud made his way back up, and learned that Kuja and Tiger had gone. He inserted the room temperature key, then made his way to the freezer to freeze it. He then inserted that key. Finally, he went back to the furnace and heated it up. But on the way back down, he recieved another codec call.

(begin codec conversasion)
Relm: Cloud, it's me.
Cloud: Relm! What the hell are you doing?!
Relm: I came to tell you the truth...about me.
Cloud: Go on.
Relm: The truth is, I have no name, no family, no past. I was found on a street corner following the Magitek War by my only family member left: my brother.
Cloud: And who was that? knew him, Cloud. You called him Shadow.
Cloud: !!!
Relm: He and Big Boss brought me to your country to escape what was happening back home. Then they went back to continue Big Boss's dream. Then you came along.
Relm: You single-handedly killed the only family I had left! You ruined my life!
Cloud: So, the were behind that?
Relm: *sigh* Yes.
Cloud: Does he want to kill me?
Relm: No, from what I can tell he only wants to fight you. A final battle...that's all he lives for.
Cloud: Relm, was I injected with MogDie.
Relm:...yes, as a part of the operation. No, there was another reason. I wanted to see you die for my brother's death. I wanted to send you to hell.
Cloud: I can understand if you're angry, but your brother wanted a final battle years ago. He asked for that then; he's asking for it now.
Relm: Cloud, there's something I have to tell-
*a struggle is heard*
Cloud: RELM! RELM!!!
Steiner: Cloud, I can no longer allow Relm to make any unauthorized transmissions. She is no longer a part of this mission.
Cloud: Put her back on, damn it!
Steiner: Cloud, you have to stop the launch! We're running out of time!
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud made his way back to the control room and inserted the card one last time. What he heard next shocked him to the core.

"Card keys accepted. Security code overriden. Launch sequence activated."

Suddenly, the codec went off.

(begin codec conversasion)
Auron: Why, thank you, Cloud. We couldn't have done it without you.
Cloud: What the hell!
Auron: Sorry to get you involved in that whole "shape-shifting memory alloy" crap, but some things had to be done.
Cloud: Auron, what the hell's wrong with you?!
Auron: We were able to get Tot's code, but the MARKA Chief resisted. Then Tiger accidently killed him during the interrigation. So we had to come up with another plan.
Cloud: So you've been working with the terrorists the whole time...
Steiner: Cloud, that's not the real Auron!
Auron: You're too late, Steiner!
Steiner: I just saw the real Auron in the break room while you were supposed to be talking with him. That one had no codec, or knowledge of what was going on!
Tifa: Cloud, I've traced the signal, and it's coming from somewhere inside the base!
Cloud: Okay, who the fucking hell are you?!
Auron: Why, it's me...dear brother.
*Auron removes his collar and sunglasses and lets his hair down to reveal himself as Kuja*
Kuja: You've accomplished your purpose. Now DIE!!!
(end codec conversasion)

Suddenly, the door slammed shut and poison gas filled the room. Quickly calling Butz, Cloud was able to turn the gas off and open the door. After saving with Tifa, he went out to face Metal Gear once and for all.

Cloud found Kuja standing in front of Metal Gear's cockpit, a sadistic grin on his face.

Kuja went into length of what was happening. The real reason behind Cloud's mission was to recover Metal Gear intact. Cloud was injected with MogDie so that all of the terrorists could be wiped out, thus eliminating the witnesses. Kuja was fairly confident, however; he said that since he and Cloud were identical on the genetic level, they would have been killed by MogDie long ago.

Kuja told Cloud that it was time for this battle to end, and jumped into Metal Gear. The blast shield lowered over the cockpit, and Cloud barely made it to the ground before the laser ripped the platform to shreds. This was going to be bad...

(Boss: Metal Gear Atma)

Cloud quickly called Butz on his codec.

(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Butz, Metal Gear is active! How do I stop it!
Butz: When the blast shield is down, a radar unit on the upper right side of Metal Gear is used. Destroy it, and he'll have to expose the cockpit!
Cloud: Gotcha.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud rolled just as a string of missles hit where he was standing. He then fired several Stingers into the radar. After a while, the radar began to explode, but suddenly stopped. Kuja's laugh filled the room as Metal Gear's gigantic leg rose to crush Cloud.

The Ninja suddenly appeared, somehow holding the leg up. Cloud backed away, finally realizing the truth: the ninja was both Shadow and Sorethroat. His friend had been protecting him all along. After about a minute, Shadow leaped from beneath the foot, pulled out two laser pistols, and fired straight into the radar. But yet again, it stood strong.

Cloud and Shadow took cover behind a large crate; the radar had been damaged enough so that Kuja couldn't see them easily. Cloud mentioned how Relm was waiting for him, as well as how much she loved him (and all that mushy crap). Shadow barely looked at Cloud as he told him the truth about Relm: Shadow had killed Relm's true parents on his first mission with Big Boss. He took the girl with him, as he could not bring himself to kill her, but he said he could no longer live this lie. He told Cloud to tell her the truth, then went to stop Metal Gear's radar.

Shadow jumped into the air in order to get a better shot, but the laser went straight through his left arm, slicing it off. He fell against a high support beam, bleeding heavily and malafunctioning. Kuja smashed him into the wall using the blast shield, then taunted Cloud, asking him if he was just going to watch his friend die. Shadow, however, had already pulled out one of his pistols and blasted the living hell out of the radar, finally destroying it.

Unable to see anything now, Kuja was forced to open the blast shield. Shadow slumped down on the beam, just barely alive. Shadow begged Cloud to fire the Stinger into the cockpit, but Cloud couldn't bring himself to kill his friend in the process. Finally, Shadow fell onto the floor, the foot of Metal Gear landing right on top of him. Shadow was able to utter his last words:

"Cloud, we're not tools of the government or anyone else. All we knew how to do was fight, but at least I always fought for what I believed in. Cloud, good-bye."

The foot then rose one last time, and slammed hard onto Shadow, smashing him completely and ending his life. Kuja then turned his attention back to Cloud, saying, "He prayed for death, and now he's found it. You'll be next!" Cloud, however, was so royally pissed-off now that he fired Stingers non-stop, destroying the cockpit and frying Metal Gear. The robot came crashing to the ground, as the whole base began to fall apart.

The last thing Cloud saw before blacking out was Kuja emerging from Metal Gear's flaming wreckage and walking towards Cloud.

(end boss fight)

When Cloud regained his senses, the entire room was red from the fire. Kuja stood in front of him, fixated on what was left of Metal Gear. He then did what all good villains do: he explained everything.

Cloud and Kuja were the results of genetic cloning from Big Boss, who was considered to be the ultimate soldier, as a result of the Les Enfants Terrible project. The plan was to create the perfect soldier, one that would exhibit all the traits of Big Boss. They then used the data from the experiment on the Shinra soldiers, turning them into the ultimate army; however, they paled in comparison to Cloud and Kuja.

Kuja said that their were complications in the Shinra soldiers; the genetic therapy was not agreeing with them internally, and mutations were resulting. Kuja wanted Big Boss's remains so he could pinpoint the problem, as he and Cloud were not affected by these tamperings. He then revealed his reason for hating Cloud.

When Big Boss was cloned, one copy would exhibit all the dominant genes. That one was Cloud. Kuja, on the other hand, recieved only the recessive genes, making him the waste of an experiment. He then asked Cloud if he knew what it's like to know that you're garbage from the day you were born. He then said that, with Metal Gear's destruction, the military would be planning to destroy it, thus removing all evidence. In desperation, Cloud called Steiner.

(begin codec conversasion)
Cloud: Steiner, is the government planning to destroy the base?
Steiner: These were not my orders. They came directly from the Secretary of Defense! I have no official power here anymore!
Steiner: Listen, I may only be a figurehead, but if I deliver an order to delay the strike, it'll cause enough confusion to buy you and Dagger some time to esca-
*a struggle is heard*
Tifa: Oh my God! Steiner!
Cloud: Tifa, what the hell's going on?
Tifa: Cloud! Hurry!
*a new face appears*
Houseman: This is Secretary of Defense Jim Houseman.
Cloud: What the hell?!
Houseman: Steiner is under arrest for leaking classified information. The bombers are on their way.
Cloud: Bombers?
Houseman: Each one is carrying a Surface-piercing Mako Bomb. You won't survive it.
Cloud: Why?
Houseman: I have no time for your questions. You should be saying good-bye to this world.
(end codec conversasion)

Kuja showed Cloud Dagger, lying unconcious. Kuja said that she was still alive, for the time being. He then placed a bomb and untied Cloud, taking him to the top of Metal Gear. The bomb was set at three minutes, and will kill them all when time ran out.

(Final Boss: Kuja)

Cloud and Kuja fought in a desperate fist fight, with neither side gaining ground. Precious time ticked by, and there were only twenty seconds left. In desperation, Cloud roundhoused Kuja.

The madman fell over the side, down fifty stories, onto a flaming heap of jagged metal, screaming all the way.

(End Final Boss)

Cloud tossed the bomb down the pit, where it exploded mere seconds after leaving his hands. He then untied Dagger...and she clung to him desperately. Cloud had been able to save her.

(begin codec conversasion)
Butz: Cloud, is everything all right down there?
Cloud: Yes. Dagger's fine.
Butz: Cloud, I'm disarming the final security measures, but it'll take a while for me to escape from here.
Cloud: You don't have a while! Get out while you still can!
Butz: Leave with Dagger on the double. I'm going to help you as much as I can.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud and Dagger leaped down to the exit, barely making it through before the roof collapsed.


Once inside, Cloud called Tifa.

(begin codec conversasion)
Tifa: Oh no, everything's falling apart. This will probably be your last save.
Cloud: Tifa, be strong.
Tifa: I will.
(end codec conversasion)

Cloud and Dagger made their way to a parking garage, where some jeeps were thankfully kept. Unfortunately, there was a security camera, too. Guards, oblivious to the destruction at hand, rushed into the room. Cloud jumped into the back of a jeep, and saw that a gun turret was conviently placed there. With Dagger driving, he easily mowed down the soldiers. They then raced down the escape tunnel.

After smashing through several checkpoints, Cloud heard an all-too familiar voice behind him: Kuja. He turned, and saw the madman right behind him, an assault rifle in tow. The two got into a gunfight, but it was mostly exchanging blows.

Finally, Dagger saw daylight. They were almost out! Unfortunately, she couldn't stop in time: Kuja pulled his jeep right in front of theirs. The two smashed forcefully into each other, sending the occupants flying.

The two jeeps layed, broken and smoldering, at the exit of the tunnel. Cloud and Dagger were completely pinned at the bottom of their jeep, and unable to escape. Kuja was no where to be seen. He appeared to be dead...

The sound of rustling, however, dispelled all hope of that.

Kuja got up from his jeep, the gun still in his hand. He moved towards the helpless Cloud and raised his gun, a grin of triumph in his face. Suddenly, his look turned towards pain, and he was only able to utter, "Mog...", before going down.

Cloud was nice enough to finish the sentence. "Die."

Kuja reached his hand towards Cloud, still trying to destroy his brother, just before all life finally left his body. Cloud's expression, however, was one of fear; if Kuja was dead, then that would mean...

He then noticed, just before his codec went off, that there weren't any bombers in sight.

(begin codec conversasion) Steiner: The Secretary of Defense has been arrested. Early retirement.
Cloud: Steiner!
Steiner: I was able to get contact with the president. Metal Gear, the terrorist exercise, all of was all the Secretary of Defense acting alone.
Cloud: Acting alone? What about the air raid?
Steiner: The orders were recended. Once again, I am in complete control of this mission. In any case, the danger's over. Thanks, Cloud.
Cloud: You can rest easy; Dagger's okay.
Steiner: *sighs in relief*
Cloud: Butz is still somewhere inside the base.
Steiner: Don't worry. I'll lead the search party personally.
Cloud: Steiner, killed Kuja.
Steiner: Don't worry. Dagger wasn't programmed into its coding.
Cloud: But what about me?
Steiner: Relm is better qualified to answer about that. Tifa's with her right now.
Relm: Cloud, it's me. I heard about my brother.
Cloud: Relm, Shadow had one last message for you.
Relm: What?
*cue mushy music here*
Cloud: He wants you to forget about him and go on with your life.
Relm: He said that?
Cloud: He also said that he'll always love you.
Cloud: Relm, your brother just saved you, me, and the whole world. He fought with every ounce of strength in his body.
Relm: Maybe...maybe he's finally found some rest. He wasn't really my brother anymore. Ever since he fought you in Maron he's been like a ghost. A ghost looking for a place to die...*cries*
Cloud: Relm, about MogDie...
Relm: Cloud, you weren't in its programming.
Cloud: What?
Relm: That's the real reason why they arrested me. I changed the coding at the last second. I couldn't let you die before fighting my brother. that's it, I guess.
Steiner: I've got a surprise for you, Cloud. Tifa saw a snowmobile on the satalite photos. It's right under the cliff. The glaciers are usually calm this time of year; you'll be able to move right out of there.
Cloud: I'll beat Zidane will be happy to see Dager again.
Steiner: Not if I can help it!!!
Cloud: Just kidding.
Steiner: The battery in the codec's about to run out. Good-bye, Cloud.
(end codec conversasion)


Cloud and Dagger climbed down the cliff and found the snowmobile. Cloud gazed at the sunrise in the distance. This was more than just any other day. This was the beginning of a new life.

They drove off, together, into the distance. It was time to go home.


RANK: BIG BOSS (even though you suck! Wait, don't reach for the power button! NOOO!!!)



Tiger: Sir, this is Irvine. Yes, the entire unit was wiped out. Those two are still alive. I have the disc, like you requested. My cover remains intact. Yes, the MARKA chief knew who I was, but he's been disposed of. Yes sir, I understand. Good-bye, Mr. President.