*Game Start*

*Opening Animated Sequence*

*Wil, Val, Zero and Omega lead the other Army of Light characters in battle against monsters*

*Amazing SFX!*

*A COOL game music theme!*

*Each characters gets a sequence to show off*

*Finally, all four stand together in their victory poses*

*Title flashes:* ALLIANCE OF LIGHT!

*copyright 2002 by XXXX*



*Character Selection Screen appears*

*There are four pictures on the Screen*

If you choose Valkyrie's, go to THE ORIGIN OF THE VALKYRIE

If you choose Zero X-Hunter's go to THE LEGACY OF THE BLADEMASTER (unavailable yet)

If you Choose OmegaflareX's, go to THe NECROMANCER BROTHERS (unavailable yet)

If you choose Wilfredo Martinez's, go to THE ETERNAL WANDERER