Saga Frontier: ...And all for one
by Wilfredo Martinez

Chapter One: The Gathering

...*THIS is the place?* Red Okonogi thought, as he looked at the entrance of the rather sleazy-looking bar, illuminated by ill-fitting neon lights, that was the only pub in the town of Scrap.

He was a boy in his late teens, with black hair that stood on end in a "punk" style hairdo; his clothes were, appropiately, a red suit with a red cape.

*Could the tip have been wrong?* he wondered. But no... why would Doll lie to him?

Then again, the female IRPO agent had lied to him before, when she said she had been looking for her lost brother in Shingrow, when she was really using Red to find the criminal Ogre called Berva.

But that wasn't really a lie- she was just doing her job. And IRPO had certainly helped him, in his struggle against the Black-X organization. In fact, Berva had turned out to be a major member of the organization, so it had been in his own interests to help Doll catch him.

He had to admit, thought, that he was surprised that, no sooner had he quit working at the Inter-Region ship Cygnus to focus exclusively on chasing Black-X, Doll had called him to tip him about where he could find help in his inevitable battle against Black X's leaders. But, HOW had she known? Is IRPO keeping tabs on him? Do they know... about Alkaiser?

The idea sent shivers up his spine. Alkarl, the superhero who saved his life by making him a superbeing as well, warned him STRICKTLY against letting anyone find out his secret- on penalty of having his memory erased! To say nothing of what would happen to him if he ever misused his powers... Man, who knew superheroes were so paranoid?

Not that it mattered to him. Red cared about one thing only: revenge against those who killed his family. If he had to die to do it, so be it.

But he needed help. He had fooled himself into thinking that he could do it alone. But even as Alkaiser, he'd needed the help of others to defeat the biotechnology-powered leaders of the organization. He KNEW the fights would only get thougher. But those who had helped him had happened to be there, at the right time and place, to help him. But if he was going to storm Black-X's main headquaters, he'd better find some permanent, GOOD help first!

He still doubted he would find such people in this place, but, what did he have to lose by looking?
And so, he went inside...