Angel of Mine
by Chun Li

Where am I? There was no ground under, only the endless blackness that was enveloping. Tseng looked below his feet. Nothing, nothing but blackness he was shrouded in. He could have swore he was floating somewhere in the universe, in space, lost and not wanting to be found.

A break, a rest from following orders, following Cloud and his friends, being a Turk...........and pursuing her. And most of all resisting the temptation to show mercy when he confronts her. All he can do now was relax, close his eyes and forget about everything.

Tseng closed his eyes and let himself drift and forget. A hard Turk, working and unbreakable had a weakness that he chose to forget at this state of peace. He couldn't remember the last time it had been like this. Forget......forget it all......


Tseng's eyes shot open, a voice. A faint voice. Only a voice like that could make his senses start to stir even in death. Was it? No it can't be. But if yes then how?

His dark eyes wandered around, searching where the owner of that voice was. He could see nothing. Only endless blackness of space. Who-where am...I? Tseng questioned over and over inside his head.


There it was again. That voice. Soft, gentle like a quiet light. A voice Tseng would want to ignore but can't. The voice was like a strong magnet. It pulled him and aroused his curiosity to find the owner and drew him closer and closer.

Something unfamiliar caught his eager searching eyes. A white light, far off in the distance. So small but had the look of importance.

Tseng allowed himself to float closer, even helping the slow stride to move faster. Could it be? Why? How?


The suspense was driving him crazy. Was it really her? Where was he?

The white light shown brightly and grew bigger as he floated nearer. Tseng squinted and held a hand to shield his eyes from the sudden closeness of the glare. He was drawn closer. He wasn't sure if he wanted to find out anymore. His curiosity was starting to disappear. It was blinding. What the--?

The light. A searing white light almost blinded him. Flash.

Tseng felt like he was getting pulled apart by some strong force. Like he was getting sucked into a small hole that was the light source.

Then an abrupt stop that stopped his confused mind from whirling. The world stopped spinning around. The blinding flash was gone, and the sound of singing birds could be heard softly in the distance. Even without sight, it suddenly felt peaceful.

Tseng cracked open an eye. His vision was blurred. He squinted and tried opening his eyes fully. Nothing but blurry colours, blue and green." Great, where am I now?" he moaned. No answer came.

He rubbed his eyes and it started to clear up. Blue. All he saw was blue....with a few bunches of greens scattered along the sides. He was lying on his back on the ground.

Tseng sat up and put a hand to his still spinning head and moaned." Man....." His eyes opened. Navy blue, he stared at. He was in his Turks' uniform. What was this?

He stared out in front of him. He was lying by a great tree, it's branches stretching across the vast blue sky, in a garden. Tseng eyed his surroundings. The surroundings of flowers, flowers and more flowers.

The thought of going home was far from his confused mind as he got up and brushed his navy blue pants off. He took a step forward. This was too weird. He was just floating peacefully in God knows where ( somewhere he wanted to stay for quite some time without any interruptions ) and the next thing he knew he was in this strange ( beautiful ) but the familiar place.

Tseng started to walk down the path, glancing at his surroundings. The blue sky, the fresh breeze and the flowers. There was only one place in Midgar that he's ever seen such natural beauty.

He continued down the path, trying to figure out where he was and hoping that he wasn't where he thought. He just couldn't shake off the apprehensive feeling as he was walking further down.

What came into view made part of him want to turn back and ran back to the fuzzy blackness of where he was before.

A house. Very cottage-like and the feeling of home surrounded it. Brown shutters, well placed. Not like any of the houses that were in Midgar.

He's been to every sector, every street and yet he had never seen anything like it. But of course there was only one place that had this house. A specific sector. Sector five to be more correct. In the slums.

He looked on, it was different, more likely strange. The opening that lead to the rest of the houses of the slums, was gone. Not there. All he saw was trees and the bright sunlight shining through it's green branches. It was just him and the house.

Tseng tried to resist the temptation to walking further toward the familiar place.

Just then he stopped right in his tracks. He couldn't go any further. Apparently he wasn't alone as he thought.

Beside the house. Under the window sill, among the flowers, working. A female figure, dressed in a pink dress, red jacket, long glossy light brown hair, twisted together to form a long flowing ponytail. A pink bow fixed neatly with strange materia embedded within.

Tseng backed away. But the female stood up slowly and turned around. Tseng gazed from a far with worried eyes. Worry that his guard would come down and crumble. He gazed upon the endless green eyes and full pink lips that moved into a smile as she gazed upon him.

Tseng started to back away feeling unsure. She stepped towards him. The lingering gaze from her green eyes kept him frozen in the spot. He watched as her lips moved as his name emerged from her mouth." Tseng." she had said. The soft gentle voice had made shivers run up his spine.

He stood there, paralyzed. He watched helplessly as she strode over to him gracefully. She stepped so close, he could hear her relaxed breathing and do nothing as she touched his hair.

All senses were in shock. He opened his mouth slowly to say something." Aeris- "

"Shhh." she said softly. Her voice as quietly as the flapping of angel's wings." Please don't say anything."

Tseng didn't know what that meant. He searched her eyes for any form of mockery. Nothing. It was all clear with sincerity. Even before he had a chance to expel a single breath, Aeris' lips had sealed his in a kiss.

Tseng didn't know what to make of this moment. All at once he felt shocked and overjoyed. He felt her lips pressed against his and felt himself be pulled closer as her delicate frame melded with his.

He was reluctant to follow as he gently tightened his arms around her waist. Could this be true ? Has Aeris finally realized that she had always loved Tseng ?

Tseng kissed her with all the love pouring out of his heart like a waterfall. Aeris was the only one that he ever truly loved and had never felt like this about anyone else in his life. Why the sudden change in feeling though ? No, never mind, that thought became even more far away from his mind. Because it didn't matter, nothing mattered anymore.

The only thing that did was that Aeris was in his arms, with her arms around him, kissing him with a love he could feel that was somehow telling him how she feltfrom the way she was now.

Tseng felt like he could almost cry. After all those times, all thosetimes when she would make fun of him, mock him in any sense of the way and spit harsh words at him. That didn't matter anymore. because it wasn't that way.

He pulled away from her to look upon her angel-like facade. His eyes searching for the sparkle that had made him fall for her. The irreplaceable beauty that was in front of him. "Aeris.......I love you...." he whispered. Unknowingly letting his own eyes water.

She smiled warmly with the love Tseng could see in her emerald eyes. She wiped his tears away and softly placed a kiss on the last one that fell." I can feel it." she replied. "Because I love you too."

The words he had longed to hear were still ringing in his ears as his lips met hers in another kiss. A kiss which had trailed down her neck.

"Tseng?" she called.


"I want to live here." she said.

Tseng stopped and gazed upon her.

"I want to live here. I want us to live here. Just me and you. Nobody else. Right here." she said motioning as her hands revealed to him the Planet's beauty surrounding them.

"Yes....Yes Aeris. I will." he said touching her face. And with that he took out his Shinra Turk ID and threw it behind him carelessly. Tseng took off his navy blue jacket and threw it on the ground. How can I forget Shinra, Rufus. Reno, Rude, Elena. Simple. I have Aeris. Forget Heiddegger, forget Palmer and Scarlet. Forget Hojo, nothing could make me hurt her, now. I love her.

"I want to live here, with you." he said finally." Just don't leave me." Tseng whispered. His eyes looked saddened as he spoke those words.

"Never Tseng. I'll never leave you. Never. Just please don't leave me." she said with true sincerity.

It only made Tseng's heart flutter with overloading happiness. This was what he wanted. He wanted nothing else but this. He lifted a single finger under her chin and once more placed his lips on hers. Nothing could ever make me hurt you Aeris. I'll never leave you or here.

He grabbed her waist, lifted her up and swung her around. They twirled happily in the middle of the path of her flower garden. Nothing mattered except them.


Aeris' arm was sprawled over Tseng chest, her breathing slow and relaxing. The peaceful rhythm softly rocking his senses to sleep. He felt he had to stay awake, to keep watch that no one would find them and destroy his paradise with her.

But the soft sound of her breathing somehow told him to forget about it, because they were at last together.

Tseng smiled with all the content in his heart. Not at all thinking about the job, Shinra, Rufus and the rest of the Turks. He had once thought that his future was with Shinra and was to be forever with Shinra. He was wrong. The rest of his days would be spent with an angel. His angel.

He hugged her sweetness closely next to him and heaved a big sigh. All was well.


Tseng awoke the next morning. He felt groggy as the sound of the annoying alarm beeped loudly on the bedside table. He moaned with a tired thought. Aeris never told him that she had an alarm clock. Oh well, time to get up and greet her.

Tseng reached sleepily for the button to turn it off. He hit his hand on the table a few times but managed to finally turn the annoying sound off.

He opened his tired eyes. It was once again blurry. All he saw was a doorway to the hall.

Tseng smiled and reached for the body that was supposed to be sleeping peacefully next to him. All he felt was an empty space. It was like no one had slept there. Aeris was gone, maybe down to make breakfast or something, he thought.

He laid his tired head back down on the pillows. Wait, the pillows. Tseng opened his eyes wide enough to see the colour. They were blue. Blue pillows. What the hell was going on ? He stared out in front of him. Blue sheets.

But what the couple had been sleeping in the night before were soft white sheets. Tseng fearfully turned around and cleared his eyes. He stared around. His surroundings were nothing but the meager surroundings of his own apartment. The apartment he had purchased near Shinra building so he would have no trouble getting to work.

Tseng, with a sudden icy feeling in his twisting stomach growing, bolted up and yanked the blinds of the window next to his bed. The unbearable sound of honking vehicles and the humming from the Mako reactors as they sucked up the life of the Planet. No longer the peaceful sights and quiet noises of the woods that he had gladly agreed to live in with......his angel. With his Aeris.

Could it have possibly been a...............dream ? It was so real, it could have been mistaken for reality and so vivid.

Tseng backed away from the window and almost stumbled on his bed. He turned around abruptly and staggered towards the door, he kicked it open. Not at all the feeling of warmth where he was now. Nothing but the sight of a small kitchen connected to the small living room and a carton of take-out food on the table.

"No." he said softly to himself." No." he choked out weakly. With a lump rising in his throat, he staggered backwards." No."

Tseng slumped down on his bed. No. Oh God no. Please.....Aeris, no. All feeling of happiness and hope was now lost. It slipped away so fast before he could even feel it and experience it fully with her. Aeris.

He laid down carelessly and heavily and covered his eyes with both his hands. Why? How? Why did it have to be like this? Tseng thought bitterly.

It was so real. He felt everything. Saw everything, every little detail that made his paradise. But no, his paradise was gone. In a flash it was taken from him. She was taken from him. The touch of her lips, the feeling of her heart beating next to his chest, her gentle touch as soft as raindrops. Gone, all gone. His love, his need.

The icy feeling grew painful inside his stomach like a monster wanting to be let out. It started pumping it's way through his throat, making it hurt. His heart was beating painfully in his chest. A dream is a wish your heart makes. When you're fast asleep. Tseng's suddenly bitter thoughts were replaced by grieving.

Tseng laid on his side with closed eyes and choked out a small sob. Something he hadn't done in years. He let something happen that a Turk would never do. Let a sorrowful tear fall down freely. His paradise had been taken. Just a was just a dream.

He whispered " Aeris.............I love you..........Angel of mine.


Author's note :

Hey people ! Don't tell me this fic didn't hit you RIGHT there. Tseng the poor guy. This must have been what he felt during chasing AVALANCHE. I felt so sorry for him. This fic is just for you Tseng. It's so sad. It's just unfair that she treated him like dirt and Tseng deserved more than what people think. Hoped you enjoyed.

Chun Li