A Time of Miracles
by Deth Star Apocalypse

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy Tactics. Squaresoft used to and Square-Enix now does. All characters belong to them. However the plot is purely mine.

A/N - I know I have plenty of other stories going. However I just had to right something kinda fluffy and sweet. Also something kinda Christmas like considering the time of season. I started this simply because I needed to right something sweet. Something that really demonstrated … although not uncommon just something I really wanted to write. This is also going to be a straight one-shot fic. Simply because its all I feel up for with this one.

Agrais stared out the second story window of her house. It had been 5 years since the battle of Murond. Where she and several companions battle the re-incarnation of The Bloody Angel Altima. They had nearly lost everything had it not been for their young leader Ramza.

After the battle and a night of celebration the group had gone their separate ways. T.G. Cid passed away from the wounds Altima had given him. The Twins returned home to try and rebuild their clan of assassins. Mustadio and his father took Worker 8 to study and try and replicate the ancient relic. Reis and Beowulf went back to traveling together. Ramza took his sister Alma and disappeared into the night after the celebration. No one questioned why the two had done so. The whole group accepted it due to the circumstances over their supposed Heresy.

Sighing as she stared out into the snow Agrais remembered the Ramza she had last seen. His Blonde hair cut short, his eyes sparking with truth and justice: His stance ever ready for a fight but never wishing one to happen. Shaking her head the women in her 30's tried to forget about him.

Right before Ramza had taken off she had gathered enough courage to finally tell him how much he meant to her. He had smiled at her. That smile melted her … and her resolve. She collapsed against his armored torso crying then. The first tears she had shed since her days in the knight hood. She still remembered what it felt to be in his arms. The thump of his heart through his armor was like a drum. The smell of his body a mix of sword oil and metal.

Moving away from the window Agrais moved downstairs. Since the battle at Murond she had retired from the Knighthood. No one asked her why. No one even bothered to question why she did. The Oaks family was known for not only the proud Knights they raised within the various commands but also for being the best accountants in Ivalice. Agrais's head was able to calculate complex multiples faster then a lot of merchants.

Taking up one of the ledgers off the counter she began to thumb through it, the haunting memory of the past still fresh in her mind. This was unsettling her a bit. Usually the memory of that night and her confession wouldn't bug her the way it was today. What was so special about today that would cause such a difference.

Putting the ledger down Agrais looked at the calendar. December 24th was circled in red. That was why … today was Christmas Eve. Although Agrais did get along with her family … she didn't appreciate how her mother still bugged her about getting married and having a few kids. She didn't want to be married. Well, at least not to any one but Ramza.

As Agrais begins sorting through the accounts she has stacked on the counter the door to her shop opens. A cold wind blows through the opening carrying wisps of snow. Standing within the doorway is a single man dressed in a black robe the hood drawn up over his eyes.

Putting down one ledger Agrais Stands to great the man. ”Sorry for the mess. Its been hectic around here for the holidays. How can I help you?” She says while making room on her counter for a new ledger.

Brushing some of the snow off his robe the man moves closer to the counter. ”Yes. I am looking for a Miss Agrais Oaks.” He says with a voice filled with a terrible weight.

Moving closer the man reaches into his robe and removes a small piece of paper. ”I was asked to give this to you by a young man I met while traveling.” The man says while handing Agrais the small piece of paper.

Taking the paper Agrais turns her back on the stranger. Opening it up Agrais begins to read the letter. The handwriting although she had not seen him write much was still Ramzas. Taking her time she begins to read through it.

Dear Agrais,

I hope this letter find you in good health. It has been several years since we had last been together. As for me it has been an interesting journey. Alma has found some place safe to stay as I continue to travel. I have heard rumors that Delita and Ovelia were killed. I hope another Civil War didn't erupt over this.

As for me I continue my journey. The church had nearly nailed me once already but it wasn't enough men. The efforts of the others have paid off in keeping me safe.

From the rumors I hear you resigned as a knight. I'm sorry I can't be with you. And that leads me to the main reason I write you this letter.

I want to apologize for not answering you the night you confessed your feelings for me. I was shocked and still a bit confused as to what was going on after the battle drew to a close that I simply couldn't find the right words.

However the time spent traveling with Alma has made things clear to me. I'm writing this letter to let you know that I am also in love with you. I just hope that some day we will be able to meet again and be together.

With Love,

Ramze Beoulve

As she finishes the letter a single tear slides down Agrais's cheek. She had been hoping something like this would happen for a long time. Quickly wiping her eyes she tucks the letter away in her tunic.

”The young man I met also had one other thing for you.” The man says again from behind Agrais.

Turning around to face the stranger Agrais's eyes grow wide. Standing before her is a slightly older version of the Ramza she had seen 5 years before. His hair was longer now and tied in a ponytail. He also seemed to be a lot more confident with whom he was and his past leading to this point.

”Merry Christmas Agrais Oaks.” He says to the slightly older Noble.

Agrais, her eyes over flowing with tears, leaps the counter and crash against Ramza. Having never thought she would see him again she hugs the young man to her powerfully. Despite being a retired Knight her body had lost none of its edge or power.

Looking into his eyes Agrais smiled as if this truly was a time of miracles.


A/N: As I said a quick one shot deal with Agrais and Ramza. Nothing really outstanding from my writing here except it is something nice and sweet for the holidays. I wish you all a Merry Christmas … and I hope you all have some reason to be merry this Christmas season.

On a side note I would like to thank those people who have put up with me for the months and years on end as I critique and review writings. Those who, although I never write, still encourage me. Those people know who you are.