Auron's lost Loves Chapter 5

Watly stood at the front of the ship. Leaning over the roped barrier, watching the waves bash against the ship.

She thought about her own time and how Spira seemed so much more peaceful than the earth it was 2 thousand years before.

Jehct tried to sneak up behind her, but was clumsy footed and made a lot of noise.


Jehct came and stood beside her.

“Hi. I have a few questions I want to ask you.”

Watly looked out at the sea. Thinking of weather to let him ask what he wanted or not.

“Fire away.”

“I know you’re not from this time, just like me. I could tell because of all the books you have. How did you get here? And what time is it your from?”

Watly smiled. Jecht could tell it was strained.

“My time is 2 thousand years in the past. The 21st century. I got here by a cut in time. My father did a spell that made the hole big enough for me to get through. I was the first ever summoner.”

Watly’s face became sad and hurt.

“Tell me about your father.”

Watly didn’t want to do that, but she knew Jehct wouldn’t leave her alone until she did.

“My father died before I was born.” Jehct gave her a confused look.

“Have you ever heard of The House On Haunted Hill Jehct?”

Jehct nodded and let her continue.

“As you might know it’s a house just out side of Zanarkand. My father was at some sort of party at the house the night he died. His ghost was trapped inside the house. Along with a lot of other people. I’ve lived in that house for god knows how long. I stayed in the house with my mom for a little while. But she went crazy with grief of loosing my dad. They weren’t even married. But when I was 16 I moved back in. And I met my dad. He was near crazy but he was coping well. He was the one who taught me how to fight and how to summon. He was quarter vampire and 3 quarters human. But he was also a were-wolf. You probably don’t know what they are, and believe me. You do not want to know.
Nearing the end, he got mean. Angry sort of. He was going crazy, he was near to the point for killing I think. The house used to be a nut house. It was filled with the ghost of crazy people. I’m not going to tell you about, coz you’ll have nightmares. I did. Still do. But I stayed, for my father. I knew that he needed me. I knew he needed to pass something on besides evil. That’s why he taught me how to fight. But he was a nice man at heart. I actually have a ghost Guardian called Sara. She survived the party that my father died at. She was one of his best friends when they were teenagers. When I was 10, she called upon the Fayth. They killed her and made her my ghost guardian. I’ve only called upon her a few times.”

“And I thought that I had had a hard life!” Jehct chuckled and so did Watly.

Auron and Braska were on the top platform that looked over the front of the ship. Both of them could clearly see Watly and Jehct. Auron leaned on one of the posts as he usually did and watched Watly with growing interest.

I was always thinking about were she might have come from. And why she didn’t have a guardian when she had been a summoner for a year. Tidus heard Auron say inside his head.

By the looks of it Auron, I think you had a crush on her. Tidus laughed. It was strange to think of Auron as a young person who could just as easily fall in and out of love like any other person Tidus’s age. It seemed almost unnatural even.

Tidus heard Auron clear his throat in embarrassment. Tidus chuckled again. Now Tidus knew that something did happen between Watly and Auron.

Braska had noticed that Auron hadn’t taken his eyes off Watly in nearly half and hour.

“For god sakes man! Go and talk to the girl! She won’t bite you. Well not that I know of.” Braska looked up from the book he was reading and gave Auron a devilish smile.

Auron came on all defensive, trying to hide the fact that he wanted to, “What are you implying Braska?”

“I’m not implying anything Auron. I’m just saying that I see a look in your eyes that I’ve only ever seen once before. If I can recall, we were both 12, and you took a liking to a young girl. Everyone knew you liked her because every time she came to speak to you, you would act all mean and push her away.”

Braska looked towards Watly, who was now on her own. Her back facing them both.

Auron decided that he would go and talk to her and prove Braska wrong. Show him that he had no feelings for Watly at all.

As he approached her, he heard her singing a song under her breath.

“The light is now fading,
But we’re not afraid.
For in this here forest,
Is were dreams are made.”

“Where did you hear that song?” Auron asked as he stepped up beside her.

“It’s a lullaby my mother used to sing to me. It always helped me sleep when I was afraid. And why would you want to know?”

Auron didn’t like the harshness in her voice. It told him she didn’t like him very much.

Auron was lost and didn’t know what to say, “So.”

Watly gave him an impatient look, “So?”

“Why do you read so many books?”

Watly was totally clueless as to why he asked this.

“I mean, women don’t read. They have no need to. Their job is to stay in the house and raise the children”

Watly looked at him, her eyes on fire with anger.

“What!? You came over here to tell me that since I’m a woman, I shouldn’t read! You’re a shit head Auron, you know that?”

Auron had to step back as she advanced on him with rage. He felt his anger rising as well, “Well I’m sorry!” He shouted.

“I don’t want your sorry’s Auron. You are such a old fashioned wanker!” Watly shouted back.

“Stop calling me things I don’t know the meaning of!” Auron shouted at her as she stormed off like a hurricane on the warpath.

Braska sat on the top platform; his hand was over his mouth, trying to hold back his laughter. He watched Auron storm away as well.

Watly stomped down the corridor towards her cabin. Her mind on fire with anger. When she got to her cabin she pulled the door open and slammed it shut. At that moment Sara appeared, sitting on the corner of the desk with her legs crossed.

“And how is my god-daughter today? And who in the name of hell has been stupid enough to get you this mad!?” As usual, Sara had a sarcastic smile slapped on her face. But the young looking woman, with blonde hair and fair features, always had that smile on, come rain or shine.

“You know one of my guardians, Auron!. Well if you had been listening in on our conversation, which you usually do, well you would have heard him sa-“

With a sense of complete calm in her voice Sara said, “ I was listening. But you have to admit that Auron is pretty hot. And he has a badass attitude. What more could a girl want in a guy!?”

Watly’s face softened, “Compassion would be nice. And you right, “ Watly walked over to the bed and sat down, “Auron is good looking, he’s smart, I think! And he has a clear head. And………..and………”

Sara gave her a look that made her go red and confess.

“OK OK he’s bloody gorgeous would you stop it with the third degree!”

Watly slumped down on the bed and hid her head under the pillow.

The next day they arrived at Killica. Auron wasted no time at all and made everyone go to the temple right away. Much to Watly’s dismay. That was because she had suffered from bad seasickness the night before

After both Braska and Watly had obtained Ifrit, they stayed the night at Killica, camping out under the stars. Each one taking turns to keep watch. Watly took the first watch, then Jehct, then Braska and Auron was last.

Auron looked into the fire, from the fire it came from to the flicks at its end, and through them, he saw Watly. Sleeping peacefully.

Tidus was standing behind Auron and saw what he was seeing. A beautiful woman that looked like an angel when she slept.

Tidus could feel worry for Watly coming off in waves from Auron as he sat there and watched her. Tidus didn’t know what he was worried about. But he thought that it probably had something to do with the fact that Auron worried that she mightn’t of had a chance to live her life before she gave it all up at such a young age. Tidus felt the worry settle and stay put. But a new emotion came, caring.

The Auron inside his head said Braska said that I loved to easily, and that I let people into my heat to easily. I think he was jealous of that.

Tidus watched Auron watch Watly as the sun stared to show it’s self over the mountains. Chasing away the cruel night.