A Black Mage's Whining Session
by FrijolDoardo

Went on a journey the other day
Killed pirates, fiends and ate steak
I'm a hero
The old women made me a cake

But I sit wondering why
I got no face, yeah.

I wonder if I'm just a robe
With a pointy hat
Or a frog with no heart
Or a stinky doggy snack.

Bought magic-all level 8-
Flared furry creatures up
Woke up late
Life's not the same
For a black mage
You gotta understand
I don't know how I stand
I seem to have no legs at all.

So I wonder what I really am
I wonder if I'm a can of spam
Or an 80 gig hard drive
Or a broken ram chip
Or if I have life at all
How I sing without lips.

I'm weak I can't hold a sword
I'm poor,
Can't pay my landlord.
I'm a loser
Don't even comb my hair.

So I wonder why am I not brown or pink
I wonder why I'm not a white mage
How much I really stink!
I should be locked up in a cage.

What destiny is there for me
If I had a neck I'd hang
Myself from a tree
If I'm made of chocolate, will you love me?

That's all. Stay away from clowns with no nose,

FrijolDorado, the only bean not in pot.