Dark Legacy Part 3: For a Broken Spirit
by Chanaur

Authors note: This part isn't entirely necessary, but I thought it would help tie up some loose ends further on in the story. I find writing descriptions of characters annoying, and try to avoid it if possible. Oh well. For those of you that read Weiila's Rydia and Edge, the relationship between Carrie and Chanaur could sound familiar. You see, I have problems staying on task, and my mind wandered into Carrie and Chanaur. I'd been toying with the idea of their relationship, and that was the one I had decided to use. Then I read Rydia and Edge. Oops.

It was three years after Lacuna had been killed. In one night, he had lost his sister, but more importantly, his wife. Fifty children had been killed, having their souls ripped from their bodies. No one could explain it.

Except Raziel.

Late at night, Raziel would wake up, and look at Lacuna's pillow, hoping he'd see her there. Then the horrid truth would wash over him. He would remember how she had died in his arms. He would remember how she would never come back. He would remember how it was all his fault.

Then he would remember how she had said it wasn't his fault. How she had encouraged him to go on without her.

Without her.

Without Lacuna.

Those words still escaped his lips in a scream, when he woke up in the middle of the night. The same recurring dream plagued his subconscious. The memory of how Lacuna had died still gripped his dreams, ever since it actually occured.

It seemed like just yesterday that Lacuna lay in his arms, awakened by a nightmare. He had stroked her hair, whispering, "Shh, shh, Lacuna. It's alright. Just a nightmare. I'm right here, honey...." Then he would kiss her deeply, and Lacuna would relax, and go back to sleep.

The funny thing was, Lacuna was one of the bravest people he knew, but at night, she was susceptible, vulnerable. At first, he thought it was her strong sense of dark entities, but then he realized the truth.

She was lonely. Afraid of being alone in the dark. After all, where they lived, God knows what was in the dark at night.

His spirit was broken, but he lived on. Barely.

True to his word, he gave Lacuna's sword to Chanaur. Now, Raziel was training him in the arts of steel. Personally, Raziel preferred axes, but Chanaur already had some experience with swords, so he took to it right away.

Chanaur lived with the Fernandez's, Imbrium and Carrie. Chanaur's family was killed three years ago, and he had to flee to the only safe place Raine (his mother) could take him. They lived in another village, about seven miles away. Raziel visited often, mainly because of Chanaur's training. But also, because of Imbrium.

Imbrium, Carrie's mother, had lost her spouse also. When Carrie was little, her father had disappeared into the forest and never returned.

Imbrium was a strong woman, and didn't often lose control of her emotions. But, as Lacuna always said, everyone breaks sometimes.

His mind wandering, Raziel left himself open to attack. Chanaur struck him in the head with the heavy iron "sword" they used for sparring. The metal rod cracked him in the head pretty good, enough to knock him loopy.

Laying on the ground, his hand placed over the lump on his head, Raziel moaned and looked up at Chanaur's appologetic face. The boy was fourteen years old, about five feet four inches high, with dark brown hair, and gray green eyes. He wore a silver cross around his neck. He was skinny, with a pretty good build. "Oops." He simply said, his soft voice ringing in Raziel's ears.

"Chanaur, you dummy, you probably gave him a concussion." came a quiet female voice from across the yard. Carrie walked over, her long blue hair falling over her shoulders. Raziel had always wondered about her hair color, but never asked. Also fourteen years old, Carrie was slim, and a good six inches shorter than Chanaur (and he never let that go, either). She was a magic user, and a really gifted one at that. She had small features, with soft green eyes. "You smacked him pretty good."

"Ah, quiet shorty. Nothing I can't fix."

"Your asking for it, Chanaur." Carrie and Raziel both muttered as he kneeled down next to the warrior who was brought down by a child. Cupping Raziel's head in his hands, Chanaur muttered the words that would heal the concussion. Chanaur could use white magic, and Carrie used elemental magic, and so on.

A soft light emanted from Chanaur's hands. The pain in his head eased, then was gone.

"Gotcha again, didn't he, Raziel?" Came yet another voice. Reinhardt stepped into his sight, smiling broadly. He had just turned fifteen, and gotten the sacred whip. He had orangish-blond hair and blue eyes, and a well-musceled body. Extending his hand, Reinhardt helped Raziel to his feet.

"Thank you Reinhardt." Shooting out a hand, Raziel grabbed Chanaur by the collar of his shirt. "As for you, I won't let you off so easy next time."

Chanaur stared back cooly and said, "Yes Uncle Raziel, whatever you say." Releasing him, Raziel smiled broadly.

Carrie was amazed. "Does this mean you might be learning a little respect?"

"Well, after you've been brow-beating me about it for so long, I had to have picked something up, am I right?" Chanaur smiled.

"Yes. I mean, I knew you were a dummy, but I didn't think you were an idiot." Carrie smiled back at him.

Raziel chuckled to himself and walked back into the house, to talk to Imbrium. As Carrie and Chanaur shot insults back and forth, Raziel reflected on the unique relationship between the two. He remembered the first time he had witnessed this ritual take place. Raziel had asked Imbrium if they should intervene. She had simply said, "No, they do this all the time." Then, she leaned in closer and whispered, "It's their way of flirting." Carrie and Chanaur made fun of each other, but never really meant anything. They never really got mad at each other.

It seemed that they were flirting.

However, whenever the idea that they were a couple was brought up, it was always shot down. "It's just what the way it happens. No one really knows why. Not even they do." The biggest thing though, was no one ever brought it to Chanaur and Carrie themselves.

It seems everyone knew what they felt for each other. Except for Carrie and Chanaur.

Imbrium looked up from her book as Raziel closed the door behind him. "How's it going?" She asked. Imbrium looked like an older version of Carrie. Other than the age, they looked exactly the same. Raziel sat down accross from her. "Not bad." He answered. "Got cracked in the head again."

"Lost in your thoughts?" Imbrium smiled at him.

"Yep. What are you reading?" Raziel guestured to the old leather-bound back in her lap.

"Oh, this is just my diary when I was a kid." She tapped the page the book was open too. "I just found it in the attic. I never thought I'd find it."

"Ah, good times?" Raziel asked, standing up, walking over, and sitting down next to her.

"Yes. As a matter of fact, it turns out that you and I went to school together."

"Indeed?" Raziel said, raising his right eyebrow.

Mirroring his geusture, she smiled and said, "And it also turns out you and I dated for three months."

Raziel nodded and sighed, "I was wondering when you'd remember that." Winking at her, he smiled and said, "You were a real cutey back then, just like Carrie is now."

Imbrium scowled at him teasingly. "And what am I now?"

"Why, a true beauty, no less."

Imbrium kissed him on the cheek. "You charmer. Speaking of Carrie, what are we going to do about those two?"

"Well, I'd imagine we just let them go their own way. With any luck, they'll finally admit it to themselves."

"....And if they don't?" Imbrium whispered.

"Then we play matchmaker. However, they're kinda young right now. I mean, there only teens."

"True. But these two have something. Like we both had at one time, long ago."

Raziel sighed. "Yes. Too long ago. If only...."

Imbrium put a hand on his cheek, and turned his face toward hers. "Raziel. It wasn't your fault. Lacuna gave her life to save yours, and possibly everyone elses. After all, the Dark One was in the body of Vankar, was he not?" Raziel nodded. "So she delayed his return to power yet again. You should feel proud."

"I am. It's... It's just that..." Raziel felt his throat tighten. He couldn't breath. Tears stung his eyes. Imbrium gathered him up in her arms. "Raziel, it's alright. I know you miss her. I know how it is. I miss Kyphron as much as you miss Lacuna." Looking down at Raziel, she said. "Hey c'mon, I've never seen you crack so easily. What's up?"

"Actrise... I lost her the same night..." sighing, Raziel regained some control. "The fifty souls... Dracula will come back. Five short years, more powerful than ever..." Raziel stared up at Imbrium. "More families will be sundered in his quest for power..."

She patted him on the shoulder. "Just take comfort in knowing that Lacuna is watching over you..." Sighing, Imbrium smiled at him and said, "I don't know why I hang around with you. You're always so depressing."

Raziel shrugged. "I'm working on it."

Suddenly a pain-filled yelp came from the back yard. Almost dumping Raziel on the floor, Imbrium leaped up and burst through the back door as Raziel followed.

"Carrie Aeowyn Fernandez!" Imbrium shouted exasperated. "What did you do that for?!"

Chanaur turned over, clutching his solarplexus. "My fault, mom." He whispered, his voice constricted.

"What did you do?" Imbrium asked, calming down.

"I punched him. He was asking for it." Carrie smiled.

"Literally. I wanted to see how hard she could hit." Chanaur smiled back, half groaning, half laughing.

"Took you by surprise, didn't she?" Reinhardt laughed, helping him to his feet.

"Carrie," Imbrium said, trying not to laugh. "Next time he asks for it, hit him in the face. Once you draw blood, he'll stop challengeing you."

"Oh, I could never hit a lady..." Chanaur said.

"Especially one who hits back, huh?" Carrie nudged him in the ribs.

"Exactly." Chanaur sighed, putting an arm around her shoulders.

Carrie moved in closer and whispered just to him, "You're asking for it again..."

"What if I am?" Chanaur whispered, letting go.

"Then I'll take my mother's advice." Carrie reached up and tweaked his nose twice. "Or is she our mother now? Since when do you call her mom?"

Raziel shook his head. If this keeps up, he thought to himself, I'm going to take matters into my own hands!

Raziel smiled, and stepped back into the house. Imbrium came up behind him and put her hands on his shoulders. "Raziel..." She breathed deeply. "I believe you said that nothing could ever truly separate you two."

Raziel put a hand on her hand. "Yes, I believe you're right. But..." He trailed off. Looking at Imbrium, he sighed. "It's hard, sometimes, isn't it?"

Pulling him into a hug, Imbrium rested her head on his chest. "Sometimes, but you do fine as a replacement." Raziel kissed her forehead.

Warm tears seeped through Raziel's shirt. Imbrium was crying. "What's wrong?" he asked, rubbing her cheek.

"Raziel, they're coming for Carrie. And Chanaur... I'm afraid..." Imbrium's voice broke. "I'm afraid I'll have to sacrifice myself to save them." Imbrium looked up at him. "I need you to take them to Wallachia, if worse comes to worst. I have family there, who should be able to help."

"Imbrium, you're talking like you're already walking down to the gallows." Raziel patted her shoulder reassuringly. "But yes, I will take them to Walachia. Don't worry," Raziel rubbed her back. "I'm sure that everything will be fine." Raziel bent down and whispered in her ear, "When do you expect this to happen?"

Imbrium let out a racking sob. "Tonight."

Carrie lie awake in bed, thinking.

Chanaur had said that he felt something was going to happen. Being a white magic user, he had aquired psychic powers, and sensed things. His intuition was rarely wrong.

But this time, she hoped he was.

He had sensed that tonight, someone was going to die.

Raziel had stayed the night, to make certain that this wouldn't happen. Reinhardt had went home, on an order from Katherine. Carrie wanted to deny that this would happen, but she too had sensed the darkness closing in.

So, needless to say, she couldn't sleep.

I'll bet Chanaur isn't sleeping well either. Carrie thought. However, that thought brought more thoughts. I wonder when one of us will stop these head games? I enjoy the head games, but something still bothers me...

Does he feel the same way I do?

Will we lose each other before we even had anything?

I'm scared.

Across the hall, Chanaur had very much the same thought. He wasn't sure what would happen, he just felt something. A dark foreboding, coming from the north.

From the direction of the Castle of Hell.

For the longest time, he had hoped he was wrong, but then he realized Imbrium thought the same, and that she would have to sacrifice herself to save them. Hopefully, she wouldn't have to.

So Raziel had stayed here, to offer his help. If only this would never have to happen. Staring up at the ceiling, Chanaur got to thinking. You know, considering our chances for survival, specifically, one in four, I should probably go tell Carrie...

What am I, crazy? I mean it's not like I really love her.... do I?

No, he didn't really think so. He always thought that he was too young to know what love is. Besides, what if she feels differently...?

Chanaur sat up, and stepped out of his bed. Clutching the doorknob to Carrie's room, he hesitated.Come on, man, just do it!

Suddenly, Chanaur sensed something... A magical shield had been erected around the house. Looking out the window, he saw nothing but darkness; no moon, no stars, no nothing. Also, the sounds of the night had silenced.

"A sight and sound curtain..." Chanaur muttered, releasing the doorknob. "This is it..."

Back in his room, Chanaur hurriedly donned his sword, and grabbed his bow and a quiver of fire arrows.

Chanaur slowly pushed the door open. If Carrie's awake, I'm risking a thrown dagger or worse. Sure enough, as he stepped into the room, Carrie sat up, her hand consumed in blue light. Her face was illuminated, showing that she had been wide awake, and extremely nervous.

The light on her hand dissipated in a silent puff. "Chanaur, whats up?"

"I'ts happening." He whispered, gesturing out the window. "Get ready, quick!"

Seeing the blackness, and hearing the silence, Carrie quickly jumped out of bed, grabbing a couple of throwing axes as she left.

Silently moving down the hallway, Chanaur was wrestling with the choice of telling Carrie or not. Had he not been so absorbed in his own thoughts, he would have realized that Carrie was thinking the same thing.

Turning to her, Chanaur whispered "Carrie..." at the same time she had turned to him and whispered "Chanaur..."

Carrie stared into Chanaur's eyes, wondering if he had seen what she had been thinking. No, he never reads my mind. laughing mentally, she thought, He knows better. She stared deeper into Chanaur's tense, gray green eyes. Sometimes, I wish I could read your mind....

Her hand moved on it's own, placing itself on Chanaur's cheek. Chanaur suddenly embraced her, taking Carrie by surprise. "I'm scared." He whispered.

Carrie hugged him back. "So am I...." She sighed. For a brief moment, all of her worries vanished. She squeezed him tight, and released him. "Have faith, Chanaur, and fear not." For I am with you. she added to herself.

Chanaur smiled. For I am with you, he thought. So that's how she sees it. "Have faith, but keep on your toes, all the same." Carrie smiled back.

Continuing on, Chanaur wished that moment could have lasted forever. Carrie whispered, "So what do you think we're up against?"

"Keep an open mind, because I'm not sure. Anything from a pack of Ceberus', to a Behemoth." Suddenly, Chanaur dove into a room and dragged Carrie in behind him. "There's our answer." He whispered.

Looking carefully into the hall, Carrie saw a creature with the body of a man, and the head of a wild cat. A tiger, most likely. Of course, hence the name Behemoth, these creatures tended to get fairly large. This one, however, was bigger than any she had ever seen before. It has to be at least ten feet tall! It was hunched over, moving silently down the hall, despite it's size.

She turned to Chanaur. He put a finger to his lips, telling her to be quiet; Behemoth's weren't too bright, but they had excellent senses. You realize, she thought to him, that if it finds us in here, we'll be trapped?

It won't find us in here, came his reply. Besides, it's not looking for us alone. Chanaur took a deep breath. I fear it's here for whoever it can get it's paws on.

Carrie went pale. We need to get to Raziel and mother!

Relax, Carrie, Chanaur put a hand on her shoulder. I'm on it. Besides, Raziel is already awake.

Raziel suddenly materialized out of thin air behind them. Did you wake Imbrium? Chanaur thought to him.

Yes, Raziel thought answered, She should be here any second.

In a slight flash of light, Imbrium was kneeling beside Carrie.

Carrie felt so relieved that everyone was okay. For now, anyway. Slightly surprised by that thought, she threw her arms around her mother. Imbrium softly muttered, "Whatever happens tonight, I'll always be by your side."

"Me too, mom." Carrie silently wept into her mother's shirt. Tightening her grip on her, Imbrium kissed her forehead. "If only it didn't have to go this way..."

"Me too, Carrie." Imbrium squeezed her tightly. "I only hope it's me, not you..."

"Don't say that!" Carrie shouted, "It won't happen!" Carrie's eyes suddenly went wider than saucers. "oops." she whispered. Hurling herself away from the wall, Imbrium followed.

A fist crashed through the wall as the beast stood up, taking off the ceiling too. The black curtain gave everyone a strange feeling of being trapped in a void.

The Behemoth stood up. Correction, Carrie cringed. Twelve feet at least. The strangest part was, as it was glaring down at the motley crue, (I'm sorry crew) it was suddenly covered in what appeared to be ice.

Chanaur drew a fire arrow from his quiver and prepared to release it. My luck has been holding out. He let the arrow fly. I'm bracing myself for the other shoe to fall... The arrow struck in the area of the right eye. The ice melted partially, exposing the wild eyes and half the rest of the face. The eye was the disturbing part. Where there should have been an animal cunning, in it's place was an intelligence, that to match a human.

"Holy shit." Raziel said aloud. "An armored, intelligent, twelve foot tall behemoth." Looking at the others, he muttered, "We're in for it now."

Morphing into a werewolf with a flash of golden light, Raziel hurled an energy bolt at the creature's face. As it was distracted with the new hole in it's head, Raziel leaped onto it's back, and began to tear sheets of ice off of it's body.

Finally, the last sheet was off, exposing the soft flesh of the neck.

Raziel slashed at the creature's bare flesh. As he ripped through muscles, he found the brain stem. He was about to sever it, but the Behemoth's reflexes finally kicked in and tore Raziel off, violently throwing him through the wall.

Raziel found himself on the other side of the sight and sound curtain, landing with a groan. A couple of teenager's fled at the sight of a werewolf appearing out of nothing. Raziel hurriedly got to his feet. "Whoever that creature truly is, did a neat job of this." Momentarily, he marveled at the fact that the house looked exactly the way it did before the attack, before charging through the barrier.

He was greeted by a blast of hot wind as he leapt onto the second floor. Carrie had cast a fire spell, melting away another piece of the ice armor. She then took one of the throwing axes she had and chucked it at the creatures head.

The axe stuck in it's head, buried up to the handle. Imbrium held out her hands, and green lightning crackled from her palms, smashing through the creature's chest.

Now it was enraged. Staggering over to Imbrium, the Behemoth belted Carrie across the head, knocking her unconscious. Then it caught Imbrium in it's grasp, and flung cruelly aside, into another wall.

This time, the wall didn't give, but held. Imbrium felt her neck snap, her left arm hung at an odd angle. Before the consciousness seeped from her mind, she became fixed on one final spell...

"Raziel!" Imbrium moaned, "Get Carrie and Chanaur out of here! It's too late for me..." The last part she added to herself.

Chanaur turned to Raziel. "I can finish this. Get her to safety!" Carrie had fallen to the floor, unconscious. She had been struck by the monster's fist, and she was out cold.

Raziel scooped her up swiftly. Kneeling beside Imbrium, he whispered, "I'm sorry... but I take comfort in knowing that you will be in a better place... Reunited with Kyphron...." With one final kiss goodbye, Raziel bolted away, taking Carrie back to Wallachia. Boy am I glad Reinhardt went home!

Raziel tried to take his mind off of how he had just lost another loved one. That helped some, but not enough to banish his tears...

As Chanaur prepared to finish what Raziel had started with the creature's neck, Imbrium shouted, "Get down!" He barely had time to hit the floor before the lumbering monster received it's final assault.

A blue, glowing gem had appeared a few feet in front of it. The gem brightened, until the light became unbearable. A brilliant ray erupted from the jewel, driving another hole through the Behemoth's torn body. As the monster wailed in despair, the jewel shattered, sending large shards into it's body, finally killing it.

Imbrium was drained. She had never used the Sapphire's Ray before, especially not in this condition. She felt nothing anymore.

Nothing, except for the pain.

Chanaur collapsed beside her. "You shouldn't have done that. I could have taken care of it." Staring at the mutilated corpse, he shuddered. "You’re wasted. Here, let me heal you..."

The words died on his lips, as he realized the extent of her injuries. Her legs were no longer attached to her body; they had been broken off. "No, Chanaur..." She moaned, "It's gone beyond your help... I just have one last request..."

"Anything, mother..." Chanaur choked. He started to cry. This time, he was not joking. Since Raine had died, Imbrium had been the closest thing he had to a mother.

Imbrium smiled despite the pain. Putting a hand on his cheek, she coughed out, "Stay with me... while I die........"

Carrie came to, only to find herself being carried away through the forest at an almost frightening speed. The last thing she remembered, was Raziel being thrown through the wall, then her throwing an axe... After that, all was darkness.

Now, she was in Raziel's arms, being brought back to Wallachia. Her head hurt. She wondered what had become of Imbrium... and Chanaur...

They were still back home... facing the Behemoth...

Facing the Behemoth!

"Raziel!" She shouted. Raziel was so surprised he almost dropped her. "Mother! Chanaur! We've got to go back to them!" Now she was fighting desperately to get free. I have to go back there! They could be killed...

"Carrie, Chanaur's got it under control." Raziel hugged her tighter to his chest, giving him a strange sense of de ja vu. "Besides, he and Imbrium both told me to get you to safety."

"But what about them! This isn't fair! They're risking their lives while we-"

Raziel skidded to a halt. "Look Carrie," He growled. "I don't like this anymore than you do. I'm only complying with what they want." He felt tears come to his eyes. "I'm doing this for them..."

Raziel watched as Carrie's eyes softened. She put a hand on his cheek. "I'm sorry..." She sighed. "I was just worried. I didn't mean..."

"It's alright, Carrie." Raziel was on the verge of breaking down. My word, those eyes.... "I know how you feel. I've always had trouble letting things go..."

Carrie nodded. She had never seen Raziel like this. He had always reminded her of a stern but kindly grandfather, a person of unbelievable control. Now, he seemed weak, broken. "Have faith, Raziel... Have faith...."

It was late at night. Carrie was still awake, crying quietly. Imbrium and Chanaur.... She had lost them both in the same day. They had sacrificed themselves to let her escape...

Stop it! Carrie screamed in her head. Chanaur is still alive! Even though I'm afraid mom didn't make it... A new wave of tears washed over her. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm only deluding myself...

Reinhardt had come by to offer his compassion. He is such a sweetheart at times.... this is a little much for him to help with, though... It seemed so strange to be in Lacuna's old bedroom. She hadn't known her that well, but they had had good times.

Good times... Damn. That made her think of Chanaur.

Chanaur... The person who always stayed by her side... The closest friend she ever had...

No. He was more than a friend.... She snorted bitterly. If only I could of admitted that earlier...

"God Damn it! " She punched a hole in the wall. "If only I wouldn't have been so hard headed...." She sobbed. "Chanaur might still be alive!"

"Hard headed about what, Carrie?"

Carrie's heart skipped a beat. That gentle voice con only carry one name.


Chanaur stepped in through the window. Carrie felt a rock tumble from her chest. "Carrie..." he muttered. He tried to hold back his tears, but he couldn't. "I'm sorry... Imbrium...."

Carrie raced across the room and threw her arms around Chanaur. "Chanaur, it's okay... you don't have to say it... I understand." Carrie laid her head across his chest. "She truly loved me. Enough to give her life for mine..."

Chanaur was slightly taken aback. Embracing her, he whispered, "I'm sorry... It seems all we've got left is each other..." Does she really care? Just a little more?

Chanaur felt the warm tears seep through his shirt. "Just my luck to be stuck with you..." Carrie laughed, shaking both their bodies.

"Well, just wait. Good luck doesn't last too long."

Carrie felt the smile lift his heart. Dare I say it? Will there be another time like this..?

"Chanaur?" Carrie looked up at him.

"Yes?" Chanaur tensed. He looked deep into her green eyes. "Chanaur... promise me something..." Carrie stared for long moments into Chanaur’s gray green eyes.

"Anything, my dear..."

Carrie smiled. "Promise me that you'll never leave me again...."

Chanaur sighed. A dream come true... "Yes, I will stay by your side. But only if you promise me... that you'll never leave me..." Chanaur squeezed her tighter. If only I could hold you forever... You're such a pleasent armful...

"I promise, Chanaur." Carrie had stopped shaking, but she was still crying.

"It's okay, Carrie... I'm right here." Chanaur tried releasing her, but she didn't want to let go. I don't either, but I can't stand being so close to someone I can never have. He patted her shoulder. But why can't I have her? "Carrie, you need to rest... Please, get some sleep." It was painful to say, but all good things must come to an end.

At first, Carrie was hurt, because she felt that he was trying to get rid of her. Maybe he doesn't feel that way, after all... But then he kissed her lightly on the cheek, causing her heart to soar. All of those thoughts evaporated in the heat of the kiss.

God, that felt good. Chanaur carried Carrie to the bed, laying her down. "Good night..."

Carrie still held his hand. "Please, Chanaur. Stay with me tonight..." Carrie tugged on his arm and moved over on the bed. "I need to hold something... It'll help me sleep if you're with me..."

Chanaur was feeling slightly scared. Scared? Come on, it's just Carrie. You're a friend, nothing more. He lay down on the bed. Nothing's going to happen tonight. Everythings going to be alright. He squeezed her hand. Carrie was so close that she was practically on top of him. I can't believe this is happening!

Carrie snuggled up close. Now she was on top of him, but just her head and her shoulders. Chanaur seemed almost as nervous as she was! Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. But then she felt Chanaur's arms tentatively close over her.

Suddenly, all of Carrie's worries fluttered away in tiny puffs of mist. Chanaur was with her now. "I have a question for you." Carrie whispered sleepily.

"Yes?" Chanaur sighed.

"Why did you follow me to Wallachia?" Carrie immediately regretted asking this question. Shit! Now he'll think I don't want him around!

What's that supposed to mean? Chanaur shrugged. "I thought you might have needed me." He squeezed her gently.

Carrie suddenly relaxed, melting into his arms. Chanaur felt her head come to rest just above his heart. You know, I could get used to this. He could sense her worries seep from her eyes in the form of tears. "Your safe now, Carrie..." Chanaur whispered in her ear. "I'm with you. Get some sleep..."

Carrie's arms found themselves around Chanaur's torso. "I wish this night could last forever." Sighing deeply, she nuzzled into Chanaur's chest. "I don't want to face tomorrow...."

"It's alright Carrie. We'll face the morning together." He didn't want the night to end either. He wished he could spend the rest of eternity in her solemn embrace. Still, he couldn't help but feel that there was more to her statement than was spoken...

It would seem that once again you have underestimated the man-beasts power, lord.

Either that, or you weren't strong enough for them, apprentice.

I think giving him immortality was a mistake.

No, because I want to kill him myself. This will make the revenge all the more sweeter.

Revenge for what? He didn't kill the real-

But he prevented us from raising our master. Now, he seems to have disappeared.

Where too?

I have no idea. However, in five years, he will resurface, ready to claim this world with our help.

And as for the three children?

Believe me, by the time they make it to the castle keep, they'll be begging me to kill them.

End part three.

Part 4