Completion Prelude
by drakonlily

Time for the post game. It is going to be big, and connect everything that I have written without collaboration. You don't have to read I Tried to understand, but I would like you to read it anyway ;) This will blow your reading of the game WAY out of the water. You have never seen this before, I can promise you that.

The ground shook, colors of every hue swirled about them. Just as the planet seemed to be coming totally apart- it stopped. They were floating. The lifestream swallowed them, tumbled them, there was no up or down. Then she was laying on her back, the cold ground holding her steady. Yuffie tried to stand, but her muscles would not obey her. She put forth the effort to speak, but no words formed. Am I dead? Did we even win? The little ninja was afraid that she would lay there forever.

Strong arms suddenly lifted her. This is familiar. Somewhere she found the energy to cling to whoever had picked her up. The smell of cigarettes and soap filled her nose. Yuffie felt safe for the first time in ages. There was nothing to worry about as long as that smell was there.

He looked down at the small woman he was carrying. She was beautiful in her serenity at the moment. He felt she was much more lovely when awake, however. Yuffie Kisaragi was almost electric with her own energy. Her lithe body was strong to the touch, but thin and delicate in appearance. A crush on her? Who would have thought.

Yuffie felt the sun hit her, as if it was all her body needed, she opened her stormy gray eyes. The navy blue suit was wrinkled from her death grip on it's collar. Her eyes traveled up to see the man that was rescuing her from saving the planet. Her heart skipped a beat, Gawd he is sexy. Whoa there Kisaragi. She smiled when he looked down at her and spoke gruffly. "Ya Okay?"

"Uh huh." She squeaked. Oh that was smooth.

The man sat her down on the ground, but she didn't want to let him go. He pushed her down gently. "I'm glad." he replied.

"Rude I found Barret!" a voice cut into the moment to quickly for Yuffie's taste.

Rude sat his hand on her's, covering it with just his palm. "Gotta go. You rest."


The ground rumbled again, angry at the massive damage that had been wreaked upon it. Tifa was thrown from her resting place; she fell. A fast arm saved her. She was moving again, but unlike the lifestream, this was quick and with purpose. She was aware of a comforting feeling. She couldn't put her finger on it until she smelled him. Light whisky and smoke..... Reno? She was suddenly switched to another person. "Gotta go back in." Reno's voice faded away. Don't leave me.

Tifa opened her eyes as the sun hit her face. Reeve was kneeling over her. "Reeve?" she whispered. Her head was spinning, it felt as if she had been drinking. The dark haired man didn't reply to her. He shined a flashlight in her eyes and felt her pulse. She thought he didn't hear her. "Reeve?" she repeated.

He gave her a look of contempt. "I have nothing to say to you Tifa." He stood slowly, holding one knee and sighing in pain. His voice stung her, Reeve's bitterness could be expected. She realized she deserved it. Somehow, that hurt more then just being badly treated- knowing that she deserved it. "Elle, over here when you are done with Cid!" He left her there without a second glance.


Elena and Reno lifted Vincent to safe ground. "Nice job." he said.

Elena nodded. She was glad to have Reno in charge. Once he dropped the "I am an ass" front he was a very nice person. Too nice to be a Turk. Hell we are all to nice to be Turks. She was happy to be accepted by him since that night in Wutai. Elena returned the compliment "You too, Sir." She began to check Vincent's pulse. She widened her eyes as Reno turned to enter the hole again. Holy shit! Does he have a death wish? "You should rest Reno. You don't look so hot." Elena glanced around the clearing. Only Cloud was left in the crater, "you are going to rescue him after everything?" Reno nodded as he turned away from her. You are a better person then I am Reno. If you get out of there I think I may just tell you that.


Reno fought his way into the lifestream for the fifth time. He was starting to get ill from it, but he pressed on. Just one more person to get- Cloud. You should leave the sonofabitch. Of course, Reno never listened to himself. He only thought about Tifa. Still, after everything, she was always on his mind. If she wanted Cloud, she would have him. He finally stopped, seeing Cloud half standing over the body of the one winged angel. Reno pulled his weapon and fired into Sephiroth's head twice, better safe then sorry. The blond hero turned to him, and growled. "What are you doing? Saving us?" Cloud tried to stand, but leaned on his sword again. "I never knew ya cared."

Reno pulled Cloud to a standing position. "Save it, I am not doing this for you."

"I know." Cloud replied as if he knew some intimate detail.

"You don't even know who the fuck you are asshole."

"I know where Tifa has been. I know where she's going and it isn't with you."

Reno was tempted to drop this ungrateful bastard on the ground and say he was dead too. But he didn't, he only lowered his head. "Tell me something I don't know."


Midgar was gone. The Turks stared out the window of the small hospital in Junion- the smoke was still rising. Reeve hung his head. "All those people."

"It's really over then?" Scarlet limped up to them, Reno's six year old daughter in tow. If it hadn't been for the mako in her system, the Proud Clod explosion would have killed her. She had to use crutches to walk and her left side was badly burned. Mako in her blood would heal her, but it would take time. She sighed.

The group stood in silence for a long time. Then, Reno started laughing. The other four Turks stared at him as if he had lost his mind. The red head grabbed his daughter, Trigger, and tossed her in the air "We're free!" he yelled.


Freedom, The word sunk in slowly, like candle wax molding to a shape. Scarlet started laughing next. "Shinra's gone! Its over!"

Rude actually smiled. "No more kidnapping."

"No more killing." Reeve sounded astounded.

Reno and Scarlet hugged each other "No more having to sleep with corporate sleezebags!" She exclaimed. "No more nasty hoe dress!"

"Free! We are free!" Reno hugged his daughter closely.

"No more cigarettes, Daddy?" Trigger asked hopefully.

"No more cigarettes." He confirmed.

Yuffie watched the Turks, at first she was confused. Why would they celebrate the fall of their city. It dawned on her, Midgar had been their prison, not their palace. After all, who would want to be an assassin? A heavy hand fell on her shoulder. She looked up at Vincent. A smile managed to go across his face for a brief moment.

"They are free, so am I." He began to walk over to them, Yuffie shyly followed. Reeve and Scarlet threw up a left handed salute. It was Turks' way to greet a superior. Reno, Rude, Elena and even Reno's daughter followed suit. "What's with the formality kid?" he addressed Reeve.

"Welcome out of hell, Vince." Reeve shook Vincent's hand, and the two men hugged.

"You too Reeve, you too." Vincent looked over to Reno, who was preoccupied with his daughter. She looks just like her grandmother. An old, painful memory washed over him.

"I wanna go out side, Daddy. It smells funny in here." Reno looked up at the ex-Turk, and while he spoke to the group he seemed to be talking more so to Vincent. "We'll be outside for a bit."

Yuffie snuck up behind Vincent, she timidly eked out in front of the ex-assassin. "Uhm Rude?" She asked looking at her toes. The bald Turk turned and looked at her in response. "I wanted to say thank you. Ya know, for pulling me outta the lifestream an' all."

"My pleasure." Rude said. Color rose up Yuffie's cheeks.


Nanaki stretched his sore frame. The sent of disinfectants and doctors made him uneasy. Stiffly, he jumped down from the hospital bed and shook his mane. He froze in shock for a minute we won! The world still spins! He rushed out of the room to see if his companions fared as well as he had. As he turned the corner he saw Yuffie, talking with that bald Turk, or rather talking to him. He bristled at the sight of his enemy, If you so much as... Vincent? The dark ex-Turk was LAUGHING. He seemed completely at ease with the other dark haired man, who was working on Cait Sith. Must be Reeve. He trusted Vincent not to allow any of the others to be in danger so he calmed himself. Of course he would be at ease with his own kind.

The blond Turk, Elena, was laughing, she turned and began to talk to someone behind her. "What's wrong girl?" A black shape came out of the shadows. Mako and yellow eyes burned with a sad longing.

Dark Nation began to glide over to Nanaki. She moved till their noses almost touched. Then she bowed slowly and slid into a sitting position. What is going on? How would she know how to greet me? Nanaki bowed back to her, this was a warrior's greeting of his kind. He was proud to receive it. The red beast then sat down and curled his tail around himself, Dark Nation did the same. They nodded together three times and then began to try to catch the tip of the other's tail with one front paw.

"You are of my kind!" The black beast nodded. "Where is your fire? Your tribe? Why won't you speak?" a million other questions flooded Nanaki's mind. Dark Nation hung her head in shame. "Was it Hojo?" She nodded.


Vincent pushed the hospital door open, Reno was watching his daughter and Marlene chase fire flies. It has to be done. "May I have a word Renald?"

"Only if you don't call me that." The red head looked up at Vincent.

"I wanted to apologize. For everything." He leaned against the door and looked over at the young girls playing. "What is her name?"

"Suzanna, but we call her Trigger." it was evident that he was proud of the small child.

Vincent took in a long breathe "She looks like her grandmother."

"Yeah, she does." Reno looked at the claw on Vincent's left hand. "You have nothing to be sorry for. You did all you could."

"I wonder sometimes," The ex-Turk sat down next to Reno. They shared a comfortable silence, both glad that Shinra and the war it started for the planet were gone and over.

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