Cooking with Ashton
by Duran the Warrior

Cooking with Ashton (

Cooking with Ashton (In a cooking show format)
By Duran the Warrior

Ashton: Today, I'll make a specialty of mine, a deluxe chocolate-peanut butter crepe, which is like a normal one, but with my special mix of herbs and spices. First step is to prepare the stuff, take 2 bars of high quality Alria chocolate, 3 teaspoons of peanut butter.
Announcer: Not to worry folks, he has a sense of taste, and an all-purpose knife in addition to his MAD COOKING SKILLZ! <SMACK> Owww...
Leon, voice over: Sorry about that brief bit of stupidity, now back to the show.
Ashton: I have now finished melting the chocolate and mixing it with the peanut butter. Now for a touch of Ashton's Sweet Stuff, now available at all fine food stores. Now lets go on to the wrapping of the crepe.
Now we take some flour, put in 3 eggs, as well as a teaspoon of sugar. Now I fry it over the fire. Let me tell you folks, having dragons on your back can help with cooking, as well as chilling. Not to worry, I usually feed them what ever I cook.
Both Dragons: (He really does make good stuff; too bad that we can't talk.)
Ashton: As you see the wrapping is well done; now to add a bit more of my sweet stuff.
<Rena comes in the studio>
Ashton: Hello Rena, what brings you here?
Rena: I just came to check how my best student was doing. Could I try on of those when you're done?
Ashton: Sure, but leave one.
Leon, voice over: As you can see people, she is the famous super-chef Rena Kenni. That should put your fears to rest now, since her students often become great chefs that get their own shows, like Ashton there.
Ashton: Now you chill the filling for about an hour, then pour it in the wrapping and fold it crepe style. I now I have about four done already.
<Precis bursts in>
Precis: Are those chocolate crepes?
Ashton: Yeah; made them myself-
<Gets cut off as Precis eats on>
Precis: OH TRIA! This is, is fantastic! I've never eaten a crepe this good before! Thank you so much Ashy <Runs up and kisses>
Ashton: (This is why I got into cooking; so I can make my Precis the best D*** crepes in the universe!)
Rena, putting a folding screen over this: Sorry, but since Ashton is busy at the moment, I'll take over and make my favorite dish, shortcake! But first I'll try one of these crepes <Eats one> Wow! (Ashton is the best student I've had.)
Leon: I'm the announcer now to avoid saying anything stupid. And now a word from our sponsors.