The Daemon Saga chunk 4 by Gallo and friends

The Daemon Saga part 15: Galloway's Path
By d_Galloway

*Galloway walks onto the stage*
Galloway: Well, due to budget cuts, we couldn't show how they got to Daemon's hideout. Fortunately, we COULD show the rest of the story*


Galloway and co. entered the dark, dank, dusty tower. Cobwebs covered the walls, while black snakes slithered across the floor. The very framework seemed to be cracking with every step they took.

"Ooookay," said Magus. "Tell me something. Why'd you pick me up for this?"

"The same reason they got me, moron," said White Robe (Blue Robe's friend from Mox Saga). "Now shut up and pay attention!"


"MUTE!!!!!!" screamed Weiila. Magus and White Robe suddenly found themselves unable to talk. Galloway let out a huge sigh of relief.

Finally, they reached a large room with four adjoining passages and a huge, misshapen altar in the middle. The door they went through sealed itself shut when they were all inside. Galloway turned on his flashlight and sighed.

"Whoever designed this," he said, "is obviously a Quest for Glory fan. This is the Heart Chamber from QFG4."

The four other passages opened, and the group realized that they needed to split up for more efficency. Weiila quickly took White Robe and Rick, but Magus rushed for her, pleading with his life not to be placed with Starstorm. Reluctantly, she agreed.

Star then chose Eihra, despite the fact that Dancer's suck. Then he picked David, and finally, Hook, the most intelligent one of the group.

Pokefreak didn't speak up, so Galloway had the Ninjas stick with him, telling him to keep his brother far away if he valued the safety of the universe. Galloway then took Meliah, Blue Robe, and Neo. They then went down the passages.


Galloway's group found themselves looking at a small dock with a boat inside. Although there was something different about the water, they didn't have time to turn back; the passageway closed behind them. Shrugging, they entered the boat.

Suddenly, a large bar closed down on their laps. A loud announcer said, "Please keep your arms and legs inside the boat at all times. If you fell sick, please vomit over the side. No vomiting on the boat itself. Please fell free to DIE!!!" That's when Galloway realized what was going on; the sicko known as Daemon had installed an AMUSEMENT PARK RIDE inside this path!

Suddenly, the boat began to ascend a steep hill. They waited for nearly five minutes for the boat to reach the top. When it did, they were treated with a sign that said "World of Horrible Things".

Suddenly, an axe swung down in front of them, barely missing Galloway. Next, a missle flew overhead, barely missing them again. Suddenly, little animatronic people appeared from a rotating wall, each holding a pistol, a shotgun, a machine gun, or a rocket launcher.

Everyone took cover as the shots rang out. Fortunately, the closest they got was the boat, and that seemed to be bulletproof for some reason. After a while, the wall rotated back to normal, and they got back up just in time to see the sign that read "Big Drop Ahead!"

They plummetted down fourty stories into cold, unforgiving waters. Fortunately, they somehow survived the fall, and the track soon took them down another hall.

The scene of a grisly plane crash met with them next. Little animatronic people were shown in the process of eating other little animatronic people. This was getting sicker by the minute.

Just as they escaped from there, spears shot up from the roof. They ducked down just in time to avoid being skewerd. Then came a huge volley of knives that shot out of nowhere. And several more sharp, pointy things followed.

The next scene was a hoard of Blue Mages preparing to destroy the boat. Unfortunately for them, Meliah hated Blue Mages due to an incident when she was 10, and they were soon piles of ash on the ground.

Finally, they reached a sign that said "The Final Horror". Their joy soon died out, however, when they saw what was inside: porno of Janet Reno, Hillary Clinton, and Black Mage. They screamed and covered their eyes, determined not to look.

Finally, the boat stopped at another dock. They jumped off and opened a nearby metal door. Inside, it said: "Wait for other groups. Oh, and don't worry; none of the other paths contain that horrible kind of ride."

And so, they waited.

Galloway: Now, before Weiila gets my authoring powers, a word from our sponsers. Ahem...COME TO FLORIDA AND DIE! COME TO FLORIDA AND DIE!!!
Weiila: Do I get my powers now?
Galloway: Fine. *gives Weiila authoring powers*

The Daemon Saga part 16: Weiila's Path
By Weiila

*Galloway leaves the stage and disappear into the shadows to watch TV while Weiila takes over*
Weiila: "Alright ya'll, now I'm in charge so behave!"
StarStorm, offstage: "You hear that, Magus?"
Magus: "Keep him away from me, I'll be good!"
Weiila: "If I only could believe you... anyway, let's get started!"


White Robe, Magus and Weiila cautiously entered their passage. Rick however, wearing the mask already, just barged forwards.

"Men!" Weiila and White Robe grunted in unison, while Magus muttered something about muscle freaks under his breath.

The passage soon ended and they found Rick hammering a statue to pieces in the middle of a dark room. It was rather hard to tell whether it had been beautiful or ugly before. White Robe picked up a half of the remaining head and thoughtfully examined the last smooth features.

"This looks familiar to any of you?" she asked, showing it to the two clearly thinking allies.

Magus shrugged.

"It's got the Square brand all over," he pointed out.

"I think it's the final Goddess from Final Fantasy 3/6j," Weiila nodded.

(A/N: Nevermind how she managed to pronounce / ...)

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Magus grunted, rolling his eyes.

"For once we agree, I don't feel like running into Kefka," Weiila grunted and lashed out her whip(tm) above Rick's head without hitting him, "down, boy!"

The monster man grunted something but stopped pummeling the rocks and silently nodded.

"It's good to have author powers..."


"Can it, Magus."

"So, we're going to fight Kefka, you think?" White Robe sighed.

"Rick SMASH!"


"It wouldn't surprise me," Weiila muttered as they followed the berserker through the broken door, "ol' Daemon's got some weird stuff up his sleeve."

In the middle of a circle surrounded by burned rocks, a faintly glowing pentagram was drawn.

"Somebody's got the games mixed up," Magus scoffed, "that's Tales of Phantasia's if my memory is correct."

A lightning bolt sent them all stumbling backwards or flying into the stones. It barely missed the warlock, who had sidestepped a nanosecond before it hit.

"Can't take any critique, can you?" the blue-hair smirked and ducked.

"Are you suicidal all of a sudden or what?!" Weiila shouted as her back hit the rocks again.

"No, playing with magical pressure is fun when there's a lightweight like you around," he sneered.

"GET ONTO THE TELEPORTER, WARLOCK!" the author flared, trying to get a hold of her whip again.

Magus caught the message, sighed and obeyed. Rick lumbered up beside him, followed by two slightly limping Ws.

A few magic leaps later they finally climbed onto the big platform at the end of the epic game.

Before they even had time to start another argument, two big hands slammed onto the rock and caused a minor earthquake. A giant, winged creature with a big D on his forehead emerged from the depths below, shrouded in magically flowing cloth.

"Hooboy, here we go..." White robe muttered, starting to prepare a blast of some nasty spell.

Rick attacked head on, and Magus grabbed his scythe, starting to call for Dark Matter.

Weiila frowned.

Laughing madly Kefka swept his hand out to swat Rick away in mid air, but the berserker caught a grip of the fingers and swung on, planting his feet in the angel's chest.

"Guys, something isn't right here," Weiila said.

Kefka rocked backwards while Rick's momentum after the hit sent him back to the platform. A second later the Dark Matter slammed into the angel, followed by a pummeling storm of pearls from WR's Holy.

"Guys!" Weiila shouted.

"What is it now?" Magus growled.

"That's not Kefka! Look!"

Weiila pointed at the snarling creature's flailing arms. As the angel regained his balance and his hands stopped moving so violently, Magus dropped his scythe.

"Aww, crap!" the warlock growled, "not HIM!"

"What?" White Robe asked.

"It's not Kefka," Magus groaned, "it's three-times worse..."

"KillDaemonkillDaemonkillDaemon..." Weiila growled, her eyes glowing dangerously as she reached for a pocket.

On the angel's left wrist was a white, thick armband, clearly seen as he dashed onwards.

"Nobody messes with my characters if I can help it!" Weiila roared and threw out her hand.

Her black pencil soared through the air and slammed into the D on the angel's forehead. He stopped dead as smoke erupted from his skin.

"You'd never save me like that," Magus pouted.

"YEARGH!!" the angel roared in pain while his mind was a scene of war.

"You're harder to hit. Like Loria and Slaver," Weiila mildly said as the pencil victoriously fell down in her grasp, "I have a feeling Daemon isn't that good a possessor though. Less it wouldn't have gone so simply."

A quite furious lightning bolt came down, but the angel reached out his hand and blocked it.

"Ow!" he pouted and looked down at the midgets on the platform, "hey, you guuugh..."

The D flashed into his forehead again, vanished and came back. The angel blinked and shook his head violently as he fought the intruding will.

"Figures..." White Robe sighed, "now what?!"

"Jedi mind trick might work," Magus innocently said.

"Jedi... no way!" Weiila said and shook her head, "I'll get sued by Square! I'm not saying I'm his mother, it's not even fully...!"



Magus used his pointing finger to dry a tear of happy glee from his eye.

"Good ol' Kerr," he happily said.

Rick and White Robe got over the sweatdropping a few moments later.

"Eh, at least we got him out of the influence," the mysterious magician commented.

"Kerr! I can breathe!" Weiila squeaked and he finally stopped giving her a mammoth hug.

"Oops, sorry," he giggled.

"And you're paying when Square sues me!" the author growled to Magus as she was put down.

"It was worth it!" he smirked.

"Whatever!" White Robe tiredly said, "now what?"

"Where are you going?" Kerr asked, resting his elbow on the platform and his head in his hand.

"We were passing through the tower," Weiila explained, ignoring Rick's pummeling of rocks as he had begun to grown bored, "any suggestions on where we should go now?"

"There's some tunnely thing over there," the angel said and pointed over his shoulder, "want a lift?"

"I suppose we better..."

A quick flight later they reached the other side of the chasm. Kerr shrunk to fairly human size and followed the group like a happy puppy as they passed through.

Soon they reached a sinisterlooking room and found Galloway's gang there. They looked kinda seasick for some reason...

Galloway: "Hello, how's it... why's Kerr here!?"
Weiila: "Not my fault, he broke in!"
Magus: "Yeah, right..."
Weiila: "Can it."

Weiilanote: About Kerr, if you don't know who he is, he's Kefka's twin brother. Actually, he's the insane of the two *evil laugh*

Part 17: StarStorm's Path
By StarStorm

StarStorm, Eihra, David and Hook stepped through the door, but as soon as StarStorm (bringing up the rear) had entered, the door shut with a sliding metallic woosh.

StarStorm quickly looked around blinking. "What? Did we step into Donkey Kong Country?"

Eihra shook her head. "Donkey Kong Country wasn't like this. It's dark but too.... metallic."

Everyone looked around. They seemed to be in a large factory, and they were on a wide catwalk It was forboding, with hisses of steam and pistons, and glowing molten metal being poured into the darkness below. But most of it was metallic gray: Not bright. but bright enough to be noticable.

"So what now?" David asked.

"We go ahead, I guess. Only way to go. I wonder what Daemon is making here..." Hook mused.

"I don't think I want to know." StarStorm sighed, and took the lead, his cats in tow.

The trip was fairly uneventful for maybe a minute, with just the hisses and ominous glows to keep them company. But soon they came upong a wall, seemingly made of molten metal. The catwalk was too thin to try to get around, unless someone wanted to enter freefall.

Hook got as close to the wall as he could, the heat stopping him. "But how? I don't think Daemon would create a barrier we can't cross."

StarStorm rolled his eyes. "At least he plays fair. Alright, how to we get across?"

Everyone looked around for a moment, sharing ideas, all of them rather stupid. Until Eihra pointed upwards at a fan. "Look!"

There was a button, moving back and forth behind the rapidly spinning blades, but the button was behind the fan. Even if they managed to get to it they would be chopped to pieces.

Hook just grinned. "David, think you can hit that button?"

David, suddenly understanding, grinned back. "I can hit anything from anywhere." With that, David took careful aim.


Suddenly a vat above them tipped striaght again, leaving a two foot gap to jump. There was a bullet scar in the button, dead center. "Damn I'm good." David smirked, and they jumped across, heading forward once again.

It was another minute or so before anything noticable happened. Namely it got very dark and StarStorm nearly fell into the abyss as the catwalk ended abruptly. Only Hook's reflexes saved him.

"Dammit! What now?!" StarStorm groaned, looking forward, trying to pierce the gloom. Then he suddenly rememberd he could make himself see like a cat, and his pupils became slits, as the factory brightened. "Hmmm looks like a pit."

David laughed. "It all looks like a pit! So what's new?"

"Nono. There's another catwalk up ahead. Abuot fifty feet ahead. But how..." StarStorm looked up. "Hey... There's a conveyor here!, with rungs it looks like but..." Starstorm reached up, but couldn't get a hold. "Crap, they're greased!"

"Greased?" Eihra asked.

"Yeah. They're too thin to get a grip anyway. They're bolts with... it looks like eyes. Hey.... Hook, think you can get us across?"

Hook blinked. "You three must weight at least 800-700 pounds among you. The hook could support me, but..."

"Then get across and see if you can extend the catwalk with another button. It looks like there's a sliding section under this end and that."

Hook nodded and reached up, guided by StarStorm, and was suddenly jecked off the platform, his hook safely carrying him across, even though his swinging looked very ominous.

Hook though, managed to make the trip, and got his hook free from teh conveyor, landing safely after that frightful ride. "Hey! There IS a button here!" He shouted across to the others.

"Then HIT IT," David said, somewhat annoyed. Suddenly the catwalk under them extended, to meet another section of catwalk in the middle. With that barrier passed, they continued on, to the futuristic eerieness of the factory.

Yet another minute passed, and suddenly the catwalk flared out into a fairly wide section that met the walls. Thinking this was strange, they jumped acorss the gap to the wide section... and molten metal fell in front and behind them, blocking their escape.

Suddenly several hammers dropped from the ceiling. The hammers had eyes behind their nosees, and blue feet extending from their handles.

StarStorm blinked. "Pounders? From Super Mario RPG?" He fell on the ground and started laughing. "P-p-pounders?!? THAT'S IT???"

Well that was it until one of the pounders smacked him on the head, nearly knocking him out. StarStorm growled and rolled to his feet, a bit unsteady. A maniacal laugh was heard from above, coming from a midget in armor, carrying a shield and an axe almost as large as him, that had eyes.

"Not just ANY Pounders, my new and improved Pounder Mark 2! Five times as powerful as the earlier model! I am the director of Daemon's factory, and my Pounder Mark 2's will pound you!" Another round of maniacal laughter.

"Stupid pun." Hook grumbled. Each of them got ready: David holding his rifle at the Director, who quickly dodged out of sight; StarStorm producing a set of metal claws and brandishing them; while Hook held his hook threateningly. Eihra, with no weapons, stood back.

The battle was a hard one. the Pounders (Mark 2) were faster and stronger, and thier weapons seemed to have no effect on them. No matter how much StarStorm, his cats, and Hook slashed and kicked, or David shot, or Eihra... was staying out of the way... the pounders seemed not to be taking any damage at all!

"Boys..." Eihra sighed. "Let's just get this over with." Eihra then began to dance. Suddenly the Pounders stopped attacking and began to dance with her, to the disbelieving looks of StarStorm, Hook, and David. It was a rather merry beat, one that they could barely resist dancing too.

That was, until she made a sharp motion, and the Pounders (Mark 2) began fighting amongst themselves. "What the?" The men stepped back stunned, as they quickly hammered each other into rubble, with the victorys doing a victory dance that involved running into the molten metal and incinerating themselves.

Eihra smirked. "Mind Melt. Works every time." Meanwhile there was an angry shout from above them. "MY BEAUTIFUL POUNDER MARK TWOS! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THEM??? YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!"

Well they didn't, as David put a hole through the Director's head, and the Director fell off the platform into the darkness. The motlen metal dissapeared, and they pressed on.

Soon they were at a door, with a large hole in the middle. StarStorm peered inside. "Wonder what's in there?"

Each of them looked in turn, and reached in. Nothing dangerous apparently, except taht it was rough and curved. "Is this the next barrier?" David asked.

"Well let's find out." StarStorm picked up one of his cats, a small kitten, and started meowing to it. The kitten, surprisingly, nodded and darted into the hole. "Go for it Kally. What's in there?"

StarStorm listened at the hole, where a mewing escaped it. "Kally says there's a button. It should open the doooooooooooooooooooo...."

Kally probably pushed the button, as all four of them (inculding the cats, and a suprised Kally when she suddednly slid out of the hole) and fell into a seemingly endless chute. But they eventually landed in a bright room, which was brightly lit. StarStorm had to revert to his normal eyes or be blinded.

Someone was with them, but... "You're not Smithy!" StarStorm shouted, evidently surprised.

"Loria?!" Ehira shrieked, surprised, as they all backed away from her. Loria just smirked. "Fancy seeing you here... Shame it won't be long." With that, she attacked.

***Battle scene cut out due to budget constraits. Needly to say it was a long and bloddy one. Damn cheap Galloway.***

StarStorm straightened up and gasped, looking at everyone. "I hope that's the last we have to deal with..."

Hook shook his head. "Knowing Daemon..."

But apparenly it was everything for now, as a door on the far side of the room opened up. On the other side was Galloway, Weiila and company.

After a pounce and a happy kiss from StarStorm to Weiila, they waited for Pokefreak....

The Daemon Saga part 18: Pokefreak's Path
By d_Galloway

Poke and the ninjas found themselves in some type of arena. The seats were filled with ghostly spectators that booed them from the moment they arrived. The door slammed shut behind them.

"Wraiths," said Sensei, a hint of fear in his voice. "Physical manifestations of evil souls. It would be wise to find an exit quickly."


The laugh filled the arena. Suddenly, a small red-and-white ball landed neatly in the center. It exploded in a puff of white smoke, and out emerged a Charizard.

Pokefreak stood back and shouted, "Squirtle! GO!" The blue turtle emerged from its Pokeball, and the two creatures went at it.

Squirtle was quickly gaining ground, but suddenly an all-too-familiar yellow rat showed up, zapped Squirtle into a huge pool of water, then dissapeared.

"What the hell?" shouted Poke. "You can't do that!"

"Who cares?" said the voice. "I'm evil. I can do as I please." With that, tons more Charizards appeared, up to their necks in the water but still just as scary (and deadly).

Suddenly, the water began to spin wildly. From the distance, Gemini moved his hands in bizzare motions while chanting some bizzare words. Soon, the water became a massive tornado, with the ninjas safely away and Poke holding on for dear life. Soon, the water, along with the Charizards, was tossed far away.

The voice soon returned.

"Very good, but you will never beat...TEAM ROCKET!"

Jessie and James appeared in the center, each one holding a Pokeball. "You can never win, you fools!"

*one horrifically bloody scene later...*

Poke and the others walked over the decaying, mutilated corpses of Team Rocket and made their way to the waiting room, where everyone else was.

Poke: That's it?
Galloway: You made me right it. Deal.

The Daemon Saga part 19: The End of Daemon

After everyone had arrived, the waiting room suddenly vanished. In its place was, once again, the heart chamber. Daemon's voice rang out: "Now you will perform the rituals for me; that is, after you beat...Phoenix!"

A gigantic robot appeared. Phoenix's head was seen on a monitor. "Hello, there. Time to die- huh?" The machine's eyes centered on Hook. "My nephew? What are you doing here?"

Everyone turned to Hook, who was showing equal signs of shock. "So, the man who turned me into a freak shows himself. I'll be glad when you're burining on the ground."

Phoenix smiled. "You make it sound so eas- AAAAAAHHHHH!" A gigantic spear pierced through the center of the robot. Valkyrie Esker appeared, brandishing another big spear.

Galloway, taking advantage of the confusion, immediately powered up a gigantic Gallo-beam. Phoenix barely had any time to respond before the beam vaporized him into a pile of ash. This time, he was truly dead.

Daemon laughed. "Very good. But now, the rituals..."

Everyone except Galloway, Weiila, Starstorm, Pokefreak, and Val dissapeared. "Don't worry," said Daemon. "They're at the entrance." At that point, each person found themselves holding an aged scroll, with arcaic writting inscribed on them.

The bottom-right valve opened. "Well," said Galloway, "who's got the Bone Ritual?" As it turned out, Poke did. "Go inside," instructed Galloway, "lite the two torches, and recite the ritual."


Poke went inside, the valve closing behind him. The entire room was made completely out of skeletons, with an eeiry light being emitted from moss growing on the bones. Poke made his way to an altar-like area, lit two torches beside them, and recited the ritual.

As soon as he finished, the scroll dissapeared, and the bones around him formed a cage. Desperate, he smashed through and returned to the heart chamber. Gallo then sent Weiila, who had the Blood Ritual, into the Blood chamber.


Weiila skipped across the rocks that were seemingly placed over a bottomless chasm and reached the altar. Following the instructions, she pricked her finger and let the blood flow into the bowl. Soon, the altar began to drip with blood. Eventually, the blood poured out, and Weiila dropped the scroll in surprise.

It burned to nothing. The blood was actually acid!

Thinking quickly, she jumped onto a ledge and made her way to the entrance.

Since Val had the Breath Ritual, she went into the Breath chamber.


Val read the scroll, but was stumped temporarily by the riddle. Eventually, she solved the puzzle, and an enormous wind filled the room; one second blowing, another second sucking. She was sucked in temporarily, but escaped by clinging to the wall and climbing over.

Star had the Senses Ritual, so he went into the Senses chamber.


He found himself completely blind and numb. He struggled to make his way through, but eventually bumped into a stalagtite, thus showing that his sense of touch was back. His sense of smell returned next, filling his nose with the scent of rotton meat. Next came hearing, and finally, he bumped into the altar and regained his sense of sight.

He read the ritual, then escaped to the entrance.

The altar in the heart chamber now pulsated with a strange glow. Galloway read the Heart Ritual, and a passageway opened up above them. They climbed up.


Daemon was up there, holding the talisman. He tossed it to Weiila. "Here, I won't be needing this. Thanks to you, Avoozl is mine to control!" He then chanted the Essence Ritual.

Suddenly, a black tentacle appeared behind Daemon. Galloway tried to scream a warning, but the wizard either didn't care or didn't hear. The thing rapped around him, and he had barely enough time to scream before he was completely dissolved into nothing.

Suddenly, the entire chamber turned into a vortex. Apparantly, the whole cave was actually another world entirely (or something to that effect); they were heading back to their own world.

Then Avoozl appeared, chasing them.

Before the battle began, Galloway, Star, and Poke decided to make a small wager on who'd win. Weiila and Val heard about the bet, but didn't make out what it was.

Finally, they stopped talking and prepared to fight.

Brace's almost over...

The Daemon Saga part 20: Resolution

Galloway fired a Gallo-beam into Avoozl, but it simply passed through the evil being. Star then used his Pixy Stixs attack, but his kitties were sadly dissolved when they came into contact with the Dark One. Poke lost most of his Pokemon in a similar fashion. Val's Gungir exploded in a brilliant flash of light, temporarily blinding her.

Weiila just held the talisman and prayed for dear life for a way to destroy this creature.

Suddenly, a brilliant light filled the area. When it dissipitated, a new figure had joined the group. It was a tall, fair-skinned man with blonde hair, wearing a suit of glowing chainmail, a glowing greek helmet, and a shield which exhibited an enormous deal of magical aura. In his right hand was a blue-flammed sword. However, the big thing was his muscles; his arm was almost as big as Galloway

"Avoozl!" the stranger screamed, "I will make certain you are destroyed once and for all!" With that, Avoozl shot a tentacle out. It came into contact with the man, and everyone saw that there was no hope.

Then the tentacle crumbled into nothingness. The man was unscathed. Avoozl roared in pain, and Galloway smiled.

"What the hell are you smiling about?" shouted Star.

"I guess you don't know who that is," said Galloway. "That's the hero from Quest for Glory!"

Avoozl shot enormous fireballs, but the hero's shield deflected them with ease. He returned the attack by shouting "Peace!" Avoozl's body twisted and writhed in agony at the general goodness being thrown at him by the hero.

The hero turned to Weiila. "I cannot destroy him," he said. "You have to use the talisman!" Instinctively, Weiila held the talisman out. A yellow beam of light shot out, trapping Avoozl. He struggled to escape, but to no avail.

"Now to finish this!" he shouted. He then began to mouth some bizzare words. The beam changed colors, and Avoozl began to dissapear into it. Soon he was no more than a part of the beam, which then returned to the talisman.

Just then, they landed on solid ground outside. The tower was reduced to a pile of rubble, with the others looking around in shock. The hero took the talisman and placed it on a flat stone. David pulled out a small flask of water and poured it onto the talisman.

The entire area filled with the combined screams of Avoozl and Daemon as the water touched the evil artifact. Smoke began to rise quickly. Soon, the talisman began to crack, with beams of light shooting out of the cracks and black goo oozing out as if it was a flesh wound. Finally, it exploded completely; there was no trace of it ever being there.

Blue Robe then explained everything. After they had landed outside, he had told everyone that Avoozl was the one Daemon had drained; it had happened just after the hero and Erana had sealed Avoozl into his dark world. So they called the only one who could possibly know the monster's weakness: the hero.

"And as for the water..." added David as he tossed the vial towards Weiila. She caught it and read the small label:

Gauranteed to destroy all forms of evil, or your money back!


And so, everyone returned home: all except for Galloway, Weiila, Starstorm, Pokefreak, Val (who had just regained her eyesight), and the hero.

"So," said Weiila, "what was this 'bet'?"

Galloway pulled out the contract they had signed. Weiila read it out loud:

"The two who do not destroy Avoozl will be required to both do one of the following (article must be the same):

1. Give the winner $1000
2. Run around the streets of town naked
3. Become a kid for a week and live at Weiila's

This contract is legally binding. The winner will choose the punishment."

At the bottom were the signatures of Galloway, Starstorm, and Pokefreak.

Weiila frowned. The three looked at the ground in shame. "Okay," said Weiila, "since I destroyed Daemon and Avoozl, I get to chose your punishment. And I chose..."

*insert dramatic pause*

"...number 3!"

Everyone nearly had a heart attack right there.

"But," said Galloway, "it's only for us, and none of us lost!"

"Excuse me," said the hero, "but it says whoever 'does not defeat Avoozl', and neither one of you three did so. Therefore, you're stuck with whatever she wants."

"Besides," said Weiila, "I found a leftover bottle of youth water in there. I needed to find some use for it." She smiled evily.

The three gulped. This was going to be one bad week...


Nearby, a black falcon flew off a dead tree and returned to a forest. It landed neatly onto the gloved hand of a figure, who then turned to a mysterious shadow nearby.

"Master," he said, "are you strong enough?"

"No," replied the shadow. "I'll need a few months. In the meantime, rest. They know nothing of our presence yet..."

And the people rejoiced!

The Daemon Saga Epilogue
By Weiila

*Weiila walks onto the set*
Weiila: "On Galloway's request, I will now write the epilogue..."
*She makes a ^_^ face and clasps her hands against her cheek*
Weiila: "And because of Gallo sending me to hell a couple of times and killing me, I hereby present the co-writer..." *whips out right arm to the corner of the set with a proud movement*
Galloway, backstage: "Co-writer?"
Magus: "Yo." *smirks*
Galloway: "Holy crap... crap? Crap!"
Weiila: "Watch it, if you grin wider your head will split, Magi boy."
Magus: "May the show begin!"


After getting their stuff shipped to Weiila's house, Gallo, Poke and Star more or less happily downed the Water of Youth. Within seconds they were seven year old kids, blinking up at the female author.

"How do you feel?" Weiila asked.

"Short!" the boys complained in highpitched voices.

"Hoo boy, more brats," Magus smirked from whatever dark corner he was hiding in, planning evil deeds.

"You come out of there, Magus," Weiila commanded, "and get (shudderrr) Molor and everyone into the living room, I need to state some more rules now that there are kids here."

"Oh, of course, m'lady..." the dark mage said and swept into existance and further out of the kitchen.

Too late Weiila realized that he had snatched Galloway on his way out.

"Stooop you psycho!"

Bolting into Magus' dark chamber on the second floor she flinched for a second before leaping across the room and burying her arm to the shoulder in the giant black snake Molor's wide open jaw. Grimacing she pulled out a rather surprised looking little Galloway, holding his ankle in a tight grip.

Molor closed his mouth with a disappointed hiss.

"If you're hungry, eat Gilgamesh's crappy Pikachu steak," Weiila grunted, "it's technically alive again by now."

With a shudder the dark creature slithered in under the bed.

"He tends to spit them out alive you know," Magus mildly pointed out.

"You can't feed a kid to Molor!" the author stated.

"Put me down!" Galloway whined.

"Was just thinking about all the times he's humiliated me, and your Hell trips," the dark mage slyly said.

Weiila looked down at the boy.

Then she snapped out of it.

"No, no, no!" she stated, "and now get everyone down, pronto!"

And with that she left the room and walked down the stair, Galloway swinging in her grip for every step.

Back in the kitchen she found... Gilgamesh whistling and working on his eternal steak, but no boys.

"Where did the kids go?" Weiila suspiciously asked.

A crash and loud laughter was heard from the living room. It sounded a bit too much like the Koopa kids...

Still holding Galloway, the grown author dashed into the other room, finding the small Poke playing with Bowser's gang o' brats. The living room, which had seen better days very, very long ago, was once again being trashed.

Luckily, there was since the first characters had shown up no important things in any other room than Weiila's own.

"Whee!" Poke chirped as he bounced above the author's head on one of Lemmy's starry balls.

"Touchdown!" the dragon turtles cheered as there was a surprised "Ouff!".

Weiila turned to find a giant angel looking down at the ball and still laughing boy in his hands. And the author sweatdropped.

Due to spinoffs, comedy and serious stuff there were several versions of Kefka in the house. There were two Kerrs, both crazy though one was friendly. This angel didn't wear an armband though, so he couldn't be that one. So he could be the evil Kerr or the completely crazy and evil Kefka. There's a third possibility, but since the author don't want to spoil that one we'll just say that there's one more friendly (if a bit wobbly) angel.

It was a 66% chance Poke was in trouble.

"Ehm, Kefka?" Weiila carefully said, "put him down, thank you."

The angel looked up at her, then sent the ball and kid flying into the group of Koopas again.


"Good angel, now sit down," Weiila breathed in relief.

"I ain't Kerr!" Kefka complained with a crazy giggle.



Living with the characters takes quite a bit own learning leadership for a girl...

It took a while, but finally the living room was crowded and silent. StarStorm was nowhere to be found however, and for some mysterious reason Poke had disappeared into a dark corner to cry. After trying to get him out for a while to no avail and not finding Star, Weiila decided to just get the meeting over with.

"Alright you guys!" she shouted over the various sounds and made them shut up by waving manacingly with her pencil, "we'll have these three kids visisting this week so I want you all to be a bit more careful than usual, UNDERSTAND?!"

"I only see one kid," Jagan pointed out, with amusement watching the still hanging and pouting Galloway in Weiila's grip.

"Yeah, well. Pokefreak is there somewhere..." the author said and waved at the dark corner(tm), "and I have no idea where StarStorm is hiding..."

Complete silenece fell like thick smoke in the room. Magus, who had known about the horror already, just sighed and leaned his cheek in his hand.

"No... sudden... movements..." Cecil squeaked.


Three, two, one...

"Boo!" the cat-mastering kid shouted, falling down from the lamp and with his feline reflexes landing on his feet.

For a second not even the dust moved.

Weiila grabbed Star's small waist and lunged aside to get away from the stampede.

Thirty seconds later Magus stretched out in the finally clear sofa with a smirk.

"Well, that went smooth," he mildly commented, checking the trashed living room.

"That was fun!" StarStorm happily said, skipping over the broken planks of the floor.

Weiila had to smirk at that statement. Edge would have to fix the room again, but he wouldn't get close to the catty author. Even if he probably couldn't write yet considering his state.

"Are you going to put me down?" Galloway sourly asked.

Right then Poke choose to come jumping out of his dark corner(tm), happy as a sunray. Weiila glanced at him and choose not to ask.

"So boys," she cheerfully said, "wanna play some video games?"


"Put me down!"

Smirking as she heard the characters who could possibly be affected by the loose term "video games" groan in their hiding, the authoress and the mini-authors left the living room.


Weiila: "Well, how about that?"
Gallo: "Hm, a bit short."
Weiila: "Yeah well, me and Magus had some troubles working together, this was the cease fire so to speak."
Galloway: "Ah, OK. So... are you going to put me down?"
Magus, smirking: "Oh Weiila! Rubicant is flaring Kerr!"
Weiila: "Dammit!" *rushes off with Gallo's ankle in a safe grip*
Galloway: "Sigh..."