The search for the Emerald Weapon
by FF-orbiter

"Whoa, what's this?" Cloud stared at the book.
"Cloud! Get your spiky ass into motion! That submarine's about to leave!"
Cloud couldn't hear Barret. The book enwrapped him, it looked ancient, like from another world. It was odd to find, as Enemy's usually morph into regular items, not some old book.
"CAAloud! That huge materia won't stop itself! Hurry up!"
Cloud broke from the book's enchantment. He looked up at Cid's grizzled old face.
"What the hell you look'in at that book? We gotta go!"
Cloud was still a little dazed when ha said, "Yeah... Huge Materia..." they rushed on to capture the submarine.

Some time later, it was decided by Cloud and Barret to visit Marlene in Midgar. Cloud carried around the book he morphed from the mysterious ghost ship like a diary, reading everyday, trying to figure out its mystery.
"Cloud," Red XIII asked, "wouldn't it be better if we landed near Kalm instead of flying straight into Midgar? Shinra will know that we are in the slums if we fly right outside."
"Your right. Head for Kalm. We'll spend the night there and then walk into Midgar."
The level 10 pilot gave him a "Righto!" and they blasted off towards the blue paved town.
"I'm going to look around." Cloud said when the party reached the inn, "maybe talk to some of the locals."
As Cloud observed the centerpiece reactor, an old man walked up and stared at Clouds mysterious book. "Excuse me, but may I see that book of yours young man?"
"What, this old timer? Sure, I found it... uh..."
"Don't worry me about where you found it, just as long as I can see it."
Cloud felt generous. He handed the book over and the man searched it over.
"WHY, this it! The Guidebook! BOY, I'll give you some rare materia for this here book!"
"Really? Sure. I don't mind losing it. What materia?"
The man looked straight into Cloud's eyes.
"Underwater materia. Powerful stuff." The man reached out his hand and gave Cloud the purple orb.
Cloud stared into its center. It gave off a beautiful purple glow.

Cloud put the underwater materia in an open slot on his Ragnorak.
After thanking the old man he wandered into the bar and took a seat.
"What'll ya have, son?" the barkeep asked.
"The special."
"Come'in right up. Tony, special!"
Cloud pulled out his materia and stared at it when two soldiers walked into the bar.
"Joe, round of coffee and make it quick!"
"Got it. Tony, two cups of coffee and make it quick!"
The soldiers sat down at a table behind Cloud. Cloud tried to hide his wanted face, but the soldiers had noticed him when they had came in.
"Here ya go son. 10 gil."
The meal didn't seem appetizing enough for that much money, but Cloud handed the bartender the money so as not to make a scene. He started in on what looked edible when the soldiers came up to the bar and sat on both sides of him.
"Joe, what's taking so long with that coffee, huh? this service is pretty bad don't ya think?" he said, eyeing Cloud.
"Hmm... not that bad..." Cloud tried to disguise his voice in vain.
"Hey, have I seen you before son? Ever been down near Midgar?" the soldier on his right asked.
"Hmm... maybe once." Cloud knew they had him cornered.
"Here's your coffee." The barkeep said putting mugs in the soldiers faces.
Cloud pulled out his sword and dropped it lengthwise on the bar, spilling over the soldiers’ coffee saying, "Ooh, look at the time, must be going."
He ran for the door when a bullet ran strait through his hair.
"Wait a minute, you owe us a round of coffee, Cloud."
Cloud ran outside and the soldiers followed. As they circled the reactor, Cloud pulled out his Ragnorak. They soldiers aimed, shot and hit a wall, then Cloud came in double-cuttin' both of them, but dropped his underwater materia. A man who had watched the whole thing ran up and grabbed it and looked at it.
Cloud walked over and asked, "Can I have that back? I believe it belongs to me."
"Why sure you can have it back," the man handed it out, "'course, do you know how it works?"
"Ummm... I guess I'll have to figure it out, won't I?" Cloud snatched it from the stranger's hand and turned away.
"You may never figure it out. You ever see any of those "Weapon" Monsters?"
"Weapon? This can help against Weapons? Which one?" The man gave Cloud a sly look.
"Only the most dangerous creature under the sea. Ever hear the name, 'Emerald Weapon?"