Every New Beginning
by Richard B. Sampson

A Story And Addendum For Memoirs Of The Heroes. (Previously "Memoirs Of An Adventure's Child."))
(All Characters Are Ficticious And bare no resemblence to living people. Any resemblence to fictional characters is only by chance. Special Thanks to Howard Phillips Lovecraft)

I remember the explosion. It was hard not to remember it. I remembered the intense heat, and I saw the positive and negative forces coupling together. The events were engraved into my mind. Now a new world was born. I could see many of the new particles merging. It was as though I could see them, and not see them at the same time. What was happening was a new beginning. The world was recreating itself. I looked at some things and wonder what would happen if I tweeked some variables. I don’t know what I had done, but it must have done something. I don’t know how much time passed as I watched, but huge balls of gas started to form. As I looked around, I could see some as tiny lights, almost like the stars I had seen a lifetime ago. Were they alive? I looked out and said, “Is there anyone out there?”

I was startled when I heard a female voice say, “Radr, is that you? You’re voice sounds alive.”

I focused on where the voice was, and to my surprise, I found the source to be a yellow star. The voice had even sounded familiar to me. I focused on the source and said, “Lena, is that you?”

I heard her voice say, “Yes, Radr. I can hear you, but I don’t see you. All I see is this cloud around me. It looks thicker in some parts.” I looked at the cloud around her, and she was right. I could see some distinct areas increasing in size.

I then said, “Lena, it looks like you are a star. Maybe this is some sort of reward for you act.” If she was smiling, I could not tell. I then watched as the clouds started to become more solid. They were forming into spheres of rock. Then, on one, I noticed that life was starting to form. I said, “Lena, it looks like you won’t be alone. There is life on this one rock.”

I heard Lena say, “I wonder what they will be like. It’s like I’m taking care of a big family. Something I didn’t get to do in life.” I watched as the world evolved. I heard Lena say, “They look like monsters. Almost like snakes and lizards.” She was right. Nothing but giant lizards roamed the rock.

That soon changed as another rock colided with the planet. Almost all the life was devistated. I heard laughter from far away, and heard the voice of Sharm say, “You don’t deserve to care for life. You ruined the plan.” I focused on the source of his voice, and soon, I was facing a large mass of gases, and at the center was a black spot. Everything was flowing to that spot. I heard Sharm say, “And you, Guardian, you think she’s safe and that you are safe, but the others like me will prevail. We are the ultimate power, nothing can escape us. Plus, our leader is coming. You can’t stop her now. She will be hear, and take over this dimension.”

I focused back on Lena with that terrible thought in my mind. Lena hadn’t stopped it, just delayed it. Now we had to warn whatever life would evolve in this world. I saw the planet now had civilations forming on it. I had to wonder how they would see my presence as. I turned my attention back to Lena and said, “Lena, I fear that the evil one may be trying to take over this dimension.”

I was surprised when Lena said, “I know. Look. The one empire is burning and it’s leader doesn’t care.” I looked at the planet and saw what she meant. I then saw one of the evil creatures in the shadows. Already, the evil was starting. Now I had to make my presence known. I watched as empire after empire rised and fell. I started warning people in each empire. It was devistating.

Soon, I saw buildings reach into the sky. Vehicles flying in the air, and travelling the waters of the planet. People were almost everywhere. The world had taken form. I tried to convince a man of the horror to come. People read what he wrote, but thought it as fiction, including the man who wrote it. Then I noticed it. In a small corner of the world, a man was typing up the history of my timeline. I turned to Lena and said, “Lena, do you see this? This boy is writing our past.”

In Lena’s voice, I heard her say, “I see it. However, I feel it might not be enough. Look, the evil has done something terrible.”

I turned and looked at the planet. In a big city, I saw two of the flying machines crash into two tall building. It was horrible. Soon, the buildings collapsed. Many people were gone. I couldn’t believe it. All those lives lost in an instant. It was devistating. I wondered what that boy had thought. I focused on him, and saw that the events had hit him hard. I started to follow his life. I saw what he wrote. It was my history, my life. He wrote of other lives. He would understand. I saw what he was writing now, and it was surprising. I decided I need to say something. I looked at him and said, “So that’s my history.” I watched as he looked around, puzzled. I then said, “Don’t worry, I’m no threat to you.”

He looked in the air and said, “Who are you?” He was clearly puzzled. He didn’t know what I was, yet he was writing about me.

I just said, “My name is Radr. I’m in the stories you have writen. They are my past, and in a way, your past. You must warn this world that a great evil is coming. They don’t have much time.”

I then saw that he had stopped. He then said, “Don’t you hear it. There is hoofbeats way in the distance.” I listened, and then I heard it. I focused on the source of the noise. He was right, there were hoofbeats. The horsemen were riding again, but it would take them years to reach his world.

I returned to the boy and said, “You are right.” However, he wasn’t in the room anymore. He had, however, anticipated my answer. I don’t know where he was. If he knew that he had time left, I didn’t know. All I knew I could tell him would be that it would take millenia for the horsemen to arrive. I then saw the last words on the page he was typing.

As long as there is time, there is hope for things to be better.