The Birth of an Evil
by d_Galloway

Chapter 1: Mary Barrows

Ah yes, I thought, this would indeed be a glorious wedding. And indeed, it was, even though Simon was so hell-bent on doing things his way.

Then again, he was going to hell anyway, just like the rest of his damn family. The Barrows were known for their silly little "Scissorman" curse. It was Norway's most infamous legend.

Then again, it was this curse that caused me to marry him. I wanted to know the truth about this. Maybe I would be able to cure it. But these thoughts will have to wait. I have a man to marry right now.

The wedding was just as spectacular as I had dreamed it would be. The people, the music, the EVERYTHING was perfect. This would forever be in my heart.

And yet there's something else there, too. Something that seems to be eating away at my very soul. Something that desires to be explored and unleashed.

Was this my fascination with his curse? Was I becoming enthralled with this sinister secret the Barrows have carried with a heavy heart for countless generations? It couldn't be.

The honeymoon was just as spectacular as the wedding. Especially the wedding night. I never knew that some uptight guy like Simon could be so good in bed. I love him even more.

And yet something continued to claw away at her soul. The curse of the Barrows family. It was the only thing, besides Simon, that I care about. This curse hides some kind of ultimate power. But what is it? And why am I so enthralled by its power?

We returned to Barrows Manor. The place known to the locals as "Clock Tower". It was a magnificent building, with not a single bit of vegitation unchecked. The walls themselves could just as well have been made from gold. I have never seen something this lovely before in my life.

Then why is my soul still unsatisfied?

Well, a week has passed, and the urge to discover more about the curse is becoming more violent. I must know the truth.

I tried to ask Simon. He exploded at my mere mention of the curse. He then stormed out of the room, looked over his shoulder, and said, "Stay out of the room in the west wing."

Simon left the next day on business. I was pretty much alone in the house. That room drew me in. I must know what's there!

I couldn't believe what I saw in there. An unworldly altar was set in the back, and a pentagram was drawn onto the floor. I thought Simon was a Christian. Why would he have such a room in his own house?

Inside, I found a strange book. As I skimmed through it, my mind became more and more enraptured in it. I was now within its power. This would allow me the ultimate freedom.

Also, I found a strange rhyme inside the book.

Little John from the Big Castle
Plays with a Little Boy
Snip snip off goes his head
Blood Red, Blood Red

Little John from the Big Castle
Plays with a Little Girl
Stab stab stab she loses her sight
Bright White, Bright White

Little John from the Big Castle
Found Another Friend
Slash slash slash straight to his tummy
Out his sides, Red and Yummy!

This was a retelling of the first Scissorman legend. I knew what I had to do as a member of the Barrows family. I was pregnant at the time, which meant I could do this while Simon was away.

I prepared to complete the ritual of the Scissormen.

Nine months passed. I was pregnant with twins. Two scissormen would come into this world. I could taste the carnage they would cause.

Dr. Simpson arrived at my time of birth. He delivered the baby, but was shocked at the hideous sight of the two. Their bodies were purple, their faces deformed, their teeth shaped like fangs. These were indeed children of the devil.

They were my own.

When Dr. Simpson tried to make us kill them, Simon and I sliced his hand off and locked him inside a secret closet in the house. There was no way that he could survive in there.

Simon was pleased at first, but eventually he realized the evil of the children. He himself tried to kill them, but I locked him inside the shed. He would die there. I could tell it.

The children grew. One of them, Bobby, became the scissorman, while the other, Dan, became a strange, gigantic monster. I loved this dark power. It was my precious.

I went to adopt some orphans to feed to Dan. While there, I meet someone I thought I would never see.

Jennifer Simpson.

I smiled to myself. "Yes, Jennifer. You will see your father soon."

Chapter 2: Simon Barrows

I can't believe it. I simply can't believe it. Today, I, Simon Barrows, will be married to the love of my life: Mary. The name makes me feel warm in my heart. Especially since that curse has driven off all of my other loves.

Still, I don't believe that she knows about the curse. She might be one of the few that haven't heard that horrible rhyme, "Little John from the Big Castle". I don't believe that my family can create such horrible evil. The curse simply destroys our reputation in the Oslo community.

But what if it is the truth? I must always keep that possibility open. Which is why I must keep her out of that room. If she learns about the evil in there, our lives will be ruined.


Ah, the honeymooon. The scenery, the room, the sex, everything was great. I can't wait to see how the rest of our lives will turn out. And I finally went a few days without hearing about the curse.


Our return home began on a sad note for me. Rick, the noble butler that has served the family for generations, retired. I gave him a chandalier from the mansion as a present. I have a strange premonition that my present will have an importance in the future.

Mary mentioned the curse today. She knew about it the whole damn time! She married me for the curse, damnit! I lost all concious thought in my rage, and mentioned the damn room! Damnit! I'm saying "damn" too many damn times!


I left town on business today. Mary's in charge of the house. I just pray she stays out of that room.


Mary's pregnant! The heir to the Barrows family will be born! I've always wanted to be a father!

But why is their a dead crow in the room? And what about that ash residue?

Did she go into the room? Did she perform the ritual of the Scissormen?

No. It's not possible.


Mary's began to give labor. The car broke the previous day, so I had to call Dr. Simpson. The birth went as smoothly as something can go when your wife's screaming, "You bastard! You did this to me!"

But it was the children that startled me.

Their skin was a sickening purple. Their eyes were black and hypnotic. And not only that, but they looked like they were wanting to kill us.

She had given birth to monsters, I thought to myself. But then again, maybe they're just sick. Dr. Simpson, however, kept screaming about how we had to destroy them before it was too late.

I feel guilty for how we shut him up.


They are demons. No doubt about it.

I got the axe out of the shed. I was going to make certain that the Scissormen would not return.

I must destroy this curse once and for all.

I crept to the children's room. The two monsters were asleep. I sneaked up to the cradle, and raised the axe.

The last thing I can remember before going unconcious was someone stiking me in the back of the head.


I've been locked in this cell for years. Mary used to bring me food regulary, but she's stopped now. I know she wants me dead.

With the way I'm feeling, that won't be long.


I woke up to find a cellmate: a young gir in a purple dress. She slowly came to and looked at me.

I can't control it any longer. I need food!

She will be my food!

Chapter 3: Walter Simpson daughter...

I can't stop thinking about her. It's not like she's missing or dead, and yet I think of her as if she was. Maybe it was because she is around me all the time.

Then again, it takes an entire team of men, as well as a set of crowbars and a two-ton pickup truck to pry her away from me. She loves her daddy.


Another morning, beginning with Jennifer promptly waking me up again at 4:30 am. She's getting bigger everyday.

I had to answer a few appointments. A fire at the university had caused the Oslo hospital to be overfilled. They'll take anyone in those situations, even house doctors like me. Jennifer begged to come along, but I know I can't take her to things like this. She's just too young to understand about the medical world.


I got a small house call from Mr. Barrows. He's a very healthy man, but is practically scared of every disease known to man. I had to take a dozen blood tests last week to confirm for him that he didn't have AIDS (scary thought, though).

His new wife, Mary, seems to love him very much. However, there's something very strange about her. She seems very inquisitive about his health, even for a wife. She even believes in that poppycock about a curse. Hah!

There's no such thing as curses. There never was such a thing as the Scissorman. And above all else, there will never be.


Jennifer fell out of a tree today. Her leg was broken. Margaret and I were able to get her to stop crying, but it was quite a wait for the ER.

It was then that I lost my patience, an event that doesn't happen very often. After exploding at the nurse, I was removed from the hospital.

This may cost me my job.


Mrs. Barrows is pregnant. Mr. Barrows is quite excited about the situation; he won't stop calling me! I'm getting tired of hearing his voice.


I was called to the Clock Tower Mansion today. Mrs. Barrows is giving birth, and they are unable to reach the hospital. I was called to deliver.

Everything went smoothly, until the children were born. Their bodies, their skin, their eyes, everything about them is evil! The curse is real! These are the products of it!

I expressed my concern to them. At first, they seemed uninterested. Then they became annoyed. Finally, when I mentioned killing them, Mrs. Barrows grabbed my hand, sliced it off, and threw it to the children. They devoured the thing!

The last thing I remember is being dragged into a small room.


At the end of the included account of Dr. Walter Simpson, three days will have passed. I will not last very long.
Before my end I will record what I know.
There are twin children who are disasters to this world. When the lady of the house was to give birth, I was called to this house. They were born deformed and hideous, and they ate my right hand. They shouldn't have lived more than three days, and yet they did.
Breathing is painful.
The air in the room is already gone.

Chapter 4: Jennifer Simpson

Dear Diary,

It has been a year since I escaped the mansion. I have seen every psychiatrist in Oslo. Professor Barton said that writing about what happened to me leading up to the incident would help to purge the memories. I never trusted him, but Helen seemed to agree.

It started when my father left on a house call to the Barrows mansion. I can still remember him kissing me good-bye, his promise that he would come back. He never did. The investigation turned up nothing, and the case was dropped entirely. No evidence of my father's dissapearance was ever found, and it was only last year that the case was solved.

After father left, mother became distant. She believed that father had abandoned us, amd when I so much as mentioned him, she went into a rage. Once, she slammed a bottle on my head, then kicked my body! I recovered, but she was placed in the insane asylum. Since I had no other living family, I was sent to the Granite Orphanage.

Those days were the best and worst of my life. The food was horrible compared to my mother's cooking, we were kept on a strict schedule of lots of schooling and little sleep, and I was the outsider of the kids, since I had a parent. That is, until my third month there. I learned that my mother had died in the asylum. I cried myself to sleep for months.

Over the years, I met Laura, Anne, and Llote. They would become my best friends. We confired our feelings with each other, and felt that we could trust each other. We swore that we would leave with each other.

When I was thirteen, I met Mary Barrows. Llote, Laura, Anne, and I found a love for her. She claimed that Mr. Barrows was looking for some children to adopt, claiming that his wife had died along with his real child. Then, on my fourteenth birthday, she said that Mr. Barrows wanted to adopt all four of us! We were eager to accept.

How naive we were.

We went to the house a few days later. It looked like something out of a horror movie; vines crawled up every wall, the yard was horrible unkept, and the stone walls and shattered windows added a haunted house-like feeling to the whole ordeal. But most noticably was the tall clock tower in the side of the house. This was what gave the mansion its name- Clock Tower.

I would rather not explain the details of my escape from there. My hand hurts from what I have written so far. I will simply continue from afterwards.

I returned to the orphanage and reported everything that had happened. They were skeptical at first, but when they searched the house, they found more evidence than anyone could imagine. The "Scissorman" became a local legend. I've seen countless children wearing Scissorman masks, except Scissorman didn't wear a mask.

And then there was Edward. The police found the boy during the search. I have no knowledge of who he is, or how he's involved with Scissorman, but he claims to have amnesia. He's at the Granite Orphanage for now, but I still have a strange feeling that something's not right about him.

Well, that's all I can think about. I feel better already. I hope this will end the nightmares.

Chapter 5: Professor Barton

Case #312
Subject name: Jennifer Simpson
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Oslo, Norway
Known Family: Walter Simpson (deceased), Margaret Simpson (deceased), Helen Maxwell (Gaurdian)
Date of First Appointment: 7/12/96
Psychiatrist: Samuel Barton, PhD

Jennifer Simpson's case is indeed a strange one. I have never seen survivors of mass murders like this so terrified. I believe that she is holding something back, but I am unable to put my finger on it.

Her gaurdian, Helen Maxwell, is my best assistant. This has become more of a problem than a help, as she is constantly stopping me from delving further into the matter. I have suggested hypnosis to her, but she became rather nervous at the mentioning of it. I don't know why?

Jennifer is an only child. Her parents were Walter Simpson, a medical doctor, and Margaret Simpson, a housewife. Her father died at the hands of Mary and Simon Barrows, and was positively identified when his corpse was recovered from the murder site. Margaret Simpson is believed to have suffered anxiety at her husband's dissapearance, and Jennifer claims that she was abused until her mother was locked away.

I found no real inclanation that her time at the Granite Orphanage was of any major importance in describing her current mental condition. Mary Barrows met the girl at this time, and adopted her. It was then that the murders began.

I will add more information as it develops.

Case #313
Subject name: Scissorman
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
No Appointment (deceased)

The so-called "Scissorman" that Jennifer and Edward describe is nothing more than a simple maniac. According to Jennifer, he is incrediably deformed, with a large hump on his back and a disfigured face. His murder weapon is a giant pair of scissors. The meathod was slashing and cutting his victims to pieces.

It is undeniable that there is a murderer as I just described. However, Jennifer Simpson's description of him as an immortal monster is a product of pure hysteria. Scissorman is no more human than anyone alive. He is obviously deranged mentally, as no sane person would kill people with scissors, but I never had the pleasure of treating him. I guess I'll just have to live with that.

Case #314
Subject name: Edward

I am going to have my first meeting with Edward, the only survivor of the Clock Tower murders besides Jennifer Simpson, today, after Jennifer's appointment. He is an amnesiac. His symptons seem to indicate that he lost his memory over a series of traumatizing events, and I can find no event more traumatizing than being trapped in a house with a psychotic maniac. He is currently residing at the Granite Orphanage.

Chapter 6: Dan Barrows

I often think about my past life as a demon back at the mansion. I tried to forget the past constantly since that night, but I simply gave up. In truth, I want to remember everything. It will make killing that bitch much more sweet.

I was born ten years ago. My mother was Mary Barrows; my father was Simon Barrows. I was later told that I had a human hand for my first meal that very day. This possibly helped to create my taste for human flesh. The hand's former owner, Walter Simpson, was imprisoned in the house that very same day by mother and father, although I was never told why. Father dissapeared a few months later, as well.

As I grew older, my body suffered a severe mutation. I became a gigantic creature with a hunger greater than anything the world's ever seen. Mother and brother kept me in a hidden room underneath the house, as not to arouse suspicion.

But I was hungry, and my appetite knew no end. Mother soon came up with a creative idea. She went to several orphanages and adopted children. Then when they came home, brother would kill them, and their bodies would be fed to me. It was hard to keep the supply of bodies high enough, but they were able to somehow.

Then came the fateful night. Mother adopted four more children. Brother killed one almost instantly, and her body was fed to me. I decided to take a nap. When I awoke, the curtain around my bed was open, and a young girl was running from my room. As was natural, I chased after her. I almost had her. Then I saw something fly towards me. My skin felt like hell after that...

I feel no need to tell what happened after that. All I can say is that Jennifer Simpson will die. I swear that to mother and brother.