The Fall of Ichirou, a Sweet Home Fanfic
by d_Galloway

Note: The entire reason I did this fanfic was to try to explain how I think the events

leading to Sweet Home began. The whole part of the story being a elegy by Kazou (one

of the gameís main characters) happened purely by incident. I doubt anyone would read

this anyway, but if you do, enjoy.


"The funeral was over. It lasted only for a few hours, but it was finally over. Ichirou felt

his heart sadden deep inside of himself. As the casket containing holding the charred

remains of his baby was lowered into the ground, Ichirou almost broke into tears.

He felt Mamiya rest her head on his shoulder, felt the tears trickle down his arm. What

he felt in sadness, she felt 10x worse. It was her baby, her only child, the same small

being she nursed for about a year. It was a terrible day for him, but for her, it was the end

of the world.

There would be others, he thought. Others would be born. But he knew that no amount

of children would change this event. A child was dead. Their child. And he felt it was

his entire fault.

After all, he should have kept the baby away from the mine car. And the incinerator.

As everyone was leaving, Mamiya and Ichirou went to their car. It was only a short way

to their home, but he couldnít trust Mamiya to be walking. She didnít seem well.

After the funeral, Ichirou began to keep a diary. He did so as a way to keep himself

occupied while he tried to sort out his life. This happened until the day he died.


Mamiya is not well. I think the death of our child has had more of an affect than I had

previously thought. She seems to have shut herself off from the world, both physically

and mentally. She seems to lapse into madness at random intervals, all of which are

becoming more frequent and more violent. I canít believe what is happening.


She snapped again today. One of the maids folded the towels wrong. Normally, Mamiya

wouldnít fret over this. But she isnít herself anymore. She grabbed a chair and smashed

it over the poor girls head. The maid is now in critical condition at the hospital, but the

police seem to have ignored the charges on the grounds of insanity. I canít help but think

they have made a grievous mistake.


Children seem to have been disappearing recently. Especially around the local area. I

canít help but think that Mamiya is somehow behind all this, but without any real proof

thereís nothing I can do.


The missing children are now in the hundreds. I canít believe this is happening. At

every scene there seems to be a pink piece of cloth, the same type used in dresses and

womenís clothing. Mamiya seems more and more suspicious every day, but I still lack

any real proof.


Mamiya is officially crazy. I saw here babbling like a lunatic about how many playmates

our child is going to have in the next world and how much fun heíll have. If that isnít

flying over the cuckooís nest, I donít know what is.


We started to have problems with the heating, so I tried to investigate the furnace. I was

completely surprised to discover that the door to the basement was locked. When

Mamiya saw me at the door, she went nuts and screamed something about "disturbing the

little ones". This does little to her credibility.


I finally found the keys to the basement. I was hardly surprised when I discovered them

in Mamiyaís favorite dress. I canít believe this is happening. Could Mamiya really be

behind the childrenís disappearances? I still refuse to believe it.


My worst fears have become a reality. When I went to investigate the furnace, I

discovered the burned and charred remains of several small bodies. I have little doubt

that these are the bodies of the missing children. They grew more numerous as I entered

the incinerator room; I could barely walk in there. And now Mamiya seems to grow ill.

My world is closing in around me.


Mamiya died today. She went in her sleep, the lucky bitch. The doctor says a type of

heart failure caused it, possibly stemming from the death of our child. Fortunately, no

one has tried to enter the basement. This is probably the only good to come from this



Mamiya was buried today. As I watched her lowered into the ground, I felt like a great

burden was lifted from my body. But even so, I still feel an ill omen. Something is not



I still go on strong, but the servants donít. Many of them lack good cheer since their

master died, and I donít have the heart to tell them that life goes on. I donít know what to



Some bastard has dug up our baby! A whole string of body kidnappings has occurred

recently, and my baby was one of them! If I get my hands on the sob who did this... I

donít know what Iíd do.


I think I saw Mamiya. I donít know why, but I did. I wasnít dreaming, I wasnít

hallucinating, I wasnít drugged. I just canít explain it. All she could say was

"Everyoneís going to die! Everyone!" My God, I hope this isnít an ill omen.


Two of the servants are dead. Their bodies were clawed, burned and torn, and an

expression of fear was plastered on their faces. Could they have seen Mamiya, too? It

just might have been her.


Mamiya is back! It doesnít seem possible, but itís true! She seems intent on slaughtering

everyone in the house! This must stop somehow!


Sheís shut herself up in her room.


I think I found a book that explains how to exorcise an evil spirit. Since Mamiya went

mad, and is back from the grave, no one better fits the description of an evil spirit. I need

a tool, to hold her back; a photograph, to show the truth; this diary, to prove what she

knows to be true; and a coffin, to send the being back to the grave. By some strange

coincidence, they are all located inside the house. I must obtain them.


Found the items. I now search for a way to enter her room.


The door is locked. I have to enter through the veranda. I must stop her! Her spirit has

become possessed with rage! The innocent deaths must stop... even if it means losing

my own life.

Little is known as to what happened to Ichirou. Some say he was defeated while trying to

enter the room. Some say Mamiya beat him, and even he was of no importance to her.

And some go as far to say that his spirit was reincarnated in order to help others defeat

his insane wife. While what happened to him is unimportant, what should be

remembered about him is his life, the way he never surrendered to the will of others, the

way he always did was right, the way he fought for good even to the end. And this ends

this elegy. Thank you."

Kazou stepped down from the podium. The hall was filled with the sound of clapping,

and a few smiles were exchanged over the course of the service.

"Thank you, Mr. Kazou. This ends the remembrance ceremony. Please say any last


No one talked.

After everyone else had left, Kazou, Emi, Akiko, Taro, and Asuka took their places

around the portrait of Ichirou. They each smiled a little, remembering the mysterious old

man named Yamamura, the man who helped them escape Mamiyaís mansion, the man

who sacrificed his life to allow them access to Mamiyaís room. It took only a short time

for them to notice the resemblance between the two. After several minutes of silence,

they slowly stood up and began to leave the room.

Young Emi was the last to leave. She looked back at the portrait, studying it carefully.

"Rest in peace, old man", she said, then shut the lights off and closed the door.



Other note: This fanfic is written by d_Galloway. Donít copy, steal, or impersonate this

little piece of work in any way. Thank you for your time.