Final Fantasy III: The Movie Part 2
by Nell

Fight or Flight:

Chapter 1.

Whistles. "Would you look at that thing." Locke said, admiring the air ship. "It's bigger than the last one!" Setzer replied with a low laugh. "Yeah, she's a beauty alright...but what are you two doing out here, having a reunion without me hm?" Setzer said jokingly. "Actually," Edgar began, "we're searching the mountain for any left behind clues to a bit of a mystery that’s popped up." He ended his sentence by sticking his long sword into the dirt. "What- mystery?" Setzer said looking at both of their faces. "Locke thinks that-..., nooo, what's a better way to say this?" Edgar pondered about it a minute.

"What he's trying to say is that I was attacked by soldiers in the fields around here, not just any soldiers either- recognize these?" He tossed the soldiers clothes at him making him jump back from the sudden surprise. He picked the clothes up off the ground and studied them. "Are these-...?" He started, and they both nodded with a simultaneous answer. "Yup."

"The Empire...." Edgar said walking back over to the mountain, trying to stare up to its peak.

"We climbing that thing?" Setzer said following the kings eyes with his own. "Yup. I figured we'd let my men lead the way incase something suspicious is going on up there we won't be seen and they won't know where we're going." Edgar said. "And where might that be?" Setzer asked. "The returner hide out. It's a perfect place to hold a meeting, they won't go there looking for us, it's too obvious." They nodded. "Well, what are we waiting for then, lets scale this thing or go through or how ever you get up there." Setzer started to walk, but Edgar stopped him with an arm across his chest.

"Hold it a minute." Edgar was saying. "Yes?" "I'm glad you're here actually," Edgar began, "because I need you to do something for me?" he gestured for Locke to come over to them and hear as well. "Sure, anything." Setzer replied not knowing what he may be volunteering for. "How fast is your ship?" He asked. "Fastest vessel alive," he replied. "Good. I need you to take me into every and any village we see, we have to gather our troops- our.... friends."

* * *

"See ya guys later!" Locke shouted up to the air ship. "And don't worry about the hide out, I'm on my way there now!" He waved one last time and dashed over to the mountains entrance. "See you later, Locke!" Edgar shouted. "We'll be back in no time at all." They waved until he was gone and then the motors and engine whine and the fans began to whirl and the air ship lifted off the ground into the sky.

Mt. Kolts. Locke began to make his way through the caves and tunnels of the mountain running to a few familiar faces of danger. He had to be swift to battle with two brawlers but the outcome was successful, he even managed to pick up 100 gold pieces and they dropped a potion in their escape from the fight.

"Wished I'd of come up here more," he was saying to himself "I'm gonna need a map." He looked from the left to the right, two openings in the cave. 'Which one?' He took a chance with the one to his left and it seemed to be the right way. Locke fought more and more the higher he got to the mountains peak.

'Does this mean that there's more Empire activity up here?' He thought gradually as he looked for the right openings. "Alright, one more cave and I'm out...." He made it through the twist and turns without seeing another monster or creature and he when he was off the mountain he sprinted across the field to the returner head quarters.

Chapter 2.

"So, Setzer what have you been up to these past months?" Edgar asked making conversation for the silence. He got so serious when he flew, it was almost un-nerving. "I've been gambling, of course." He said with a chuckle, "care for some wine? It's strong- ring the stress right out of you, I think." "Yes, thank you." He said taking the bottle from his hands and poured himself a drink. "Do you really think we'll have to fight again?" Setzer asked out of nowhere. "I don't know. It's to early to say, right now it feels like more of a scare than a cause for any real alarm." Edgar said in a posh manner, sipping his dark red wine.

"And if there is-..?" "We go to war..." "I hope we can find everyone, if that becomes the case" Setzer said as he moved the air ship to the ground landing near a clearing at Narshe. "Mog, is sure to be here." he said as his reason for landing so soon. "Good thought, he just might be, after all the moogles do reside in the caves, he's bound to be amongst them. Lets go." They walked below deck and out onto the grassy fields.

Leafer! Edgar quickly took it out with his auto-crossbow in no time, and they continued on their way into the caved village. "Where are you going?" Edgar asked pulling Setzers jacket collar to hold him back. "I'm going into town" he remarked stating the obvious.

"No, they might have some reward on our heads and people will do anything thing for money..." "Too right, lets go another way, then." Edgar led him over to Locke’s secret cave entrance once he pulled the right rock they stepped inside. Everything was going smoothly so far, no trouble along the way until they had gotten to the place Terra had been rescued from so long ago, were-rats surrounded them!

Setzer waved his hand over his right wrist to a device that looked like a slot machine watch, then he placed his hands together and shouted, 7 flush! He raised his arms above his head. The area filled with colored beams and took out the were-rats, who were already weak from trying to change back into normal animals after Kefka's magic had worn off.

"We're almost there, lets walk faster." Edgar hurried him, he had no intention of sticking around fighting quickly re-grouping rats. When they made it to the moogle caves they surrounded them with foreign greetings.

Kupo-po! Ku-Mamma! Ku-pop! "Yes, hello," they greeted them. "Where- is- Mog, do- you- know?" Setzer talked as though they had no clue what he was saying either. They jumped rowdier than before and finally Umaro spoke up.

"Mog left," he roared out. "He not say where, went for walk." Edgar cursed. "....when do you think he'll be back?" "Umaro, not know, can him help friends?" The giant beast walked closer showing them that he could do more of a job than Mogs little body could. "You can help us actually," The beast smiled at these words but Edgar had it fade away when he continued. "You can help by staying here and protecting the moogles while-....something might be going on, we're not sure yet, but, this is very important and I know a big tough guy like you can handle that job, well." Edgar said giving him a seal of a approval smile and Setzer stood back nodding to what ever he said.

"Umaro do this favor, for king." He said returning to his corner and sitting down heavily. "Good luck." " wouldn't happen to know where we could find any of the others do you?" Setzer asked walking to the caves exit backwards. "look for in Doma, him bound to be there." He waved them away and they headed out of the caves, with hardly a bit of trouble. Then they were back in the sky.

* * *

"This does not sound good to me, sirs...." said Cyan stroking his mustache. "Arts thou sure?" "I just heard about it myself, I have no idea." Setzer replied. "Locke said they were the Empires soldiers they attacked him in the field hoping he was dead. I'd say that that is definitely the Empire's doing." Edgar swirled his drink in the glass smelling the nutty flavor of the wine. Cyan sighed deeply and looked both men in the eye. "I'll be with thee, let me get a few things first." He got up from the table and headed to his chambers, when he returned he came out holding a picture of his family. "Let us be swift, the sooner we start the sooner we can know if this nightmare is over....." a pause "or just beginning."

They all hurried out of the castle after he asked his guards to guard the place from danger. "I believe I know where we can find lady Celes, I stopped by Jidoor once and saw her around the painters house with young Relm one day." said Cyan while going below so he won't feel air sick. "Than that's our next destination," he picked up speed. "hang on to something!" "Whao!" Edgar was shaken to his knees on the floor from the sudden jerk of the vessel.

Chapter 3.

In the returner cave. Locke looked around horrified. The place was trashed! "What happened in here?" He walked around chairs, paper, and garbage. "Did the empire look here first and trash the place?" He said to himself. Clank! A metallic sound from a room got his attention. He pulled out his assassin, which he'd kept incase of an emergency.

'You can't sneak up on me, I'm the one with the advantage here.' He thought waiting for the person to come out. "Locke?" A voice said stepping out from a back room, it was......Mog! Kupu!

"What are you doing here?" Locke was saying, "it could be dangerous to just walk around outside now" he crossed the room patting the little guy on the back. "I went for a long walk and found myself here-.. what do you mean it's not safe to walk around?" Mog asked curiously. "Edgar will explain everything once he and Setzer get back with the others." he turned a chair right side up and sat himself down. "For now lets just, catch up, huh?" he smiled at him and Mog sat down as well and began to tell him about all the things he and his moogle friends had done over the year.

* * *

"This is so great, I was just wishing we'd see you guys again!" Relm shouted walking over to Edgar and throwing her arms around his neck. "Uh yeah, it's nice to see you too," He placed her down on the deck. "Celes, it's good to see you how have you been doing?" He asked her kissing her on the hand. "I've been doing great, I have a job at the opera house getting the actress’ and actors ready." She said smiling but her attention wasn't on Edgar or her job, her eyes skimmed the area for Locke but she didn't see him.

"Please," Setzer began, make yourselves at home." The ship was taking off again. "Where are we going, exactly?" Celes asked walking over to Setzer giving him a smile. "Where do you think Terra might be?" He asked. "I'm not sure, maybe Mobliz she might have stayed with the children know?" They all nodded as he steered the ship east towards the Veldt.

* * *

In a cave hanging over a water fall Shadow is coming too.

"What hit me?" He rubbed his head a moment. "Interceptor?!" Roof! Roof! The dog than began to whimper, Shadow felt around in the dark until his hands came across the dog, tied to a large rock and bleeding. He growled lowly in himself swearing that the Empire would pay for hurting Interceptor. "But we have to tell the others boy, I think I might know where to find them too." He said picking up the dog he leaped out of his arms and began to trot beside him. "You're strong, my friend. Lets go before they come back to finish the job."

* * *

In Mobliz. The whole village heard the huge air ship sweeping through the sky, before it came to a land. "What is that?!" The kids shouted. Terra looked stunned and happy, Gua was already up to them climbing all over them talking a mile a minute about what he's been doing and how nice it was to see them. They laughed along with him hearing the story of how he chased two monsters away with his bare hands on veldts field.

"Terra, my lady" Edgar kissed her hand as well. "You look stunning."

"Thank you" she said shyly, she never really took well to compliments. "How have you been?" Setzer asked her with interest. "I've been very good actually, I'm a teacher for the students and I basically watch them when their parents can't-..." Gua jumped down from Edgar’s shoulders and ran over to Terra as though he were showing her off. "Friend Terra live with Gua now, she like mother and friend, Gua love her very much." She gave him a quick hug and then her face turned serious.

"What are you all doing here? Where are the others?" That was something Celes wanted to know too. "Well, we haven't found them yet...but Locke is at the returners cave." Edgar was motioning them over to the air ship. "But we need to have a meeting to know about our next actions in what could become...." he trailed off. They knew the rest and Terra backed away. "I can't fight, I don't wanna fight anymore." "But Terra?" Celes began putting her arms around her shoulders. "If we do have to fight we'll need you there with'll be like old times, all of us together again..." "It's not some reunion!" She shouted pulling away. "I can't do it, not with the children in jeopardy..." "The village will be watched under great protection," Setzer said taking her hands looking her in the eyes.

"Umaro, is watching the moogles who can actually hold their own, if he were to come here with them and something happened the children would be well taken care of..... please Terra?" She looked at his face and then at the others who had the same pleading look. "Okay," she said lowly. "I trust my friends and their word, no harm will come to these kids with Umaro and the moogles protecting them. Lets do it."

Her spirits began to raise a bit when they got on the ship. "There is a good chance that this is all just a scare you know? We might not have to fight after all." Setzer said trying to reassure her. She grinned at him and walked below deck to join the others. "Lets go to Tzen my brother wrote me and said that he'd be moving there with Duncan he could be there now" "You're the leader." Setzer saluted him and flew in the direction of Tzen.

Chapter 4.

"Hey brother!" Sabin slapped his brother on the back so hard he stumbled forward a bit. "Hi," He said rubbing his shoulder. "Hey Setz'." He raised his hand to him as well and he leaped out of the way. "Sorry, I need this arm to steer." Sabin let out a loud laugh, "You never lost that humor." he turned to the ladies. "You three are looking very lovely, I'm glad you're taking care of yourselves." They blushed and turned for the ship. "Gau glad to see you too, friend Sabin." Sabin picked the boy up and walked back to the ship with Setzer and his brother.

"So...what brought you guys here, a party?" "I wish," Edgar started. Setzer left the conversation and climbed aboard the ship. "Locke thinks that the Empire might be re-forming under new management and they might be after our heads this time. We have to think of what to do if this is true." They got on board, and the ship was taking off again.

"Well alright, we can finally have some action around here," He turned back to the village before they were too high up. "Duncan! I have to go with my brother! I'll see you later!" He waved down to him. "Good bye, Sabin!" He waved with a smile. "Maybe now I can get some peace, sheesh! " As the air ship began to make it's way towards the returner cave they were all settling their nerves hoping for a good out come in the news that had brought them all together but might soon tear them apart.

The Meeting:

Edgar paced around the table, they watched him quietly. "Well?" Celes said. "I'm thinking that's all." He bit his bottom lip and turned around to face them. "I don't have a clue as to what to do about this, except we need to split up and find out any information we can- as quickly as we can." He sat down in his chair and waited for their responses.

"How are we gonna do that?" Said Locke. "If we ask the towns people, they'll reak, and then they'll know something is up..."

"Besides that, you know what a sort of panic they get in when they think they might be in danger. They'd turn us in for sure." Setzer added.

"You're right," Sabin began. "I say we hit them before they hit us!" Locke, Sabin, and Setzer let out cheers, while the girls, Cyan, and Edgar shook their heads. "I could send the moogles around to investigate," Mog stood up to say over their noise. "Oh but Mog, We forgot to ask you if the moogles could watch the children of Mobliz with Umaro?" Terra's voice pleaded. "Sure," Kupo. "But there are more than that few moogles around we could do both." "Excellent idea Mog, no one will suspect them they're allowed to come and go as they please, so all we have to do is split into parties and try to track down and conquer any bases that the empire have...we're stronger as a whole than we are separate." They nodded to that comment in agreement.

"Now to pick who should go with whom," he started to speak when the door burst open, they jumped from the start' and turned to see-... "Shadow?" said Locke

"The Empire-...has returned....." he collapsed, winded. Terra and Celes came to his aid but he pushed them away. "I'm fine, just winded from all the running." "But you're bleeding," said Relm "so is Interceptor." She touched the dogs fur then ran to get some water for it.

"Where was the location? Do you remember?" Setzer asked. "The caves on the Veldt..." Terra looked terrified as she stood. "Which ever team goes there, I'm in." She stated not wanting to hear an argument. "Than I will too," Locke said. "I promise I'll protect you-..." he caught himself in the sentence. "uh, better than last time." She smiled at him. "Thank you, Locke." He blushed slightly and moved around the table to stand beside her.

'I can't just count myself in, they might know something.' Celes thought, than looked over at Setzer flipping a card between his fingers. 'Maybe if-...' her concentration was broken. "-And Celes is with us." Edgar said. They all stood up and walked into their groups Edgar looked them over and smiled. "This's personal."

......To Be Continued