The FF break room 10
by d_Galloway

*Galloway rushes onto the stage*
Galloway: Man, it's been forever since I've done an episode of this! Anyway, we're back for the time being, now in our new official studio! *gasps desperately for air*
*Bobby walks into the studio, gasping*
Bobby: Bring...back...dark..*collapses*
Galloway: On second thought, it was a stroke of genius to get a studio on the twelth floor with no elevator. Anyway, let's begin!
*switches to break room*

*The room is the same (as always). Black Mage, Vivi, and Zidane are sitting at a table, drinking something.*
Black Mage: What's this crap again?
Zidane: A double tall chocolate mocha.
Black Mage: COFFEE?! I thought this was a bad beer! HADOUKEN! *Hadoukens Zidane out of the room*
Vivi: *begins to twitch madly*
*Auron enters the room*
Auron: *points to Vivi* What's his problem?
Black Mage: I have no idea. We were just having a little coffee, and-
Auron: You gave a child coffee?
Black Mage: Fear me! I have a level 13 Black Magic spell!
Auron: Then try it.
*Steiner enters the room*
Steiner: *looks at Vivi* Master Vivi! What is wrong?
Black Mage: *finishes casting spell* Fire Rain!
*fireballs fall from the sky, knocking Auron down*
Vivi: *looks at Black Mage*
Black Mage: What is wrong, my disciple?
Vivi: *screams and runs out of the room*
Steiner: Foul fiend! How dare you harm Master Vivi!
Black Mage: *begins to chant*
Steiner: SHOCK! *shocks Black Mage into the wall*
Auron: *stands up* I must learn that ability!
*Squall comes out of the shadows*
Squall: So must I!
Steiner: How could a bunch of wusses learn it? *shocks Auron away*
Squall: Draw! *draw fails*
Steiner: *raises an eyebrow*
Squall: Draw! Draw! DRAW!!! *all fail*
Steiner: *laughs*
*Beatrix enters the room*
Beatrix: Steiner!
Steiner: *gulps* What is it, dear?
Beatrix: You stop picking on everyone and get back to work! *hands Steiner a broom*
Steiner: *pouting* But...but...
Beatrix: NOW!
*Steiner and Beatrix leave*
*Locke and Celes enter the room*
Celes: I just don't think it's a good idea to drink it, okay?
Squall: What's going on?
Locke: I found this bottle of water while "treasure hunting". It seemed to be pretty important, so I took it.
Celes: *takes the bottle from Locke* Here, take a look. *hands it to Squall*
Locke:*steals Celes's clothes*
Celes: *blushes, then grabs Locke and runs into a closet*
Locke: *from inside the closet* AHHHH! PLEASE, I'M SORRY!
Squall: *examines the bottle* "Water from the Fountain of-" Man this is stupid.
Locke: *opens the closet door and quickly shuts it behind him* Now I know what that is! It's the legendary water of youth!
Squall: *is puzzled*
Locke: Don't you see? That little bottle can be the key to a fortune! *steals the bottle*
Squall:...*draws the Gunblade*
Locke: Hah! I'm outta here! *trips and drops the bottle, smashing it* NOOOO!!!
Squall:...easy come, easy go.
Locke: That house had more bottles! I must go back there! *runs*
Squall: Damn, this day is dull. *opens the closet*
Celes: *screams, then sends Squall flying backwards with one punch*
*Rinoa enters the room*
Rinoa: That's funny. Where is Squall, anyway? *shrugs, then leaves*
*switches back to Galloway*

Galloway: *sips some milk* What? The camera wasn't destroyed?! *pushes a button, causing the camera to explode* There. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to. *leaves*

The Mox saga, part 25