The Final Fantasy Breakroom 12
by d_Galloway

Galloway: Well, after the fiasco last time, we've come back. And with a new beep-less camera, to boot! Unfortunately, I have a small mission to accomplish, so I'll be leaving now. *leaves*
*cuts to camera*

*all the furniture in the break room has been moved. A large projector screen and projector sit in their place. Cid (FF7) is by the projector*
Cid: Okay, you @*!&s! Get in here right now!
*Rydia, Vivi, Locke, Celes, Terra, Fighter, Thief, Sephiroth, Squall, and Rinoa enter the room*
Cid: Listen, @$!*#s!!! I only agreed to this home movie shit because I get some serious cash out of this, so pay attention or I'll make certain you die a slow and horrible death!
Celes: Yeah, right.
Cid:...why the *&@$ did we help you, anyway? Okay, let's go! *starts the projector*

(the rest will be a narration of the home movie)
*the break room is much like it is normally, only with more stuff lying on the ground. Kid Rydia and kid Celes are sitting on the floor in the middle*
Rydia: So what do you want to do?
Celes: I don't know. What do you want to do?
Rydia: Hey, I asked you first!
Celes: You always ask me first!
Rydia: I hate you!
Celes: Oh yeah? *pushes Rydia over*
Rydia: *gets up and wrestles Celes down*
*kid Locke enters*
Locke: Celes...
Celes: *looks up from Rydia, who's pinned to the ground* What?
Locke: *shows Celes a Teddy Bear*
Celes: Mr. Browny!!!
Locke: See ya! *runs away*
Celes: *gets off Rydia* Come back here!!! *chases after Locke while crying*
Rydia: *picks herself up* I hate you, Celes! I hate you!
*a teenage Fighter enters the room*
Rydia: Fighter!
Fighter: What the hell happened to you?
Rydia: Celes was being mean to me!
Fighter: Nope, not possible.
Rydia: What?
Fighter: You mage types are always mean to others! Fighter types like Celes are much nicer!
Rydia: You big meanie! *kicks Fighter in the leg, then hops around while holding her foot*
Fighter: So, what do you think of my new leg armor?
Rydia: *crying* CHOCOBO!!!
*Chocobo appears and knocks Fighter out of the room, then dissapears*
*teenage White Mage enters the room*
White Mage: Damn, those Chrono Trigger kids are annoying!
Rydia: *confused* Chrono Trigger? What's that?
White Mage: Just a bunch of losers that are trying to be heroes.
Rydia: But what if they do?
White Mage: They won't catch on. I know it.
*kid Tifa enters the room*
Tifa: *yawns* Why are you up so late, Rydia?
Rydia: It's not late...
White Mage: *looks at her watch* It's 10:30!
Rydia: But I'm not-*falls asleep*
Tifa: *falls asleep*
*Locke runs into the room. Celes is right after him*
White Mage: What are you two doing?
Celes: He took Mr. Browny!
Locke: She won't leave me alone!
White Mage: That's it! I'm sick of you damn kids who think that you're the latest and greatest! I have no choice but to do this...*grabs both Locke and Celes and carries them into a closet*
*a loud smack is heard from the closet, followed by a lot of screaming and crying*
(end home movie)

Rydia: *looks embarrased* Man, I was so freaking stupid back then.
Thief: Well, you aren't exactly so smart now, either.
*Mist Dragon appears, blows Thief out of the room, then dissapears*
*Black Mage enters the room*
Black Mage: Smutty porn's on in the Bushido Blade Break Room!
*everyone leaves for the BBBR*
*switches back to the set*

Gemini: Well, since my brother isn't here right now, I'll have to end the show. Good-night!

*Galloway, Tiger, and Cougar are standing by an army of dead soldiers*
Galloway: Mission accomplished.
Cougar: Man, is this all you do?
Galloway: Just about. Tiger, get him back to the boat before you-know-what happens.
Tiger: Gotcha. *takes Cougar and leaves*
Galloway: *climbs through a ventilation shaft. He reaches a point above a small office, where a man in a black robe is sitting*
Man: To think, I was this close to finishing the deed. No matter, I still have another trick up my sleeve.
*a large red light fills the room. A giant shadow appears*
Shadow: Do you have the talisman?
Man: Yes.
Shadow: Very well.
Man: Mox was foolish to waste his life in the search of such an unstable power. But he played out his part well. While they were so foolishly searching for him, we were easily able to obtain the talisman.
Shadow: Yes. We are the only two left in the deal, with the destruction of Hanzo and Mox. Have you gathered what is left of their armies?
Man: Yes, and I have named two members of their armies to be my main henchmen. Mox was weak; that is why he needed so many.
Shadow: Yes. You are many times stronger than Mox.
Man: But what about the heroes that defeated Mox? Will they be a threat?
Shadow: They know nothing of your existance, or your role in this grand scheme. They will not be able to stop us if they do not know where we are.
Man: Yes, master. I see your point.
Galloway: *slowly sneaks away*

*back at MERC HQ*
Cougar: *is in the bathroom, throwing up*
Galloway: *sighs*
Tiger: Is something wrong?
Galloway: No, not really...
Tiger: Okay. Well, I'm off to my boyfriend's house. *leaves*
Galloway: *looks at his watch* Cougar, are you all right in there?
Cougar: *continues to throw up*
Galloway: Okay.


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