The FF Break Room 2
by d_Galloway

*Galloway enters the set* Hello again. Due to a small accident involving a couple angre FF characters and a hidden camera, the FF characters now have a larger break room to replace the destroyed one. Still, it isn't impenetrable, so I have hidden another camera inside. Also, since our show has been moved to the 1 am time slot, and directly follows "Hooters", we are now able to curse all we want! *leaves*
*switches to hidden camera*
*the new break room is much larger than the original, but looks almost exactly the same. A box of donuts sits on a table. Zidane reaches in and grabs a donut*

Zidane: Finally! Fresh donuts! *eats donut and passes out* *Black Mage enters room*
Black Mage: Hahahahahahah! The "donut baked with crushed sleeping pills" trick worked! Now the donuts are mine! *takes the box of donuts and runs off*
*Cid (FFX) enters room*
Cid: HEY! KID! GET THE HELL UP! *shakes Zidane* Damnit, kid! Where the hell are the donuts?! *begins to tear through the cupboards*
*Locke enters room. He's in a wheelchair, and his body is bandaged heavily*
Locke: Where's that Black Mage? I'll kill him!
Cid: Forget him, where's the donuts?!
Locke:...*pushes a button on his armrest*
*lasers shoot out of the chair and blow Cid through the roof*
Locke: That's that. Now to find Black Mage...*sees movement in a corner of the room* Who's there?
*Edward comes out of hiding*
Edward: Is Tellah gone?
*Tellah jumps out of nowhere and hits Edward on the top of the head*
Tellah: At last! Revenge for Anna!
Edward:...*is revived instantly* of all people should know-no FF character can die in the break room!
Tellah: Then why the hell were you hiding?
Edward: Um...because it's my instinct?
Edward: DON'T EVER CALL ME THAT! *hides*
Tellah:...well, that was stupid.
Locke: Not as stupid as Zidane here. *pushes Zidane over* Now where's Black Mage?
*a loud moan is heard from outside the door. Black Mage walks in*
Black Mage: Oooooh. Too many donuts.
Locke: Prepare to die, weakened mage!
Black Mage: Attack, my disciple!
Locke: Huh?
*Vivi enters the room*
Vivi: HADOUKEN! *Hadoukens Locke out of the room-again*
Black Mage: Good. You may leave.
Vivi: *leaves*
*White Mage enters the room*
White Mage: Black Mage!
Black Mage: White Mage!
White Mage: *smashes Black Mage with a hammer and sends him flying throught the wall* Stupid evil Black Mage.
*Auron enters room*
Auron: *looks around* What happened here? And where's the coffee pot?
Tellah: Well, Locke was Hadoukened again, and White Mage just gave Black Mage the boot, so...
Auron: Forget it, where's the coffee?
White Mage: Uh, it broke when they were moving the room.
Auron:...*cuts the table in half with his sword, barely missing Zidane. He then leaves*
Zidane: *wakes up*...huh? Where's the donuts? Why am I on the floor? Why has the table been cut in two?
Tellah: Oh great. He's awake.
Zidane: If I wasn't so dizzy, you would be paying dearly for that remark. Now where're the donuts?
Tellah: Black Mage ate them all.
Zidane:...I'll kill Black Mage!
*Vivi enters room*
Vivi: Mr. Black Mage taught me this neat spell, Zidane.
Zidane: Oh, Vivi? And what is it?
White Mage & Tellah: NO!!!
Vivi: HADOUKEN! *Hadoukens Zidane out of the room* Oops.
Tellah: Great. First day here, and this place is already a mess.
White Mage: Well, we could be spied on again.
*the accursed "beep!" is heard from the location of the camera*
Tellah: Flare!
White Mage: HOLY!
*camera is destroyed*
*switches to Galloway*
Galloway: *is watching replays of "Hooters"* Crap, we're back on. Gotta go! *runs away*
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well, another stupid one down.