The FF break room 3
by d_Galloway

The FF break room 3
by d_Galloway
*Galloway walks on the set*
Galloway: You know the drill, blah blah blah, hidden camera, blah blah blah, FF characters, blah blah blah etc. *walks off the set*
*Switches to hidden camera*
*The Break Room is the same as before, except for two computers sitting across from each other. Black Mage and Zell are each sitting at a different computer*
Zell: That's what you think!
Computer: Nucular launch detected.
Black Mage: YES!!! IT'S OVER!!!
Zell: You forgot one thing.
Black Mage: And what's that?
Zell: That wasn't your nuke.
*Black Mage's base is nuked into oblivion*
Black Mage: NOOOOO!!!
Zell: All right, that's 7000 wins at Starcraft and counting. Now hand over the cash.
Black Mage: HADOUKEN!
Zell: *dodges Hadouken and punches Black Mage into the wall* There. Now for some hot dogs. *goes to the fridge*
*Squall enters the room. He's half asleep*
Squall: You wouldn't believe the dream I had last night.
Zell: Let me guess-you dreamt you were a moron.
Squall: How'd you guess?
Zell: You ALWAYS have that dream. *a loud crash is heard from outside* What now?
*An army of FF1 Ninjas enter the room*
Squall: Ninjas?
Boss Ninja: We are the Super Commando Ninja Death Squad! Surrender to us now or die!
Zell:...yeah right. *returns to the fridge*
Boss Ninja: You might as well give up on the hot dogs. We ate them all! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
Boss Ninja: Attack!
*Ninjas attack Zell, Squall, and the still unconcious Black Mage*
Boss Ninja: See? You cannot win!
*Black Mage wakes up*
Black Mage: Huh? *sees the attacking ninjas* Foolish ninjas! Prepare to die!
*Time seems to slow down as Black Mage raises his arms. His eyes lower, and a bright light glows around his body. The light gets progressively brighter and brighter, until the entire room is illuminated. Black Mage lowers his arms and puts his hands directly in front of him*
Black Mage: FINAL FLASH!!!
Boss Ninja: Crap!
Squall: Duck!
Zell: Mommy!
*Half of the room is blown away by the Final Flash-including the ninjas*
Black Mage: That's that. Now for my favorite site. *goes to the computer*
Zell: God, I need hot dogs!
Squall: Well, how are you supposed to get some? The ninjas ate EVERY one of them!
Zell: Just watch me! *leaves the room*
Black Mage: Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby!
Squall: What now, Black Mage? *looks at the computer screen and drops his jaw* Look at those bazooms!
*Celes, Locke, and Yuffie enter the room. Locke is FINALLY out of the wheelchair*
Celes: Let me guess-you're looking at porn again.
Black Mage: Oh yeah.
Yuffie: Uh, boys.
Locke: You two should be ashamed. *points at Black Mage and Squall* Why would you need to look at porn on the internet?
Celes: Uh, what are you saying, Locke?
Locke: Why do we need to look at dirty pictures on the net when we can see them right here, right now?
Yuffie: Yeah right!
Locke: Watch! *steals Celes's and Yuffie's clothes* See?
Celes & Yuffie: *blush and run out of the room*
Black Mage: You're dead now, you now that?
Locke: Won't be the first time I've died.
*Celes and Yuffie enter the room*
Locke: So, how are you guys?
Celes: You have a lot of nerve! *kicks Locke through the roof*
Yuffie: I hate that guy. What do you see in him, anyway?
Celes: I don't really know.
*a small beep is heard*
*switches to Galloway*
Galloway: Not this again! Well, this time they won't be able to destroy the camera!
*pushes a button*
*switches to hidden camera*
*camera explodes*
*switches to Galloway*
Galloway: *runs away*