The FF break room 4
by d_Galloway

*Galloway walks onto the set*
Galloway: Yada yada yada hidden camera blah blah blah. *walks off the set*
*Switches to hidden camera*
*The room is exactly the same as before. Sephiroth and Thief are playing cards*
Thief: I see your fifty, and I raise you 100! *thows a bunch of poker chips into a pile*
Sephiroth: I see that, and I raise you 100! *throws a bunch of poker chips into a pile*
Thief: I call. What'ya got?
Sephiroth: Full House. And you?
Thief: ROYAL FLUSH!!! *begins to take pile*
Sephiroth: *grabs Thief's hand in a cold, bone-crushing grip* Let me see your cards.
Thief: Okay, okay! *shows the cards*
Sephiroth: You have nothing, you idiot! *begins to take the pile*
Thief: Wait! Let me see your cards!
Sephiroth: Why, exactly?
Thief: *quickly steals the cards* Hah! You don't have anything, either!
Sephiroth: *rises slowly and draws the Masamune* Prepare to die.
Thief: *runs away*
*Kefka enters room*
Kefka: Sephiroth! What the hell are you-*is cut in half by the Masamune*...ow.
Sephiroth: I never liked him anyway. *leaves*
*Quina suddenly comes crashing through a nearby wall. Zell climbs in through the hole*
Zell: I saw you trying to take the hot dogs! Give them back!
Quina: No have them anymore! Me eat them!
Zell: *throws Quina through the other wall* Do I have to do everything myself? *leaves*
*Black Mage and Vivi enter the room. Black Mage is carrying a large book*
Black Mage: Now listen, my disciple. There exists magic several levels above your Hadouken. I have finally figured the method of casting Ultima!
Vivi: Big deal, Mr. Black Mage.
Black Mage: What did you say?
Vivi: I've known how to cast Ultima for years now! There's no secret to it!
Vivi: Do you even know any Level 11 spells?
Black Mage: You're REALLY trying my patience! Fine, face the Final Flash!
Vivi: I know 11th Level magic, too, you know!
Black Mage: *begins to channel energy*
Vivi: *begins to channel energy*
Black Mage: Almost ready!
Vivi: KA-ME...
Black Mage: *holds his hands out*
Vivi: HA-ME...
Black Mage: FINAL FLASH!
Vivi: HAAAAAA!!!!!!
*both attacks meet and blow the two black mages back*
Black Mage: What power!
Vivi: Yeah. We really need to stop watching Dragonball Z.
Black Mage: I agree.
*Butz (Blue Mage) enters room*
Butz: What the hell happened here?
Black Mage: Final Flash...
Vivi: Kamehameha...
Butz: Those are stupid, you know.
Black Mage: Oh, and I suppose you could think of something better?
Butz: As a matter of fact, I can! *begins to channel energy* Face the wrath of my Level 12 Black Magic!
Vivi: Oh god.
Butz: KAIOKEN TIMES 1000000!!!!!
Black Mage: RUN, MY DISCIPLE!!!
Vivi: MOMMY!!!
Butz: Prepare to die!
*switches back to Galloway*
Galloway: I've had enough of this crap! *flies off*
*switches back to Break Room*
Butz: Now face my wrath!
*Galloway breaks through the roof*
Butz: Who the hell are you?
Galloway:...I hate Blue Mages.
Butz: Hah! Face Kaioken!
Galloway: GALLO-BEAM!!! *shoots a white energy beam at Butz*
Butz: *is still standing* Hah! You missed! Now die!
Galloway: *draws sword*
Butz: *charges forward*
Galloway: *dodges left, grabs Butz by the leg, and flies off, still holding onto him*
*switches to an outside camera*
*A large hot dog delivery truck is lying on its side. Zell is sitting on top of it, eating hot dogs*
*Butz's lifeless body is thrown to the ground*
Zell: What the hell? *checks the body* Wait a minute, this isn't Butz! It's a robot! *runs inside*
*switches to hidden camera*
Zell: *runs into the Break Room* Butz was a robot!
Black Mage: What?
Vivi: Huh?
Kefka: *still dead (forgot about him, didn't ya?)*
Zell: Someone's trying to kill us and replace us with robots! What will we do?
*switches to Galloway, who is back in the studio*
Galloway: Hmmm, this is a crisis. Well, we'll just have to-*screen goes static. A voice begins to play*
Voice: I am Mox, evil businessman and anti-Squaresoft lobbyist. Well, I'm actually the only one at that, but my cause will win out! I will soon destroy Square's precious Final Fantasy characters and rule the world! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
*screen returns to Galloway*
Galloway:...this is more than a crisis now. Final Fantasy must be saved! But first...*changes into his pajamas and falls asleep on the set*