The FF break room 5
by d_Galloway

*The scene is the rooftop of Squaresoft headquarters. Black Mage, Vivi, White Mage, Cloud, Kefka, Sephiroth, Kuja, Zell, Squall, Locke, Celes, Tellah, Edward, Zidane are standing on the rooftop*
Zidane: Where the hell is this "Mox" guy, anyway?
Sephiroth: The more pressing question should be "who is this 'Mox' guy anyway?
Kefka: Ah, shut up you two.
Black Mage: Listen, Kefka, you're lucky we decided to revive you, so shut up!
Vivi: But, Mr. Black Mage, didn't you say you wanted to see Kefka burned into ash and thrown into a vat of acid?
Black Mage: Hehehehehe, shut up, my disciple.
White Mage: No, you shut up, Black Mage!
Tellah: Everyone should just shut up!
Cloud: Um, why am I here?
Squall: And you call me a moron.
Zell: *punches Cloud out* There, much better.
Edward: I hope this guy gets here soon.
Zidane: Me, too. I need those donuts.
*Auron walks onto rooftop*
Auron: They just saw someone flying towards here!
Zidane: What?
Auron: All I know is he's dressed in black armor, has enough weapons to level a country attached to him, and seems to be using barns for target practice!
Black Mage: This guy is too evil, even for me!
White Mage: When will he be here?
Auron: Right about...
*a guy in black armor flies up. His head is completely covered by a helmet, various weapons of destruction are attached to the armor, and a jetpack is attached to his back*
Guy: I am Mox!
Black Mage: Mox? What kind of a name is that?
Tellah: And black armor? That's SO old!
Kefka: And guns? Only wimps would use guns!
Zell: And a helmet? I've seen that a million times!
Squall: And that jetpack? That's-
Mox: All right! The armor is very steriotypical! But you will soon perish!
Vivi: Let's get it on!
Mox:...did you just hit on me?
Sephiroth: Great. Steriotypical AND stupid.
Edward: I could bring this guy down easily!
Mox: Well, who wants to try their luck!
Auron: ENOUGH! *charges forward*
Mox: *grabs Auron and slams him through the roof*
Black Mage: Bah! Fighters are of no use here! Face my level 11 magic! FINAL FLASH!!!
Mox: *reflects the Final Flash back at Black Mage, sending him flying into the street several stories below* I tire of this. Prepare to die! *draws a pair of uzis*
Edward: Eep! *hides*
Mox: *raises a shoulder cannon* No one can hide from me! *fires a string of missles at the hiding spot, destroying it completely*
Edward: Aaah! *runs away*
Mox: You are pathetic. I've decided to kill you quickly!
Zidane: Well, it's been nice knowing you all!
Vivi: Flare!
Mox: *is hit by the flare* Hah! Was that supposed to hurt? *boots Vivi into Zidane* No kid can defeat me!
Zell: *jumps at Mox*
Mox: *slaps Zell away*
Mox: *simply absorbs the attack and slams Squall through the roof*
Sephiroth: *morphs into his One-winged Angel form*
Kefka: *morphs into his angel form*
Sephiroth: Die! *casts Shadow Flare*
Kefka: Die! *casts Ultima*
Locke: Die! *casts Ultima*
Celes: Die! *casts Meteor*
White Mage: Die! *casts Holy*
Kuja: Die! *casts Grand Cross*
Mox: *is barely scratched from the attack* Ah, excellent. You succedded in damaging me a little. But you will soon die!
Kuja: Hey! That's my-*is hit in the head by Mox*...line.
Voice: Mox!
Mox: Who the hell is-*is sent flying to the roof by a kick in the back*...that?
Galloway: *lands gracefully onto the roof-or what's left of it* Mox, your time is up!
Mox: *examines his jetpack* You idiot! You destroyed my jetpack!
Galloway: And that won't be the only thing that's broken when I'm done with you!
Mox: *begins to chant something*
Galloway: *jumps away seconds before fire explodes where he was just standing*
Mox: Bah! You're dead meat!
Galloway: *begins to chant something*
Mox: BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! *charges Galloway*
Galloway: I know something you don't know!
Mox: And what's that?
Galloway: I don't know magic. *cuts a gap in Mox's armor using his sword*
Mox: No! *draws his uzis* I can't lose!
Galloway: *cuts the uzis in half*
Mox: Your mother's so fat...
Galloway: *twitches madly*!
Mox: Your momma's so ugly...
Galloway: PREPARE TO DIE!!!
Zidane: Well, this is unusual.
Kefka: *reverts to normal* Who cares? He's doing the fighting for us!
Sephiroth: *reverts to normal* Does anyone have popcorn?
Celes: *summons 500 pounds of popcorn* Chow down!
All the FF characters: *eat popcorn*
Galloway: *jumpkicks Mox* Do you surrender?
Mox: Why should I surrender to a crappy fanfic author like you?
Galloway: *goes bug-eyed* Crappy? Did you say crappy?
Mox: Wait, I meant to say "crappy". DAMN! SHE CONTROLS ME FROM HERE, TOO!
Galloway: You mean you're actually...*removes Mox's helmet* Magus!
Magus: Crap, you found me out!
FF characters: *stare in shock*
Galloway: *stares in shock*
Magus: *just sits there*
Black Mage: *returns*
Auron: *returns*
Squall: *returns*
Galloway: Why'd you do this?
Magus: Those FF characters set the way for RPG's like Chrono Trigger. At first, things were great. Then "she" came.
Galloway: Who's she?
Magus: That meanacing fanfic author abused me, throwing me into every crossover imaginable, forcing me to go through stupid situation after situation after situation! I was so obsessed with revenge that I built this suit, renamed myself Mox, and set out to destroy the series that helped give birth to me!
Galloway: You are the stupidest person I have ever met. And now-*grabs Magus and flies over to Weiila's house*

Several hours later:
Galloway: Ah, what a long day. *falls asleep*