Flight Of The Valkarie by Richard B. Sampson Jr.

(This story is based off characters from the game Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. The events of this story take place before the game.)

If there was one thing I took seriously, it was my duties at the castle. It was true that I was one of the few women that the king and queen had selected for their Valkarie brigade, but I proved to be the best and was made leader. I took my post seriously, and I had very little off time. However, in my off time, I had found myself falling for one of the guards. We had met during one of our rounds, and during our off hours, we have been together. He brought a completeness to my life. I had even been considering asking my king and queen if he and I could wed. I know it would mean the end of my career, but I would gladly risk it. I have not been this happy in years. I was almost lost in that thought when I heard the alarm sound. Something was attacking the castle. As I ran through the halls, I saw my fellow Valkarie’s come up along side me. As we headed to the outer wall, I said to one of them, “What is happening?”

My second in command just said, “A chimera is attacking. It is just like the creature that attacked the castle long ago. The guards are fighting it right now.”

I felt my blood freeze when she said that. “All of the guards? How are they faring?”

My third pointed toward the window and said, “I don’t think they have much hope. Look.” I looked out the window she pointed at and I was horrified at what I saw. The chimera had three heads, one of a snake, one of a lion and one of an eagle, but the most horrifing was that it picked up one guard in all three mouths and ripped him apart.

Then I noticed the shield he had had. It was the man I had loved. When the Chimera ripped him apart, I shouted out, “NOOOOO!!!!” The monster killed the man I had loved.

My second in command just put her hand on my shoulder and said, “I’m sorry for your loss, but we must fight that thing. We cannot let it destroy the castle.” It was then I remembered some history of the castle. We had something to defeat it.

I quickly got my wits back and said, “I’ll be with you in a moment. I just remembered we have something in the Armoury that can stop this beast.” I then ran down to the castle Armoury. I had to move as quickly as possible. Every moment I spent down here meant another moment that the Chimera could slaughter our kingdom. I ran through the amoury looking for the swords. When I reached that section, I looked over every sword there, muttering to myself, “Where is that Scimitar?”

I was almost startled when I heard the queen say, “Are you looking for this?” I turned around to see her holding the Scimitar. She then said, “It’s just like Rasha had predicted long ago. The Chimera would return, and his Scimitar would be needed to chase it away again. Hopefully, you will be able to do what he could not do. I have faith in you.”

When she offered me the Scimitar, I accepted it and said, “I hope to do you proud.” I then felt strange, as if my body was changing. When it finally stopped, I looked at myself in a mirrored shield and saw that I had wings and feathers. I had become a Falconess.

The queen looked at me and said, “It is true. You are a Legend.” I knew what I had to do. I ran to the nearest window and flew out of it, with Rasha’s Scimitar in hand. With luck, I could remove one of the heads of the Chimera.

As I neared the beast, I could understand it, and I could tell each head had a distinct voice. One seemed to have a hiss in it, and that had to be the snake head. It just said, “You were right, these foolish creatures do make excellent snacks.”

I then heard the Eagle head say, “Indeed, and none of them can hurt us. They don’t have the sword that killed our parent all those years before.”

It was then that the Chimera’s Lion head looked in my direction and said, “I think we just ran across the new sword weilder.”

I flew closer and said, “I don’t know how I can understand you, but you shall terrorize this castle no more.”

It was just as I was close that the Lion’s head just said, “We are not as dumb as our predecessor. You shaltn’t strike us.” With those words, fire came from the Lion and singed my wings. I needed to land, and the Chimera took flight. As I landed, it flew off and said, “We shall meet again, and at that time, you will be our meat.”

As I touched down to the castle keep, I looked up at the Chimera and said, “We will fight again, monster, but I shall not be your meal.” I then tried to fly, but the damage to my wings was too great. I then walked over to what was left of the man I loved. He was gone, no longer alive. I reverted back to my normal form and just sat by what was left of the man I loved. I needed to morn his passing.


It had been hours since the Chimera’s attack, and I still sat in the Keep. I still could not believe the events of the day. What had amazed me most was that I could understand that creature. Why could I understand that evil beast? I was almost started when I heard a voice say, “You have lost much, haven’t you, my Valkarie?”

I quickly stood up at attention and said, “Yes, I have sire. I should have acted quicker.”

My king just shook his head and said, “No, I don’t think that would have helped. You see, you needed to awake the legend in you. Many years ago, Rasha said another Legend would be born. She never said when the second Legend would arrive.” I was amazed. I had never known the Rasha was a Valkarie as well.

I then heard the Queen say, “Indeed, when I saw you transform, I knew you were the chosen one of our realm. It is said that you will stop an evil far greater than our worlds have seen.”

I looked at them in amazement and said, “Far greater. How am I to defeat it?”

The king then said, “The story states that you will not be alone. You will have help from the other realms, including our sister realm of the Sky Dominion. Right now, you must head to Sumner.”

I had heard of the legendary mage. I looked over at the King and Queen and said, “I have heard stories about him. How can he help me?”

The queen then said, “Go to the etherial tower in our castle. At the very top is the bridge to Sumner’s tower. He can direct you on your quest. The only thing I ask is that you leave the Scimitar here. It seems to have scared off the Chimera.” I nodded and headed for the etherial tower.

When I reached the base of the tower, I looked up. It looked as if it wasn’t there, yet it was there. I started the long climb and said to myself, “Sumner, I hope you can help me do what I need to do.” This was going to be a long journey, and I could feel the pains of this day plauging me.

End of the Valkarie’s tale.