Episode 3 of Seiken: Growing Up
by Duran the Warrior


>Rolante Castle
Elliot: Big brother Kevin, what you know about girls?
Kevin, shocked:?!?!
<Enter Duran>
Duran: I was hearing the conversation and figured I'd help with this. Ok Elliot......remainder basic birds and bees, but in more crude terms.
About a 1.5 hours later
Elliot: Thanks, Karl, lets go!
<Elliot, Karl leave.>
Kevin: Why you here?
Duran: There's this "girls day off" thing going on, so me and Hawkeye went here to help watch Elliot with you. Where is he?
<Enter Hawkeye>
Hawkeye: I saw Elliot going towards the training area and locker room, with a strange look in his eyes.
Duran: Hehe...
Kevin: Elliot like girls. Duran talk to him about it.
Duran: .......
Hawkeye: Duran, what did you tell him.
Duran: The uncensored birds and bees.
Kevin: He look at girls?
Hawkeye: I don't believe it... Duran, you just had to do that. You know what this means?
<Screams heard far off.>
Duran: Yes, it means that the prince will try to take peeks at stuff, and if unchecked worse.
Kevin: Me think that we should have wait for Riesz.
Hawkeye: But it's too late for that and now we have to worry about damage control. What else did you tell him. <Duran whispering tells Hawkeye> you told him that?!
Duran: How else was he supposed to know about the different varies of girls in the world. I think I went overboard with describing certain features.
<A whoosh is heard.>
Hawkeye: I think I have a slight idea that will happen. He will travel the world, and solving his curiosity, but if left unchecked, Riesz hears about it and kills us. You and Kevin go to Jad, while I clean up the mess.
Duran: Kevin, to the cannon!
<they leave; Hawk talks to the amazons.>
>Outside the locker room
Hawkeye: Sorry about the results of my friend's mouth. I assure you that this won't happen again.
Eliza: Don't worry; he's just a young boy. But if he does that elsewhere, there will be problems.
<The amazons leave. Heath enters.>
Heath: I was sent to make sure that Duran didn't say something stupid, but he did by the looks of things.
Hawkeye: We should go to Wendel and wait. I figure by the pattern, Elliot will visit very major city, but not cites like Palo or Elrand.
<Heath teleports him and Hawkeye to Wendel.>
Duran: We're here! <spies Elliot> Hey Elliot get back here or your sister will have our balls in a grinder!
Elliot: I'm just doing as you told me.
Duran: But I wasn't thinking; I though that you had better sense than to go pull these stunts...
<Elliot goes off.>
Kevin: Me try next time.
Duran: Ok, ok.
<Screams sound off. They run to it.>
Duran: Sorry about that misplacement of... hands.
Sunbathing Girl: Was it me or was that Prince Elliot of Rolante?
Kevin: No; he just boy that listened to Duran.
>Rabbite Forest
Elliot: Duran told off nuns in Wendel, among other things.
<He leaves on Flammie, just as the Duran and Kevin enter.>
Duran: If he's getting bolder at this rate, he will be arrested or be beaten up; Riesz really won't like that.
Kevin: He go to Wendel.
<They head to Wendel and meet Hawkeye and Heath.>
Heath: You're too late; he caught some nuns out...of their element. Charlotte is a bit confused, since the price decided to... play tonsil hockey with her; is that how you would say it?
Duran: Yeah; seems that I unleashed a real monster here.
Hawkeye: I think that Forcena, Mais, and Byzel are his next stops. Even though most of the truly big magic is gone due to the lack of mana, it seems that normal spells used still work, like Heath's teleportation.
Heath: Well due to the size of the party and scale of this journey, I decided to pull out one of the masked mage's airships.
Duran: Enough of talk, we have to get to my house before my family finds out about this.
<A girl runs up.>
Girl: Do you know where prince Elliot will go next? I really want to meet him.
Duran: I'm not so sure that's a real good idea right now.
Kelly: Oh! I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Kelly of the beast kingdom. I first heard of him when they first visited Mintos.
Duran: No doubt Kevin-Related.
Kevin: Me know her; she had crush on me.
Kelly: That was in the past, and that you're taken. But when I saw him I just swooned. He seems so innocent.
Duran: I think, despite his actions; he still is.
Hawkeye: I just thought of something: How about you and Kelly get dropped off at your house, and the rest of us will search the other 2 cites.
<The plan went to action. The 3 went to Maia, and Byzel, nothing happened since it was daytime.>
>Airship en route to Forcena
Hawkeye: Good thing it's about one. I don't know what would have happened if the black market was open.
Duran: Alright, Elliot, just stop this game and go home.
Kelly: I've heard of you trying to learn about girls. How about I teach you some instead of this haphazard romp.
Elliot: Sorry, but I have to see all the girls of the world. You seem like a beastwomen, correct?
Kelly: !? How you know?
Elliot: Sis is going out with a half-one. From that I conclude that beastpeople seem more "built" up than humans. How old are you, Miss Kelly?
Kelly: 12; and forget that 'Miss' stuff.
Elliot: Well, I have one more stop: Altena.
<Leaves on Flammie.>
Kelly: ....
Duran: Don't worry; I think he'll come around.
<The others arrive.>
Hawkeye: Where is he going next?
Duran: Altena; right were the Girls are...
Heath: I figure unless he is stopped, all of out "jewels" will be in a grinder, not just Duran's.
Hawkeye<to himself>: It seems that liking Beast people must run in Riesz's family.
<They leave to Altena.>
>Altena Inn
<Elliot runs by followed by the others.>
Jessica: Riesz, if I didn't know any better, I think I just saw your brother and the boys just run by.
<Kelly enters.>
Kelly: Wow! So many famous people here.
<starts to pester them.>
>Altena, chasing Elliot
Duran: Good thing I saw them and asked Kelly to distract them.
Hawkeye: Elliot! Stop! You're going about this all wrong!
Elliot: Still, Duran said to see every type of girl.
<He runs smack into Mack.>
Mack: Sorry, but I'm the designated peeper of this area.
Kevin: Father!
Mack: What else was I supposed to do; I'm retired, old, and feeling like a 15 year-old.
Kevin: Father, you 40!
<The girls come out.>
Riesz: What is the meaning of this, Duran
Duran: (What am I going to say; I'm not good at lying.)
Mack: Well, Kevin, weren't you just talking about a game of "Duran and Koran". They were playing it here just in case Elliot started to miss his sister.
Riesz: Alright, continue your game. Kelly, this is my brother.
Kelly: Hey Elliot, let's talk, ok?
Elliot: Sure!
Karl: Arf!
<They go elsewhere.>
Mack: Duran, in return for me saving you all, how about setting me up with your aunt.
Duran: Ok, on one condition, no acting older and dirtier than you actually are.
>Next Day, Duran's house
<Duran reads the paper.>
Paper: Former Beast King peeps all over the world.
Duran: Geez, he really did save us.
Stella, looking at the paper: This guy, isn't he Kevin's dad?
Duran: Sure; Aunt Stella, I have something to ask...
Stella: Could you set me up with him!
Duran: Sure. (The only thing crazier than some of my stunts is my life!)
That ends episode 3. Come next time for Episode 4:Shadows of the past. This will not be for the faint of heart, as it looks into a corner of Riesz's past.