Adventures of Mabatsekker & Kat-Chi Sareas - Medieval
by Mabatsekker

Mabatsekker was nervoused. The upcoming week was nothing short of a hurry. First of all, the whole city was in a mess after that recent Goblinoid Flood, where the greenskins were on their yearly raids, where he was only lightly wounded, but Kat was severely wounded as she was protecting the combat hospitals near the walls. If it weren't for her faith in the castle garrison to hold the masses outside the building, she'd be among the dead now, for charging alone to a mass of rusty spearheads and spiked clubs would have been a suicide.

Maba shrugged the negative thoughts away and kept shovelling the gravel away from the steps of the Great Church. While Maba himself wasn't a saint, he still kept the priests in a high place in his mind since they had given him shelter after his family was driven from their lands by the very same yearly Goblinoid Flood, only 9 years earlier.

A few years later, a slaver company had been delivering slaves for whatever malicious reasons to the eastern lands from the jungles of the west. Among them were tribal humans, dark elves and some other races. Since the priests weren't up for fighting the slavers, they bought all the children in the convoy their freedom and took care of them. Some of the older ones fled on the very night of their release, but the rest were left emotionally scarred forever for being separated from their parents. Among them, Mabatsekker found a soulmate; The young feline girl from the Sareas tribe that was overrun by an undead horde. Mabatsekker, being moved by the girls fate, befriended him and they became the friends that they are now.

"If it weren't for you, we'd never had such a spirited lass in our community, Dermin. It was you who she spoke her first words with. It was you who made her smile." Galford Meisenburg, the elder paladin of the order said to him, as the venerable Paladin approached Mabatsekker.

"I told you, you can call me Maba, Galmeister. We're not being exactly official here now that the city is in a mess. Besides, I have to finish this fast so I can go meet her in the.."

Maba was about to finish his sentence, when Galford took him spade and told to him: "Ahh.. if you're so worried of her, why don't you go see her now? I may be old, but I can still work a shovel like in my younger days! "Besides, lovers need to have their daily meeting early, so they won't forget who they are, Sir Mabatsekker of the Dermin family.."

Mabatsekker glanced at the Paladin a bit, had a small blush and then shaked hands with the Paladin, thanking him and moved away to leave. As he was about to start running for the hospital, Galford shouted at his general direction: "I'll assume you'll take the midnight shift shovelling here!"

Maba went "D'oh!", but his mind was still on meeting Kat-Chi. The two first days were practical hell for him to wait as they waited for skillful healers to arrive from the neighboring kingdoms. For two days Maba sat there beside her, holding her hand and praying for a miracle. that was five days ago. Only two days remain until her birthday. She was going to be 17, two years younger than Maba himself, but then again, Maba saw Kat as his older sibling, what with her scolding him about being lazy in his studies of magic or goofing with the swordplay. Secretly, Maba hadbeen fashioning a ring for her, to make them never to separate. That was his feeling for the feline girl.

His heart skipped a beat when he entered the nurses office. Bowing to the nurses there, he asked for the location of miss Sareas. The nurses complimented him and showed him the way to Kat's room. "Blueboy's here again!", "Lucky gal to have such a dearie!" he heard as he opened the room to leave .

"She still has a high fever from the poisoned weapons, but that should be over in a few days, trust me. she still hasn't opened her eyes, though", said the doctor in the room, who was scribbling in his notes.

"She better be. I wanna be there when she wakes up. She'd choke me if I weren't there!" Maba replied, while holding her hand again. Kat was breathing heavily, but atleast she wasn't coughing blood like on the night Maba was carrying her to the hospital. He still remembered how he wanted to stay with Kat, but she trusted his prowess with the cityguard.

Maba was about to fall asleep in his memories' flow, but then the door suddenly SLAMMED open and Maba heard a familiar female voice go "Ho ho ho! And how are the lovers doing?"

Part two