Chapter 10: Enemy? Enemies? No Hope at all?

"He did WHAT!? I wouldn't even have considered to hire you if you didn't know about basic magic employed by any adventuring wizard!", scowled Nordendorf. The Cor Yemilb bandits had returned to their employer, Necromancer Count Eugen Nordendorf without delay after their 'defeat' against Mabatsekker and company. Cor, the leader of the stepped out of the line and objected: "But sir, our briefing had *nothing* about magic users or berserkers! We assumed it was just some naive noble passing by to be kidnapped!"

"Bah! I'll have to commend young Dermin though, for having learned his trade so quickly..", said Nordendorf to himself, while scratching his chin. " for you..", he turned to the brigands. "You are to keep your mouths shut and keep a low profile until I have a use for you, but I HIGHLY doubt it!", he scowled. Cor tried to object, but in vain, as Nordendorf snapped his fingers together.

A loud, metallic screech was heard behind Nordendorf. From the shadows, two gigantic skeletons stepped out, donning full plate armor and a cleaver so nasty-looking that it'd be enough to send the bravest warrior running away, if he hadn't been so scared by the skeleton itself. One of the bandits was down for the count from the mere sound, and several had wet their pants. The two skeleteons aligned themselves on boh sides of the Necromancer, and then stood still. "Now," the Necromancer began, "You're to keep a low profile, and MAYBE I'll have a job later for you lowlifes.. Now SCRAM!" The remaining bandits scuttled like cockroaches for the exit, dragging their unconscious comrade with them. The necromancer sighed and put his hand on his forehead while thinking to himself how he could've converted them to zombies instead. Atleast they'd follow orders without stupid excuses.

His thoughts were interrupted as a low hiss and a *bamf* were heard behind him. "Guten Abend.. pardon, wrong language. Good Evening, Eugen", said a confident voice from the shadows. The voice got closer, and the being kept talking; "Mein languages have been in a rather chaotic use for a moment. Our alliance requires.. some discussion for the moment, mm?" The Necromancer had his arms clenched, very tightly. "I thought I told you *NOT* to call me Eugen! I *hate* that name!", he almost screamed.

"Das ist very interesting; You're as calm as a glass of water, but once I call you with that name, you shriek like a harpy..", the figure returned while finally stepping out of the shadow. "He" was a dark elf, clad in a noble's cloak with his almost cloth-like chainmail glinting in the light cast by the torches. "You surface-dwellers and your lousy good-for-nothing love for light..", the elf scowled at the sight of the torch. "I do not possess any particular liking towards the sun either; makes my business pretty much naked if I attempt to, say, raise bodies in graveyards, no?" The elf smiled in return. "I expect your lackeys have failed your little task, judging from the looks of a quick retreat?", he asked. The count bit his lip: "Indeed. They didn't expect to meet a mere boy with magical abilities, or their friend with suicidal attack preferences..", he went on, but was interrupted by the elf:

"You mean the Tereinan is still amongst surfce dwellers? Hmmph, I would send my landstalker recruits for a nightjob to finish her guardian, but we cannot afford any risks before our plan is completed.." he said, looking at the Necromancer with a serious look on his features. "Do not worry, Världätare, I know of people who can take care of this problem even in the face of the sun, given the proper lures..", the Necromancer promised. The two nodded in agreement, and Världätare vanished the same way he had appeared. The Necromancer was not happy about this accident being leaked to the Dark Elf command.. "It's a shame with overkilling, but if SHE can't take care of the job.."

2 hours later, in a lowlife inn just a walking lenght from Kuntz:

Mysterious Female:
"I dun care who wants to hire me, I'm jus' interested about my fee and the target! What? Some blind kid? Now lissen up! I don't do in kids, or kidnapping, so buzz off! Whazzat? D.. Dermin?? Where is he? Awright awright, I'll sign!" *scribbling*

Equally Mysterious Man:
"You've done a fine job.. your target is fine example of a magic-using wretch.. Peord Tan'nein"

To be continued..


Chapter 11

(Two "cameo" persons were in this show: One from Rendez, one from my D&D campaign, heavily altered)