Chapter 15

"Where's the woman this tall and looks like a third-human-elf-feline!?"

To Maba's horror, Zoliphian was not downstairs. Igatona remembered knocking the rude woman out thanks to her meddling with his music, but she wasn't around to be seen at all.

"Perhaps she was captured?" suggested Tan'nein. "Hardly, I think Maba got them all in his *little* fit of rage" Iga smirked. Maba lowered Tiria down on to her feet and then peered at the still-unconscious Kat-Chi, and then peered outside. "Take care of her. I'm going out to look for Zoliphian" he exclaimed, and stepped outside from the Inn's main entrance. Tan'nein and Igatona looked at eachother and nodded mutually. Tiria felt up a chair behind her and sat down, reflecting upon the terrible deed done by the bandits. To her horror, she didn't feel as shocked as she should have been.

As he stepped out into the cold, dark streets of Kuntz and sighed as the sheriff was rushing towards him with a dozen town guards. Before they could even begin, Maba pointed at the inn with his thumb and cracked his shoulders.

"Three Cor Yemilb guys dead, two-three in a critical condition, and the leader's still alive. Good evening", he said in a bland tone, and began a desperate spurt while looking for his friend. "Excuse me, madam, but have you seen a friend of mine, she's about this tall and sports silver hair and some cheekscar-like tattoos..", he tried to ask a white-hooded lady on her front porch, apparently enjoying a cup of tea.

"No.. I was wondering the racket that is seemingly coming from the corner bar.. It certainly woke me up, so I came here. Then all of a sudden, the sheriff runs past too!", the woman spoke, as if in a complete state of surprise.

"Yeah, things have been.. a bit shaken *bites lip* the inn", Maba replied.

"Oh well, I can't sleep anymore without a relaxing cup of tea.. Would you like to have a cup of Greyen, mr..?", queried the woman.

"Oh, I'm Dermin Mabatsekker, mrs..?" "*Miss* Weiila Magus, athough I do not quite know.." she interrupted with a smile..

"I'm afraid that I do not have the time at the moment, but perhaps tomorrow, at a slightly more brighter light of day, Ms. Magus?" Maba politely asked. "My pleasure, Mr. Dermin. But please, call me Weiila. The name Magus has a certain dischord to it when used..", Weiila replied cheerfully, but slightly drowsily. "I suppose I'll withdraw to my sleeping chambers.."

The woman waved and turned to step inside, but was interrupted by Maba: "And you can call me Maba. I don't like my name to be spoken out in the public so carelessly either.."

Weiila smiled and walked inside.

("Good to know there are nice people here too.."), Maba thought and then noticed the loud singing Weiila had mentioned. Perhaps someone in the bar saw a drunken third-feline-human-elf wandering around..


"..Booger." was all Maba could mutter. There she was, singing and dancing with this really towering guy.. and heaving a huge bottle labeled "XXX" around. All red-cheeked, cheerful and happy.. unaware of what had happened to Gar.

"Zoliphian", said Mabatsekker. "Heeeeeeeeey.. isn't it my favourite toothpick! I deschided to paaartay s'more myschelf after s'hat jerk basched me with his lute-thing-whatever", greeted Zoliphian in a drunken tone.

"Zol, important stuff came up. We need you back at the inn. Now."

"Hold yer horsies.. Spazster-mazster, looksh like I'll hafta be goin' now. Maybe we can do thish agin some udder time, eh?", Zoliphian babbled to the "Spazster"-person.

"Spazster?" asked Maba. "Spazzy.. that'll do.. What's your name, fella?", Spazzy came down to shake hands. His grip was.. fierce. "Maba will do", smirked the man at the.. whatever he was. He was absolutely huge, and his hands were complimented with a set of claw-like nails aswell, and his hads.. all.. furry, rather than just overly hairy.

"Sorry about your hand, but it's that time of the moon again. I get all shaky, if you pardon the pun!", joked the man. "I guess you're Zozo's friend?"

"Yeah. I need her back. Bad stuff happened in the inn. Major bad", replied Maba. "Whasso bad, Maba? Gar smassh'd anoder door while schleepwalking?", Zoliphian interrupted. "It's about Gar alright. Look, I better get you to a bed so we can talk it out in the morning.", Maba tried. He really wanted her head to be clear as crystal so she could take the bad news.


("I.. hate.. walking drunks home."), cursed Maba in his thoughts. Memories of Zoliphian drunk after their first night of excessive drinking came haunting back: They couldn't exactly return her home with vomit on her shirt, or the swearing nightmare that she was, so they had to walk her around a bit so her head cleared. Two words: "Living Heck". Just like this one, minus the vomit part plus the fact that Maba carried her on his back. She had a sip from her bottle of "XXX" every little moment or so, as she hummed another of her drunken songs of rebellion and mutiny.

"Here we are.. (at last)..", said Maba in a relieved tone. The corpses were already taken away, and the sheriff was interrogating the bandit leader with Tan'nein. "Yo, I'm here with miss rebellion.", Maba said. The others barely noticed.

"..You smell bad..", commented Igatona as Maba passed by. "..She smells worse", replied Maba.

Tan'nein came up to him with her hands crossed over her chest. "You should probably take her to your room to rest. The little chick.. what was it.. Tiria, is sleeping with yer girl now. You look like you could use so rest too, laddie" "I know"

"We'll tell you what we know tomorrow morning. (I'm itching to get that bastard Eugen so bad..).", muttered Tan'nein and went back to the sheriff.

Maba noticed that Zoliphian had dozed off. "..Makes it easier for me, I guess", thought Maba to himself and put the bottle she had to a small table next to the stairs and hefted her to his back and slowly proceeded upstairs to Maba and Zoliphian's shared room. "..Here we go", whispered Maba and dropped the woman to her bunk.

("Ouch. I think I strained my arm with those thugs..") He lifted his shirt off and took his shoes off and laid on his back for a while, thinking about what had happened. Gar instantly came to his mind, with all the memories of his lulling him slowly into deep slumber...


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Chapter 16