Adventures of Mabatsekker & Kat part 3
by Mabatsekker

Maba had an uneasy dream. It wasn't exactly a nightmare, but a twisted version of his life - Kat was still a slave, Zoliphian as bitchy as ever, and all he himself did was being a general idiot. The dream was stopped as his head was tapped lightly, but he shrugged it off, until he was literally smashed in the head.

"Wake up, sweet fool of mine..." was the first thing Maba heard when he picked his head up. He then turned his head to the left, and saw what he had waited for several weeks now - Kat's eyes open and her wide smile just fulfilled the perfect moment.. Until he got slapped.

"Maba.. you remember what I told you about respecting a girls privacy when he sleeps?", she asked while having a stern look.

Mabatsekker looked confused, and all he got out was a light "Uhhh....?" Kat then bounced onto Maba like a public official, and then embraced him most lovingly, filling him with all the warmth he was missing while Kat was out cold. "Did'cha miss me, hon?" She asked playfully. Maba kept the embrace going, and answered: "More than you could imagine", and closed his eyes.

*Moments pass*

Kat consumed her breakfast at speeds most unnatural, and Mabatsekker told her how things had fared while she was unconscious. Kat took the news in pretty undertandingly, and went quiet about the people who died during the horde attack. As she asked about the things faring with Maba himself, he got serious: "Kat, I have good news and bad news. The good thing is, I got a nice deal up. The bad thing is, we gotta make the trip with Ms. Bitchy attitude"

Kat raised an eyebrow, and raised her hands into a cross on her chest. "You were gonna go on a trip with Zoliphian while I was asleep? Who knows what that prissy little kitty woulda screwed up in your head??" Maba looked down, and told her how it was more a job of recognition than of tolerance with Zoliphian, and the pay was pretty good too. Then he realized how Kat's birthday was coming closer, and he dangled the ring around his neck inside his shirt. ("That was close"), he thought.

The doctor performed the final examination, and told the couple that she was fine, maybe a few sores left, but nothing serious. Kat was astounded how well the repairs had been done; The collapsed wall had been remodelled to a gate, and various buildings were built into 'linked' houses. She greeted everyone, and everyone greeted her. Mabatsekker was so much in the background by then that he thought they had forgotten his valiant efforts. That thought was removed, when the older ladies of the town made their moves on him, and he played along, until Kat realized this and then pulled the young man to their small, yet comfy dorm in the Cathedral. She offered her prayers to the deceased, and visited the kindergarten where she teached to comfort the children who lost their parents.

Maba, on the other hand, went to perform the most unpleasant paperwork ever with the guild he had signed the workcontract with. He had planned to do it most quickly and silently as possible so he wouldn't have to meet Zoliphian, even if he did, he'd ignore her as much as possible on this most happy day...

*End part 3*

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