Adventures of the Legio of the Purifiers, chapter 8

The following cuts are excerpts from Sir Dermin's Journal:

", we finally got on our way to the Towers. The first two hours of walking were pretty monotonic on my behalf, as Kat and Zoliphian sat on the carriage with Tiria, talking 'girl' stuff. Me and Gar? We just looked at eachother and nodded whenever they laughed at themselves. Weird, those girls and their.. things, whatever they are. Weird.."

"..As the evening fell, we stopped for camp. It was a time for Tiria to practice her magicks, as she attempted to start a fire with Zoliphian's help; Those two share magically enchanced blood of some sort which fuels their powers. Kind of a natural talent. My powers are still minor, and I had to sit in front of a book all the time I wanted to become a magician. Oh well. At least they didn't burn anything like that one time Zoliphian was asked to light up all the candles for a moonlight ceremony.. she managed to burn up the curtains aswell--.. *text appears a bit shaky*.."

"..Great. Gar managed to snap some extra firewood.. along with a tree trunk. Hope the horse can tow some extra weight around since it'd be a shame if we had to give more trees their death penalty. It's a clouded night, no stars or no moon to be seen. Maybe Tiria could give the eyepatch the slip? It'd be great if she actually knew what her guardians looked like. I know we look pretty trustworthy, but if she had others as guardians, we wouldn't look nearly as ordinary out of the usual. Big ruffians around a drow would seem pretty suspicious. I just hope no-one causes a ruckus when we get to the inn-checkpoint-trading post tomorrow.."

"..Lovely. Tiria can't seem to be able to even see in torch-lit conditions. Poor girl.. The only other who could actually see her would be Zoliphian with her darkvision, but would that matter so much? Getting this curse off her shoulders is getting more and more support on my behalf. She just doesn't get well along with the world with such an ailment. Blindness. Horrible but a sad truth. Zoliphian offered to take the first turn in the nightwatch, what with her chattering with Tiria when she actually can take the bandage off her eyes when the fire is put out. Hope Zol can keep her mannerisms out of Tiria's head.. - Daermin Mabatsueker"

That night, around the fireplace snuffed of its flame, Zoliphian watched as Gar had his good eye closed as he leant against a tree as he slept: It was quite a sight to her, when she usually doesn't see him in a position like that. Asleep, naturally. Turning her head, Zoliphian saw Maba and Kat next to eachother, with their blankets rolled around them except on their heads. ("Like when we were camping when we were children"), she thought. ("I'll never forget it how we all draped up into the same blanket as it got cold..")

Her thoughts were cut by Tiria, who was scoping out, tired-looking into the sky. "The globe is about to come", she said as she looked the clouds move. She reached for her fold, but couldn't find it. Zoliphian handed it over to Tiria, and spoke to her in a soft voice: "You know, what I see from your eyes, is that they're beautiful. It'll be well worth the effort when we get your eyes fixed." Tiria hesitated a bit and grabbed the eyefold. "Thanks", she said shyly and stood up, looking for an additional blanket. "Well, Miss Zoliphian, not only your eyes, but you're beautiful too.", Tiria said in a look for a thanks for the compliment. Zoliphians eyes widened for a second, and she just smirked: "Just call me Zol, like the others, you're a part of the group now!" and muttered something about "..just wait 'til you get to know the guys.." Tiria replied: "I already know. Sir Dermin reminds me of my father. He's nice. Gar's a big teddy bear!"

Zoliphian stood up, smirked again at Tiria's direction, stretched and went to wake up Maba, who was the next to be in line for the night shift. Tiria shut her eyes, rolled the eyefold back to it's place and lit the fireplace back to life with a small spark. She yelped a bit as the fold was about to drop, but she fixed the position neatly. She lied down next to Zoliphian next to the carriage, leaning to her, who in turn, was leaning to Gar. ("Cute. Just.. cute"), thought Maba as he picked up his journal from his travelpack. "Thanks for setting up the fire, and good night!" he still tried to reply, but the two were already asleep. ("Oh well. Might aswell pen the happenings up"), he thought and started writing about the things that had been going on in the last few days. As he wrote, he thought about the drow who were after Tiria. Why weren't there any reports about drow after her? Strange...

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