Seiken Episode 5: Making Sense
by Duran the Warrior
(Author's Note: Legal ages are different in the SD3 world.)

<A few months after the events of episode 4, we see the characters at the beast kingdom where something is going on>
Duran: It's weird Kevin, you dad going out with my aunt. If this keeps up, we'll be cousins.
Hawkeye: Yeah; had would be funny heh.
Kevin: That right.
Duran: (Something is up with Hawkeye..) Hey Hawkeye, what's up with you?
Hawkeye: Nothing is up. (Yeah, right; I don't know who I have feelings for, Jessica or Riesz, not to mention this boost business.) Hey Duran, where's Angela?
Duran: She's at home looking up material on these boost classes. She'll be here later on tonight. Hey Kevin, what's with this tournament?
Kevin: It long standing custom here, anyone can enter.
<Riesz comes in>
Riesz: Kevin, where is my brother?
Kevin: Mediating. That is something that we do at times to clear head and find destiny. Elliot is in the Garden.
Duran: Garden? When did you put in a garden.
Kevin: Garden for those who no want to beat monsters.
Riesz: That's Kevin; a real nice guy. <Starts Smiling>
Duran: I think now Riesz feels the same way as Kevin completely; they're both heads over heals for each other.
Hawkeye: (Riesz.....) So when is it again?
Kevin: 2 days.
Hawkeye: I'll register and then go have a drink or two.
Duran: I'll sign up too, been a while since I had a good fight. Hey, Kevin how about you sign up as well? I always wanted to see how good you were, nothing hostile, just a friendly, yet intense match between friends.
Kevin: Ok.
<They sign up and are about to part>
Duran: I hope that a few drinks would help you with your funk.
Kevin: Hope you get better Hawkeye.
<They leave; Hawkeye is by himself>
Hawkeye: (I know that Jessica has been kinda like a sister to me, since the Flame Khan decided to watch over me; I used to be like a brother to Eagle and Jessica. But now things are different, I think me and her are something, but there is another thing: Riesz; I remember a few years back when I met her; but then she was mostly taken with Raven....if I knew what kinda person he was then, I would have killed him myself right then...would I? The reaction of outrage of the ninja's honor being spoiled, not of some like that happening to Riesz....After this I might try this mediation that Kevin told us about...there's this boost thing, and how everybody seems to be attaining it....what is required of me to attain this?...I think I need a drink.)
<A man enters>
Man: You're the fameous ninja, Hawkeye, right?
Hawkeye: Yeah; that's me....
Man: I could help you, you know.
Hawkeye: How, and anyways you don't know what I need help with!
Man: My name is Harry, I know that you have a problem with women and attaining power, the woman is question is Riesz Fenrir. Is it true that slim figured blondes are non-existant in your land?
Hawkeye: That is every much true, but still she is kevin's girlfriend now.
Harry: What if I make possible for only you and her to hook up? I have a quite some power, and with this I could give you the power that you desire....So how about it, want my help?
Hawkeye: Yes....
Harry: Good....Now just close your eyes so I can give you the power... <Hawkeye closes his eyes, Harry chants a spell> Are you under my control?
Hawkeye: Yes I am master; what is your order?
Harry: Now procedd with the tournament, but kill Kevin, that is rather easy with the power you now have. I'll take care of that girl...(What an interesting way for Kilgore to be aveneged, I wonder if Kyoan will have to deal with this group. Kilgore you fool....Your desire for power put a few kinks in our plans, but still, you are still our friend and partner.)
>Back at the Beast Castle's guest room
Angela: I found out in this book in the libary that these boosts are in fact trance classes, only attainable by those whose 2nd class changes suit them the best. It also mentions a way for one to do that by will, but it doesn't say due to the fact "that these powerful classes can be abused in grevious ways; and that they should be used in an emergency." Real interesting stuff. I'm amazed at what you can do when studying?
Duran: You mean then you didn't?
Angela: You don't have any room to talk, Mr. "Got d's in everything but P.E."
Duran: Hey, it wasn't like I was insulting your intellgence, after all, you're now the top magican asides from your mother.
Angela: Thank you for another flattering remark, even though I wasn't trying to milk one from you.
Riesz: Pardon me, but get a ROOM! It is somewhat annoying seeing you two being all gushy all over the place nearly all the time.
Angela: But Riesz, you and Kevin are worse about that! What is a matter with sharing me feelings with my boyfriend?
Riesz, red in the face: Nothing....
<Elliot enters>
Elliot: We got company! Hawkeye's friend Jessica, Charlotte, Kevin's dad and Duran's aunt, as well as his sister..whew! That was alot!
<Jessica enters>
Jessica: Anyone know where Hawkeye is?
Duran: He's at the bar the last time I checked. He seemed to be in a real funk about something though....
Jessica: Thanks <Leaves, but gives an icy stare at Riesz>
Riesz: What was that for?
Angela: Maybe because Hawkeye; after all, he seems to like you and all, and as a result, she tends to get ticked at the both of the way, here's a pair of you undies...
Riesz: How did you get them??
Angela: A while back Little Hawkeye decided to take a suvineer of meeting you, and just recently, he gave them to me, since he feels guilty about the whole thing. I wonder how many times he sni-
Riesz: SHUT UP!
Duran: That's a first....Riesz losing her cool (and if it was any worse, it'd be like Kevin getting ticked. I wonder what Wendy is doing here.)
>Meanwhile at garden
Wendy: So 'Mack' wasn't at Jad, yet this happened, and at the same time prince Elliot popped up?
Jad person: That seemed the case,; but the time I got there, There was only the unfortunate girl there.
Wendy: Thank you for helping me on my school project. (This is fishy, stuff like Mack, Elliot, not to mention Duran and that girl.. Time to look around for some other people) <Spies Elliot mediating> (There's Elliot, he seems to be mediating, most likely something picked up from Kevin. He doesn't seem like a pervert, yet evidence says otherwise... If all else fails, I'll confront them myself) <Walks away but then runs into someone> Hey! What nerve running into a person what is leaving.
Boy: Sorry, Wendy, it's just that I'll see your brother in action, and I'm just hyper about it.
Wendy: Oh it's just you, Lance. Still want to be the top knight of Forcena?
Lance: Of course! So are you going to be content with being a lady of the court, seeing that your brother will be king in a few years?
Wendy: No, I'm not going to be some pretty girl sitting around, I'll be the captain of the knights! If Riesz can do it, so can I! Good idea, Lance! I'll go talk to her sometime! Thanks, see you later, and try to keep up with me. <She leaves>
Lance: (She is the firely one, while Queen Riesz is more cool-headed type. I think I might ask Elliot to spar with me, after all I will be captain of knights, and hopely have someone like wendy as a girlfriend..)<Scene ends>
>Later on in the day.... at the garden
Lance: So you mean to tell me that there is a junior divison of the tournament?
Elliot: Yeah, It's there to see how well one's been training, I signed up, are you?
Lance: I would, but I have not weapons or armor...
Elliot: Every one is given a wooden weapon and wood and leather armor. That and I think there is this old rule about men only...
Lance: That's stupid.....that means I won't face Wendy if she enters it...
Elliot: What is it with you and her?
Lance: We both aspire to be captain of the knights of gold, just like Duran; that and I want to prove to her that I am strong.
Elliot: What is so important about being strong?
Lance: I talked with Duran once, and he said "Before you start dating a girl, you must be strong enough to protect her". So far it seems that Duran and King Kevin seem up to the task.
Elliot: Interesting....I will remember that. So I guess I can look forward to seeing you in action then?
Lance: Yeah!
Elliot: (He must have talked with Duran recently..... How else could he have such wisdom?)
<Wendy enters>
Wendy: This stinks! Stupid rule...... <Spies the guys> I guess this means I can't show you why I'm going to be captain of the knights! I'll be leaving; and Lance, try not to get your kicked too hard... (He is always nice to me, yet he goes against me....what is the meaning of this?? I have to get in the tournament...I wonder with wearing this old helmet would work...)
Elliot: Okay Lance, try to make it to the final round, since I've spared with Beastboys and Amazons for training. I'd like to see how swordsman fights.
Lance: Yeah, I'll show everyone who's the strongest, especially Wendy! <They leave to practice>
>2 days later
Duran: Well, Kevin, try to win, after all Riesz is watching and I want to face you in the final round.
Kevin: Me do best; Jessica say that Hawkeye act odd.
Duran: Well, he seems well, I hope that this doesn't interfere with his fighting. Let's Go!
<In this Tournament, these 3 were dominating the matches, although only 2 would be in the finals. In the junior Divison, a 3rd warrior was also dominating with Lance and Elliot, a warrior named Wren. He had a all-out offensive fighting style, and wore a helmet over his face. This continued until the semi finals. Duran and Lance each won their respective matches.>
>Some comentary
Riesz: Kevin, Watch it, he isn't as strong as you!
Angela: Duran, kick their butts nice and good!
Jessica: I hope that Hawkeye's okay....
Mack: That's my boy, I guess all those years of training didn't go to waste.
Stella: Where is Wendy???? She'd be interesed in this Wren guy; he fights just like her...
Charlotte: Give them all big spankings, Elliot!
Harry, elsewhere: Splended indeed.......
<Elliot fights Wren in the semi-final; even tough Elliot tries his best, he can't match the raw power of Wren's sword blows, and gets beat easily. Then Wren says something to Elliot, whose face is in suprise. Now for the match between Hawkeye and Kevin.>
Kevin: Try hard, Hawkeye
Hawkeye: .....Die, for Riesz belongs to me!
<Hawkeye starts attacking Kevin, who is being defensive. They keep at this for a while. Duran is at the specators' seats watching in on it.>
Jessica: Hawkeye, why are you trying to kill him?
Angela: It seems that Hawkeye is tranced.....Still, Kevin could still beat him if he went full steam.
Duran: There is a slight catch: should Hawkeye enrage Kevin enough, Hawkeye will die.
Jessica: You mean that if Kevin is mad, Hawkeye might die?
Duran: No, He WILL die should this happen, that's what happened to the last 2 people that ticked him off.
Jessica: I'm going to go down to front row to try to do something about it.
<She goes down there and doesn't notice Harry sneaking up behind her.>
Jessica: Hawkeye, snap out of it! We want the old wise-cracking, good humored Hawkeye, not this cold-hearted ninja.. <Hawkeye turns around, then she says this:> Kevin, knock him out cold now!
<Kevin proceds to kick him in the head, knocking him out...Hawkeye starts thinking.>
Hawkeye: (Did he control me? But who do I really have feelings for? What is this? it's a place where me, Eagle, Raven, and Jessica played as kids... what is this now???>
>Flashback 4 years ago
Jessica: Raven, leave me alone!
Raven: Why is that? I'm the most popular boy in the guild asides from your brother; after all, why did Princess Riesz choose me out of Eagle and Hawkeye, so what's good enough for her is good enough for you.
Jessica: You're sick, you seem nothing like my brother and friend.
Hawkeye: Raven, knock it off! What is it with you and making girls cry? I've heard that Riesz has been crying since you became her boyfriend and afterwards. Now Raven, tell me what happened?
Raven: Funny; Theives with a sense of justice. Well, I guess since you and Not-so-little Jess are here, and Eagle's not, I'll see if girls can fly... <Starts advancing towards her, backing her onto the edge of a small cliff.>
Hawkeye: (I can't stop him, but I can try to cushion the blow for her; that's what Eagle would do.) <Little Hawkeye rushes behind her so when they fell, he'd act as a cushion for her.>
<End flashblack>
Hawkeye: (After that Raven choose to go with the Ninja's; Jessica was ok, but I sustained some broken bones and a blow to the head.....that's why I didn't remember this! Raven should I ever meet you again, you'll pay for messing with Jessica....Wait a moment....My feelings are for Jessica!)
<He slowly comes to, hearing some voices.>
Harry: I am leader of a 'cult' that believes that Hawkeye and Riesz should belong together, but you and The beastman are in the way. Since Hawkeye seemed to have lost, even though I gave him power. Well, girl, it's time to die. <He starts to pull out an knife when a voice is heard>
Hawkeye: No one messes with Jessica!
Harry: What about that prin-
Hawkeye: That was just a infatuation! I know now who I truly care for...
Jessica: Hawkeye...
Hawkeye: Real Funny, trying to pit me against my friend....Now you will reap what you have sown: the DeathWind!
Harry: Seems that I will have to do without this be it. I guess I have no choice but to use the dark one's power to wipe you all out...
<Starts chanting something as a spirit appears ; Hawkeye reconizes it.>
Hawkeye: Raven.... So you came back again. I guess now I can finally give you what you have coming.....After all you and this guy both tried to kill Jessica, and I will beat you both. Jessica, go and tell the guys to stay out of this! It's isn't their fight. <She leaves> I remember how you tried to have you way with her, and how you tried to kill her when you wouldn't.
Harry/Raven (He is now possessed by Raven): Interesting... Let's see if you are strong enough to beat me...
<They start fighting, they seem even. Hawkeye tried out his dark blade (Dark element All stat-down jitsu), with only minial effectiveness. They stop to exchange words>
H/Raven: Fool, you can't hope to stop me...
Hawkeye: Still that body is every much human, so you do the math.
H/Raven: Huh?
<Hawkeye rushes towards him, disappears , then a series of slashes are cut on him, then Hawkeye reappears>
Hawkeye: The class named techquie, Deathwind...Not at all a real orginal name, but it fits the attack.
<The spirt leaves Harry, who is now mortally wounded.>
Harry: Get Kevin for me, I have something to tell him. <Hawkeye brings Kevin over there.> Your mother didn't die naturally, she was poisoned as a way to discourage mixing. But you have already avenged her, since the person responsible was Kilgore Trout, who you killed then.
Kevin: What if you lie?
Harry: I'm dying, I have no reason to lie. Now there is only one of us left, the one who made such a powerful yet undecetable poison.....<Dies>
Hawkeye: Should we be worried about this last person?
Kevin: No, He would have made his move already, who know, it no might be our problem, but that for younger ones.
Hawkeye: As far as this goes, you win, go to the championship.
Kevin: Ok.
<After that the junior championship starts, Lance and Wren go blow to blow with equal results>
Lance: (I wonder if Wendy fights this good?)
<They continue fighting until Lance accidentially knocks off Wren's Helmet, and Wren turns out to be Wnedy>
Lance: Wendy, what did you dress up like a guy for?
Wendy: I did it so I could show you who's boss. Even though I came here to see about the peeping tom coverup, fighting here is a nice bonus. Some might say, wait you don't seem like your brother at all, well; that's how I act in school and stuff, but on the field, I'm much like him, maybe except that I prefer a style of raw power.
<Some time passes; and it's the match between Kevin and Duran; blows are exchanged for about 12 hours; it ends when both of them collapse and a draw is decaired. Everyone goes off does their own thing; except for Kevin and Elliot who meddiate>
<Kevin mediates and sees all kinds of images flash in his mind before his head gets knocked back by a unseen force>
Kevin: I now know my fate.
Elliot: (I might have to do this sometime....)
<Well folks that wraps up this episode; read teh option episode that is a lemon "Reflections and Lemons" (Fanfiction Maintainer's Note: You'll have to email him or find that story elsewhere if you want to read it, since we at RPGClassics have a strict non-lemon policy for our fanfics); that and expect sometime episode 6 "Charlotte's adventure"; and that gang; well it gets wrapped up in season 2>