Memoirs of an Adventures Child
by Richard B. Sampson Jr.


Back in the origins of the universe, it was held together by the Magic of Isis. Isis was a kind and loving goddess that gave her universe peace. However, other god's who ruled other universes envied the peace and calm of her world. In their quest for power, they banned together to enslave Isis and conquer her world. As her world was slowly conquered by the evil god's, she went to the center of her world and activated the protective units to fend off anything not pure of heart.

When the Arsenal Units refused to leave the center of the world, Isis did the only thing she could do to save what was left of her universe. As the god's moved towards the pillar that lead to her temple, she changed herself to a statue and sealed the pillar that lead to the Celestrial Temple. Afterwords, the statue split into several pieces and went to the various worlds of her lands.

For the past milennium, the god's have been searching the worlds for the Magi stones. As they continue closer to their goal, the have been thwarted in recent centuries by the Guardian's. The current lead has been most successful in finding the Magi Stones and protecting them. But the chosen 4 will be the only ones who can successfully bring peace to the universe.

10 Years Ago

It was in the middle of the night my father woke me up. He told me he had to go. I always thought he was silly for going on his adventures. He told me to keep something and guard it with my life. It looked like a stone to me, but I could sense something about it. He then left through the window, asking me to take care of mom. He didn't return.

The present

Today was the day. This morning I was 16 and I decided to go in search of dad. I told my mother and then went to the school. I then went to school and told my teacher, Mr.S, of my plans. He told me about the Magi and that I had one of them. He told me that my father must be protecting them and that the one I had could detect Magi. Then my schoolmates came in. Mr.S, wise as he is, suggested I take three along with me. I choose my three best friends, Vet, a very smart Mutant Female, Radr, a very strange robot, and Skiz, a monster who was always adaptable. Mr.S told us to go to a town north of the tunnel that seperated our valley from the rest of our world. We agreed and said so long to our parents. Just as we were about to leave town, Mr.S. joined us. He said we might need the help at first. I checked the Magi and found there were 6 in our world. We fought our way to the tunnel, with Mr.S curing us. In the tunnel, we worked our way through, openning chests and fighting monsters. When we reached the exit, a BabyWyrm demanded the Magi we had. We fought the BabyWyrm and were successful in defeating him. After we left the cave, Mr. S. staied there to protect the valley from any monsters. We then headed north to the town. In the town, I thought I saw dad. Since it was close to nightfall, we decided to sleep at the Inn.

We all woke up with a start when we heard Vet scream. We looked around and saw no one. Vet said, "Sorry, I had the same recuring nightmare since I was little".

We all forgave her and set out to check the town out. I should tell you a bit about Vet. Vet believes in reincarnation, and she believes that this dream is linked to one of her past lives. The first time we found out about this was when Mr.S took the class on an overnight camping trip. Maybe there is something to it. Anyhow, we checked out the Cafe nextdoor to the Inn. We talked to people, got a drink and listened to a tune on the Juke Box. I think the tune was "Save The World!" We then left the Cafe and saw.. Dad!. I was grief stricken to see it wasn't dad. We then checked out the shops to get some stuff. We then headed west to where a shrine was located. Many monsters tried to stop us, but we had to find my father. When we reached the shrine, we approached Ki and she told us about Ashura and where to find Magi. I figured, if father was protecting Magi, we had to find them to find him. Ki even healed us from our battles. She told us where to find the ancient ruins of Isis and we left. We were about to leave when we notice Vet wasn't with us. She then came out, and she looked different. She looked a little confused. She then said, "I asked Ki about my dreams and she said that it was an upsetting life that was haunting me. She said someone in another world could help me understand it better." We then went to the ruins. Monsters tried to stop us from getting there, but we defeated them. Once we entered the ruins, monster attacked us. Before that they seemed to be search for something. Maybe they were part of Ashura's Monsters. We searched the building and found treasure while fending off monsters. Eventually, we got to a large room where a couple of men were taking something. One of them mentioned Magi and they left. We followed them. I was afraid they were enemties of my father. We checked a room only to find they weren't in there, but three Magi were there. We caught up to them as they left. Outside, we found them, near death. They had been attacked by Ashura's men and they were guardians, protectors of the Magi. We returned to Ki's Shrine. When we told Ki of what happened, Ki joined our group and told us about Ashura.

"Ashura has made his home in the desert world. The first time he attacked our world, he attempted to steal all the Magi here. He did not succeed in getting them all. I stopped him before he had gotten the last few. That was about 500 years ago. Since some of the Magi are with in me, I have stayed young since the evil gods attacked. Ashura would not attack the land again since he has gotten so much power, he would send his minions. Maybe the people in the northern town know where the base is since they guard the path to the Pillar of the Sky."

We headed for the town. We were attacked on the way, but we easily defeat our opponents. Once we got to town, we head for the Inn to sleep for the night. We paid for our beds and went to sleep.

We all woke to the familiar screem. Vet's nightmares had come again during the night. Ki was calming her down. Ki turned to me and said, "How long has this been happening."

"All her life. She says she is remembering a past life, maybe from a different universe. I hope she is Ok. She was my best friend in school."

"She'll be fine. My friend will help some as best they can. I have contacted them and they will be waiting for you. Now we must move and stop Ashura." We left the Inn and got some items and armor and headed to the base. On our way, we encountered some monsters which tried to stop us. We defeated them and entered the base. When we entered, Radr look up and said, "Uh, Oh."

Radr always was like this. Sometimes when monsters were about to attack us on camping tricks, Radr looked up and said "Uh, Oh." The last time it happened was a couple of days ago. I heard him say it under his breath when we entered the Tunnel. I turned to him and all he said was "Rhino."

Ki looked straight ahead and said, "Great, It would have to be Rhino. He is one of the toughest of Ashura's minions. Be ready for a heavy battle. Watch out for the guards. They will attack you." We searched the building until we reached Rhino, grabbing items and fighting off Ashura's monsters all the way. When we reached Rhino, he said we were foolish to come here, especially Ki. Ki and Vet attacked him with a Magic attack while the rest of us attacked him with everything we had. It took some time, keeping people from dying, but we were successful. Before he died, Rhino set the base to blow up. We grabbed the 3 Magi he was guarding and left the base before it exploded. After that the path to the pillar was clear. We entered the pillar and went to the celestrial world, where the temple was located. Ki left us, but she told us where her friend was that could help Vet. We entered the celestrial world and looked around in awe.

Skiz looked around and said, "If I told this to anyone, they wouldn't believe me."

"With the stories you have told, Skiz, neither would I." I said. Skiz was a nice guy, but he was always telling tall tales. Vet shuddered and I asked, "What's wrong."

"It feels like someplace I've been before. It's feels ... eerie."

We headed for the next pillar and entered Ashura's World. We noticed that nightfall had just hit this world and we ran for the town. In the town, we went to the Inn to rest for the night. We paid for the night and went to sleep.

This morning was different from most because I woke up screeming. I had dreamt that my father was dying and that I couldn't help him. We all got up and searched the town, getting items and asking people about the world. In the Cafe, we got refreshments and then went to the desert, searching for Ashura's Tower. Before we left town, we discovered that Ashura knew we were here as his minions attacked us. They were unsuccessful in their attack, and we continued, being extra careful of an ambush. As we ventured into the desert, we tried to follow the directions given to us at the Cafe. Monsters tried to stop us, but they were unsuccessful each time. We eventually found the town of Ashura in the south of the world. It took us almost all day to get there, and night was starting to fall. We ran to the Inn and rested for the night.

We woke up that morning and Vet seemed to be Ok. Apparently, her dreams had not gotten to disturbing yet. We talked to people in Ashura's town and got some items. We found out about a spy who was captured. The description fit dad to the letter. I was afraid that Ashura was going to do something to him. We ran for the tower and went to defeat Ashura. Many monsters tried to stop us. As we entered the tower, Radr looked up and said, "Double Trouble".

"What's the problem?" I asked.

"Do you have any termites for a woodman?"

"I know I have some around here." Skiz said. I gave our joker a look and we started up the tower. I figured that the woodman was guarding my father. On our way up, we opened many treasure chests and fought many monsters. Eventually, we reached the Woodman. We attacked him only to turn him into woodchips. The man we rescued turned out to be someone other than my father. He called himself Mask.

Radr looked up again and said, "Ashura has two attacks waiting for us. One by him, the other has gone.. someplace."

"Well, lets stop him and his other troop." We continued up the tower, getting Mask's stuff and climbing up the tower. When we reach Ashura, he told us he sent his minions to kill Ki and get the Magi in her. He then attacked us. We changed our order so that the strongest were in front. We figured that he would focus on the front person and we defeated him. We got 7 more Magi for defeating him and Mask left us. We then went to Ki's side.

After a couple of days' travel, we reached Ki's temple only to find her on the edge of life. Her helper told us that she was in trouble, and we knew it. Her helper told us to go to the Giant's world and get Micronize. We left, but not before she gave us a Magi. We then traveled to the Giant's World. While were still in our world, monsters tried to stop us from reaching the pillar. We defeated them with ease and headed to the giant's world. When we reached the celestrial world, we went past the entrance to the Desert World and headed to the Giant's World. When we arrived, it was late afternoon. We went to the town and talked to the people there. We got a drink at the Cafe and heard that the fellow named Johnny used to be a giant. We then checked out the shops. We got some items, armor and weapons. We followed a path and ran father. Finally, my search was over, but he told me his job wasn't. He then left after giving us a Magi. I wanted to continue on and stop his quest by doing it myself. We sneaked into the back of the Giant's shop and found out where he got his goods. He mentioned that Johnny knew. We went back to the Cafe and talked to him. He told us how to get in. He also told us how we could climb the steps. After that, we decided to practice before we entered the town. We fought monsters outside the town and then return near late evening.

We woke up after a night at the Inn and checked our funds. We figured we needed more money to get the items we would need to survive here. We decided to head back outside of town and fight more monsters until we had good enough equipment to enter the giant's town and survive in Ki's body. Stocking up on X-Cure potions helped us and kept us going. About midday, we stopped in town and got the armor and rested at the Inn. We then continued to fight monsters outside of town. We eventually got better weapons and rested for the night. The next day we would search the giant's village.

We woke up to the familiar sounds of Vet's screams. I started to be concerned. The nightmares must be getting worse. I asked her if she was ok to which she replied, "I hope we find Ki's friend very soon. I don't know how much longer I can keep my sanity. My father always helped keep them at bay."

We left the small town and went to the giants' town. We did some search and found the tunnel in the stairs. We reached the top of the stairs without incident. Many monsters attacked us in the town, but we defeated them. Eventually, we checked out some of the buildings. We got in the southern most building to find Magi inside. After we got the Magi, we entered a building that was locked until we got the Magi. In it was the Micron. We then left the Giants' Town and made our way to the the town of the humans. It was getting close to nightfall and we decided to sleep at the Inn. It was costly, but tomorrow we had to save Ki.

We woke up with a different sound. It was Radr. He said loud enough to wake us up, "Ki's body will try to stop us."

I looked at him. "How do you know this stuff."

"I don't know. I just do. Jeez, sometimes I wish I was home to help my mom and my uncle."

I couldn't blame him. I sometimes thought the same thing. We left the Inn and sold some of the stuff we had. We also got some better weapons and some X-Cure potions. We then headed for the pillar of the sky. Monsters tried to stop us, but we fought them off. We traveled through the Celestrial World back to our home world. We stopped at the town near the pillar of sky in our world to get rested for the battle in the body. We rested at the Inn for about an hour, and then ran for the Shrine. When we arrived, we were rushed to Ki so we could use the Micron.

It was remarkable. We were inside the body of a living thing. Vet turned to me and said, "Lets go down the right side first. Then the left. Something tells me we need to get some Magi before entering the head." We followed her suggestion and went down to the right foot. Monsters and cells of her body fought us and we defeated them. In the right foot, we found the Magi in the little toe. We then entered the Stomach and found the Magi near the top of the stomach. Then in the right hand, we found the Magi in the Pointer Finger. We went to the left foot and found the Magi in the big toe. We then went to the heart to find a Magi in the Upper left chamber. We then went to the left hand and got the Magi in the ring finger. Afterwards, we went to Ki's brain. We avoided battles so we could have an advantage against whatever was guarding the last Magi. Some Phagocyts were guarding the Magi. We used attacks that attacked the group. With this tactic, we survived and got the last Magi. We had saved Ki's life. When we left Ki's body, we told her we were going to the next world past the Giant's world. It took us some time, but we stopped at the town near the Pillar of Sky in our world to sleep for the night.

It was the same old situation this morning. Vet's screems woke us up. She seemed to be getting worse. Skiz turned to me and said, "She woke me up in the middle of the night. I heard her saying some names that I never heard before."

"Well, I hope this friend of Ki's is in the next world we hit. We need to calm her down." We got all our stuff together and headed for the Pillar of Sky. Monsters got in our way, but they didn't last to long. It took us some time to cross the celestrial world and reach the world we were heading towards. When we reached the next world, we saw a palace and headed for it. Some monsters slowed our trek, but we stopped them. We entered the palace and met with a Mr. Apollo. He claimed to be a god, but he was not interested in world conquest. He gave us a Magi and told us the location of the Magi in his world. We then left the palace for a town to the north.

Upon leaving, Vet turned to me and said, "I don't trust him, Rich. He is a god. He would want the Magi too. We must be careful." I agreed with her and we left for a town to the north. Some monsters tried to stop us, but they, like those before them, failed miserably. When we reached the town, we talked with everybody and checked out the shops. We also found out that a girl named Lynn was in the caves. Some guy in the cafe though that Lynn's father and I were related. I was wondering if the man was delirious. It was close to nightfall and we decided to rest until morning until we searched the mountain.

Vet's screems woke us up again. I hoped that we would find someone who could help her soon. We picked up some weapons in the town, as well as X-Cure potions and went to the cave of Dunatis. As we entered the south cave, Radr said, "Uh Oh, Dunatis is a robot/god."

Vet said to us, "He's right. Maybe more than one god invaded our universe and now trying to determine who will rule all."

Skiz spoke up, "Figures, the bigger the ego, the deadlier the enemy. Or something like that."

I looked at Skiz in amazement. "That actually sounded like the truth. You must me slipping in your thoughts." We checked the cave until we hit a pit. There were stairs on the northside, but not on the south. We did get the item in the chest and left the cave. Monster hanging around the cave area tried to stop us. But we didn't give into them. We entered the cave and went down to fight Dunatis. We grabbed treasures and fought monsters along the way. Eventually, we found Lynn. She was afraid of Dunatis. She said that the robot would not let her out. We noticed that he was guarding the only way out, since the way we came in was a very steep slide. After defeating Dunatis, we took Lynn to her mother. I was surprised to see who Lynn's father looked like. It was my dad. Did he leave home for good? I ran out of the house in anger.

A little while passed until Vet came out. She looked at me. "Upset about your dad? Think he betrayed you? I think he still cares."

"Why do you think that? If he cared, he would not have been gone for 10 years." I still get upset when I think back at yelling at Vet. I apoligized and everyone asked what we were going to do. We continued the Quest for Magi. We decided to head south since the riddle Apollo told us mentioned the underwater. There was a port town to the south of the mountain town. On our way, monsters tried to stop us, but they were no match for us. In the town, we talked to the people and got information. We thought that we would have to deal with a god named Neptune. In the Cafe, Vet ordered apple juice and the owner told us how to see in the cave of Bright Darkness. We left the Cafe and due to the late hour, we headed to the Inn.

When we entered the Inn, the lady said, "Excuse me, are you friends of Ki?"

"Yes," I answered, a bit suspicious of how this lady knew and why she asked. "Why?"

"Ki told me a group of people were coming and that one had nightmares."

"That's me," Vet said in excitement. She might not have nightmares any more.

"I can help. This potion should help you understand them, although it may change your look in life."

Skiz then said, "Don't you mean 'on'."

"No." Vet thanked her and we paid for a night's sleep.

We woke up the next morning to dead silence. We looked to notice that Vet was awake. She was standing at a mirror. We all walked over to her and noticed that her face had turned red, as if she had sunburn. Vet said to us, "It looks just like the one face I see in my dreams." I had to admit, the face had a beauty all it's own. We left the Inn to check all the shops in town. We then decided to wait on getting Armor and checked out the ocean. When we entered the water, we found that we could breathe in it. It was weird. As we searched the water, we found an underwater volcano. So Nepture didn't exist. It was a good thing we bought X-Cure potions in town since we had to walk through Lava. We fought monsters as we approached the volcano and while we explored it. We started at the bottom and went to the top. Healing ponds helped us stay alive in the volcano. After getting the Magi, we returned to the Port Town. We sold some of the stuff we had and got some armor and items we would need. We then went in search for the cave of brightness.

When we reached the cave of brightness, the True Eye Magi helped us see in the cave. We took our time exploring the cave and fighting off monsters. There must not have been a god or major monster guarding this cave since Radr didn't give us any warning. We examined every tunnel in the cave and opened every chest. We fought every monster that dared to stop us. When we got to the seventh and last level, we found 3 Magi. We then left the cave and headed for the Palace of Apollo. I wanted to find out more about why he helped us. When we got there, we discovered he had disappeared. This was even more mysterious than him helping us. We left the palace and saw nightfall coming. Vet turned to me and said, "We should head to the mountain town to rest."

I was reluctant to go back, but Vet normally knew best. We followed her suggestion and sleep at the Inn there.

We woke up the next morning to a screem. Our first thought was that her nightmares returned. Then we saw it. Her normal shoulder length red hair had gone stiff. "Talk about a bad hair day," She commented. "I look like and inverted pin cushon."

Skiz walked over to her and said, "I think it looks nice on you. And that is the truth." Vet smiled and we decided to get moving. We sold some of our stuff and then went to the pillar. Some monsters tried to stop us, but they were no match for us. Once we reached the Celestrial World, we went to the next world. The next world appeared to be a town. We checked out the shop in the town, and talked to the people. Somebody mentioned the Guardian Base. Was this were the guardian lived? I started to think, maybe we should meet these guardians. They will greet us with open arms. They probably heard of us defeating Ashura. We got some armor for our team and then rested at the Inn. Afterwards, we entered the Cafe and talked with people there. We got some drinks and the man at the bar said something about using the jukebox. We looked the list over and found the Heroic Tune. We played it and the guardians took us out and took us prisoner. They thought we were spies. We were put in a cell and guarded. When we talked to the guard, my father showed up. The guard then let us out. The guard called my father Captain. Was my father the leader of the guardians? I was getting more confused by the moment. We talked to some of the people and they confirmed it. We also found out about the new gods in our universe. When we reached my fathers chamber, we found out it was near nightfall. He suggested that we get some rest. We did.

In the middle of the night, we got a rude awakening. Monsters under the control of a god attacked the base. We fought our way to the chamber where the Magi were stored. It was empty. We decided to fight our way out and find dad. Before we could leave the bottom floor, we had to defeat an ogre. It took a short time, but we defeated him. We recovered a Magi from him and went to the next level. At the top of the steps, my father was waiting. Radr looked at him and said, "What happened, Capt. uhh Rich's father, Sir."

"The New Gods found our base and sent in their monsters." He joined us and we went to fight our way out of the destroyed base. We checked the floor out before we fought the Mantcore. We used attacks that caused massive damage and won another Magi. We searched the next floor and then fought a Magician. Using similar tactics as before, we won and got another Magi. We left the base and headed for the pillar of Sky. Before we reached it, we had to defeat a Commando. We used the same tactics as before and won. After we got the Magi from him, the Commando said that his master had captured Lynn. I tried to ask dad about the connection but he said he would explain later. Radr insisted we save the girl. I had to agree. When we reached the Celestrial World, I noticed that Vet's hands were changing.

"I guess this is what the lady meant by new look in life." She chuckled and we continued to the next world. We found shops in the Celestrial Path between the Celestrial World and Pillar to the Monsters World. We checked them out and got some Armor. In the world, we ran to confront the god of this world. Lynn was the one who cleared up the thought that she was my sister. My father was helping a friend of his by taking care of her. Dad gave me a Magi and then attacked the monster and it disappeared, as well as him.

"NO!" I couldn't believe it, my father was dead. We took care of Lynn and went to take her home. Just before we could leave, the demon appeared an attacked us. He was called Ninja, and swore revenge for killing dad. With lethal attacks and the Revenge Sword, we destroyed the Ninja and got a Magi. It took us no time to get Lynn to her house, especially when the monsters avoid you. We talked to Lynn and found out that my father took care of Lynn like a daughter when her father died. I decided to go in search for the Magi so that he didn't die in vain. Before we left, Lynn's mother gave us a Magi. We then headed for Celestrial World and to the Inn we saw in the one path. We decided to rest up there and head to the next world.

When we woke, we decided to head to the next world after the Monster's World. When we got there, we were in a wall around a city. We entered the city and talked to some of the people there. We fould out that the walls keep the beautiful things inside. We checked some of the shops out and found the Inn and Cafe. We then headed for the palace in the center. Inside we found Venus, a goddess of beauty. It was the same as before with Apollo. After she said there was no Magi in this world, I checked the Prism Magi and found she was lying. Even Vet said, "I don't trust her. She looked at me with distaste." I couldn't understand why, even though the potion was changing her, she still kept her natural beauty. We found out the truth of Venus when we talked to the girl in an arranged marrage. If a person was scarred, they were exiled. We talked to a few more people and decided to leave town. We decided to hunt down this town of dirty people. Monsters attacked us, but we defeated them. We reached the town and talked to some of the people. We learned more of the truth of the twisted goddess named Venus. We decided that we had to either explore the ruins or the sewers. We decided on the sewers first. We found the entrance and explored every aspect of the sewers. We fought off every monster and won every time. We encountered a Hermit. We defeated the large crab and won a Key. On the next level, we found rooms containing chests. In these rooms, we found 3 Magi and a trap in one. On the next level, we found a room with 4 chests, Magi in 3 and a trap in the last. When we finally got out of the sewer, we were in the Palace of Venus. We went to talk with Venus, but she didn't believe we found Magi in the sewer. We talked to Flora for a bit and an earthquake shook the ground. Since it was nearing nightfall, we went to the Inn to rest.

The next morning was in total silence. Radr woke me and said, "Vet's having the dream again. She seems to be screaming, but no sound is coming out of her mouth." Skiz was franticly trying to calm her down, but with no success. It was obvious he had gotten hurt, but he didn't care. It took some time, but she calmed down and woke up.

"I finally understand. I think I will be Okay now." She looked at Skiz and saw the wounds. "Did I do that? I'm sorry Skiz, I didn't mean to."

"I know. Don't worry, it only hurts when you don't smile." He smiled at her and she returned the smile. Boy will the parents be surprised when we get home. Those two were falling in love.

Radr turned to me and said, "Sir, I think we should check at the other town first. I do think Leon will be there. He might help."

I looked at Radr, "Radr, how long have you had this ability. To predict things, I mean."

"I don't know, sir. I guess it comes with me being shy."

"Would that explain the bear?"

Radr looked at his storage chamber and saw the bear sticking out. He hid it and said, "I guess I'm still a kid."

"And by the time we all get home, we will probably be grown up. This is a war against these gods, and now I don't want to lose."

We left the Inn and got some Items in stores and went to the other town. Monsters tried to stop us, to which the monsters failed. When we reached the other town, we found out Leon was upset about Flora's marrage to Nils. We then went to the volcano to the west. When we entered, we prepared for an extensive search and lava pools. We were thankful for the healing pools we found. We fought our way throught the caves and found many chests. In one passage, I could have sworn Leon was following us. Later on, we found some weapons and again, I could have sworn I saw Leon. We then found 3 Magi, but just as we got them Leon attacked us and took one of the Magi. We knew where he was heading. We ran for the town to tackle with Venus.

It took us some time, but we got there in time to stop the wedding. The reason it took so long was that monsters tried to stop us. We got some items and went to Venus' castle. When the ceremony began, Leon came in and Venus knocked him down. Flora then defied Venus. Just before Venus could attack Flora, We attacked. We got the Magi back from Leon and fought Venus. We used the weapons to stop her. With her defeat, we got the Magi she had. We then bought some stuff we might need and went to the pillar of Sky. We traveled through the celestrial world to the next world. Upon entering it, we searched for a town. It was nearing nightfall and we needed rest. Some monsters attacked us during our search, but they were unsuccessful. When we found the town, we heard about a dragon race. The person holding the race turned out to be Mr. Apollo. Before we talked to him we decided to rest for the night.

In the morning we checked out some of the shops and got some stuff. Afterwards we went to speak with Apollo. We then entered the race on the cheapest dragon we could get. We were in the race and off to a slow start. As we mad our way around the track, monsters had attacked the others. Monsters also attacked us but we took care of them. Eventually, we came across a powerful monster. It was a group of Watchers. We fought them and won all the Magi the others lost. We then crossed the finish line to get the Magi that Apollo offered. I trusted him even less now. After winning the race, we headed to the next world through the celestrial world. The next world was an Oriental world. I remembered stories about this world and we made our way to the castle. I heard that the Shogun had been very friendly in the past. We were told to leave and we fought monsters until we reached a town. In the town, we headed for the Inn to slept for the night.

When we woke up, we talked to some people and found out about the Hatamotos, a gang in the town. We stopped by the shop, but the shopkeeper was very nervous. We then tried to cross the bridge, but the gang attacked us. We fought them off and the local constable came to stop them. Her name was Hana and she took care of the rest of the group. We checked out the rest of the town and traveled to another town. Monsters attacked us from everywhere. We were lucky to even make it into the other town. We talked to Hana and the people and heard some interesting things. We then decided to return to the town were the Hatamotos were. We fought monsters to earn money for better equipment. We noticed that nightfall was starting to approach and we rested at the Inn.

In the morning, we decided to do some more monster fighting. We figured that we needed new equipment to handle the Hatamotos and the smuglers that Hana talked about. We even found out about a shipment. We went to tell Hana about this. When we got to her town, we found out she had left for the harbor. We went the harbor to find Hana's friend there. He told us were she went and we hunted for her. We went to his ship at the middle dock and took any treasure we could get. When we got to Hana, Taro had got there. I do believe that the school teacher and the detective were in a relationship by the way he risked his life. He went to tell Kame that Hana was fine, and we rushed to the courthouse with the evidence. After we got to the court, the storeowner was proven to be innocent, but Hana, nor us, believed it. We went back to her town and talked about it. Kame was then brought in wounded. Officers were coming and I started thinking that somebody high up was behind this. As nightfall was aproaching, we rested at the Inn.

In the morning, we got X-Cure Potions and headed for Echigoyas. We fought off monsters and ran for the shop. At the shop, we got behind the counter and headed down to the basement. We followed the corridor to a room filled with monsters. We fought them off and were lucky. We then continued to a room were Echigoya was, and he was with the Shogun. We overheard their plan and stormed in. The Shogun escaped and we fought the others. We returned to Hana's town and found out that Taro was a guardian. We decided to storm the Shogun's palace. We bought X-Cure and weapons and headed for the palace. It was nightfall when we stormed the palace. We avoided the guards and searched every floor. We eventually found Shogun on the top floor. We attacked him and found him to be easy to defeat. Then the Shogun's father appeared, the god Magnate. We followed the demon to the roof and fought him. With magic and weapons of the world, as well as using the Aegis Magi to defend myself, we eventually defeated him. We recovered 4 Magi. We returned to Hana's place and they all thanked us before we left. We climbed the pillar and reentered the celestrial world. We entered the next world only to find one cave. As we approached the cave, Radr said, "Sir, I think we are going to have a lot of trouble in this cave."

"Radr, what is it?"

"There are a lot of monsters, about as powerful as those in Edo."

"That could be a problem, but there must be a Magi in there somewhere. There may also be some other goodies in there as well. I think we could use the experience anyhow. After the fight with Magnate, we could use experience because we will probably encounter more powerful gods." Just inside the cave, a pixie warned us that the "Dungeon" was a terrible place and we should take the Magi and run.

"D-d-d-dungeon" Vet studdered and she curled up into a ball. She was scared. Skiz knealed next to her and held her. Trying to comfort her, I overheard him say that he would protect her. We then worked our way around the first floor of the Dungeon and found several items of use before going to the second floor. We checked the Magi we recieved and discovered it was the Pegasus Magi. It could teleport us anywhere we visited. We used it when we needed to get more supplies to get through the dungeon. When we hit the floor of the the second level, we decided to rest for a while. Some of us needed to sleep after those battles, and we decided that we would guard in shifts. Skiz and I went first.

While Vet and Radr rested, Skiz said, "Rich, you've known Vet all your life, right?"

"Yeah. She sometimes helped me through the tough times without my father. She is a real friend. She even saved our town once."

"That must have before my family came to town."

"Yes. This strange man came to town. He called himself St. Marius. He said he could save us from all the evil gods if we followed him. Vet didn't trust him for a moment, I talked with her about it, but she had a strong mind that you can't change. We confronted the stranger and he told us the truth. He was a vampire of sorts and was going to eat us all. Everybody heard the ruckus outside and saw him try to attack us. They drove him out of town quickly. Nobody has seen him since, and Vet was treated as a hero, because she was the only one who saw the truth."

"How comes Radr didn't pick up on this?"

"He didn't come to town until after that. It was about a month before you arrived in town. He saved the town as well once."

"Are you kidding?"

"Well, It all started when the strange people attacked our town. We would have died if Radr hadn't said that there were the people with blades inbedded in there hand coming to devour us."

"I don't believe you."

"Good, because I just fed you a line of bull. Can you see how crazy that would be. It sounds like they would eat with their hands."

"I can't believed this. A person so honest that he probably get kicked out of town meeting if he said a word, told a lie."

"I tell lies only if part of a joke. But inbedded in any lie a tell as part of a joke is a little truth. Now, Master Skiz, why do you lie on an hourly basis."

"Look at me, I'm a monster. If I didn't lie like this, every time I would get angry, they would think I was telling the truth about hurting them. I lie to make friends, not to lose them."

"You would make a terrific politician."

"You mean a leader of a town."

"Yeah. Now, why do you have the name Skiz?"

"Well, most monsters eat only one food for most of their lives. But I kept eating different foods, and kept transforming into different monsters. My folks thought the name suited me best."

"What type of monster were you when you were born?"

"A Kraken."

"Well, I guess we should change the watch now."

He woke Vet and Radr and then went to sleep.

Skiz and I awoke well refreshed and we continued exploring the dungeon. We found a lot of interesting items on the second floor. The battles were getting tougher. When we reached the third floor, we found that the monsters were getting tougher. We were thankful when Skiz turned into a Fairy. At least we didn't have to use our cure potions. But before we hit the next floor, we had to warp back to Edo and get some X-Cure potions. We then returned to the dungeon and went to the 4th floor. We found some items on that floor and down some tunnels and made our way to the door to the next floor. One of the items we found was a tent, so when we reached the bottom of the steps and used the tent tor rest. Vet decided to take first watch with me. She turned to me and said, "Rich, there has been something bothering me since we started this quest."

I turned to my friend. "What is it, Vet?"

"You remember that creep that came to our town?"

"Yeah, how could anybody forget that evil man, St. Marius."

"Well, I'm worried that we'll run into him again. I sensed that when the town chased him out, he blamed us."

"I think your being paranoid, Vet. Besides, I'm still trying to figure out how you knew not to trust him."

"I don't know, maybe we met in a past life."

"Like the one you constantly had in the nightmares."


"Tell me, Vet. I don't know if what's happenning is happenning, but I do believe that you and Skiz are falling in love."

"I think you're right. I have feelings for him, but I'm afraid to say anything."

"I think you will when you feel the time is right, or maybe he will say it first."

"I guess you're right. I think we better get some rest before we continue."


And with that, we woke Skiz and Radr up and went to sleep.

When we woke, we started to explore the 5th floor of this dungeon. We found illusion walls and more chests, including Selfix armor. When we ran out of X-Cure potions, we warped back to Edo to buy more X-Cure potions and returned to the dungeon and made our way to the 6th floor. The monsters got more and more dangerous as we worked our way down. By the time we were ready to head down to the 7th floor, we needed more X Cure potions. We then returned to the Dungeon and went to the 7th floor. We found another tent and we continued to the 8th floor. It was a regular maze. We found many chests and then found a stairway up. At the top, the fairy was waiting for us. She asked us if we thought it was nasty. I look at my companions, Skiz was blind and Radr was turned to stone. I had to agree with her. After we left, we returned to Edo and cured all the rest and slept at the Inn for the night.

We woke up and then headed for the Celestrial world. We headed to the world next to the "Nasty Dungeon" as we now called it, and found it was based on clouds. I noticed that way down below us was another cloud, with a small town on it, and a whole world below it. We traveled along the clouds until we reached a large temple. We entered it and explored it. As we reached the top of the temple, we meet the god Odin. He didn't waste any time and attacked us. His attack was anticipated and I used the most devastating weapons we found in the "Nasty Dungeon" to defeat him. With that we earned 8 Magi, and we left Odin's Temple. We searched around and found the next Pillar. We headed for the next world. As we left the Pillar we followed a path to another Pillar of Sky. As we reached it, we met Apollo, for the next to last time. He finally revealed his true colors. He demanded us to give him all the Magi. He sicked his minion on us when I refused. We defeated it and then he conjured up all our friends who we helped and threatened their lives. We unwillingly handed them over and he entered the pillar. I almost collapsed. After living through monster attacks, and defeating various gods and the loss of my father, I lost the entire world we live in. All of a sudden, I heard a voice yell "Don't lose hope!!" I look up and father! He was still alive. He then revealed the biggest secret about the Magi. There were exactly 78 instead of 77. Dad joined the team and we headed for a town. It was nearing nightfall, and we needed rest. As we approached the Inn, Vet tapped me on the shoulder.

"What is it, Vet?"

"I'll tell you inside."

We entered the Inn and paid for a night's rest. As the others fell asleep, I went over to Vet and said, "Now, what's the secret."

"I saw him out there. St. Marius."

I almost shouted but controlled my voice. "What do mean you saw him?"

"He was in the far corner of the town. He watched us as we entered the Inn."

After that, I wasn't sure if I could sleep. I know that when Vet was upset like this, she was usually right. We were up about half the night pacing. We knew that madman blamed us for what happened in our town when he tried to lure everyone to their deaths. It was about the the middle of the night when I heard the door open. Vet and I prepared our weapons. The last town we had to use weapons in was back in Ashura's world. We left the room our group had gotten and entered the hall. Right in the hallway stood our worse nightmare. At first glance, his dignified look betrayed his mind. He looked at us and said, "The adventure's son. I have been waiting years for my revenge. And it appears that I will get the girl who started it all, as well. I do have to say that the look comes right out of my dreams, be they nightmares or fantasies."

I held up my sword and said, "This is were you retreated to after you were chased out of town."

"Yes, but I have not been able to find any group of people as gullible as the town you came from."

Vet spoke up as she shot a flame at him. "You won't ever get another chance to kill us."

"What do you mean?"

"The world is going to be destoyed by a power-hungry god."

"I don't believe you."

With that he started advancing toward us. Vet's flame disappated as it approached him. I swung my sword and it didn't even hurt him. We started to back away from him until we hit the end of the hall. He had gotten strong since he was in our town.

Over the years he could have been fighting monsters, killing them and growing more powerful than any of us. Just as he was about to catch us, the innkeeper came up behind him and knocked him out with a Jyudo move.

"You'll be okay. I shall throw him out of here. He has tried to kill many of my guests. For some reason, he has a grude against me." She hauled the one being that truly scared me and Vet out of the Inn and we returned to the room we had. We then slept until morning.

We awoke and went to leave the Inn. The Innkeeper came over to all of us and asked how we slept. My father said, "We all slept well. I don't think anybody had trouble sleeping. By the way, I remember when I arrived two days ago about you mentioning a strange fellow. He didn't try anything last night, did he?"

"No sir. He hasn't been seen for days. Maybe the sight of such brave adventurers had scared him off."

She gave a wink in our direction as Vet walked up behind me. Vet whispered, "She's trying to protect us."

I nodded and said to the Innkeeper, "You are probably right." With that, we left the Inn and talked in the town to get information about the final dungeon. We found out that the entity in there was probably the most dangerous entity around. We stocked up on tents and then left for the dungeon. We went directly to the dungeon and began the descent. The dungeon was hideous, with living faces on the walls. We searched every alcove of the 1st floor finding something of use, but not a Magi. On the second floor, we continued our search. We found a Sun Sword, but not a Magi. We searched through the 3rd floor and found nothing. When we reached the 4th floor, Dad suggested that we should rest for a bit using the tent. As always, I took first watch, but Dad joined me on the watch.

I turned to my father and said, "I thought that you were dead."

"No, I had just gotten teleported to another world. One with a very large dungeon. It was about 8 levels as I remember. The bottom level was very confusing."

"I know, we went through that dungeon. But how did you get past Odin."

"Is that the god who was in control of the area above Pureland?"

"If you mean, the clouds, yes."

"Easy, I didn't enter the temple. I had a portable bridge. After that I made my way to this town. It was a very long journey. Especially dodging monster when you are low on weapons. Now, what has happened to Vet that she looks so different."

I told my father the long story and we decided that it was time to rest up for the rest of our search.

When we woke up from our rest. We searched the 4th floor of the dungeon. We then headed up to the 5th floor. We found Arthur armor on the previous floor, and on his one we found a Psi Gun. We went to the 6th floor to find another Parasuit, which Vet wore. On the 7th floor, we found another tent. It seemed that all we were doing was finding weapons and armor and fighting monsters. Then dad mentioned that the final Magi was guarded by the toughest foe yet. I hoped that this battle would be easy. With that thought in mind, we traveled to the 8th floor. By the time we reached the 9th floor, we were badly in need of rest. So we set up another tent and went to rest. This time during watch, I was assisted by Radr. Radr decided to tell me something that worried me. "Sir, I don't know if I should mention this but.."

"Radr, you don't have to call me sir."

"I'm sorry Rich. But as I was saying, I think I'm losing my ability. I can't detect a problem here."

"Radr, I have a feeling that the enemy is so powerful, that it isn't letting you detect it."

"You mean that.."

"Yes, it is either a powerful god, or a very powerful robot."

This started to worry us and we decided that it would be wise to tell everyone after we rested.

We woke up and told everybody what we thought we would be dealing with. Everybody started to worry. We the searched the floor and found the Xcalabur Sword. We went to the 10th floor and search allowed us to find a NukeBomb. I figure that this would be the edge we needed. We then went to the 11th floor. In the distance, we saw a glint of metal. As we approached it, we saw a foe. It called itself Warmech. We set up a tent and stepped inside. It was then we realized that just stepping in a tent cured all wounds. We then attacked the Warmech. Using our most powerful weapons, we defeated Warmech and recovered the Heart Magi. We ran to town and grabbed some Heal Staffs as well and sold some stuff so we could attack Appolo in the Celestrial Temple. He had probably finished assembling the Magi. Without all 78, we might lose our world. We then headed for the Celestrial Temple. Once inside, we started the battle with Apollo. He had put all the Magi together, and was gaining their power. He started to change during the battle. This was when he started to attack. After a while, Apollo started to melt. An in short order, he exploded. Dad shield us from the explosion and fell. I saw he was dying. I couldn't forgive myself if he died. But, I also noticed that the world was shaking. Then I relized that the only hope was to assemble the Magi. When this was done, Isis appeared. She saved my dad and then we headed to the center of the world to stop what was causing the shaking. She told us that the security system, "Arsenal" must be malfunctioning. We fought our way down the long stairwell to the center of the world. Along the way, we had to fight creatures like TianLung and Fenrir. When we reached the bottom of the stair, we all rested in a tent so we would have enough energy for the final battle.

As we continue to the left and upward, we worked our way to the Arsenal. Along the way, we encountered a Haniwa which left a Seven Sword behind. I figured that this would be a big help. After resting in one of the tents, we attacked the Arsenals. We used our strongest attacks to defeat the cannons and the mini-smasher. When the Smasher came into play, Vet used Heal Staffs to help us survive. When the Arsenmal fell, Isis told us that we had saved the world. We could now return home as she took care of everything. We returned to my father and we then went home, stopping by the homes of our new friends. When we returned home, everyone was happy to see us. About a week later, my father decided to search of the Lost Ark. Mom and I weren't about to lose him again and we followed him.


It has been about 10 years since adventure ended. I have returned to my home town for a reason. My friend Vet and Skiz were getting married and Skiz asked me to be the best man. In our own way, we all stayed in touch with the others. With my parents still searching Pureland for the Lost Ark, I decided to return to the home town and settle down for a while. I decided to document all of my adventures in these memoirs. It seems that when you have such an epic adventure such as this, one can never forget it.

The Legend of the Haniwa