Vie Mort, Mort Vie
by Richard B. Sampson jr.

A Story And Addendum For Memoirs Of The Heroes. (Previously "Memoirs Of An Adventure's Child."))
(All Characters Are Ficticious And bare no resemblence to living people. Any resemblence to fictional characters is only by chance. Special Thanks to Howard Phillips Lovecraft)

This was it. We had started the final battle, and even I hoped it would end the way we hoped it would. I had lost too many people I cared about in my lifetime. I lost my husband, my friends, my mother, and even my son. Although my son was the second incarnation of Shoac, I had still loved him. All these thoughts were running through my head as we facing the Crystoids, but it didn't distract me from the fight. If anything, it helped fuel my battle. Every Crystoid I stopped, I did in the name of the people I had lost. Soon enough, we had finally reached the door to the main chamber. Before we entered, I heard Captain say, "Already everyone, this is it. Vet, are you ready to defeat Death?"

I nodded and said, "I have the perfect spell ready. One that will destroy him instantly. We just have to keep the queen Crystoid alive until after the runestones lose their power."

I saw most of the others nod. They were not happy about it, but it was necessary. I then heard Max say, "I'll tackle the Queen. I want all of the rest of you to stop all the other Crystoids. I want the marksmen to take care of snipers. Any of you who can fly, follow JaNa's lead. She will lead the defense in the air." I watched my daughter nod. She had her wings out, and was ready for battle. I also noticed, for the first time, that some of the Guardians had jet packs.

I then head JaNa say, "Our job is to stop any flying Crystoids. We are to keep the Crystoids back, and not let them kill the Queen." We knew what would happen if the Queen of the Crystoids were to die before power of the runestones disappated.

I then head Hope say, "Is there anything I can do? I do have my abilities." I knew it would be a risk for her to use her magic, but I also knew she had learned to control it.

I watched as the Captain said, "I think so. If any of the preparer Crystoids come out, use your magic on them. The Crystoids will try and save them. It is those Crystoids that are most valuable next to the Queen."

I watched my granddaughter nod and say, "I understand. I'll have those things in more trouble than they wished they could cause."

I then walked up to the doors and said, "Ok, We need to enter and stop the Crystoids." I saw everyone nod and I pushed the doors open. We then entered the main chamber. It appeared to be bigger than the whole realm of the Crystoids. In the back of the room, I saw Lena fastened to a wall. Slightly in front of her was the makings of a doorframe, and in three corners were three of the runestones.

Standing in front of the structure was the Queen herself, and Death. Soon the Queen said, "It's about time. Soon, the gate to our mistress will be open, and her minions will enter this world."

I then heard Max yell, "This is the end, and you will not succeed." It was then that Max began the battle. As was expected, the Queen was trying to get herself killed, but Max made sure his attacks were not lethal.

As the battle ensued, I saw Crystoids start to join in the battle. It was evident that they planned for the Queen to die. I almost didn't see Death go to stab me with his sickle, as he said in his whispy voice. "It is time for you to join the ranks of the dead."

I quickly launched a force bolt at Death and said, "Now is not my time to die." As he flew back, he knocked two Crystoids that JaNa and her group were fighting out of the air.

As Death was temporarily dazed, I heard another Crystoid say, "Must save the life-giving liquid." I saw that Hope had cast her spell on a dozen of the preparer Crystoids. The rest were now distracted on trying to stop us, trying to help in the termination of the Queen, and to save their precious liquid.

I then head the Queen shout, "Don't worry about that. Make sure that I die." Soon, I saw some of the Crystoids start heading back to the fight between Max and the Queen."

I would have watched more, but I noticed that Death was starting to head towards me. I heard him say, "You shall pay for that. I shall make your death long and painful. I'll make you a mummy before I kill you."

I faced my advesary and said, "I doubt that. I have the one spell that can stop you." At that point, I casted the Life spell at Death. It was the one thing that could destroy the last Horseman.

As I watched, his skeletal face almost more a look of pain. As the Life spell started to bring him to Life, I heard him say, "My part has been fulfilled. I have served my purpose." Soon, Death exploded, and the runestone flew to it's corner.

When the stone started to fly, I heard Max shout, "How did that happend?" I looked to see the Queen laying on the floor. She appeared to be dead.

I heard Captain say, "I thought I told you she was not to die."

Max then said, "I didn't kill her. She just collapsed. There is no mark on her." Indeed, I could see there wasn't a mark on her body. It was a bad sign.

Soon, it got worse as I head a voice of pure evil say, "At last, my true purpose has been realized. Now Shub can enter this world and claim it." It was Shoac. He had been reformed.

As the gateway glowed to life, I saw sparks fly from Lena. The portal was now opening. I looked over at Captain and shouted, "How can this be happening? We didn't kill the Queen."

The answer came from a source I did not expect. "It is because before you arrived, the Queen was killed. I was controling her body from afar." I turned to see Sharm standing behind me. "This was planned out long in advance. Our plan was put in motion the moment you were possessed."

It was then I realized the extend of the damage, and the extent of the plan. I turned and looked at Sharm. He had only helped them save me because it was part of their master plan. Sharm hadn't destroyed KLar and St. Marius. He preserved them. What had happened to Lena was planned to. I looked at Sharm and said, "How long has this been planned?"

Sharm only smiled and said, "Since my wife and I manipulated things from our masters palace back in the Mana Net. She was the one who initially contacted Shub for all the power. We manipulated our leaders in the great war among the Ancients. We made them think they were getting the gift of ultimate power. What they got was used but the very people they thought they were manipulating. Now the dark forces will do what they had long set to do. You had no clue that we were all ready. We had stolen the Time Bomb, and insured our victory. Now, you will be consumed by the Darkness."

I turned toward the gate and saw some creatures making their way through the gate. They were hideous. Some looked like the things I saw in the Nasty Dungeon, but others were worse. Some flew, and jumped, and far in the back, slowly approaching was the evil one herself. I just quietly said to myself, "What have we done?"

I was briefly distracted when I heard a scream come from Max. At first, I thought it had been on of those creatures that had attacked him. When I finally saw what had attacked him, I froze in horror. The form was all to familiar to me. I heard Max gasp, "No, not you," before he collapsed.

As I looked at the form, I could see the claws on it's hand, the crazed look in its eyes, and what looked like blood coming from its mouth. I then heard Sharm say, "I couldn't let her miss the big moment." The madman had prevented Li's death. I just watched in horror as Li started to run at me.