The Naar Saga
by d_Galloway

The Naar Saga part 1: Return of the Enemy

Galloway usually doesn't dream beyond the usual stuff: cute girls, food, and watching Magus's head roll for trying to feed him to Molor. However, a few nights after he left Weiila's, the dreams began...


He was standing inside a cave, in front of a deep underground lake. Beside him was Weiila, Val, Starstorm, and Poke. He stepped into the water, and out came a brilliant flash of light. Suddenly, everyone else had vanished, and Galloway was in front of a giant shadow.

The shadow laughed, then tore him apart, limb by limb.


Weiila, on the other hand, was sleeping soundly. When she got up the next day (or was it the previous day- damn international date line), she returned to her notes to write her revenge on Galloway for sending her to hell.

Once again, someone had gone through the notes. Suddenly, a black-armored hand reached at her from behind. An all-too-familiar voice said, "You suffered this fate once. You will suffer it again."

A laser blast rang out. This time, however, the figure stayed.


Galloway finally decided to see Weiila about the dream. Maybe she could make some sense out of it. After all, she WAS the smart one in the duo.

After flying over to Sweden, he found her house once again deserted. Like before, he kicked the door down.

"Ouch!" screamed a voice from beneath the door. Ultros pushed the piece of wood off of himself and shouted, "Nobody will bother master! Begone!" Galloway sent him flying through the roof with a single kick, then continued to Weiila's room.

He found, once again, a small child crying on the bed. Thoughts about what had happened previously rushed into his mind. Was it starting again?

Was Mox back?

Almost as if in response to his question, a black-armored figure leaped from the roof. It grabbed Galloway by the collar, but since Galloway had his sword handy, it simply took a swipe to make him let go.

The figure jumped forward, but Galloway jumped to the side and smacked him down. A Gallo-beam then followed, catapulting the dark being tumbling backwards.

The figure sent a fireball, but Galloway reflected it back. Next, it pried some floor loose and tossed it, but Galloway smashed the piece apart.

Weiila had lost interest long ago. She fell asleep.

The fight continued for some time. Then Galloway, after beating the living shit out of the enemy, pinned them and said, "You're not Mox. Mox was much stronger than you. Who the hell are you, anyway?"

The figure struggled loose. "Falchin!"

Galloway backed away. "Then why the hell did you shrink Weiila? And what's with the armor?"

Falchin turned away. "I didn't reduce her. And the armor is my father's curse, handed down to me. The bloodline of Mox runs through my veins; I am powerless to stop it. The armor is a curse father put upon his entire family. And, if you're interested, I came to save the girl!"

Everyone rushed back to Weiila's room to find Ultros, severely bruised, trying to pick up sleeping Weiila. Galloway sliced off his tentacles and sent him into high orbit yet again, then began to plan for the next phase.

Galloway: At least Mox isn't back...I hope...

The Naar Saga part 2: Devastating Loss

After a few minutes, Galloway called Neo and had him come over. Whoever had done this, Falchin had reasoned, must be close by; he said something about how the being was too slow to move very far.

Just after Neo showed up, a knock was heard from downstairs. Starstorm stood in the doorway, looking at what used to be Weiila's house. Poke was behind him, mumbling something about having to shove Ultros off himself on the way over.

Now, with an entire army, they raised their chances of victory from 10000000000000 to 1 to 9000000000000 to 1. They walked outside.


After moving about five feet, a note appeared out of nowhere. It read:

"If you are foolish enough to face me, go to the God-forsaken hell hole called North Dakota. I will be waiting there."

Grumbling, Galloway used the teleportation spell to head to the God-forsaken hell hole called North Dakota.


After landing in the God-forsaken hell hole called North Dakota, they met their enemy. He was tall, muscular, and dressed completely in black armor. A cape was hanging on his back. His face was completely lost in his black, horned helmet. A sword hung at his waist, and a shield was strapped to his back.

At first, you would mistake this guy for Mox. But there was something much different, much more terrifying...

Suddenly, a hand rose up, and a blast of energy flew forward. Galloway and Neo used the "dissapear then reappear" trick, Weiila simply ducked, and Falchin flew to the side. Unfortunately, Star and Poke were caught completely off-guard; they were smashed head-on.

When they got back up, they were seven-year-old kids.l

Cursing this calamity, Galloway and Neo fused into Ultra. The being simply stood there, as if what was happening was no trouble to him.

"Foolish warriors," said the being, in a voice that would make your blood run cold. "Did you really think you could win against me? I am Naar, God of Evil! Nobody can destroy me!"

Ultra, however, had used the lengthy speech to charge up an enormous energy blast. It connected head-on, catapulting Naar five miles into the distance. Unfortunately, he just got up and came rushing back.

Ultra fired up a Kaioken hastily, then began to combo down on Naar. The god simply stood there, blocking the blows, then sent a single smashing blast into Ultra, plowing him through the ground. The two unfused the moment they stopped moving.

Neo crawled his way forward, then collapsed. Galloway, however, stood straight back up, despite his injuries, and charged up a Gallo-beam. However, without the added energy of Neo, the blast didn't even dent Naar. This was getting desperate.

Finally, Galloway realized there was one way to win. It would be risky, and probably wouldn't destroy Naar, but hopefully, it would weaken him enough to force him to flee. He began to charge up for another blast, but unlike before, he continued to charge past the reccommended maximum.

Naar looked onward in shock. Blood began to drip from Galloway's lip. His knees began to quiver violently. Everyone could tell that the amount of power he was charging was too strong; it was killing him.

Finally, with an agonizing scream, Galloway released the energy. Everyone was knocked unconcious by the force being created by the attack. The last thing they saw was Naar being blasted backwards and Galloway slumping to the ground.


Weiila woke to find herself, along with everyone (except Galloway), in a simple tent. Above her, holding a damp cloth, was Val.

"You're lucky to be alive," said Val. "If you had been out for a few more hours, you would be pushing up the daisies right now."

"Gallo...Gallo...Gal..." began Weiila, but she couldn't finish the sentence. She didn't need to.

Val shook her head. "He was barely alive when we found him. Whatever he did, he had lost nearly all of his energy. When you consider his nature, that would make it impossible for him to survive for long. He is still alive, but he won't be able to strain himself for a while. Now go to sleep."

Weiila then fell back to sleep. Val continued to wash her wounds, then left.

Weiila: And how much would a set of all three sagas cost?
Galloway: Next to nothing, but it's really $3000.99.

The Naar Saga part 3: Why Not to Piss Off a God

Naar lifted himself out of the debris of what used to be a trailer park in the God-forsaken hell hole called North Dakota. After surveying the destruction Galloway had inadvertanly caused, a deep chuckle emerged from his dark helmet.

"This could be entertaining after all."


Galloway woke to find himself strapped to a bed. Val and Zero X-Hunter were standing over him, talking about how that one guy looked just like Mox and stuff. They didn't notice Galloway squirm his way out of the straps and crawl out of the tent.

Struggling to keep his balance, Galloway made his way to a small pile of old crates. Gasping for air, he sat himself down and thought about what had happened. He was supposed to be dead; the Final Attack Technique always destroyed the user, as his brother had said.

And yet he was still alive...

The Gungir smashed throught the pile directly behind Galloway. Val and X-Hunter stalked towards him, carrying a straight-jacket and a needle full of some sort of medication. Galloway tried to flee, but found himself too weakened to move.

Suddenly, an enormously large amount of dark energy filled the area. Val, sensing it at the same time Galloway did, grabbed the Gungir and readied it. X-Hunter didn't sense anything, but he followed in suit. Galloway used every ounce of strength he could muster and drew his sword.

A huge bmass of black energy appeared. It formed into the ghastly form of Naar. He drew his sword in one hand and raised the other. Val threw the Gungir at him, but it was incinerated in the blast that flowed from Naar's hand. It connected with her, sending her catapulting back several yards.

X-Hunter charged in blind confusion, but Naar simply knocked him aside with a flick of his wrist. He then stalked toward Galloway, his sword readied to run the hero through. In desperation, Galloway swung his sword at the foul god.

What followed next was amazing. The moment Galloway's sword connected with Naar's blade, a flash of light filled the area. When it dissipitated, both blades were lying in pieces on the ground. Naar withdrew in panic. Galloway simply charged up what little strength he could and stood up.

"What the hell's going on here?" shouted a voice from somewhere. Wilfredo Martinez, Igatona, Faetan, and Mabatseeker emerged from various tents in response to the bright flashes, the noisy combat, and that damn orchestra that wouldn't stop playing.

Galloway simply collapsed again. X-Hunter regained conciousness and dragged him back into the bed. He then set off to find what had happened to Val, leaving Wil and Iga in COMPLETE CONTROL!!!!!!!


X-Hunter was walking for quite a while when he saw that the path of destruction was beginning to clear. Finally, he found where it stopped.

At that very spot, a small child sat, crying.


Naar looked onward. He couldn't risk facing them again; at least, not right now. He had no choice but to send his best agents in...

His castle was filled with the sound of heavy footsteps. Cybernetic soldiers, each one armed with some sort of weapon, entered the square. Naar handed them their orders, then sent them out to eliminate everyone in that pathetic team of theirs.

He then summoned four others. He gave them their orders; if the first plan failed, then they were to be the fail-safe. They had to strike while the group was weakened.

They had no time to waste.


Galloway was lying in the bed when Falchin came over. He handed him an old friend; the Everlasting Rag.

"It was in the room with the Black Pentagram," he said. "I believe it's yours."

Galloway took it, then fell asleep.

Val: I'm a kid now? NOOOO!!!
Galloway: *whips out the Everlasting Rag and puts it under Val's nose*
Val: *falls asleep*

The Naar Saga part 4: Why Assassins are Pathetic

After X-Hunter returned with the kid Val, everyone prepared to break camp. Galloway, having regained his strength, emeged from the tent with a smashed blade, a rag that would never die, and the knowledge that if he didn't get to the bottom of his dreams, the world would be in some serious shit.

Everyone hiked east, preparing to leave the God-forsaken hell hole called North Dakota. The group that was with Val didn't talk at all about what THEY were doing; whenever Galloway or the others brought it up, they simply rolled their eyes away and pointed a sharp object at his neck. This was going to be one LONG trip.

Suddenly, a laser blasted by, barely missing Galloway. It connected with a rock, leaving behind a small burned piece of earth. Cyborgs armed with guns, laser swords, laser spears, and various other nasty weapons that would poke somebody's eye out, emerged from hiding to challange the group. Unfortunately, they would soon learn not to be take their enemies easily...

One ran straight at Igatona, only to get his head knocked clean off with a single backhand. X-Hunter's blade ripped through three of them easily. Star, even as a kid, began to summon his Pixy Stixs; many cyborgs layed dead after a few rounds of that. Galloway ripped the spine out of one, then jammed it through another one's head. Val, despite her size, tried to raise the newly-reincarnated Gungnir. She couldn't throw it, but about four of the cyborgs impaled themselves on it (they weren't known for intelligence, it seems).

Just when it seemed like it was over, even MORE came out of nowhere. Pissed at this turn of events, Galloway and Neo fused into Ultra yet again. After powering up with a Kaioken, they vaporized all the enemies in front of them with a simple Ultra-beam. The rest where soon dealt with as well.

Then, a THIRD wave emerged from nowhere. They swarmed over everyone, leading to a massively hectic battle. Fortunately, the heroes didn't hurt their own side (except for Ultra, when he tossed a cyborg's corpse that slammed into Faetan's head, knocking her unconcious).

Soon, the entire army of cyborgs was defeated. Everyone checked in all right; then Ultra noticed something.

"Where's X-Hunter?"

"He's our prisoner now," said a loud, omnimous voice. "If you want to save him, try taking us on." Suddenly, four new enemies appeared. Their skin was a dark-gray, with cybornetic parts running all through them. But what was most noticible were their right hands; each one was a weapon. One had a sledgehammer; one a chainsaw; one a machine gun; and one a harpoon gun. They stalked towards the heroes, their weapons glimmering in the sun.

The few that remained in fighting condition (Ultra, Igatona, Mabatseeker, and Wil) prepared to do battle with these new enemies.


(Meanwhile, in a far-away land)

The men sat down at the long table. The only really noticible thing about them was the fact that they were all balding men. Their leader took a seat at the end and began the meeting.

"Now, as you have well-heard, Rogain sales have been stopped since their factory was destroyed. Now we have found the culprit: some loser known as Naar. I say we prepare for battle!"

"Yes!" shouted the crowd. "You are our leader, Colin Mockerie!"

Note: I mean no disrespect to Colin Mockerie or Whos Line is it Anyway?. It is possibly my favorite show. I also apologize if I spelled his name wrong. Enjoy.

The Naar Saga part 5: *insert title pertaining to plot here*

The four new enemies stood still for a moment, a few feet away from the heroes. Then they jumped into a completely ridiculous pose and shouted, "Welcome to your doom! We are...THE FOUR BROTHERS!"

While everyone else stood dumbfounded, they went into a marching stance and simultaniously shouted, "Role call!" The one with the sledgehammer walked forward and said, "Me name is Sledge, I'm really strong! I'm not real bright, but I hate this song!" The one with the chainsaw walked forward. "My name is Cutter, and I'm the greatest one! I'll rip your lungs out; it'll be fun!" The one with the machine gun walked forward. "I am called Gunarm, and my gun really hurts. If you get in my way, you'll be eating the dirt!" Finally, the one with the harpoon walked forward. "I hate this song. It fucking sucks. My name is Impaler, now shut the fuck up!" Then they finally got into their fighting stance.

Everyone else, by this point, was completely stunned. Finally, the four remaining members snapped out of it. "I'll take Impaler," said Ultra. "Igatona takes Gunarm, Wil takes Cutter, and Maba takes Sledge. CHARGE!!!!"

And so the battle began...


(Meanwhile, at the land of Balding Men...)

"Lord Mochrie!" shouted a young bald guy. "We have news! Another Rogain Factory is burning, along with the rest of the town!"

"WHAT?!" screamed Colin. He rose from his chair and walked to a large window. Outside, he saw the secret Rogain factory in a generic Canadian town burning. The town, too, was on fire.

"That's it!" he shouted. "The time for action has arrived!" Just then, the phone rang. "Hello?" said Colin. "Yeah? Yeah? Yeah? Drew, can we hold filming until- well, I'm kinda trying to save the world, and...I see. Alright, I'll be there." He hung the phone up. "Hold the attack," he said. "I have a show to do."


Wil's staff connected with Cutter's chest, knocking him back into Gunarm, who's gun went off wildly and hit Sledge, who reeled back in pain and knocked Impaler down. They quickly recovered, however.

Sledge lifted his hammer, but Maba wasn't going to fall for that. Grabbing a jagged stone, he rushed into the enemy's chest, driving the deadly weapon of nature deep into the enemy's heart. Sledge, however, shook it off and knocked Maba aside. Then he collapsed, driving the rock straight through to the other side.

Gunarm fired madly, but Igatona was able to dodge every bullet; that is, until he tripped. At that point, Gunarm fired into his enemy's back, but Iga's super-high power kept him from taking anything beyond a scratch. He grabbed the maniac's gun. It continued to go off, in hopes of striking an opponent, but it didn't work. Iga simply bent it quickly downwards, and the bullets went through Gunarm's head, killing him.

Wil used his staff's length to keep away from Cutter's massive weapon. However, he was running out of room; just behind him was a deep fissure. Thinking quickly, he let Cutter charge. He then sidestepped and tripped him, causing the enemy to fall through the pit. The sound of a man being skewered on a spike was all it took to establish that another enemy had fallen.

Impaler, however, withstood everything Ultra threw at him. "Fool!" he shouted. "My body can self-repair itself instantly! I cannot be destroyed!" He then launched his harpoon at Ultra, who promptly dodged. The deadly device struck a pile of rocks, revealing a large red portal. Thinking quickly, Ultra moved to the other side of Impaler and charged up his electrical energy. Impaler reloaded the harpoon gun and readied his shot.

"BLITZKREIG!!!" shouted Ultra as he released the energy he had stored. Shocked, Impaler couldn't fire before the energy blast hit him head-on. The force catapulted him, along with the rest of the beam, straight into the portal. They dissapeared entirely, and the portal promptly closed.

"What the heck was that?" asked Wil. "A gateway to the Dazrian," replied Galloway, just after unfusing with Neo, "a world on the edge of the Hell plane from which many believe there is no escape. I don't think we'll be seeing our friend ever again."


Naar cursed his luck. He needed them dead now, before Galloway learned the truth about the dreams.

Before he found the prophecy.

Before he found the sword...

(insert funny comment here)

The Naar Saga part 6: Talk Fu

After about five minutes of doing nothing, the group recieved a note that appeared out of nowhere. It read:

"Your friend is inside my Dungeon of Naar. Try to free him...if you dare." -sincerely, Naar

"God damn it!" shouted Galloway. "This guy's nothing more than a mere generic villain! Oh well." With that, they followed the attached map to the dungeon.


They found their destination on the outskirts of the God-forsaken hell hole called North Dakota. After opening what was left of a trap door, they made their way into a series of intersecting labrinths. Rats moved to and fro from the area. The skeletons of people who didn't quite make it out of here alive.

Finally, after stepping over enough bodies to make a cannibal blush, they found a door leading deeper into the dungeon. The next room was almost like a sewer. Water was up to their waists as they climbed inside. Blood was stained onto the wall, with scratch marks depicting frenzied battles before the poor victims went to their deaths. After wading through the water, they reached a small grate. Pulling out what was left of his sword, Galloway pried the bars loose, allowing access into the next area.

They were now inside what looked like a cell. The water was part of a large pool, and was obviously intended for bathing. There was a rusted cot in one corner, and no other visible furniture. Fortunately, the door was open, so they made their way even deeper inside.

The next room was definately a torture chamber. Several diabolical machines were placed hap-hazardly inside, each one covered with dried blood. A rack had a still-decomposing corpse placed on it, and Weiila was in one corner almost immediately, vomiting her guts out.

After she had finished, they made their way through yet another door. Now they were inside a large, circular chamber. Several boxes that resembled large dog carriers were stacked in there, with several more covered by a large white tarp.

Suddenly, a mysterious figure jumped out of nowhere. It was definatley a ninja; the black uniform designated it as a member of the Yang order, the most vile ninja sect in existance. Naar had obviously hired some outside help; whatever he was guarding must be important.

The ninja entered a combat stance. It was obvious that if Galloway tried to fight normally, even with his stength, he would probably lose. He had to think of something. Unfortunately, he didn't think quickly enough; the ninja attacked.

Suddenly, a back door slammed to the ground. The hero from Quest for Glory emerged, still clothed in full armor and wielding his Paladin Sword. The ninja stopped his attack in mid-air, looked around confused, then attacked the hero.

However, the hero was prepared. He suddenly launched into a series of bizzare words and phrases. Galloway suddenly realized that those words were actually martial arts styles and wise men phrases.

The hero was employing the lost art of Talk Fu, the discipline where a person confuses his opponent by talking in long strings of unpronouncible martial arts styles and fortune cookie wisdom. Unfortunately, he had gotten lost before while studying it between Karate and Kuk Sul.

The ninja became dazed, then lost conciousness. The hero then tossed him down a garbage chute. Hopefully, that would be the last they ever saw of him.


The hero explained that he had entered the dungeons when he heard that some kids from another dimension had been taken prisoner by Naar to use for his experiences. He wouldn't say who they were or where they came from, but he did explain that all evidence pointed towards this room; there were several others he did NOT investigate.

Finally, they decided to continue onward. The hero, however, moved the tarp. He found what he was looking for. Two small kids, a boy and a girl, were sound asleep inside two of the larger carriers. Galloway looked at them, then muttered, "T.K. and Kari," then finally collapsed.

Weiila: Digimon now? You're sick, you know that?
Galloway: Hey, it's better than Pokemon.
Weiila:...Good point.

The Naar Saga part 7: Fallen?

After regaining himself, Galloway decided that whatever caused these two characters to come here must be nearby. He seperated the groups easily: he would take Wil, Maba, Falchin and the hero to find the cause, while the others would stay behind and gather what info they could from the two when they woke up.


The next area was a long, torch-lit tunnel. It bore a slight resemblance to an ancient crypt, especially with the hoards of skeletons lying around. Rats scurried away with small pieces of flesh in their mouths: whatever got killed here hasn't dead for long.

The path ended at a barred gate. Despite their best efforts, the group couldn't get the gate to open. Then they spied the spiral staircase next to them. With no other viable options, they walked up.


Colin, dressed in the armor denoting a leader of Balding Men, lead his followers through the God-forsaken hell hole called North Dakota. His men whistled small army tunes as they made their way deeper into the landscape. Finally, they reached the entrance to the dungeon.

"Naar must be nearby!" said Colin. "We must find him, and quickly, before any more Rogain factories are destroyed!"

The Balding Men shouted in response. They were going to stop Naar somehow.


The staircase led to a circular stone room. With the exception of a podium and a bed, it was completely devoid of furniture. Dust covered every inch of the floor, and spiders danced merrily in the corners.

A large book sat on the podium. Upon closer examination, it was revealed to be a copy of "Portals into Other Universes and Other Mischeviously Evil Magical Spells". Galloway tried to read through it, but to no avail: the entire thing was recorded in some type of ungodly language.

Suddenly, hordes of Balding Men entered the area. Colin Mochrie himself walked forward. "Where's Naar?" he asked sternly.

"That's exactly what we'd like to know!" replied Galloway, the definite taste of contempt in his voice. "We came into this place so we could find him!"

Suddenly, the entire place began to shake. "Quick!" shouted Colin. "We have to get out of here!" Hurridly, he turned to run, but a force pushed him straight into Galloway, sending them hurtling to the floor. They then found themselves totally unable to move.

"Our lord!" shouted the Balding Men.

"Get out of here!" shouted Colin. "Save yourselves!"

Almost begrudgingly, everyone left the two as they lay helpless. Suddenly, others appeared by them: Weiila, Val, Poke, Star, T.K., and Kari. Someone sure was being annoying here...

They didn't have to think about it long; the ground soon broke, sending them tumbling underground.


The others escaped just as the entire place caved inward. They said a few silent prayers for their fallen comrades, but were stopped when a familiar voice rang out in the distance.

"Hey, what's everyone so sad about?"

Gemini, Hunter and Sensei walked towards the entire group (including the Balding Men). "If my brother was dead," said Gemini, "his power would have been released by now. Since it hasn't, I think it's safe to assume that he's still alive, and in all probability, the others as well."

"How do you know about that?" asked Falchin.

"Easy," said Gemini, "I use the 'Relation to the Author' technique. It's powerful enough to even pierce the fourth wall."

At that, everyone fainted.

Galloway: *fixes the fourth wall*

The Naar Saga part 8: The Flying Bunker

Galloway finally regained conciousness after several hours. Despite the bruises and pains he had all over his body, he somehow stood up. Surrounding him was everyone else that had fallen into the hole with him: each of them were still out. However, something was in the back; something large and made of metal...

Galloway walked towards it to find a locked metal door, heavily rusted and covered with plant growth and debris. Moving the junk aside, he found a familiar keypad lock placed on the door. Suddenly, as if in a sheer moment of recolection, he punched in the correct sequence for the door.

Inside was a heavily trashed area. A nearby light switch revealed a heap of destroyed and damaged objects. The lights barely stayed on, with several of the lamps destroyed. Half of the area seemed to be like something out of a doll house: sofas, chairs, a table, a kitchen area, and various other things. There were several smaller rooms; from the ones Galloway could see, they appeared to be living quarters.

However, the other side of the room had something that looked like the bridge from Star Trek. A busted chair stood right in the middle of the area. Several computer panels were broken beyond repair, although some seemed still functional. In fact, it was his check of one that revealed what this was:


October 20, 2001: Maiden voyage of FB Model X-4 begun. Slight engine complications have caused difficulties, but no major difficulties so far. Looking forward to seeing the God-forsaken hell hole called North Dakota soon.


Galloway then remembered. He had spent many of his earlier time at RPGC working on a flying, highly-mobile fortress in order to protect himself (this was BEFORE he started watching DBZ). However, each model had failed before, due to either mechanical failure, severe damage, or sabatoge. This model had failed when it ran out of fuel.

Of course, being the idiot he was back then, he had abandoned ship too early, before he realized that there was extra fuel in a storage room. The ship plunged into the ground, apparantly burying itself from the force of the impact.

This was none other than the Flying Bunker!

Galloway checked the ship's controls. Apparantly, the navigation was still alright, although some heavy damage was shown on several compartments. Still, this seemed like the only way to escape from here now.

Thinking quickly, he returned to the others...


Colin, Weiila, and Kari had finally been able to awaken. For the most part, it was simply stunned gazes that were exchanged between them; after all, we had a kid version of an author, an anime character, and the leader of Balding Men all around the world in one single ubderground cavern.

"Hey, you three!" shouted Galloway. "Get the others and move into here. We're busting out of this crappy cave!"

"Wait a second!" shouted Kari. "What's going on here?"

Galloway gave her a cold, hard look. "Just do as I say, or what's left of my sword will rip through that little head of yours like a knife through butter."

The threat apparantly worked. They immediately got to work helping everyone inside.


After everyone had been piled up, Galloway moved to the helm of the bunker. After typing in some commands on the navigational computer, the engines immediately fired up. The incredible pressure of the old machinery operating again shook the entire bunker with unprecidented fury, but somehow, it began to tunnel back out.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the bunker pierced the top soil. They had escaped from the underground cavern! Unfortunately, after going a few feet down the road, the bunker's engines gave out, and it came back down to earth.

Galloway climbed out. He was apparantly stranded in North Dakota now, unless he could find some new parts for the bunker. Then he remembered where he was...

After telling everyone to stay on the bunker, he climbed down the hidden trap door into the North Dakota MERC HQ...


Naar shook his head. Those fools were obviously too much for his normal forces to handle. It looked like there was only one thing to do.

Drawing his sword, he prepared to enter the fray himself...


The Naar Saga part 9: Anime, Multiple Planes, and a Fight

Galloway found the North Dakota MERC to be almost completely deserted. The walls were covered with deep layers of rust, stained blood was plastered everywhere, and bullet holes were almost as plentiful as the previous two elements. Galloway was shocked at the amount of destruction he saw here.

Suddenly, he found what he was looking for: the electronic supplies cabinet. Opening it yielded the stuff he needed; and then some...


Kari sat at what was left of the table, simply thinking. Colin went out and got a pitcher of water. Weiila sat on one of the rotting beds, playing with a piece of string she had found. T.K. sat across from Kari, seemingly doing the same thing she was. Star was curled up in a corner, taking a nap. Pokefreak was looking at one of his Pokeballs. Val was asleep, hugging her spear.

Colin took a sip of his water. "What the heck are you two kids thinking about?"

T.K. turned slowly. "Oh, nothing," he said, "just that we're in some wierd place with no way to get home, no idea what's going on, and no clue as to what happened to us."

"What do you mean, 'what happened to us'?" replied Colin. "You're just a damn kid! You weren't hurt too badly, anyway."

Just then, Galloway opened the door, carrying about fifty pounds worth of tools, electronic equipment, and porno (showing where the late supplies clerk had hidden his stash). After setting the stuff down, he took a seat at the table, took out his sword, and continued to check the damage. It was official: it was beyond repair.

He then noticed what everyone else was doing. "Okay, why's everyone so upset here?" They then launched into the same small speech. Galloway listened for a bit, then pulled out a series of graphs entitled "Complicated Graphs That Will Solve Every Question You'll Ever Have".

"Now," he started, pointing to a map showing several planes being stacked on top of each other, "the universe we live in is actually part of the Mulitverse, with infinitely different Planes of Existance. What you see on TV, the Internet, and various other places are actually pieces from those planes. Each one has it's own dimension, so they never cross over.

"You two come from here," he said, using what was left of his sword to point to one of the planes. "Naar somehow opened up a portal between your plane and ours in some type of dastardly plot."

Just then, a loud knock was heard at the door. Galloway opened it to find Naar. "Excuse me," he said, "but since all my minions are dead right now, I was wondering if you would like to be destroyed?"

"Okay," said Galloway, "but let me make a quick phone call." He whipped out his phone before Naar could respond. "Hello?" he said. "Uh-huh, uh-huh, listen, shut up for a second. Come over here right now. Yeah, it's one of those situations." He then hung up.

Suddenly, Neo teleported in. The two walked outside, fused into Ultra, and the fight began.


Of course, Naar began to win easily. Ultra Galloway wasn't a match before, and certainly wasn't a match now. However, Galloway had one last trick up his sleeve...

Just then, his whole body began to glow. His eyes turned green, electricity cackled over every area of his being, and his hair grew unbelievably long and golden. Naturally, in the spirit of DBZ parodies the world over, Ultra had gone SSJ3.

At first, Naar wasn't bothered. After all, the battle was definately going to go his way; what was a lot of extra hair and green eyes going to do to him? Galloway, however, felt confident that this match was going to end now.

Naar pulled back his arms and fired a ball of pure evil straight at his enemy. Galloway simply brushed it aside with one swipe, causing it to turn into a bunch of black slime on the ground. He then responded with an Ultra-beam, which collided head-on with Naar and sent him, burning and seething, to the ground in a heap.

Galloway then performed a Gallo-Blast, which sent Naar's critically wounded body flying backwards. Naar struggled to his feet, but was knocked down when an Ultra-Ball slammed into him from above. Remarkably, however, he survived, although just barely.

Just then, Galloway landed, pulling back his arms for a Blitzkreig. Naar, however, suddenly concocted a new plan. Suddenly, the black slime grabbed Galloway, pinning him to the ground. Naar then used the chance to escape back to his castle.

Galloway struggled for nearly half-an-hour before he broke free. He collapsed and unfused. This battle, it seemed, would have to wait for another day...


Sensei, Gemini, Hunter, Igatona, Wil, Maba, and the hero sat in Sensei's training room, eating a small meal.

"So," said Sensei, "the Yang Order has returned. They were supposed to have been destroyed several hundred years ago, but they have returned."

"Master," asked Gemini, "what could possibly ressurect the Yang Order? Their teachings are dead."

"Not quite," replied Sensei. "You see, there survived one other manuscript of their techniques. It was placed in a shrine, along with an item called the "Ultra-Orb." Someone found it, and obviously it was stolen."

Gemini kept silent. Galloway had told him about how the Ultra-Orb had created Neo, but he didn't say anything about a book.

Just then, a man wearing a suit of Dragon equipment entered. He signaled to them silently. "I heard about X-Hunter being captured. I have come to help."

"But who are you?" asked Hunter.

The man smiled. "Chris of the Brood."

(Oh, it's the saga that never ends! Oh, it's the saga that never ends!)

The Naar Saga part 10: The Border World

Naar rested in his throne room. He now knew what Galloway was capable of, even without the legendary sword. However, the foolish heroes were still missing their friend, and he knew that they would try to get to him somehow. And there, he said, he would strike them.

He would watch them die.

Suddenly, the portal to Hell opened. A ninja appeared. He wore a yellow-and-black suit, with a skull-like mask covering his mouth. His eyes were pupilless, his gaze seemingly burning through a man's very soul. He walked towards Naar with a sense of hatred and discontent.

"You know who I seek," said Naar. "Destroy them, and I will reward you handsomely." With that, the ninja bowed and left.


After everyone had recovered, Galloway decided to begin the repairs on the bunker. They had to find the others, and soon. Fortunately, a "Repairing Futuristic Transportation Vehicles for Dummies" book was in the cabinet, so everything went quickly.

Finally, after about five minutes, the bunker was in good shape again. The metal now shined briliantly. The destroyed terminals were all replaced with more advanced models. The rotting beds were taken out, and newer, larger models were put in. Fresh food was stocked, the engines were completely refueled, and the shock stabilizers were working again.

Galloway headed up to the bridge. "This is your captain speaking," he said. "We are preparing to take off. Please keep all hands and arms inside the bunker at all times. No eating, drinking, or sex while take-off is commencing. Have an enjoyable flight." With that, he entered the commands to start the engines.

The bunker quickly rose into the sky, accompanied by absolutely no cheering whatsoever. Galloway, however, didn't worry about that.

"It looks like I may have a temporary crew," he said. "That could really be helpful."


Chris led the others to a large machine located somewhere in New Mexico. The doors slammed shut behind them, trapping them inside.

"This will be our key to saving your friend," he said. He pushed a button on a nearby terminal, and the machine suddenly started up. "This is a transporter to the border world of Xen. X-Hunter is being held inside that nightmarish hell."

Just then, one of the doors was busted down. The ninja that had left Naar's castle entered. In shock, everyone prepared for battle. Chris, however, interrupted them.

"We have to hurry through! There's no time to waste!"

The ninja, however, had other plans. He showed them his hostage, which he had taken no more than seven minutes ago: Faetan. "If you want her to live," he said, in a deep, horrific voice, "you'd better just kill yourselves right now!"

Unfortunately, a kick to the groin was all it took to knock him over. Strangely enough, though, blood splashed out when the blow connected, and yet the ninja was still able to stand.

"Very well," he said. "I'll destroy you myself!"

He dashed straight at Chris, sending him toppling to the teleporter. Mabat was knocked aside by a single backhand. Wil's staff was broken in two with one chop; he was knocked out by a roundhouse. When Iga tried to back off, the ninja raised his arm. A spear launched out of his hand and impaled itself on Igatona. The ninja shouted "Get over here!", then pulled Iga close to him and ended with an uppercut.

The hero, however, had already sensed the pure evil radiating from the ninja. Without a moment's hesitation, he shouted, "Peace!" The purity of his attack sent the attacker stumbling backwards, shrieking in agony. He then charged forward, sword in hand.

Unfortunately, Gemini, Hunter and Sensei had prepared to do a triple attack at the enemy. At the same time, Chris, having recovered, charged forward to attack. All five of them collided with the ninja at the same time. The momentum carried all of them straight through the portal in the middle of the transporter, which promptly closed.

Wil looked in a mixture of pain and disbelief. He then saw the terminal; it had been smashed in the battle by a piece of his staff. It looked like there was no way back now.

Their friends might be forever trapped in Xen.


The six who had gone into the portal tumbled through flashing green lights and pitch blackness. It seemed like time itself was beginning to collapse.

Suddenly, the feeling stopped, and they found themselves on what felt like dry ground. Gradually, the darkness vanished, revealing a bleak and desolate landscape. Platforms of solid rock were suspended in mid-air. Bizzare plants gave off an eerie light down below, and the sky was painted completely gray. They had reached their target.

They had reached Xen.

And the plot was thick...and the people rejoiced...

The Naar Saga part 11: Gonarch's Lair

The ninja struggled free of his captors. He turned towards them, holding the head of his spear like a knife. "Which one of you retards wants to die first?" he shouted, in the same somewhat emotionless voice.

"How" said the hero, drawing his sword, which was now engulfed in blue flame. "But first, tell me something, and believe me, I'll know if you're lying. Why do you want to kill us?"

The ninja eyed the Ring of Truth on the hero's finger, and realized that this was no ideal threat. "Naar sent me," he said. "He brought me back from Hell in order to destroy you. If I did what he asked of me, my family and I would be free from the chains of death." With that, he jumped from the platform to another one in the distance, and proceeded to run.

With no other option, the others followed.


They chased him down several passages, into another portal. When they came to, they were looking at a large, red, pulsating pouch.

Moving their eyes northward, they saw that it was part of a gigantic spider.

In panic, they backed away, just as the creature let out a massive roar. The hero drew his sword, prepared for combat. However, a small bit of acid landed near him; it burned straight through the ground.

Everyone knew this was going to be a difficult battle.

Gemini, Hunter and Sensei released a massive series of Jitsus at the creature, frying most of it. Unfortunately, it simply shook off the attacks as if they were nothing but mere sunburns and charged forward, it's jaws prepared to tear them apart.

Just then, Chris's sword connected, cutting a gaping wound into the creature. A flurry of attacks from both Chris and the hero followed shortly afterwards, causing the monster to panic and flee. With no other option, they chased after it.


The ninja hid above the cavern entrance, thinking. He knew Naar wouldn't keep his promise; he knew from the beginning. However, he had foolishly followed along. But still, these morons didn't know what they were going up against. Naar was a god, after all.

It is very difficult to destroy a god.

Just then, he saw the spider come through. The warriors followed after it, weapons and magic ready. However, the ninja knew they didn't stand a chance; not as they were.

Before he knew it, many of them were injured from burns and bites as the creature showed what it was really capable of. There was no hope for them now.

That was when the ninja reacted. His spear landed straight into the spider's back. Using it, he jumped on top and plunged his hand straight into the monster. As the creature moaned in sheer pain, the ninja pulled something out.

It was the heart of the beast.

The creature fell forward, plunging straight through a mess of cobwebs. Unfortunately, the ninja wasn't able to get out in time, and he fell through with it.

Everyone looked down the pit, let out a sad sigh, then left. Except for Gemini. Something was clearly wrong here.

For some reason, it seemed like the ninja wasn't on the spider's back when it fell out of sight. Could he have escaped?

Suddenly, another portal enveloped them, sending them into a new area of Xen.


Galloway checked the quadrants. They would be reaching Mora within the hour. Hopefully, Eihra could shed some light on what was going on.

However, he was getting too tired to continue. Typing in some commands, the bunker plunged into the ocean, then submerged itself. Entire bunker was now underwater. Hopefully, that would keep it out of sight for a while.

Locking the bridge door behind him, he told the others to get some sleep. They had a long day ahead of them tommorrow...


Wil, Maba, Iga, and Faetan struggled with the machinery, but to no avail. They would have to get some new supplies, and fast. Who knew what horrors were facing their friends in Xen?


Naar believed that his warrior was dead. After all, he had plunged through with that spider. Still, he was right; Naar wasn't planning on keeping his half of the bargain.

Then he sensed something. A faint life force began to penetrate his senses. Quickly, he reached his eye outward. He saw his ninja lying on a cliffside, critically injured. Suddenly, another arm grabbed him and dragged him inside a cave.

Naar chuckled cruelly. "Imagine that. My beloved ninja, saved by his own worst enemy."

Galloway: Thank heaven for 7-11!

The Naar Saga part 12: The Fall of Naar

Naar left his castle quickly. He knew what had to be done. Scorpion was still alive, Galloway seemed to be closing in on the sword, and those fools just might make it out of Xen alive. He had to tilt the odds back into his favor.

But first, there were those morons in the lab...


The ninja came to his senses gradually. He was laying in a small pool of water; light seemed to be radiating from it. Obviously, this was one of the few good things in this nightmare world.

When he turned, he saw a small note. It read:

I have sensed Naar's presence. He must be stopped at all cost. I left a portal to the lab open so you can return. I know being a good guy isn't in your nature, but there is no other choice at this point. Good luck, Scorpion.

It was signed: Sub-Zero.


Wil, Maba, Igatona, and Faetan labored strenously on the terminal, trying desperately to open the portal back up. So far, there was no success: nobody knew enough to fix the machine with nothing more than a stick of gum and a butter knife. Maybe if they had McGuiver...

Unfortunately, they didn't have much time to worry about that. A portal suddenly opened up. And, believe it or not, Naar himself stepped out.

"I've been too lenient with you fools!" he shouted, raising his arms as he did so. "Being transformed into mere children isn't enough. I'll see to it that you're all banished from this world FOREVER!!!" A single beam of energy was released from his hands, targeting the small group.

Suddenly, the beam was frozen in mid-air. Naar, completely confused, turn to face this new attacker. His head moved just in time to see a foot smack him straight to the ground.

Sub-Zero jumped back and fired another ice blast straight at his opponent. Unfortunately, Naar was completely immune to this kind of power; it felt like nothing more than a mere tickle. He whipped out some sort of tentacle and grabbed Sub-Zero by the leg, dragging him to the ground.

"So, this one seeks to die first!" shouted Naar. Unfortunately for him, Sub-Zero had already frozen the tentacle; Naar himself was immune, but his power was not. Soon, the black appendage was shattered. Naar, feeling the loss of his power, walked back, screaming in pain.

Suddenly, a portal opened above Naar. Scorpion fell out, his spear in hand. He landed straight on top of Naar and, without a moment's hesitation, drove his spear straight into Naar's eyes, gouging them out.

Naar felt the weakness and futility of this battle. He couldn't stand this much more. He had to escape.

But then, a cruel smile crept across his lips. He had simply to take the sword, and the power that could completely destroy him would be forever gone.

Suddenly, Naar dissapeared, and everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief.


Galloway sat in the captain's chair on the bridge. The bunker was actually quite capable of moving underwater; and for that, he was grateful. He couldn't risk having Naar catch them in this state.

Suddenly, the vehicle bumped into something hard. When Galloway looked out the viewfinder, he found that they had entered some kind of subterranian cave. Without even thinking about what time it was, he surfaced the bunker and exited.

The cave was actually part of a massive set of ruins. Broken pillars lined up along both walls, while rats hid in the remains of armored skeletons. Obviously, a battle of some sort must have been held here.

Finally, at the back, Galloway found something bizzare. A stone rock was placed in the middle of a circular stone room. A hole revealed massive amounts of light being poured directly onto the stone and what was inside it.

A golden sword.

Almost as if guided by instinct, Galloway walked towards the sword. His hands reached up and grabbed the hilt. Then, although his mind tried to tell his body that something was different, he pulled it free.

The hole in the roof suddenly became pitch-black. A series of black essence made its way down into the room. It eventually formed into Naar.

"So, you found the sword," he said. "I guess a brat won't be able to use it, now will he?" With that, Naar fired a blast forward.

It changed direction in mid-air and instead moved toward the sword, which absorbed the attack. Naar cursed in frustration at this new weapon. Drawing his own sword, he prepared to take Galloway down once and for all.

Naar struck first, but Galloway moved out of the way in time. He then counter-attacked with a swift back strike to Naar, cutting a deep wound. The smell of sulfur filled the area. Naar then brought his sword down, but Galloway parried easily.

Naar's weapon shattered. In panic, he began to concoct another spell, but this time, Galloway was on the offensive. He brought the blade down upon his opponent. Soon, Naar was writhing on the ground, barely alive.

Galloway prepared to finish his weakened enemy off with a single strike, but Naar wasn't ready to go. "You will pay dearly for this someday!" he cursed. Suddenly, his form was no longer there. Instead, the essence reappeared, then settled into another corner. It soon began to transform itself into Naar again.

He fell to one knee, chanting a bizzare series of words under his breath. Suddenly, he dissapeared in a wall of smoke. Galloway knew that his enemy wasn't dead.

Without thinking it over much, he continued to search the room. He found only one other usable item: a scabbard lying in a dark corner. With nothing else to hold his new weapon in, he sheathed the sword and returned to the bunker.


Naar tended to his wounds. Galloway didn't know his exact plan yet; nobody did. Fortunately, it was already being enacted.

Soon, revenge would be his...


The Naar Saga part 13: NIHILANTH

Chris and his group landed inside a deep pit. The walls seemed to scale up endlessly into the black sky. Their monotony was broken only by four yellow spike-like objects and a few cliffs. That, and a cage holding two people hostage.

The first was Zero X-Hunter. The other was the other Zero!

"Great, a two-for-one deal," muttered Gemini, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "Come on, let's get them and get out of here."

But just then, something began to fall into the area. It looked like something out of a cheesy 50's sci-fi movie; namely, one of those short little aliens. Only this one was about two hundred feet tall. And had sharp claws. And was yellow instead of green.

Everyone just looked in stunned silence for a few minutes. Then, the creature shot out about a dozen lightning balls. Most of them were able to dodge, but Hunter was hit dead-on and send crashing into the wall.

Sensei immediately launched an enormous series of Fire Jitsus at the monster, but the monster shrugged them off and plastered him with another volley of lightning balls. The hero rushed over to heal both Sensei and Hunter, but a hoard of misshapen, freakish creatures entered the area suddenly, and he and Gemini were forced to go to battling them.

Chris, realizing the problem presented, transformed into a Kaiser. He released a shitload of Kaiser Breaths at the monster, but they, too, had no real effect. This entire battle was going downhill.

Suddenly, another problem presented itself. Some kind of shade entered the area, looking at the entire battle with sheer malevolance. Suddenly, everyone was blasted by a powerful spell.

All the creatures (except for the giant one) were killed, and all of the heroes were left nearly dead. All except the hero.

The monster turned towards his prisoners, only to discover that their cage had been sliced open. It realized at that point that it probably should have disarmed them before tossing them inside for Naar.

The hero approached the spirit, his sword still drawn. In frustration, the spirit tried countless spells, but they all bounced off the hero without even fazing him. Finally, after all this, it tried to flee. Unfortunately, it didn't get far before the hero's sword fell upon the back.

Even though it was part of another plane of existance, it collapsed from the sheer power of the sword.

Gemini, having recovered, decided to jump onto one of the spikes to get a better shot. When he checked, though, he found that the spikes were gone; whatever that spirit had done must have destroyed him. Shrugging, he continued to blast at the monster.

Suddenly, the spirit began to cry out, "NIHILANTH!!! STOP THEM!!!" A swoop from the hero's sword was all it took to shut up the spirit again.

Gemini amd Chris continued to attack, but NIHILANTH had enough of this. Another volley of lightning balls was all it took to bring Chris down. In a panic, he reverted to his human form. Gemini, however, proved to be a slightly more difficult target.

Finally, after about an hour of blasting, Gemini realized that there was only one way to finish this battle. He rushed towards NIHILANTH, jumped into the air, and performed the all-powerful Jenova Storm. The combined attacks ripped NIHILANTH's head wide open, revealing a bunch of empty air with a floating yellow crystal.

Unfortunately, Gemini wasn't able to get out of the way of another volley, and was left barely alive on the ground. Once again, the battle was falling apart.

However, Hunter stood up and walked slowly forward. "NIHILANTH," he moaned, "I will destroy you once and for all!" Before anyone could stop him, he jumped up and landed right next to the crystal.

Almost immediately, he began to channel his energy into one blast. Even when he began to collapse, he didn't stop. NIHILANTH raised his arms, preparing to rain more death down to finish the job.

Finally, Hunter released the blast. The attack collided head-on with the crystal.

For a second, time seemed to stand still. Then the crystal exploded in a briliiant white light. Everyone strained their eyes against the explosion, barely able to see the limp, lifeless body of Hunter plummeting to the ground. Finally, before they passed out, they saw NIHILANTH explode into pieces.


When they came to, the entire place was in pieces. The spirit that had previously challanged them was gone; in its place was a note:

You have not seen the last of me. -Urkani

However, most of the attention was focused on Hunter's body. Sensei sadly proclaimed that it was impossible to save him; he had drained all of his life energy using the technique, and nothing could be done to revive him.

Suddenly, a portal opened up. Without even a second thought, they picked up Hunter's body and carried it through the portal with them.


They found themselves back at the lab. Faetan, Igatona, Wilfredo, and Maba greeted them with open arms; also among them were X-Hunter and Zero, after having escaped on their own. Scorpion and Sub-Zero stayed hidden in a corner.

They took Hunter's body to the surface, where they cremated it. There was an uneasiness throughout the area, but they realized that it was all they could do now.

This fueled their sense for revenge. They would somehow get Naar and destroy him for this.


Falchin looked at the Black Mage Village with slight contempt. The people were obviously happier now that he and Mox were out of the picture. The children played, the elderly watched, and everywhere was talk of Meliah. They talked about how she was now nine months pregnant, and how she had no husband, and various other things.

This slightly bothered Falchin, but he couldn't talk about these things to his sister. At least, not in this form...


Galloway continued to toy with the bunker. Just because he had found a sword didn't mean he was any closer to beating Naar. He knew the only way to defeat his opponent was to find out why he had wanted two anime characters in the first place.

He knew how to find out, but decided to talk to Eihra first. He had to stick to the plan.

And there was much sadness...wait a second! Nobody cared about Hunter anyway!

The Naar Saga part 14: The Next World

The bunker rose slowly the next day, shaking off the ocean water like water off a duck's back. (Yes, that's the worst sentence ever!) Galloway continued their journey to Mora without delay, even though he hadn't slept all night. Oh well, coffee can always hold unimaginable powers.


Scorpion and Sub-Zero moved away from the others during the cremation. After walking a great distance, Sub-Zero opened another portal.

"Raiden told me what Naar is planning," he said. "I must travel to where his attack will start and stop it before it is too late."

Scorpion grabbed him by the throat. "I'm coming too! I have a little bone to pick with Naar myself- his!" Sub-Zero eventually broke free from the grasp and shouted, "Is that how you ask people things?"

Scorpion shrugged. "It's just my way." With that, they stepped through the portal.


Galloway hid the bunker, then teleported over to Weiila's house. A good, strong kick to the door was all it took to send it crashing to the ground.

He found the entire enterior trashed.

Suddenly, he felt several small bodies push by his legs, followed by a bald guy knocking him to the ground. As he was picking himself up, part of the ceiling collapsed, pinning him down again. And after he got out of that, a safe crushed him, followed by a grand piano and a dump truck.

A good discharge was all it took to blast the stuff off of Galloway. Unfortunately, what was left of the junk piled back onto him. When he was finally able to get himself out of the trash, he decided to search the area himself.

He found that Eihra was gone. On Weiila's bed was a note that read:

"I have the girl. If you seek to free her, push the inclosed button." -Naar.

On the bottom of the note was a small red button. When Galloway pressed it, a huge red portal opened up and swallowed everyone in the room.


After the makeshift funeral, the small group decided to head back and find Galloway. They had to somehow stop the upcoming disaster before it was too late.

Before others died like Hunter did.


Falchinn sat by the small pool of water, using a small stick as a fishing pole. Unfortunately, the catching was never good here; especially since the fish died when Mox poisoned the pool. But that was all in the past.

After all, he had to be going soon. He was going to pay his dear sister a visit.


Naar laughed heartidly at what was going on. The fools were falling straight into his trap. But first, another matter had to be resolved...

The figure walked into the room. "You called, Master?" it asked, in an eerily familiar voice.

"Yes," said Naar, "I did indeed call you. I want you to go and kill those pathetic heroes before they jepordize my plans any farther."

"Very well," said the figure. It melted away into the shadows.

Naar laughed heavily. Those foolish warriors wouldn't know what hit them...

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