The Naar Saga Part 4

The Naar Saga part 51: The Brotherhood

Graham awakened inside the castle dining hall. Caldaur was sitting at the head of the table, and across from him was a beautiful female vampire. To make a long story short, this was actually Possum's grandmother, who was once Caldaur's wife. At the time, the religious order of Kolyma, known as "The Brotherhood", sought to overthrow Caldaur's rule and replace it with their own. They send a cursed bat upon him in his sleep, turning him into a vampire. They then murdered his son and daughter-in-law, forcing Caldaur to send his wife and granddaughter into hiding. The Brotherhood members have the ability to change into wolves at night, therefore making nights especially dangerous.

Then came the inevitable quest. Caldaur presented the Death Gem to Graham and said that if he could find the Crystal Tiara his ancestors had hidden, he would be allowed to leave along with the Death Gem. Graham went to the library, where he met the vampiress Anastasia, formerly Possum! Somehow she had become an adult vampire! Anyway, she helped him solve a puzzle, which said that the tiara was buried along with a former lord. Before leaving, Anastasia gave Graham a ring to put onto her parents' grave.

He went to the castle cementary and did as Anastasia requested. The ghosts from before revealed themselves to be Anastasia's parents, and departed for the afterlife, leaving Graham a golden ring for thanks. Taking it, Graham dug a hole at the lord's grave, only to find a note that revealed that his body was mixed up with a healer's body at the church!

Leaving the swamp, Graham found Wil and the hero asleep. Leaving them be, he went to the church, where he found a diary explaining the Brotherhood's meeting with the forest spirits, as well as a blood-drawn pentagram. Heading into the graveyard, he dug up the healer's grave and took the Tiara. Just then, a wolf howled...

Graham left the church, only to be attacked by wolves. Fighting them off, he returned to the swamp, with Wil and the hero still doozing soundly. Upon reaching the lakeshore, though, he found the boatman gone, and not only that, but the wolves, led by a werewolf Graham vaguelly recognized as the monk, cornered him. However, being the resourceful guy that he is, Graham dipped a Silver Needle he had into the poisonous water, loaded it into a hollow reed, and fired it like a blowpipe into the werewolf. It dissapeared on impact, scattering the other wolves.

The boatman came, and told of an imposter that had tried to board. He then took Graham across to the castle, where he gave the tiara to Caldaur. He then recieved the Death Gem and began to leave, but before he did, Caldaur's wife said:

"Remember, King Graham. When you find the woman you love, never let her leave your sight."


Graham left the swamp, and found that it was now dawn. Wil and the hero were now awake and ready to go. Their quest with King Graham was almost over.


Father: He...did what?!
Hagatha: I can't believe it either, Father.
Father: No one has ever left my service before, Sister Hagatha.
Hagatha: Yes, Father. It is most regretable.
Father: It is unthinkable!
Hagatha: Yes, it is most unthinkable.
Father: It's up to you now, Sister Hagatha.
Hagatha: Yes, it's- what?
Father: You must deal with them.
Hagatha: I see...
Father: Do you hear me? They are not to return home alive!

Weiila: *is full from soda and crackers*
Galloway: *is also full*
Female Galloway: *is full, too*

The Naar Saga part 52: Calm Before the Storm

At about two in the morning, Galloway and co. were awakened by the simultanious ringing of a gong, a bell, and an alarm clock the size of New Jersey. After their ears finally stopped bleeding (except for Pooh, since he has no blood), they staggered out of the room and into the lab.

Naturally, Lone Wolf was waiting there. "What is it with you and sleep? We have precious little time to train!"


Drew and Colin's armies armed themselves for the upcoming battle. Every kind of weapon imaginable was taken along; guns, swords, spears, axes, blowguns, knives, beer, spoons, tanks, planes, etc. Unfortunately, the tanks and planes ran out of gas, so they had to be scrapped.

Weiila and co. were about to leave when ANOTHER note came flying in via spear. It read:

"Thanks a lot, girl. All the other henchmen are laughing their asses off about what you did to me. I'll get my cold-blooded revenge on you. Head to Mox's secret base. It's back in that...whatever-it's-called world that my master's master's castle is currently floating in. Oh, and bring everyone along; master wants everyone to die. Yours truly, Blade."


The Eternal Champion continued his training with the others, but he knew that time was short. He also knew that he had to fix that damn window; every time he ressurected someone, it got broke.

And considering how tough his training was, a lot of people got killed in there.


Graham and co. began to end their adventure. All they would have to do is survive a lot more puzzles, open the Door of Destiny, solve more puzzles, do more stuff, and finally return to their own world.


Naar prepared his army of Drakkars, Giaks, Vordaks, and Helghasts. They would destroy the foolish allied armies, and soon sweep over all the worlds. They would then make more worlds, so that they could sweep over those. An evil god's work is never done.


Mox waited for his enemies to arrive. Soon, he would crush them. And he would beat up Blade, too. He hated that kid.


Meliah returned to her brother's room, only to find him missing. On his bed was a single note:

"Went to kill father. Be back soon with eggs."


(insert other group here)

Galloway: It's almost over, folks. Bear with me.

The Naar Saga part 53: Final Assault

Weiila and the others contemplated about how they were going to reach where their friends were being held. Then, as if by some sort of "deus ex machina" circumstance, a magical portal appeared, along with a sign that read, "Plot this way."

Sighing heavily, they went through.


Once again, they were back in T.K. and Kari's world. However, they weren't alone this time; Mox was patiently standing there. Well, actually, he was reading through a fifty-year-old Playboy, but that's close enough.

When he realized that his guests had finally arrived, he put the dirty magazine away and tried to look as menacingly as possible. "Prepare to meet your doom, heroes!" he said. "I, Mox, the last of Naar's generals, shall destroy every single bone in your body. I will remove you of your will to live. Your souls shall be forfeit to my domain. For I am Mox!"

For once, though, everyone just looked at him instead of falling asleep at his long speech. Then Blade jumped up from behind Mox. "Master, master!" he said. "Let me finish them off!"

"Fine," said Mox, "but if you screw up this time..."

"Don't worry, master. I won't mess up twice! I will slice her in two, then three, then four, then-"

"Shut up!" shouted Mox, smacking Blade on the back of the head. "What have I told you about villainous speeches? They have to have some kind of interesting element! Yours was dumber than usual!"

Blade looked back at Weiila, now very pissed. "I'll kill you!"


Falchin landed in the world, but unfortunately miscalculated the spot. Sighing heavily, he began his flight over to where Mox and the others were about to fight.


Weiila and Blade charged at each other. Weiila's comrades tried to help, but Mox stood in their way. He took out Val and Gemini in one backhand, broke Star's right arm with one quick snap, and smashed Poke's left leg. He then turned to watch his worthless pupil fight Weiila.

It was obvious the fight was going badly; that is, for Blade. Unfortunately, he had tripped at the beginning of the match and broken one leg, but was still trying to fight. Finally, Weiila simply threw him into the nearby water. He climbed onto the shore, but then simply laid there. Mox was too busy keeping his eyes on Weiila to see that Blade was still barely alive.

However, it wasn't Mox that was to fight Weiila. A small ball of energy appeared, then transformed into a tall, intimidating figure made out of pure energy. He was dressed in some more traditional Japanese stuff, with an all-black shirt. In fact, the energy that acted as his body was black, and his aura was sufficantaly evil.

"My dear," said Mox, "meet the Dark Champion."

Naturally, Weiila had no choice but to take the thing on, but no sooner than she had jumped than it flicked her about seventy feet with no more than its pinky finger. This thing was a lot tougher than anyone could have imagined.

Then they showed up. Another ball of energy appeared, this one much larger than the previous one. When it transformed, it revealed Chris, Kari, Sub-Zero, Dawson, Xavier, RAX, and the Eternal Champion.

And so the final battle begins...

The Naar Saga part 54: Destiny Stalled

Wil, the hero, and Graham made their way to the bridge, where the Door of Destiny awaited them. Wil and the hero made their way across first, but both tripped on something and got knocked out. Shrugging, Graham began to cross, but when he was a little more than halfway across, the board beneath him snapped in half, trapping his leg.

Just then, the dwarf from before appeared. "Sir," said Graham, "could you- wait a minute! I know you! You're that thieving pest from Daventry, aren't you?"

"Why, yes," said the Dwarf, "and how kind of you to recognize me. You know, I was prepared to settle down for dinner after a hard day of work..."

"Mugging, you mean."

"...and not only was my soup gone, but my gold, too!"

"Are you saying that either were yours to begin with?"

"Shut up!" The Dwarf pulled out his small knife and walked to one of the ropes on his side. "I already had a go at the other side. And if you could grab the remaining parts of the bridge, I'd doubt that it'd support your dangling weight. Now, throw over those lovely gems of yours!"

Thinking quickly, Graham grabbed the gems, wrapped and tied them inside a soiled handkercheif, and threw them to the opposite side of the Dwarf.

"No, you fool!" screamed the Dwarf.

"Now if you want the gems," said Graham, "you'd better help me!"

The Dwarf paced nervously, wondering what to do next. Graham felt that he had called the bluff correctly, but then noticed the fraying ropes at the other side. The Dwarf really HAD taken a go at them!

"Well," said Graham, "will you help me or not?"

The Dwarf looked victorious. "I might as well let you fall, then get those gems by myself!"

"By which time the bridge will have fallen. You've done a good job on the ropes over there."

Once again, the Dwarf paniced. Finally, he tossed Graham the knife. Thinking quickly, Graham cut the rope in front of him. The bridge split in half, with Graham dangling on the opposite side. The bridge's remains slammed hard into the cliff wall, sending pain through all of Graham's body, but he was still able to climb up and reclaim the gems. Of course, he would need to find another way back now.

"You could have at least given me the knife back," said the Dwarf. Graham obliged by throwing it into the pit. The Dwarf screamed in frustration, then ran off.

"Serves you right for stealing from Daventry's Magic Chest."


The three went to the Door of Destiny and inserted the Gems. The door rumbled back into its face again, said a boring speech, then revealed a doorway leading to nowhere. Thinking about the woman he sought to rescue, Graham grabbed the others and dragged them through the blackness.


They came back through, but not where Graham had originally wanted. Instead, they were inside a black castle, one that the troop of heroes recognized easily: Naar's Castle.

Galloway: Next time...the fight continues!

The Naar Saga part 55: Final Assault (part 2)

The Eternal Champion waited patiently for Mabat, Zero, and X-Hunter to arrive, then had everyone enter a combat stance (except for Kari, who was scooting away as they prepared). Mox and the Dark Champion stood there, watching to see what would happen.

Finally, they attacked.


RAX struck first, nailing the Dark Champion with a Jet Kick, followed by a Toe Pounder. Next came Zero, slicing at one of the Dark Champion's energy arms. X-Hunter stood back and shoot a few rounds into the being. The three broke off, just as Dawson delivered a Wheel Kick, a Goldrusher, and a Belt Whip. Xavier teleported in and let loose with a massive series of staff attacks, followed by a slide kick. Mabat followed Kari, as was the original plan.

Finally, the Eternal Champion charged forward and sent the Dark Champion flying into a nearby building with a powerful uppercut. It seemed like victory was theirs. Then the Dark Champion emerged from the rubble, completely unfazed.

Jumping back into the battle, they continued their struggle. Meanwhile, Sub-Zero followed Mabat and Kari, as was the plan. Mox, however, saw what was happening, and decided that he would have to hurry things up himself, once the Dark Champion had had his fun.

The struggle soon took its tool on the human fighters. Seeing his chance, the Dark Champion delivered a heavy punch straight to Dawson's face, sending him toppling backwards. He then kneed and threw Xavier into the shore where Blade was still hiding. Finally, he turned to RAX.

The cyborg, however, had spent his time powering up for a massive attack. When the Dark Champion finally prepared to defeat him, he fired a huge Overload shot straight at the being. It exploded on impact, causing an enormous flash of light and an incredible force of wind. When it died down, though, the Dark Champion was still there, and still unfazed. RAX, unable to recomposate for the amount of energy he had just used up, stumbled and fell onto the shore.

Dawson struggled to keep fighting, but Mox moved in behind him and knocked him unconcious with one strong blow to the head. Zero turned to attack Mox, but the evil mage responded by ripping one of the reploid's arms straight off; it was, in fact, the sword arm. He then beat him down with his own arm.

X-Hunter charged up another shot and fired, but the attack did nothing to Mox. Instead, he walked calmly forward and threw the reploid into the water. He somehow made his way to shore, but collapsed. Blade, meanwhile, was enjoying his new-found company.

The Eternal Champion continued his attack, while Chris followed the others, as was part of the plan. The two Champions seemed undefeatable, as they were both nothing more than pure energy. However, Mox could easily turn the tide.

Fortunately, a heavy, armored hand clasped down on Mox's shoulder, as a heavy, hate-filled voice filled the air. "Father, I have come to destroy you!"

Mox turned...and saw his son, Falchin.

Weiila: What's the plan?
Galloway: I'm not telling yet.

The Naar Saga part 56: Naar's Evil

Mabat, Sub-Zero, Chris, and Kari continued their mad dash. Eventually, they reached their very destination: the strange pad with the sign that read, "Teleporter to Naar's Castle Front Gate." Sighing at the stupidity of this, they stepped on.


The front gate was much more omnimous than before; a set of black steel double doors greeted them. Slowly, they opened by themselves, revealing a barely-lit passageway into the castle. Preparing for the worst, they entered the very center of this evil.

No sooner had they entered when the doors slowly closed. The moment they were shut, a heavy steel bar fell over the back of the doors, sealing them completely. The small group of heroes continued their amazing adventure into Naar's evil castle of doom.

Instead of the robotic guards from before, there were large, armored soldiers. They wore what resembled some kind of padded armor, as well as black steel helmets and masks that depicted a monster's open, fanged face. They carried weapons that ranged from scimitars and spears to maces and axes. They simply walked back and forth, as all guards do, and thus were easy to dodge.

Finally, they reached what resembled a large library. Books, tomes, scrolls, papers, texts, and various other written stuff was stacked on towering shelves inside, indicating that Naar really liked to read about stuff. He even had a few newspaper articles, although they all dealt with disease, death, and Pokemon movies. However, a very large book sat open on a table, with a quill and ink well sitting nearby. They all went to examine it, and found that it was nothing more than a diary.

However, they couldn't resist the urge to peek into other people's lives, so they leafed through. It spoke of the terrible evils Naar had committed, such as the creation of Linux, the existance of Pokemon, and the birth of always-angry mobs of people. However, besides that, there was nothing of interest, so they turned to leave.

Kari, however, was still glued on one section of the book. At first, everyone just waited on her, then got angry at her, then went back to waiting, then shouting, then fighting the guards that showed up because they were shouting, then back to waiting. Finally, she stopped reading and turned back to the others. She walked quietly away, as if distraught over something.

Curious, they went to look at what she was reading. It said:

"Caught two kids today. This world seems to be full of the little brats. Anyway, they had two very wierd creatures with them; I'll keep them inside the dungeon until further notice. As for the kids, I think I'll try something new. I remember that "de-aging" weapon Mox had developed prior to his defeat at the Black Pentagram (see Mox Saga). I know of a way to use my power to replicate its effects, only on a much higher scale. However, I'd better test it lightly first; I don't want another 'Pokemon' issue on my hands. I'll set the kids back about four years, lock them in a dog carrier, and ship them off to a dungeon somewhere until I'm fully able to measure the effects of this."

It was dated the day before Galloway had led them to the dungeon in the God-forsaken hell hole called North Dakota where they had found Kari and T.K. Feeling disgusted by this, they walked away from the book and followed Kari.

Next time: Even more battle!

The Naar Saga part 57: Final Assault (part 3)

Mox and Falchin stared at each other for a few minutes, while the two Champions continued to fight it out with each other. Finally, Mox pulled free from his son's grasp and attacked, but was backhanded toward the same shore that Blade was still hiding on. However, he caught onto the railing and flipped right back in front of Falchin and uppercutted his son. He then launched a massive energy beam at his target.

When Falchin came slamming back to the ground, he was burnt and beaten, but still refusing to quit. "Father," he said, "I won't lose to you!"

"Tsk, tsk," tsked Mox, "how naively stupid of you. Did you really think that armor was a source of power? No, it was a curse on me from Naar. He wanted to keep my powers in check, so he sealed a good deal of them into that armor. Now that I'm free, though, everything has returned to me. I am completely unstoppable!"

Falchin sighed. "While you were talking, I figured out something about the armor. It still has some of your power! I can still win!" Suddenly, the entire armor changed from black to a glowing golden color. Mox looked blankly at the light show, then prepared for the next series of attacks.


Galloway, the Female Galloway, and Pooh finished the rushed training, then departed with Lone Wolf for the recently-recovered-and-dramatically-improved Flying Bunker, which would take them to Mox.

After boarding, Lone Wolf handed Galloway a small backpack. Inside he found a couple Senzu Beans, some Fireseeds, a Mirror, a Sack of Silver, and a strange Materia.

"Use this," Lone Wolf said, pointing at the Materia, "when you encounter Naar, and only then. Well, I'm off!" He then dissapeared as the Bunker closed up and lifted off on its own.


Falchin raised his hands and channeled massive amounts of power above his heads. He formed it into a ball of pure spiky energy, then threw it straight at Mox. To his surprise, though, Mox batted the attack straight back, but the armor reabsorbed it into its power.

Mox charged forward, and Falchin responded with a series of punches and kicks. The attacks actually hit their marks for once, and Mox was soon knocked back, creating a crater into the street. However, the evil mage simply stood back up, with only a couple small bruises to show for Falchin's efforts.

"Son," said Mox, "you cannot win. Your efforts are failures. No matter how much power you think you have gained, it will never be enough to destroy me. Go home, and wait for Naar to come and destroy it."

Falchin, however, had one hope left. Channelling everything he and the armor had, he prepared a massive amount of power for one final blast. He still had enough energy to survive, but if this didn't work, then he would be fair game for Mox.

Finally, he launched the attack. Mox's grin turned to sheer shock at what was happening. The blast connected head-on, creating an enormous flash, a small earthquake, and an increase in sunglass sales. Even the two groups inside Naar's castle had to shield their eyes from the flash.

When it dissipitated, a massive screen of smoke was where Mox was standing. It seemed like Falchin had done it. Mox was dead...

Then the smoke blew away...and revealed a smiling Mox, with only a few ashes to be found on him. Falchin had given it his all, but even that wasn't enough. Laughing evily, Mox charged Falchin and lifted his son by the throat, before tossing him unceremoniously into the debris.

"Son," said Mox, "the time for talk is over. Prepare to die."

Galloway: And next time...
Galloway: You took the damn space up. A pox on thee.

The Naar Saga part 58: Final Assault (part 4)

Eternal and the Dark Champion continued to fight, which neither side gaining any ground. Since they were both made out of pure energy, they never got tired, and their strengths were equal, so there was no real end in sight.

Finally, the Dark Champion began to phase in and out of existance, making it impossible to land a blow. Eternal, however, did the exact same thing. Finally, the two stopped and went back to regular punches, kicks, and special moves. Mox, meanwhile, turned his attention away from his son and surveyed the battle site.

At that point, he realized that there was one important thing missing. Galloway's body wasn't here. Pissed beyond reason, he swung out behind him, inadvertantly hitting the Eternal Champion in the side of the head. The Dark Champion immediately used a series of punches and kicks to knock down the Eternal Champion. He then stood on his chest, making sure that he wouldn't get back up this time.

"Wait," said Mox. "I want to make sure Galloway shows up first. Let's see how he reacts." While he was saying this, Falchin pulled himself out of the rubble, a very weakened but still pissed armored being. However, Mox saw him and threw him again, this time towards the shore. However, the weight of the armor ruined Mox's accuracy, and Falchin landed a few feet short of the railing.


The Bunker phased out of lightspeed by Naar's castle. The three grabbed their stuff and disembarked. Like always, Galloway broke the groups up; the female Galloway would meet with whoever might be inside the castle, while the male Galloway and Pooh would go down and deal with Mox.

Grabbing Pooh, Galloway flew away before his female counterpart could argue.


Mox tossed a small rock around in his hand. Falchin was still where he landed, barely moving. The Dark Champion still had the Eternal Champion at his mercy. And many were lying on the shore with Blade, who was busy entertaining himself with building sandcastles.

Finally, Mox got tired of waiting and walked over to the barely-concious Weiila. "I guess I'll have to deal with you first," he said, just as he reached to snap her neck.

Suddenly, a voice shouted up from behind him. "Leave her alone."

Mox, recognizing the voice, turned to see his prey had finally arrived. Galloway had come, along with a stupid-looking yellow bear with a honey pot. Mox's evil smile crossed his lips yet again.

"Finally," he said. "Dark! Leave the Eternal Champion alone and see what you make of this guy!"

The Dark Champion kicked over the recovering Eternal Champion and approached Galloway. "This guy's pathetic! I'll deal with him in no time flat!" He then charged forward.

What happened next was unbelievable. Galloway grabbed the Dark Champion's shirt and delivered a massive blow to the chest, followed by several to the head, arms, and same spot on the chest, in about one second. And to finish it off, he tossed the Dark Champion into the air and fired a Gallo-Beam, blowing the evil being apart.

The Eternal Champion looked onward in shock. Falchin looked onward in shock, as well. Mox simply grinned. "My worth competition has arrived. Ready to finish this?"

Galloway entered his combat stance. "Always."

Galloway: Only a bit longer until Mox goes down. Who will win?

The Naar Saga part 59: War

Colin, Drew, Ryan, and the combined armies of Balding Men and Cleveland marched through the portal into the same world everyone else was in. Colin and Drew dismounted their horses, while Ryan stepped off his donkey, and everyone else set up camp in the blink of an eye.

Weapons were rationed off, supplies were given, and everyone was equipped for the massive battle that loomed ahead. They didn't have to wait long, though; Naar's army soon appeared in the streets and buildings, ready to take on their enemy.

A tense moment filled the air. Finally, Colin raised the banner of Balding Men and shouted, "Give me liberty, or a Bran Muffin!" The forces of good charged to meet the forces of evil.


The shining glare from the balding men blinding the first row of enemy soldiers, giving the infantry enough time to break a pathway through. The second row, which consisted of many Vordaks and Helghasts, moved in now. The Vordaks fell, but the Helghasts were immune to everything the army threw at them. Colin, though, had an idea. Grabbing a bag of hand gernades, he charged through the lines, shoving them into the Helghasts' mouths. Finally, he stood back as the creatures exploded into tiny, bloody pieces.

The remainder of the battle consisted solely of street-to-street combat. Naar's minions charged from every direction, while the balding men played the defensive. Bloodshed filled every single millimeter of the city. In fact, a couple corpses even landed on Galloway and Mox, while they were still doing there stand-off. The just threw them onto the shore, where they fell on top of Blade.

Nearly a half-hour later, the battle had only begun. The balding men had suffered great casualties, but so had Naar. However, this war was far from over.


The female Galloway cursed her luck as she wandered through Naar's dungeon. The entire place was like a graveyard, from the dark atmosphere to the many graves lying around. Finally, she reached what seemed like a dead end. Sighing, she leaned against the wall, only to have it collapse behind her.

Another long passage had been found, leading deep into the bowels of the castle. Picking herself up, she continued down, following what seemed to be the screams of many tortured people.

Finally, she found where the noise was coming from. A lake made entirely out of lave and fire was inside, with what appeared to be several wraith-like beings moving around in agony inside. She then realized what this was: the Nengud-kor-Adez, or the Lake of Blood, a place of sheer misery that was feed from the pain of those captured within. It was the power source of Naar's power and ambition.

Suddenly, a small cage lowered from the ceiling. Inside was a big gerbil-like thing with wings and a pale, odd-looking cat. At a control tower was a big guy with a speargun for an arm. He stopped the cage and looked at the female Galloway.

"Well, what do you know," he said, stepping down from the controls. "I was going to have to settle with these kid's pets, but I get to kill you as well."

Galloway: If you don't know who this guy is, read the beginning chapters of the fic. You'll find out quickly.

The Naar Saga part 60: Final Assault (part 5)

Mox and Galloway continued to stare each other down for a few more seconds. Finally, Mox threw a jump kick at Galloway. However, his target circled around him and delivered a powerful roundhouse, sending him flying through another damn buidling. After the dust had settled, Mox immediately jumped back at Galloway, grabbed his throat in mid-air, and prepared a small hunting knife.

Unfortunately, he misjudged his speed and direction, and ran head-on into a telephone pole. The impact caused him to release Galloway, with nothing more than a sore throat. After recovering, Mox threw the knife, but Galloway caught it in mid-air and returned it to Mox. The mage dodged.

Galloway quickly fired a small Gallo-beam, but Mox batted it straight back at him. The force blew Galloway back into the air, while Mox quickly chanted something like, "Flames of Hell." Soon, the entire area around Galloway was surrounded by fire, then explosion, then mid-air fire. Galloway, though, landed back on the ground, with only a few burns.

"Impressive," said Mox. "I guess I have to go harder on you."

"I guess so," said Galloway. "I probably should go harder on you, too."

Mox dashed forward while Galloway was talking and delivered a massive blow to his chest, followed by a kick to the face, a throw, and finally, a massive series of energy blasts. Galloway came back to earth with a thud. However, he wasn't beaten yet.

Galloway powered up his Kaioken to 12, then charged. He hit Mox with a punch to the head, a knee in the gut, a quick sweep kick, and an uppercut. He then began to charge up a Gallo-beam, but instead of firing, kept powering it up.

Mox recovered in mid-air. He hovered there for a bit, then finally saw what Galloway was doing. Smiling, he powered up and dove down. When he was just in front of Galloway, though, he figured out what was going to happen.

Galloway screamed, "Mega Gallo-beam!" and fired a massive Gallo-beam straight into Mox's face. The evil mage was carried along with the blast back into the air. Galloway powered up the Kaioken up another couple levels, making the blast even more powerful. Finally, the entire beam exploded, several hundred miles into the air.

Mox, though, came back to the ground, bloodied, but still very alive. "Nice try," he said, "but it's not enough. I'm more than you could ever imagine, fool." He then powered up another gigantic blast.

Galloway prepared to dodge, but to his surprise, Mox fired it in the opposite direction. Then it dawned on him: he was aiming at the others! Thinking quickly, he moved into the way to get rid of the blast, but he didn't have the time to knock it back. It exploded on impact.

Galloway collapsed to the ground, severely shaken by the last attack. Mox grabbed him by the throat and slammed him into the ground several times. He then stepped onto his chest until his ribs began to break, and finally kicked him into the pile of the others.

"Sad," said Mox. "I thought you were better, but you're still too soft. I guess I'll have to kill you no-" He stopped in mid-sentence as he heard the sound of slurping. Turning around, he saw Pooh, who was very much absorbed into a honey pot. Mox's eyes lit up. "Honey..."

He charged forward, grabbed Pooh, and threw him into the water. The bear paddled to the shore, but lacked the strength to continue beyond that point. Mox then began to consume the honey in massive gulps and swallows, causing it to smear all over his mouth and hands.

Finally, Weiila got back to her feet. Mox turned to her, sneering. He began to chant something, but the honey in his mouth slurred his words. He then tried to motion a spell, but the honey got his fingers stuck together and his movements wrong. Weiila grabbed Gungnir and aimed at Mox, but the mage could still dodge.

Then Falchin snuck up from behind and grabbed onto his father. "Throw the damn thing!" He shouted. "End this now!" He then whispered into his father's ear, "After all this, I still get to kill you."

Weiila remembered all the hell Mox put her through. Forgetting that Falchin was even there, she threw the spear straight at Mox's chest. It burrowed through both Mox and Falchin before imbedding itself into a nearby wall.

Weiila: Well, who killed Mox?
Galloway:...I don't know.
Weiila: What?!
Galloway: Do you want me to play Hitman for real?
Weiila: I'll be good.

The Naar Saga part 61: The Last Brother

Female Galloway's eyes darted across the room. A glass cylinder closed around the pit, blocking any escape. The cat and hamster-thingy were still out cold. The guy with the spear gun stood a good ten feet away from her.

"Funny," he said, "I didn't expect this many changes since last time, Galloway. Have an identity crisis, or something?"

"What?" asked the female Galloway, until she realized what was going on. "Oh, you mean the other me. He had a bunch of wierd guys take me out of my own world to help fight Naar."

"Oh?" responded the guy, until he recognized her face. "Ah, yes, you! I remember your world quite well. Naar had such fun destroying it. You were that stupid girl, right? The one that fought back? Man, I had so much fun that night. You have one hell of a body."

Female Galloway's eyes turned bright red. "You...son...of...a...bitch!"

"That's right! Try to fight me! You'll lose, and join those little "digi"-whatevers in the Lake of Blood! Remember? I'm Impaler, of the four brothers! Galloway and his friends slaughtered my dear three brothers, but I survived! Not even Naar can kill me! I escaped the Dazrian just five minutes ago, only to learn about the days that had passed, about master's constant defeats! That stops now! I, Impaler, will kill you once and for all!"

The Female Galloway used his speech to charge up a big energy blast. She fired it straight at Impaler, who let it hit him. It blew his left arm clean off at the shoulder, but the whole thing grew back in the blink of an eye. He then fired a spear, but the female Galloway dodged it easily.

Impaler returned to the controls and pressed a bunch of buttons. Suddenly, the cage began to lower. "I guess they'll go first," he said. "You improved since last time, I'll admit, but you're still no match for me!" He then jumped right back in front of the female Galloway, who immediately smacked him straight in the cybernetic-like thing on his head.

"Hah!" he said. "Did you think that would-" Then he noticed the blood trickling down, along with a loud computer voice that said, "Auto-Healing Component Damaged. Auto-Healing Offline."

The female Galloway pulled her arms back and began to gather energy. "Ka me..."

Impaler looked freaked.

"Ha me..."

Impaler screamed in terror.


The beam connected head-on with Impaler, blasting him straight through the glass. He collided with the cage, breaking it off the chain and sending it flying through the glass onto the platform with the controls. Impaler, meanwhile, fell straight into the Lake of Blood.

The entire room began to shake as the lake accepted its newest member. Impaler's soul drifter to the top of the lake, forever trapped in eternal pain and torture.


The female Galloway ran to the control platform and examined the two creatures. They were unlike anything she had seen before. Grabbing the two, she began to walk away. Suddenly, a trap door opened under her, and she fell, along with the two creatures, down a long, dark chute.

Galloway: The moral of the story: Don't put cybernetic implants onto your exterior. They WILL get destroyed.

The Naar Saga part 62: The Final Death of Mox

Both Mox and Falchin stood motionless briefly after Gungnir had ripped through both of them. Finally, Falchin fell backward, while Mox landed flat on his face. A bleeding hole was ripped straight through them.

"G-g-g-got to hand it to-to my son," said Falchin, a grin on his face, "sacrificing himself-just to kill me. He's a-a-a even bigger moron than I thought."

"Mox," said Weiila, "shut up. You're finished now."

"Oh, really?" said Mox. "Then tell me, why am I still talking? I can still finish you all off before I go."

"Oh...oh really?" asked a far-off, weak voice. They quickly turned...and saw Galloway lying on the ground, pointing his finger at Falchin. "I don't think your...s-s-s-son agrees with that."

Mox turned, and saw Falchin charging up his last bit of energy. "Ha!" said Mox. "If you blast me here, you'll get caught, too! I'll still win!"

Falchin ignored his father and powered up to the last degree of energy. Finally, he charged it into his hand and smacked his father on the back.

"Good-bye," was the last thing he said before releasing all of the stored-up energy. An enromous explosion followed, swallowing up Mox and Falchin while blowing Weiila straight onto Blade, who was almost over the railing. Everyone else just shielded their eyes while the light continued to flash.

When it died down, all that was left to show that this had ever happened was a large, smoking crater.


Galloway struggled towards his pack and took out a Senzu. He barely forced himself to swallow the thing. After getting his strength back, he helped Weiila over the railing. Blade climbed up on his own.

"Okay," said Weiila, "do you have any idea what happened?"

"I could sense something," said Galloway. "There were two different, conflicting energies in that explosion. One of them was pure evil, while the other was good. The pressure two opposite extremes make when they collide can cause such an explosion."

"So that's what happened?" asked Weiila.

"Yes," said Galloway. "It was a variation of the 'Final Attack Technique', in that Falchin used every last drop of energy, down to his very life force, for one final attack. Mox, meanwhile, attempted to counter this movement with a basic attack. The two energies eventually exploded, taking their masters with them. You would be gone, too, if you had been only about three inches closer."

"So, is it over?" asked Weiila. "Is Mox dead?"

Galloway turned to the crater. "No human being could survive something like that. Of course, Mox is more than human, but at the stage he was in, he was already on death's door. That, and I can no longer sense anything from him or Falchin. They're both dead."

Weiila looked down at the crater and just stood there for a few minutes. Then the combined armies of Balding Men and Cleveland arrived at the scene.

"What happened here?" asked Colin.

Weiila looked up. "Naar's chief minion is dead. How's the rest of the city?"

"It's under our control now," said Drew. "All that remain are a few pockets of resistance."

"Nice," said Galloway. "Now all that remains is-" Recognition suddenly flashed in his mind. He had forgotten to tell his female self something VERY important!


The female Galloway fell into a dark, dusty cell. The door was wide-open, so she grabbed her two creatures and went through. Just then, though, she recieved a codec call from Galloway.

(begin codec conversasion)
F. Galloway: What the hell is this?
Galloway: I installed these last night. What do you think?
F. Galloway: God, I hate you.
Galloway: Anyway, I have to tell you something VERY important.
F. Galloway: What?
Galloway: Do NOT, under any circumstances, USE KI ATTACKS!
F. Galloway:...
Galloway: Naar can sense that. He'll be able to track you down!
F. Galloway:...
Galloway: You used a ki attack, didn't you?
F. Galloway: Well...
Galloway: Start running. Don't let Naar catch you.
F. Galloway: Fine, fine.
(end codec conversasion)

Weiila: Okay, the codec didn't make sense.
Galloway: *uses the everlasting rag*
Weiila: *falls asleep*

The Naar Saga part 63: The Plot Thickens...

Realizing that his female self was in some serious shit, Galloway flew up to Naar's front gates. The doors were barred and sealed, but a small shaft was nearby, so he crawled through.

Finally, he reached an end to it; inside a dark hallway being patrolled by a Drakkarim. Galloway sneaked up behind the poor guard and slit his throat, then dragged the body into a corner. He then continued ducking and dodging throughout all of Naar's castle.


Sub-Zero, Mabat, Chris, and Kari continued runing throughout every single section of the dark castle. Only a few guards remained; the rest were dead bodies lying in poorly-lit corners. Also, there didn't seem to be a single sign of life in any of the rooms and chambers inside the castle. It was as if they were in hell itself.

Finally, they reached what looked like a dead end. As they were about to turn back, though, the floor Kari was standing on dissapeared, sending her tumbling down a long chute. The floor then instantly re-appeared, blocking their efforts to help her.


The female Galloway carried the two things down long, narrow halls, until she bumped into a wall. It suddenly spun horizontally, sending her down a slide.


Galloways stood under a vent, wondering what to do, when he heard a strange noise gradually getting louder. He looked up at the vent, just as Kari came plunging through head-first, knocking him to the ground. Kari was simply dizzy when she landed.

Just then, ANOTHER noise came from above. Galloway went over to help Kari, but got slammed when the female Galloway and her two companions crashed through the vent, also head-first.

After a few band-aids and Tylenol pills, everyone dusted themselves off and looked around. Kari's eyes suddenly lit up when she saw the cat. "Gatomon!"

She grabbed the cat and began huggling it like there was no tommorrow. The female Galloway looked at it and smiled. The male Galloway spent his time trying to figure out where the hell they were.

Finally, something good came out of this. A Drakkarim showed up, ready to kill them, only to die in about 1.5 milliseconds. He dropped a map of the current floor, revealing a massive prison area only a few hallways away. The small group set off to find out what was next on the road.

Galloway: many birdies...*faints*

The Naar Saga part 64: The End of Hagatha

Graham, Wil and the hero wandered around until they saw a strange tower in a corner of the castle. In front of the large wooden door was a piece of quartz and two lion statues. As they got closer, the statues began to talk!

"Answers, we give, to the door.
But be wary of our smiling.
For one always tells the truth,
While the other is always lying."

The statue on the left said, "If you were to ask my brother if I told the truth, he would answer, 'no.'" The one on the right said, "If you were to ask my brother if I told the truth, he would answer, 'yes'."

Graham thought over this for a bit, then came to his conclusion.

"The statue on the left says that his brother tells the truth, while his brother says that he tells the truth. Therefore, the one on the left is the correct one."

"'d you solve this?" asked the statues.

"Well," said Graham, preparing for a long spill, "the one that lied would know that his brother would tell the truth, but would lie anyway. Meanwhile, the one that told the truth would know that his brother would lie and say himself, and thus said what his brother would say. Therefore, the one that wasn't mentioned would have to be the one telling the truth."

The statues were silent. Graham grabbed the quartz and placed it and a strange circular thing he got from Hagatha's cave into the door. After entering the correct combination, the door opened, and the three began to step in.

Graham, however, turned towards his companions. "Go find your friends," he said. "I must finish my own quest now." He then headed up the stairs before either Wil or the hero could argue with him.


Graham picked up some cat hair before opening the door. The next room was a complete mess, with broken furniture, a shattered mirror, and various other calamity-enduced results of destruction everywhere. However, the woman he had seen in the Magic Mirror was on a small, broken bed, in an enchanted sleep.

Graham walked over and kissed her, but that didn't work. He tried to use his Emerald to remove the enchantment, but the sunlight wasn't direct enough. He then spied the broken wardrobe and mirror. He pushed it into position, moved the mirror so it reflected light straight onto the young woman, and used the Emerald once again.

At first, nothing happened. Then she began to stir. The enchantment was broken!

She got to her feet. "Hello, Graham. I have been watching you in my sleep all this time."

"Why, hello," said Graham. "You...have me at a disadvantage, my lady."

"Of course," said the woman. "I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Valanice."

"King Graham, of Daventry."

"Come, King Graham, we must leave now."

Suddenly, Hagatha appeared. "Well," she said, "isn't this nice." Graham grabbed Valanice and made a rush to the door, but Hagatha closed and barred it from the other side. "The door!" said Graham. "You-"

"Witch?" said Hagatha.

"I'm sure it would have rhymed," responded Valanice, sarcastically.

"Forget it!" said Hagatha. "I'm under strict orders from the Father to kill you both!"

"'The Father'?" asked Graham. "Is he one of your male admirers?"

" of my admirers?" asked Hagatha, barely able to contain her laughter. "Oh, you foolish boy, never realizing that the man you left in charge of Daventry during your leave was the one who sought you dead!"

It all made sense now. Graham remembered how his new advisor had practically forced the concept of marriage on him, how he had so willingly taken the throne in his absence, and how he had been too quiet most of the time. Hagatha was still too busy laughing to notice Graham slipping in the cat hair into the youth potion.

"I have something that might interest you," said Graham. "A youth potion, brewed from a nightengale, no less."

"What?" asked Hagatha. "YOU had it? Well don't just stand there! Give it to me!" Graham tossed her the youth potion, which she greedily gulped down. Immediately, she became a beautiful young woman.

"Look at me!" she said. "I am so beautiful!" Then the cat hair started growing out of every part of her body. "No! What did you do to me!"

"Just giving you a taste of your own medicine," said Graham.

Hagatha went into a rant about fleas, her ugliness, and various other things. Finally, she looked into the mirror, wondering how bad it looked. Graham snuck to the other side and raised the mirror's angle, sending sunlight straight into Hagatha's eyes.

"My eyes!" was all she could get out before toppling out the window to her death many stories below.

The two broke down the door and went outside. To their surprise, Wil and the hero were still outside the tower.

"We weren't going to let you leave," said Wil. "Naar's as much a menace to you as to anyone else. Will you help?"

Graham thought about it for a bit, then said, "All right. We will."

Galloway: Ding dong the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch! Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!

The Naar Saga part 65: Imprissonment

The halls continued to twist and turn as Galloway, female Galloway, Kari, the unconcious Gatomon, and that gerbil-looking thingy continued down to the prison area. Finally, they reached a massive steel double-door. Their hearts racing, they pushed the doors open and passed through.

Inside was a completely different scene that what they were expecting. There were prison cells, with a LOT of people behind them, but there were also hanging bird cages, nets with people tied to them, animal carriers, and a large key rack filled with people-like keychains.

"Damn," said Galloway, his voice hushed. "Naar's really pulled all the stops here. Then again, he does have a lot of people to keep locked up."

Pretty much everyone was knocked out, so the small group had an easy time going through the area while looking for some keys. Finally, they found what they were looking for: a Drakkarim Guard with the master key. After sneaking up and slitting his throat, Galloway grabbed the key.

Everyone soon went from cell to cell, looking for their missing friends. Finally, they found what they were looking for. Eihra was inside a small cell in the back, chained to the wall and barely alive. T.K. was in there also, unconcious on the floor. However, in the back was another person, probably in his early teens. Kari looked blankly at him for a few minutes, then ran over to him, crying. "Tai!"

She latched onto her brother while the two Galloways tried to revive Eihra and T.K. T.K. was in fairly good shape, and Eihra recovered after having a Senzu bean shoved down her throat. Tai, however, didn't look so good. Naar must have really been pissed off at him.

"Tai!" screamed Kari. "Why aren't you answering me?" Galloway checked his pulse, then grabbed a Senzu. "He's hurt pretty bad," he said. "Open his mouth."

With no other choice, she opened Tai's mouth. Galloway quickly forced the Senzu down his throat. Soon, Tai's eyes shot open as his wounds healed.

"Where am I?" was the first thing to jump out of his mouth. Kari went back to latching onto him while crying her eyes out. His eyes glanced down at the kid.

"Kari?" he asked. "Wh-when did you get so small?" Kari's crying intensified the very instant those words hit her ears. T.K. started to join in the crying as well.

Their crying brought a bunch of nearby guards to the prison. The two Galloways charged forward and kicked their asses, Tai kept looking at his sister, and the two kids were still sobbing. Finally, after a brief battle, the two Galloways came back, bloodied and tired.

Finally, the two stopped crying long enough for Galloway to come up with an idea. "I think I saw this once," he said. "It's dangerous, but just might be the thing we need to figure all this out." He then knocked T.K. out and put both of his hands onto his forehead.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Tai. "You'll kill the kid!" Galloway turned briefly to him and said, "Please be quiet. You're messing with my chi." He then turned back to T.K. "Okay, now tell me everything that happened."

" ran...did not get far...prison cell...large man...bright scared..." He regained conciousness after that. Galloway moved his hands back from the forehead.

"Well, I got something," he said, "but it's not enough to base a story on. We're missing something important." He then turned to Kari. "Tell us everything. What happened that day?"

Naar: When will I show up again?
Galloway: Beats me.
Naar: I get so lonely. Lonely.
Galloway: Same here.

The Naar Saga part 66: Bet'cha didn't see this coming!

Kari was about to explain everything when the sound of heavy, armored footsteps echoed throughout the area. Suddenly, Naar himself came into view, his hands now holding a strange staff with a glowing black stone on the end of it. His laugh echoed throughout the entire area.

That's when Galloway noticed the very large sack Naar had slung over his shoulder. Something was inside...and moving.

"Now, if you heroes will excuse me," said Naar, raising the staff. The stone began to flash with a multitude of lights and colors, and everyone found themselves unable to move. "The next phase of my plan must begin." He then grabbed the still-frozen Tai, ripping the chains straight off the wall.

After he had gone about twenty feet, everyone was able to move again. "Just great," said Galloway. "He has a Doomstone. This is going to be harder than I thought." They chased after the evil god, while keeping a fairly decent distance.


Eventually, Naar and his victim passed through another set of black steel double doors. The doors slammed shut behind them, as the sound of a heavy bar falling and several deadbolts filled the air. Fortunately, a nearby tapestry concealed a secret passage, which would probably lead into the very room behind the doors.

The passage was basically a long, steel tube. After much slip-slidding fun, they reached a large, wooden door. Behind it was another tapestry. Behind it was the room Naar had wandered into.

Only this time, he was gone.

The entire room was circular-shaped, with bronze walls and floor, silver pillars, a small altar in the middle of the room, and a large, picture-esque mural just below the ceiling. The sack was still there, tucked away in a small corner. However, everyone's eyes were focused on the ceiling.

"Okie dokie," said Galloway, quickly jotting down the design of the mural as he looked around. "I'll take a better look at what this means later. Right now I'm more interested in finding Tai."

A small, muffled noise shot out from the sack at the mention of that name. Everyone walked forward to examine it closer, but Naar soon swooped in.

"You know," he said, "I can't stand trespassers. So why don't you just...GET LOST!" He grabbed Galloway by the throat and tossed him into the side wall, stabbed Kari in the right arm, stabbed T.K. in the left leg, stabbed the female Galloway's left kidney, and finally just kicked the living hell out of Eihra. He then grabbed every single one of them (and the sack) at once and tossed them out a window.

Galloway recovered and barely got ahold of everyone. He immediately used the Teleport spell to move them back to Colin's HQ.


Weiila quickly patched everyone up while listening to the fanciful story of Naar and how he had thrown them out a window. They also told her about the mural, but it seemed that Galloway was the only one that had a supremely genuine interest in the subject.

Finally, their attention turned to the sack. Something inside was still squirming and muffling something. At last, as if as an act of mercy, they opened the sack and dumped its contents out onto one of the beds.

Two kids, no more than about seven or eight, came landing with a thud as the bottom of the cot tore out. Colin cursed Ryan for not getting good cots, but Ryan said that Colin should talk to the quartermaster, Wayne Brady.

Galloway and most of the others were absorbed now in the argument; only T.K. and Kari were still looking at the two kids. Kari leaned down and looked long and hard at one.

"He kinda looks like Tai."

T.K. examined the other and said, "He looks like Matt!"

Everyone looked back down at the mere finishing of these two sentences. Galloway grabbed the two and looked closely at each one of them. He muttered, "They're right," before fainting on the floor, bringing the kids with him.

Galloway: And the fic got longer...and the people were indifferent...

The Naar Saga part 67: Distraction Action

When Galloway came to, he was lying on one of the few non-defective cots. Many of the army's members were sitting and sleeping on the floor, while Colin and Drew argued with Wayne about the horrible supplies he had given them.

He found the rest of his group lying nearby. He didn't dream it up, either; there really were too kids that looked like Tai and Matt. However, why would Naar even bother doing something like that?

He got up and walked outside. It was now night, a bad time to try attacking Naar's castle again. He needed to find out what his plan was, but that required more time. Then he had a great idea...


Naar paced around his throne room, eagerly awaiting tonight. He would strike down Galloway and his little group in one massive stroke, thanks to those two kids...

Suddenly, a guard ran into the room. "Terrible news, sir," he said (translated from Giak), "but someone has desicrated your castle!"

Naar cut the messenger's head off and wandered into the hall. Sure enough, someone had been here. Toiler paper hanged from the walls. Toothpaste was squeezed out onto the walls and ground. Graffiti was all over the place.

Naar continued throughout the castle, and found that every single room had the exact same horrifying problem. Naar's Wine Cellar had been smashed apart. The torture chamber had been wiped clean of blood. Someone even smashed a window, but Naar remembered that he did that, so it didn't matter.

Bricks were out of place, weapons were torn from their racks, and Pokemon videos were smashed and burned. Naar's scream of rage was heard all the way back at the base.

"I can't attack tonight," he muttered. "I have to fix up my damn castle. At least he didn't spill red wine on that carpet Asmodeos gave me." He then looked down...and saw a red wine spill on the quiet room's carpet.


Galloway snickered as he hid everything that was left over. Naar cared too much for his castle to leave it looking like that. He would be busy way into the next afternoon.

He sat back and studied the mural designs he had found. There seemed to be something familiar about them, particularly the frequent use of children's bodies in the background...

Then it dawned on him.


Kari woke up a bit later. "It was all a dream," she thought. "Tai isn't a little kid. I'm all normal. Everyone's fine." Then she looked at herself. She wasn't back to normal. She then looked to her side. The kid that looked like Tai was still fast asleep. Kari did the one thing she could possibly do.

She screamed.

Galloway covered her mouth and dragged her out of the room before the kid was fully awake. He sat her down outside and asked her the question again.

"What happened to you?"

Weiila: Man, you're bad with kids.
Galloway: Oh, really? Maybe I just need practice...*fingers hover dangerously over the keyboard*
Weiila: EEEEEEP!

The Naar Saga part 68: The Fateful Prophecy

"I...I...I," was all that could come out of Kari's mouth. Galloway's methods of persuasion weren't very good, either; all he did was shake her back and forth whenever she didn't answer him. Finally, he pulled out the drawings of the mural.

"This is the problem," said Galloway. "This mural depicts a kind of slaughter that occured in this world during the dark times. It involved sacrificing hundreds of young children to the dark gods, including Naar. It didn't end until Kai briefly appeared and drove Naar off.

"However, I thought it was odd that Naar would have a mural that depicted one of his most horrendous defeats. It wasn't until tonight that I found a couple things that would definately intrigue even the brightest of minds.

"The first was the mural itself. It wrapped around the entire ceiling, in square by square format. However, there was one section at the end of the story that was left empty. In other words, it seems like not everything was finished; we're continuing the story.

"Secondly, I took a good look at the background of one of the murals. It showed something very...interesting, to say the least. Take a look." He showed her his drawing of it, but she handed it back.

"I can't see anything," she said.

Galloway sighed. "It showed four kids tied to an altar, their bodies cut apart. In fact, those four kids look just like you guys."

Kari looked away, barely able to comprehend what she was hearing. So Naar was planning to kill her?

"Of course," said Galloway, "if you don't tell me what happened, I won't know what Naar's after. It's your choice."

Kari looked distant for a while, then turned back to Galloway.

"It all started when I was sleeping," she began. "It was probably around midnight. I heard this strange noise. I woke up, and saw this big guy standing over me. He knocked me out before I could scream."

"Naar," said Galloway. "Anyway, please continue."

"Well," she said, "I woke up in this prison cell, with T.K. sitting right across from me. These wierd guards walked back and forth in front of the cell door. We had no idea where we were or what we were in for. Then he showed up again.

"That big guy dragged us into the room where we found Tai and Matt. I managed to break free and run, but some guards got me and took me back. T.K. had dissapeared. Naar raised his hands, some white light began to glow from them, and I forgot everything after that. The next memory I have is being in that dog carrier."

Galloway pieced what he could together, then decided to try something. "I'll be gone for a while," he said. "Tell everyone else to contact me on the codec in about twelve hours." He then teleported out before she could argue.

Galloway: TO BE CONTINUED...

The Naar Saga part 69: The Second Fortress

Galloway teleported to the Black Mage world, right next to the cave where Blue Robe and White Robe lived. Unfortunately, his accuracy wasn't perfect; he ended up about 25 miles above the cave. And naturally, the moment he looked down, he began to fall.


Blue Robe poured some more tea into Meliah's cup. White Robe sat in a corner, reading the latest Harry Potter book. They were so absorbed that they didn't notice the noise above them that got progressively louder.

Finally, Galloway crashed through the top of the cave, then about ten feet into the ground. Both impacts left comical imprints of his flailing body. He slowly pulled himself out of the hole and spat out the two teeth he had knocked out.

"Ah, Galloway," said Blue Robe, turning from his conversasion with Meliah about the moral implications of time magic, "what a pleasent surprise."

"Blue Robe," said Galloway, "tell me what you know about Naar."

"Really," he said, "you should know when you're out of your league. Naar's power is nearly twenty million times that of Mox and Daemon combined."

"I know," said Galloway, frowning, "but I still want to know why he's trying to destroy every single world all of the sudden."

"I'm sorry," said White Robe, "but we don't understand Naar at all. However, we do know he has a fortress in this world. We tried getting inside, but there's a really powerful guy in there. He's about as strong as Mox, I'd say."

"Do you know what's inside there at all?" asked Galloway.

"Well," said Meliah, "I saw them transporting boxes and bags there a while ago. Of course, with my pregnancy and all, I couldn't do anything about that. But there were some screams coming out of there."

Galloway dusted his armor off. "Where's the fortress?"

"About two feet away," said Blue Robe. Galloway left the cave that very instant.


He reached the fortress in about 2.5 seconds. Like all of Naar's buildings, it was made completely out of black steel. The portcullis looked like a sneering dragon's mouth, just waiting to swallow whoever dared to enter there. Fortunately, Galloway saw a small grate on the outside, so he crawled through.

He found himself inside the kitchen. A Drakkar was busy cooking Giak meat and stew, so Galloway drowned him in the stew and put the Giak meat in, along with a hint of pepper. He then snuck through a hall, killed some more guards, and finally made it to the prison area.

Inside was nothing more than a metal cage. Inside the cage was another key rack, like Naar's castle had. On the key rack was a bunch of keychains.

Galloway grabbed one of them and examined it closely. It looked familiar for some reason...

Before he could fully examine it, though, a missle flew at him. He batted it away, causing it to blow down a wall, revealing a hidden room with an all-too familiar cybernetic face inside.

Galloway prepared for battle, but not before saying his attacker's name.


Galloway: *insert mortal kombat tune here*

The Naar Saga part 70: To The Limit! Galloway's Inner Power

Phoenix was back in his red armor from before. In fact, he looked exactly like he did the first time Galloway defeated him, back in the Break Room. He walked towards Galloway, revealing two chained forms on the wall behind him. One was another damn kid, wearing a red shirt with khaki shorts. The other was Neo.

"You act surprised to see me," said Phoenix. "Well, Naar decided to give me one last killing you!"

"Oh, really?" said Galloway. "I didn't expect less. I guess I have no choice but to take you down again."

"Hah! Face it, that fusion of yours was the only reason you survived the first time! Now that your other half's on that wall, you'll have to tangle with me personally!"


Meanwhile, back on the wall, the kid said, "This is like something out of a really bad television show."

"Kid," said Neo, "you don't know the half of it."


Galloway immediately used the Kaioken and did a jump kick, but Phoenix kneed him straight in the chest and swatted him into the far wall. Galloway got back up, rather hurt despite using the Kaioken, and fired a Gallo-beam. Phoenix dodged, sending the attack hurtling towards the two forms on the wall.

"Shit!" was all Galloway could say as he teleported in front of the attack, taking it head-on. He was now beginning to bleed heavily.

"Is that it?" mocked Phoenix. "Is that all the great 'd Galloway' can muster? You're truly pathetic. It'd be mercy to kill you so quickly..." He grabbed Galloway and pushed him to the ground, then put his foot on his chest. " I'll just make you suffer first!"

Galloway, however, mustered up some last bit of strength and blasted at Phoenix from below. The cyborg dodged, but in doing so moved his foot off Galloway. He quickly rolled away and got to his feet, but was barely able to stand.

"I guess you're just worthless after all," said Phoenix. "I'll take pleasure in killing your friends, but first, I have to follow the villain's code and tell you the entire plan.

"Naar kidnapped everyone in that area of that world to find the four children that would be his sacrifice. He finally located them, but they were now too old to fit the bill. So he had them reduced in age and sent two to a dungeon, where you found them.

"The rest of the people suffered two fates. The other brats that helped the four were reduced, as well. The rest...are those keychains you see before you. Mox was quite ingenious, you know. Too bad you had to kill him.

"I'll take pleasure in killing your friends, and everyone you care about, but first, I have to finish you. Don't worry; your fat, ugly mommy will be joining you soon."

Galloway's entire face began to convulse with pure rage. ""

"Huh?" wondered Phoenix aloud. "The sensors...his power's skyrocketing!"

Galloway's energy began to surround him. "What...Did...You...Say..."

Phoenix and the two chained figures watched in amazement.

"WHAT...DID...YOU...SAY..." Galloway's eyes began to turn green while his hair began to rustle.

Neo whispered to the kid, "you'd better look away right now, if you value your eyesight."

"WHAT...DID...YOU...SAY..." Galloway's entire aura began to grow out of control. Finally, the entire place flashed with an enormous light.

When it dimmed down, Galloway's hair was gold, his eyes were green, and he had gained some muscle. "You can insult me," said Galloway, "you can insult my brother, you can even insult my father. But above all else, Phoenix, I am a mama's boy. And you never...never...NEVER INSULT THE MOTHER OF A MOMMA'S BOY!"

Neo said, "I wonder who I should feel more sorry for; us or Phoenix."

"What's going on," asked the kid. "What happened to him?"

"Phoenix pushed the wrong buttons with him," said Neo. "He finally awoke the power that we had only when we were fused. Galloway's mind is nothing more than an endless sea of hatred and rage. He has finally transformed into the ultimate warrior. He is...a Super Saiyan!"

Weiila: I thought we agreed to stop the DBZ parodies.
Galloway: Sorry, couldn't resist.

The Naar Saga part 71: Phoenix's Fatal Error

Phoenix stared gaped-jawed at the now SSJ-Galloway. He thought about running for a minute, but decided that he could still win. All he had to do was kill the others...

He immediately two missles at the two chained figures. Galloway, however, was in front of them almost instantly. He grabbed the missles in mid-flight, turned them in the opposite direction, and threw them right back at Phoenix. They connected head-on, sending the cyborg flying into the far wall.

The moment he lumbered out, Galloway was right in front of him. Phoenix let loose with a series of punches and kicks, but nothing even came close to hitting Galloway. Finally tiring of this, Galloway kneed his opponent in the chest, punched him in the head, and finally grabbed his arm and uppercutted him into the distance. The force ripped the arm Galloway was holding straight off Phoenix.

The cyborg still got back up, now seriously damaged. The knee had broken off several pieces of his armor, and the blow to the head had damaged his visual circutry. To make matters worse, he had only one arm to work with. Galloway then fired an energy blast into the hole in his armor, blowing apart a lot of the internal circutry.

Phoenix, however, still charged forward with the energy he had. Galloway charged forward, as well, but Phoenix used his one remaining arm to grab Galloway's arm. Suddenly, a lot of electricity began to flow between the two, just before Galloway managed to break free.

"Feel that?" asked Phoenix. "That's my Energy Drainer. I can suck the life straight out of your body with no trouble whatsoever. Still want to fight?"

Galloway realized that this fight was going to take forever. He didn't have the time to deal with Phoenix's kind anymore. Then he had an idea. It was risky, but it would have to do.

He charged forward again, but moved much more slowly this time. Phoenix immediately grabbed him and began to drain his energy. This time, though, Galloway didn't fight back.

Phoenix continued to drain, even after Galloway lost the energy needed to stay SSJ. Soon his entire body began to smoke. Finally, Phoenix realized what was going on, but by then, it was too late...

The cyborg's entire body exploded, blowing Galloway back into the wall. When the explosion died down, the great Red Phoenix was finished once and for all.


Naar grumbled as he continued to clean his castle. He would kill Galloway for this. He would kill them all.

Weiila: PHOENIX IS DEAD! *has a big party* The Naar Saga part 72: More Silliness

Galloway climbed out of the third hole that wall had recieved, barely able to stand. He muttered, "I feel like Merlin after he got crushed by a piano."


Meanwhile, in RPGC, Merlin was crushed by a piano.


Galloway shoved a Senzu down his throat, then checked the small pouch they were in. He only had one left. Fortunately, Neo and the kid seemed to be all right, so there was no need to use it here.

He pulled the two chained figures off the wall and, in order to avoid their inevitable whining, knocked them both out. He then shoved all the keychains into his pack, pockets, and bag of holding. Finally, he began to drag the two out of the fortress.

Just as he reached Blue Robe's cave, his codec went off.

(begin codec conversasion)
F. Galloway: Kari said to call you. What's up?
Galloway: What? It's only been about two hours!
F. Galloway: Okay, she got a bit impatient. So what?
Galloway: This is SO unlike her. Anyway, let them sleep a bit longer. I've got two more bodies here.
F. Galloway: Really? Who?
Galloway: Neo and another kid. Oh, and about seventy or eighty pounds of keychains.
F. Galloway:...keychains?
Galloway: In any case, I'll be talking to Blue Robe. I think he knows something about Naar.
F. Galloway: Okay.
F. Galloway:...
Galloway: You can hang up now.
F. Galloway: No, YOU hang up now!
Galloway: You called! You hang up!
F. Galloway: No way!
Galloway: GRRRRR!!!
F. Galloway: RRRRRR!
Galloway: Fine! I'll hang up, and when I get back, I'm ripping that codec out of your head!
(end codec conversasion)

Galloway: And that is how you make a pointless chapter.

The Naar Saga part 73: The New Kai Lord

Galloway dragged the two bodies into the cave and tossed them close to where he had fallen out of the sky only a couple hours ago. White Robe continued to read her book, while Blue Robe and Meliah continued their tea time chat. However, another figure was inside the cave this time: Lone Wolf.

"Well, about time you showed up," said Lone Wolf while approaching Galloway. "I take it you're getting ready to face Naar next, right?"

"Well, yeah," said Galloway. "I mean, he's the next on our list, right?"

"Technically, yes. However, I came to tell you more about what you seek. Naar is, in truth, much more complex than you make him out to be. That, and Blue Robe only knows him by name and power." Blue Robe winced at the comment.

"Okay," said Galloway, "shoot. What the heck is going on?"

"Long ago," said Lone Wolf, "during my early days of training, I was told about how Naar had personally attacked and nearly destroyed an entire land. This was different from his usual tactics of using his followers and minions to accomplish his goals. However, there was something in there that he was after, although no one knew what it was.

"I, however, learned the truth from Kai. Inside that world was a spot where Naar could bridge all of existance to himself. For centuries, Kai had held him back from his grand schemes of universal domination and destruction, but if he activated this power, he could destroy the balance and strip Kai of his power completely. Everyone in existance would be at the mercy of a merciless foe.

"However, this action required a sacrifice; namely, four children. He had them within his grasp, but Kai intervened and defeated Naar at the last second. When he returned, he found the descendants of the four, but they were past the age they had to be. And since two were inherantly older than the others, things would become even more complicated. Then Mox came up with that weapon of his, the one you destroyed when he first attacked.

"Naar took the principle of this weapon and formed it into an attack of his own. He captured the four, along with everyone else he could find, and made certain that they would no longer be a threat. You've seen his tactics. Anyway, when you found two of them, he finished his work with the other two and tried to trap you. However, he got too ahead of himself, and knocked the four, along with your group, out of his castle. And thanks to your act of juvenille delinquency, he won't be able to attack until late tommorrow. That's why I came here."

"So," said Galloway, tired of the long narration, "are you going to join us?"

"Sadly, no," said Lone Wolf. "However, I also came to tell you about how to defeat Naar. Your normal abilities are worthless against his true power, so you'll have to rely on the Sommerswerd in the beginning. When it becomes impossible to continue, use the materia I gave you."

"What the heck IS that thing, anyway? Can you at least tell me?"

"No. Oh, and take this." Lone Wolf tossed Galloway a very large cardboard box. It was marked, "Kai Lord stuff". When Galloway looked up to respond, Lone Wolf was gone.


Galloway grabbed the bodies and flopped them onto the top of the box. He was about to teleport everything out when Meliah walked up to him.

"My brother went to fight father," she said. "Tell me, is he all right?"

Galloway looked away sadly. Meliah stared at him for a while, then said, "I see. Please, destroy Naar." She then slowly turned around and left the cave.

Galloway sighed. "It must be tough to lose a sibling, even if you do hate them. Maybe it'll be the same with brother...NAH!" He then teleported everything out of the cave.


Galloway finally got the teleport right; he landed right in front of the base. He grabbed the bodies and dragged them inside, then placed them onto a couple empty cots. He then opened the box.

Inside was a Kai cloak, a Kagonite Breastplate, a pair of Silver Bracers, a quiver of arrows, a Silver Bow, and a note that read:

Some old stuff of mine. It might held in the final attack. Oh, and Meliah mentioned that Falchin was also going to get eggs. Maybe you should get her some. -Lone Wolf

Galloway smiled. The Kai Lord had thought of everything.

Galloway: Will this ever end? At this rate, no.

The Naar Saga part 74: Daybreak

Galloway woke up just as the sun was rising. Like every world he had visited, mornings here came too damn early. He walked outside, took a deep breath, and went back inside to gather his new equipment.

The Bracers nearly cut off circulation to his hands, but at least they offered some protection. The Kagonite Breastplate was, strangely enough, exactly the right size for him. He attached the quiver to his belt, shouldered the bow, and finally put on the cloak. It was a bit big, but it would do.

Once again, he walked outside and breathed in the air. He then went back inside and tried his hand at cooking something. After burning his hands for about seventeen times, though, he decided to give up and grab a Granola Bar or something.

Everyone else was still asleep. Many of them didn't know what Galloway was sensing. Today would be the final day. Today would be the battle that had been waiting since Mox appeared.

Today the God of Evil was going down.


Galloway walked outside and looked over the railing. Sure enough, Blade was still down there, sleeping on the shore. He decided to leave him alone, seeing as how he liked being in that one spot. Everyone else that had fallen there had been taken inside and healed, so Blade was the only one left. Galloway turned and focused on the water.

Weiila walked up from behind and stood next to Galloway. "So, nervous yet?" she asked.

"Yeah," said Galloway. "This is the biggest thing I've ever had to do. That, and I have no idea how to kill a god."

"Well, we'll figure something out. We beat Mox before, didn't we?"

"Yeah, but this is different. Mox was nothing compared to Naar. And if he gets what he wants, then not even Kai can stop him."

"Don't worry. Together, we can finish this once and for all."

Galloway smiled. "Thanks for the encouragement. By the way, who's that guy in the sand?"

"Him?" Weiila glanced at Blade. "Oh, he's just a wuss. I beat him with about two hits."

"Wow!" shouted Galloway. "Who would have imagined, a weakling white mage like you beating up someone?"

(about seven hundred whip lashings later...)

Galloway bandaged up practically every part of his body. He looked like an unwrapping mummy when all his wounds were covered. "Okay! I'm sorry I said that! Now let's just plan everything else out." Weiila quickly reverted back to her old self and put her whip away.


Tai woke up slowly. It was all just a dream, he thought. Nothing happened to him. There was no guy in black armor.

Then he looked at Matt. Who looked at him. They both screamed, waking everyone else up. Galloway walked up to them and put the Everlasting Rag under their noses, knocking them out. He then shoved them into the sack.

"Everyone, get ready," he said. "We're taking on Naar next!"

Galloway: *writes "I will not make fun of White Mages" about eighty times on a blackboard*

The Naar Saga part 75: Briefing

Galloway quickly grabbed a bunch of wood and made a large table, giving everyone enough room to sit and listen to how the actual attack was to take place.

Galloway cleared his throat, set down the sack with the now-struggling Tai and Matt in it, and began his speech.

"Naar's castle," he said, "has about seven different towers, fourteen hundred different rooms, and more traps and obstacles than should legally be allowed. However, when we first explored the castle, we were only able to go through a few areas before Naar kicked us out. Fortunately, when I went up their last night to distract him, I found a few things out.

"First, the guards inside are few and far between, as most were sent to fight Colin and Drew. However, since this attack failed miserably, Naar's castle is practically unprotected, save for Naar himself. Since only Drakkars and Giaks are left, we can easily handle them.

"Second, the room where we found Tai and Matt concealed a hidden door to the seventh tower of Naar's castle. However, Naar sealed the entrance via the other six towers. Each one has a different pylon on the top of it. Those pylons must all be activated for the door to open. Now, Naar would normally have some lower guards to work them, but like I said, he lost a lot of his army, and the ones that usually work with them are low-level Szalls or Giaks, so there won't be much competition in taking them.

"And finally..." Galloway pulled out a couple of the keychains he had found.

"When I went to consult Blue Robe, I confronted Red Phoenix, an old enemy of mine who was working for Naar. He said that Naar had either used Mox's de-aging whatever on the populos...or turned them into keychains. Beats me as to why, but that's just dumb-ol'-me. Anyway, since Mox seems to be the creative part of their team, it's safe to assume that he had some part in this. However, since Falchin blew himself and Mox up just yesterday, we don't have someone to answer our questions.

"Therefore, we have a couple objectives. First, we have to activate all six pylons in order to open the seventh tower. Second, we must find a way to reverse Naar's power and restore this place to normal. And third, we must somehow destroy or otherwise stop Naar from completing his ritual.

"My distraction plan should keep Naar busy for a little longer, but he might still be lurking around in there. If you run into him, just get as far away as possible. He is simply too much for any of us to handle at the moment. Also remember that even though I only saw Giaks and Drakkars inside the castle, there might be a couple Vordaks and Helghasts left. If you run into either one of those, remember that only magic can harm them.

"Oh, and one more thing..." Galloway knocked T.K. and Kari out and shoved them into the sack. "I found out that the sack has Korilium sewed in. This material blocks out Naar's ability to sense power, and since these four kids are what he's after, we have no choice but to keep them inside the bag until I tell you otherwise.

"Okay...get ready...we're going to storm the castle!" This meet with cheers from everyone in the room, even the four people crammed into the sack.

Galloway: *lifts the sack* Damn, you kids weigh a ton. Have you considered dieting?
Sack: *muffled shouts and curses are heard*

Part 5