Seiken 3 fanfic 1: "A Night Out (has action, humor, and drama)
by Duran th Warrior (I have many names)

After getting all the spirits, Duran, Kevin, and Hawkeye stop by the Palo tavern (by the mountain) to rest and chat.
Hawkeye starts by asking, "Hey, Duran, did you see anything interesting before joining with us?" Duran responded, "I didn't see much aside from fairies, Riesz, and that kid, Charlotte. I did run into this one girl in Jad." Hawkeye responded, "Tell us about her, Duran." Duran started to tell the guys about her. "When I got in the Inn, I saw this girl. I decided to take a closer look; she then got up and slapped me across the room when my guard was down. I did manage to look at her, and she was a real hottie. I think I heard her say "I'll keep an eye on you.", something like that. Thinking about it, I heard from King Richard that Athena's princess was known for her looks. What if that girl was Princess Angela? Not even the latest edition of "The Men's Bible" (a men's magazine that tends to be called porno) has pictures of her. People who tried end up with bad injuries from the magic spells." "You have the latest Men's Bible?" replied Hawkeye. Duran pulled it out of his things; it had for main topics "Angelic Angela runs away from home. Can you find her? 100,000Luc reward for pictures" and "Recently discovered! The Kiss that awakens feelings; use this once, and getting a relationship isn't hard at all. (Not being in one though!)
As Duran showed them the magazine, Hawkeye studied every detail, thinking "Well, Jessica will be pleasantly surprised!" But Kevin was staring out into space. "Hey, Duran, what's with Kevin?" asked Hawkeye. Duran responded "He'd been like this since we ran into Reisz." "Wait a moment, I think Kevin has a crush on her." said Hawkeye. "Well, she isn't bad overall girl, not to mention a good warrior. But I'm more interested in the girl I ran into." said Duran. Hawkeye said "Mind if I go visit Jessica?" Duran replied "No, go ahead. The Mana Holyland can wait another day." Hawkeye then left the tavern. Duran then said to Kevin "Well, I'll read this part to you so when you run into Reisz, you'll be able to sweep her off her feet. How does that sound." Kevin immediately responded "Yes I'll listen, I do anything to impress her!" (Author's Note: I'm trying to get down how Kevin speaks, so bear with this.) Duran then reads the article about the "Kiss" to Kevin, who listened very attentively. Duran thought to himself "Kevin's a tough guy, and I wouldn't mess with him about anything; he didn't take a joke about Karl very lightly. What would happen with someone messed with Reisz in front of Kevin? I guess the people responsible for it would die painful and gruesome deaths, by no other than "peaceful" Kevin, or something scary even for me." While this was going on, a man sitting down, drinking a cup of tea commented "This should prove to be most interesting." That and Hiryu and Hien (from Strider 2) where talking about splitting the 3 tong poo girls among themselves. (the 3 girls became big strider fans after the fall of the Grand Master.) The 3 heroines entered and seated themselves. Despite going about their quests alone, they decided to talk. "Hello, I am Riesz of Rolant (please pardon my misspelling!-Duran t.w.) and may I ask what your names are?" said Reisz. The other 2 introduced themselves. Angela asked "Want me to tell you 2 about this guy I ran into?" Reisz and Charlotte went along with this. Angela started her story; "When I started my journey for magic, I went to Jad and slept a bit, but before long, this man in armor was standing by the bed! I slapped him across the room; it seems he didn't see it coming, judging by the look on his face. He sure was good looking and all; muscles, a nice tan, as well as wearing some battered armor. Ohh I just dig sword fighters." Reisz responded, "A sword? I ran into a knight and a monk who were with Hawkeye, an old friend of mine." "Wait a moment that sounded like those mean guys that always leave me by myself!" said Charlotte. Reisz then said "I remember that monk had a look of sadness, perhaps by the lost of a loved one or a friend. The knight had a look of determination, as if he were rushing to a goal. I won't say anything about Hawkeye because I don't want strangers knowing about him." Charlotte looked around and spotted the 2 guys at their tables. "I found them mean guys, and I'll yell at them a whole lot, leaving me alone all those times!" Reisz and Angela looked in her direction and spotted them; they realized the guys they were talking about were the same people and they were here, sans Hawkeye of course. The 2 young women said to Charlotte, "We'll yell that those mean men for you, so go and get yourself a glass of tea." She went to sit down. The Kevin and Duran looked at the direction of activity and spotted the 2 girls. "Remember about that Kiss, Kevin?" asked Duran while he put the men's bible away in his bag (which also had a issue of "SwordPro", "strats and Tacts"). (Women aren't suppose to see it) "I remember!" responded a happy Kevin. They spilt up and go on separate dates.

Duran's Date, party time(a holiday in Palo)
"Come on Duran, win me this Mog doll!" asked Angela. Duran then tried the hammer game; he used the hammer in a downward motion. Needless to say, he won that last game...because he broke it with the sheer force used. "Wow you're so strong, Duran!" said a happy Angela. The "doll" didn't mind this at all. Duran then spotted a guy talking about a tournament for knights and their ladies. Duran and Angela then to the set up arena. Duran registered for the tournament. He then ran into a beastman named Kilgore Trout (CAN you guess the reference here?). "I'm
looking for Kevin. He defeated Lugar, and I want his secret!" Duran sense an evil intent from him and said, "Why don't you go sniff for him then, Fido!" The angry beastman left the arena to find Kevin. The battles were too easy for Duran to win; as keeping with his class rules, he only used the force needed to win, not to kill. After getting the prizes, he wondered about that beastman, and what would happen if he found Kevin, and of Kevin getting angry. Angela came up to him, and said "No one has ever fought in my name before, thank you for that."
"Why not go and get dinner? after all with the prize money, we can eat at the nicest place in town, The Palo Premium. They ate and talked about things. The man who was drinking tea earlier was there on a floor, suffering a self-inflicted stomachache. He said "Well there goes my appetite for the 5 hours or so MOAN". Duran noticed this and went to help him. "No sir, I don't need help with this, since I'll recover from this. Thanks for asking though. Heheh... Imagine this, meeting THE Duran of Forcena in person. I am a big fan of yours." Duran went back without a word. "Duran... I'm actually the princess of
Athena, but I can't use magic for nothing." said a slightly saddened Angela. Duran responded, "I really don't care about that stuff! You're still a good-looking, fun-loving girl to me. Do you know a Koran, or a wizard in a red robe?" "HIM? Of course I do! He's the bonehead who thought that I should be killed so the kingdom could be saved from yours, but it's the other way around instead!" said an upset Angela. "Why not go back to the tavern and just relax? I am quite sorry about that, since today was a day off and nothing work-related." said Duran. She accepted it and they went to finish the date with the "KISS". Then the man, named Maverick told them about a massive fight outside town. Duran realized that it might be Kevin, and rushes off, Angela too.

Kevin's Date, or "When Kevin gets Royally PO'ed"
They spent the time outside the town, talking about various things. Kevin starts going on about why he likes her, or in short likes how she's close to nature. A needle bird made its way there, but Maverick slew it, sneaked a peak at the date and said "Moments like that make my heart ache, since I have no one like that. I think I'll go try the buffet at the Palo Premium, the nicest place in the town." then ran off. Kevin talked of how he hates to fight unless it's for a good cause. "What would that be?" asked a curious Reisz. He responded, "Simple. Friends, world, self-defense, and Reisz-defense." She blushed at the mention of that. Things went well until Kilgore Trout and some mercs arrived. "What is your secret, Kevin? You defeated Lugar, captain of the beast soldiers. That secret belongs to me, a true fighter, and not some pacifist half-breed! Tell us or we'll beat it out of you!" Kevin said nothing to them, then he started getting beat up real bad. "Why don't you fight? Show us the power that defeated Lugar!" said a seemingly crazed Kilgore. Kevin looked at Reisz and said "Run...tell...Duran.." At that moment, Maverick, Duran, Angela, as well as Charlotte came just to see what happened. Reisz responded "Kevin, nooo!" Kilgore noticed her and attacked her! She was nowhere prepared and got knocked out. Kevin then started sobbing as well as getting an angry look. Duran remember it from the time he told that Karl joke, but it was far more intense, or in other words, his look could kill whole armies 100 times over. Kevin got up and started howling while a strange aura surrounded him. (Think super sayjin) He then changed into a golden werewolf and what happened next was comparable to a dance; one of death. When Kevin attacked, he started taking out the mercs left and right. They did get their shots in, but it didn't seem to affect the berserk werewolf, except for making him more angry. Finally there was just a bloodied Wolf-Kevin and Kilgore, who was in his Devil Wolf form. Kevin then dashed in to do a 50-hit KoF-style super on Kilgore. Kevin finish him off with a throw ... into the side of the mountain. That had dramatic effects on Kilgore (Better known as killed and gory) and the mountain, which was a few feet shorter. Kevin returned to normal and rushed over to Reisz. She woke up in his arms saying "You're hurt.." "Don't worry anymore; these wounds not going to kill me, so 2 Honeys should do it" They just stayed together the rest of the night; even though Kevin forgot the Kissing move, he felt he didn't need it. Everyone else went to their lodging places, but Maverick who went to make sure that couple on the mountain wouldn't be interrupted by monsters. "Anyway, I could use the workout before moving on." So ends the night out... a couple days later the guys met and continued their quest, but now they had new plans after the sword of mana was pulled. (Duran: Get Koran and help Angela learn spells; Kevin: Help Reisz to find her brother.) Then of course things didn't go as planed, but that's another story in itself.